31 January 2017

Serbia's appeal refused

Last year Kosovo was admitted in UEFA as a fifty-fifth member state. Because of that acceptance Serbian FA has lodged an appeal at the court of arbitration for sport. The Balkan state was complaining that the European football organization broke its own statute by receiving a country which has to be independent and need to be fully recognized by United Nations (UN). However, seven days ago the highest sporting tribunal in Lausanne replied that UEFA's decision was legit stating that Kosovo is recognized from most UN member states.

30 January 2017

Closing week

Unfortunately (for many) next seven days will be the last from the African Cup of Nations. Until the end only four games will be played and also are known all semifinalists. What is not known is that Africa will have new champion. Who will it be we will find out next weekend. All games will start from 20.00 CET.

01 February, Wednesday: Burkina Faso - Egypt.

02 February, Thursday: Cameroon - Ghana.

Losing teams will face each other for the classification place for third and fourth spot on 04 February, Saturday.

05 February, Sunday: Victors from semifinal will battle it out for the thirty-first Africa Cup of Nations title.

29 January 2017

Four goals in the last two quarters

Democratic Republic of Congo - Ghana 1:2

Scorers: 0:1 63 Jordan Ayew
              1:1 67 Paul Jose Mpoku
              1:2 78-pen Andre Ayew

Egypt - Morocco 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 87 Mahmoud Kahraba

End of quarter final games

With these couple of games tonight concludes the first knockout stage. After (some) surprise results from yesterday, this evening the underdogs looks to repeat the same.

- Democratic Republic of Congo - Ghana. Dreadful in their play and barely winning, Ghana awaits its second tough opponent (after Egypt) in this event. Despite plenty of stars Ghana's form is extremely low and are agonizing scoring (any) goals. Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) proved to be a serious rival and what they showed so far from the group stage is promising to go even further in the championship. If Ghana do not want to play as it should then DRC would gladly take the match and it would be considered one of the title contenders, who is lurking from the shadows.
- Egypt - Morocco. This is maybe most uncertain and most interesting game of the quarterfinals, because both teams aim for a win. In the group stage Morocco beat the weakened title defender Ivory Coast, and that (probably) proves how strong the team is. On the other hand Egypt did not concede a goal which means that (probably) they have strong defence. On top of that both sided had two victories at their groups. Most of the previous meetings the difference is only one goal, so both are playing with extreme caution. Everything points out that this game will go into extra time and probably penalties, but no one want to risk that. If we have to pick a winner we give a slight advantage to Egypt in normal time.

28 January 2017

First day - first lottery

Burkina Faso - Tunisia 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 80 Aristide Bance
              2:0 84 Niguimbe Prejuce Nakoulma

Senegal - Cameroon 0:0 ; on penalties: 4-5

Knockout time

This weekend (over the next two days) all quarter final matches will be played and tonight it will start with the first two. Slip-ups are not allowed, unless if teams want to torture themselves and try their 'luck' (later) in the lottery penalty shootout.

- Burkina Faso - Tunisia. Honor to open the first knockout stage have two teams which were struggling to get their victories from the group stages. However, this may not be applied for Tunisia who are in excellent goal scoring form from the opponent. Favorites to take this match in normal time may give the team high expectations in the later games. This evening they play Burkina Faso, which was definitely torturing themselves scoring goals. With this Burkinabe will try to parry Tunisia to trying at least draw the game in normal time, but the north African country is a little bit too experienced and try to 'steal' the game in 90 minutes.
- Senegal - Cameroon. This match may be exact copy to the previous one, but in a different way. With its play Senegal its considered to take the championship and it is on the best way to do that. Unlike their rivals, they are capable of scoring goals with good steady form, play and discipline. It looks like that this match will not be a problem to them. On the other hand Cameroon showed lack of effectiveness so far and if they want to progress through the team need to step on it hard. In this case their previous meetings are not important, so here tight game is expected, Cameroon will try to do everything to take it, but Senegal will prove why they are favorites and seal it with a win.

