03 February 2016

What is the connection between Ronaldo and Trump

One of the best Real Madrid player nowadays is looking to buy an apartment in New York City. And not just any apartment is suitable for this striker...
Cristiano Ronaldo is eyeing a luxury suite in the most expensive avenue in the city. Located on Fifth Avenue in the famous Trump Tower skyscraper, the 3.700 square foot loft maybe his next home place. Looked in August by the Portuguese star, where 'New York Post' is claiming that it previously belonged to Alessandro Proto, inspiration behind 'Fifty shades of grey' series. Just months after his first 18.5 million euros purchase, 'TMZ' reported that the 30 year old star wants to buy the property that once belonged to Donald Trump's parents for 23 million euros. Located on the sixty-third floor, Ronaldo thinks it is much better than the cramped 2.509 square house which he bought in August.


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