10 December 2023

Mascot is known

During the draw on 07 December it was revealed the mascot that will decorative the host United states of America and definitely the most exciting competition in the world that would be played in the summer periods of 2024. For edition number 48 Capitan is going to be the official emblem of Copa America.
This talisman is coming in a form of a friendly eagle which represents unbreakable and decisive spirit that this animal have for each of the 16 teams. At both American continents this symbol is a part in various cultures, thus it was the perfect choice that the eagle was picked as a mascot for the event.

09 December 2023

Joined forces for making a song

Currently the European championship who starts in 2024 is without an official melody, and for this purpose a trio of artists have been chosen. On 02 December it was revealed that Meduza, OneRepublic and Kim Petras will work together to produce a song that would be memorable in the summer periods and to win the hearts of many throughout Germany (and beyond). This soundtrack is going to be available from spring by the Italian electronic music group, the American pop band together with the local singer and songwriter. When everything ends the mentioned trio will do a live performance just before the final game or at a closing ceremony on 14 July in Berlin.

08 December 2023

Teams divided in four groups

In the summer of 2024 two continental team tournaments will be played with almost simultaneous kick-off dates. Five nights after the first draw was made on 02 December came the second one on the oldest football competition in the world where is going to be staged entirely in another continent.
Definitely the most exciting one of these two is Copa America where the final line-up is going to be known just three months before it begins, so the 14 teams have found out who will play who in the first part of the championship and those are joined by the 2 mysterious ones with the following result:

Group A: (awarded place 1) Argentina, (01) Peru, (05) Chile, (09) play-off winner 1 (Canada or Trinidad and Tobago).

Group B: (awarded place 2) Mexico, (02) Ecuador, (06) Venezuela, (12) play-off winner 2 (Costa Rica or Honduras).

Group C: (awarded place 3) United states of America, (03) Uruguay, (07) Panama, (10) Bolivia.

Group D: (awarded place 4) Brazil, (04) Colombia, (08) Paraguay, (11) Jamaica.

On 23 March the four losing quarter-finalists of the North, Central America and the Caribbean version from the Nations league of 2023-24 season are going to decide their fate of whether they are participating in the event or watch it from home. This quartet would have only one chance to prove themselves or 90 minutes (or more) to solve the missing puzzle by giving the remaining two finalists.

Note: Before each team and the two pairs is the number that they have been drawn from the four bowls.

07 December 2023

Zeros from both sides

Europa league 2023-24 season, group stage, phase 3, extra night 2 of 2:

Villarreal - Maccabi Haifa 0:0

06 December 2023

An only nominee means automatically winning the hospitality

On 31 October has expired the deadline for interested parties to host the World Cup competition in 2034. Because Australia has pulled out of the race in the last minute, they practically did a favour to another fellow association and only candidate Saudi Arabia to stage the show in 11 years time on their soil. The official decision and confirmation would be made next year. It means that after 2022 the biggest sports event in the world is going to be back playing it in Asia, but for the first time with 48 teams.
Because highest temperatures is causing problems in Middle East on summer, the biggest country in the region claims that it will not be moved to winter season like last year and should be organized as scheduled. That can be done with the help of new technologies in terms to cool down the air and everyone feeling comfortable on stadia. For the time being they have no intention of finding a partner to co-host this tournament together with a neighbouring nation.