Deliberate scam for participation in games

If you are lying you will most likely to get caught. And if you are caught next punishment is exclusion from further participation.
We all know that in 2019 United Arab Emirates (UAE) will host the seventeenth edition of the AFC Asian Cup. However, for the next event one nation will be completely excluded from the qualifying process.
Exactly one week ago the Asian disciplinary committee has decided to expel Timor-Leste from the 2023 event. The main reason is that officials from Federacao de Futebol de Timor-Leste (FFTL) let players play in the team with falsified documents. The investigation was opened 09 June 2016 for the first play-off round games for the 2019 Asian Cup in UAE. It showed that on 02 and 06 June 12 Brazilian born players participated in the team with falsified documents i.e. possessing false birth papers. Nine of them played 29 games within AFC competitions: friendly matches, AFF Championship 2012 and 2014, South east Asian games 2013 and 2015, Asian games 2014. Under FIFA jurisdiction were all 7 matches from the joint preliminary round 1 and 2 for World Cup in Russia and Asian Cup in UAE played in 2015. Also all of the players were named.
Because of that the team is thrown out for the next Asian Cup - in six years time and FFTL has to pay 18.798 euros. Those 29 matches will be forfeited from FFTL and additionally will be fined with 52.635 euros, and the punishment will be suspended for a probationary period of 2 years. The officials were penalized: general secretary Amandio (Amandio de Araujo Sarmento) is removed from the sport for 3 years and ordered to pay 8.459 euros for his crime. Another official and his colleague Gelasio (Gelasio de Silva Carvalho) went to far when he attempted to interfere with a witness and has to deliver 2.820 euros.

27 January 2017

World record within the World Cup

World Cup in Russia did not even began, but already begins to set new record - one year before the start. Last week FIFA has announced that for 2018 World Cup in Russia has drawn biggest number of recruiters. Unfortunately not all will become a part from the history.
The volunteer process was opened 01 June and closed 30 December 2016. Around 177.000 people like to help the biggest sporting event in the world. In comparison, 152.101 applications were received 4 years ago for the showdown in Brazil. Apart from the local recruiters more than a quarter from all candidates or 27 percent comes from all corners of the world - applications were sent from 190 different countries (except Russia). More than 5.500 will be available helping all guests for the Confederations Cup this summer, while for the main event - one year later over 15.000 volunteers.
In relation to this news, we all know that this year will be the last for all qualifying matches. Final draw will be made on 01 December in the State Kremlin palace in Moscow. This giant building with 6.000 seats will welcome all 32 teams at the grand ceremony.

Little club - big investment

Little known football club from Chinese Super league has new owner from today. Developing, investing and managing company Sinobo Group Ltd., exactly its subsidiary Sinobo Land bought a 64% share in the premier league team Beijing Guoan by paying of 3.56 billion yuan (481 million euros). Remaining 36% was kept from CITIC (domestic financial services giant).
The real estate company has made this club to be valuated at 5.5 billion yuan (754 million euros), according to the statement from the Hong Kong stock exchange. This deal surpasses recent Chinese take over for AC Milan, who is worth 740 million euros (including 220 million debt) and Atletico Madrid whose value is estimated from 565 to 618 million euros.
From now on the team will be formally known as Beijing Sinobo Guoan.

25 January 2017

Superb goals at the end of group D

Egypt - Ghana 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 10 Mohamed Salah

Uganda - Mali 1:1

Scorers: 1:0 70 Farouk Miya
              1:1 73 Yves Bissouma

One mysterious spot

Last two group games are playing tonight. Seven quarter-finalists are already known, and for the remaining place two teams will do a fierce battle. In separate matches one is playing against the leader while the other versus the 'outsider' who can always surprise.

- Egypt - Ghana. If three points are added to their name Ghana will be the only team with all victories from the group phase. The 100 percent record really is alluring, but lately Ghana is not pretty convincing in their matches. With all the stars in the squad the team barely are winning with a minimal result. Black stars' rival tonight is Egypt, who desperately wants full points or even sharing of points. As both are not very effective at the event everything points to a draw, however the Pharaohs looks like will be successful in this match.
- Uganda - Mali. With two losses in the tournament Uganda is already the worst team from all 16. Hoping that everything will go it their way in the other game Mali with a win will be seen from Saturday. In order to do that goals need to be scored and Mali is not very effective with that issue. It is commonly known that outsiders can always surprise favorites in the last group game. Uganda knows to be an inconvenient opponent, so Mali needs to get away from their fear and start winning matches (for once).

Idiotic hooligan's behavior

This evening standard Togo goalkeeper Kossi Agassa refused to participate at the last group match against Democratic Republic of Congo because of the terrible news he got from his homeland. Group of young very passionate supporters, who blame him for the loss versus Morocco from the previous round, vandalized and burned down his home in the community Adakpame who is in the capital Lome, although it was protected by police. Extremely irritated and with songs and slogans they 'protested' in violent way before his house. 'Agassa, do not come back to Lome ; rest in Gabon if you know what is good for you' were some of the angry words from these hooligans. Security forces and police came quickly on the spot, and since then has placed Agassa's property under protection. Deeply saddened of what has happened the unfortunate 38 year old goalkeeper just pulled out from the team without a word. The whole event took place last weekend.
It seems that some people, either they are doing this deliberately or not, do not realize that this is only a game.

