06 February 2023

Deciding week

In just six nights we are going to find out which club is playing the best football on the planet. But to get to that game two more have to be played in order to determine the finalists.
The Club World Cup 2022 edition (2023) slowly is entering into last week where basically the semi final pairs will decide which clubs would be classified from first to fourth place. Just four of them has remained where half has been introduced to the public, while the other two clubs will make its first appearance on the event. Also next weekend we are going to have one new kick off time.

Semi finals
Tuesday, 07 February at 20.00 CET: Flamengo - Al hilal.

Wednesday, 08 February at 20.00 CET: Al ahly - Real Madrid.

Classification duel for third - fourth place
Saturday, 11 February at 16.30 CET: losing teams from semi final pairs.

Saturday, 11 February at 20.00 CET: two winners from both semi finals will clash for the title.

05 February 2023

Three clubs have scored - one does not

Club World Cup 2022 (2023) - Morocco, stage 2, night 2, match 2:

Wydad athletic club - Al hilal 1:1, on penalties: 3-5

Scorers: 1:0 51 (51.10) Ayoub el Amloud
               1:1 90+3-pen (93.01) Mohamed Kanno

- Yahya Jabrane just love to argue with the referee: the Wydad athletic club midfielder only talked and talked and talked... so at the end he received two yellow cards in a space of 72 seconds - which those turned automatically red at 90 (90.07). From the opposite side, just 182 seconds have passed of the first extra time when Mohamed Kanno also saw a red colour card.

Club World Cup 2022 (2023) - Morocco, stage 2, night 2, match 3:

Seattle sounders - Al ahly 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 87 (87.15) Mohamed Morsy

- This match began 30 minutes early from the original schedule.

04 February 2023

Unusual card colour issued

Yellow and red warnings are first used in this sport beginning from the World Cup at 1970. Since then these two were constantly given, and 53 years later a new colour has emerged.
During the female game from 21 January between Benfica and Sporting on a surprise of many in the stadium at the forty fourth minute spectators saw a white card. Because one of the substitute players felt weakness, a joined medical stuff from both teams has intervened and treat her, and after that referee have shown this strange colour card to both benches.
And thus the symbol number three has been born (issued) for the first time in football. Recently the world football organization has introduced this fair-play card to promote sportsmanship, by presenting ethical values where until now is extremely very rare in this sport.

03 February 2023

Relocated club match and more of them to be staged on a team level

With one club and two team news that was announced on 25 January practically the European football organization has switched the system of play for two qualifying tournaments.
Even birds on trees know that in Russia will not going to be played any competition (soon), thus Kazan (automatically) lost the rights to stage the Super Cup event. Now the annual match was moved to the Greek capital Athens. Georgios Karaiskakis stadium would host this game who is scheduled to kick-off on Wednesday 16 August at 22.00 local time between the winners from Champions and Europa (old name Uefa Cup) league (from this year) for the forty eighth time.
In the future eliminations for the European championship is going to alter its format, and this rule would be in effect after the 2024 edition. Out of 12 groups, 4 or 5 teams are going to be in them where only the champions would automatically participate for the main tournament or the World Cup. Some second placed team/s either will also qualify directly or would have to torment a little bit more by playing play off games with teams from Nations league.
And at the end, the just mentioned Nations league event is being also subject to change. Beginning from its new season (2024-25) more duels are going to be staged and those are going to be known as quarter finals. Usually group phases are finishing in November with finals in June next year, and to fill the (big) gap (between these months) play off matches are going to be played in each of the four leagues. Just to have its continuity, these additional home and away games would be completed in March.

02 February 2023

Was anxious to leave before the final whistle

Club World Cup 2022 (2023) - Morocco, phase 1, night 1, match 1:

Al ahly - Auckland city 3:0

Scorers: 1:0 45+1 (46.11) Hussein Ali Elshahat
               2:0 56 (55.33) Mohamed Sherif
               3:0 86 (85.39) Percy Tau

- For the first time in football the main referee of the game had to explained to the public (his final decision) that the foul was done outside the penalty area (so that the 11-metre punishment was modified into free kick), and at the same time the Auckland city defender Adam Mitchell received a direct red card (for the mentioned foul) on 90+7 (96.22).