24 January 2017

Africa awaits new champion on the night where some spectacular goals were scored

Morocco - Ivory Coast 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 64 Rachid Alioui

Togo - Democratic Republic of Congo 1:3

Scorers: 0:1 29 Junior Kabananga Kalongi
              0:2 53 Firmin Mubele Ndombe
              1:2 69 Kodjo Fo-Dah Laba
              1:3 80 Paul Jose Ebunge Mpoku

Penultimate group day

Tonight penultimate quartet of teams will play in the group phase. After the action only two can progress through while the other half will have to go home. For those two spots three teams are battling to stay longer in the tournament.

- Morocco - Ivory Coast. In the most interesting match of the night this can be called - decisive for both. Morocco is in favorable position because it has one point more from the opponent and with a win the team will 'sleep quietly'. On the other hand Ivory Coast also seek three points to be sure of qualification for the quarter finals. The only problem they have is that, like the hosts (Gabon), the team are achieving only stalemates at the event and a new one will be equal to disaster. Also, the efficiency could be a little bit of a problem (from time to time) for both, this could well be an undecided match with sharing of points.
- Togo - Democratic Republic of Congo. Surprise to many Togo has little chances to be seen again from Saturday. Playing against the leader in group C it can only be worse because Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) looks like a strong team. Being in a good form means that DRC will attack for new three points where they will only confirm first place. In order for a win Togo needs to consolidate its team and be extremely focused on the play, but playing versus the strongest it seems to be simply impossible.

23 January 2017

Rain of goals

Senegal - Algeria 2:2

Scorers: 0:1 10 Islam Slimani
              1:1 43 Papa Kouly Diop
              1:2 52 Islam Slimani
              2:2 53 Moussa Sow

Zimbabwe - Tunisia 2:4

Scorers: 0:1 09 Naim Sliti
              0:2 22 Youssef Msakni
              0:3 36 Taha Yassine Khenissi
              1:3 42 Knowledge Musona
              1:4 44-pen Wahbi Khazri
              2:4 57 Tendai Passion Ndoro

Day two in third round games from group B

For the last time group B will be presented tonight. With its play one team is already into the quarterfinals, while the rest three are chasing that remaining magical second place.

- Senegal - Algeria. Algeria definitely need a win against a team who already qualified to the next stage. Having a loss and a draw it will be very difficult to achieve knowing that Senegal did not receive a goal so far. Disappointing Algeria surely will throw everything to get those three points and the impossible task might become possible. The only problem is the opponent's defence, so even if they are focused enough on the play Algeria might break that hurdle. On the other hand this game obviously means nothing to the leaders, but to have good continuity Senegal might go for another win.
- Zimbabwe - Tunisia. Always dangerous Zimbabwe is looking for their first win and hoping that Algeria will slip up at the other game. Tunisia wants the same thing however they are in better position from the other two. With their win in the previous round Tunisia's motives just got higher. Zimbabwe is also capable of giving goals, quite easily are receiving, thus the desire of new three points must go to Tunisia.

Twenty four teams learned their fate

Capital Abu Dhabi was the host of the last qualifying draw for the Asian Cup 2019 which will be held in United Arab Emirates (UAE) from 05 January until 01 February.
During the process ceremony the logo was revealed: covered in UAE flag, colored ribbons in red, green, white and black bound together creating seven hexagons which represents seven emirates in the country.
For the draw itself 24 teams, which are in divided in 6 groups of 4, are hunting those 12 magical spots for the grand finale in two years time. Before the proceeding began there were 4 pots with 6 teams where each of them were positioned in their group places (here are given in reverse order, drawn from fourth until first spot in the group or from weakest to the strongest teams).

Group A: Macau, Myanmar, India, Kyrgyzstan.

Group B: Malaysia, Lebanon, Hong Kong, North Korea.

Group C: Cambodia, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Jordan.

Group D: Bhutan, Maldives, Palestine, Oman.

Group E: Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Turkmenistan, Bahrain.

Group F: Nepal, Yemen, Tajikistan, Philippines.

There will be 6 matchdays which will last exactly one year, starting from 28 March.

Next weekend we will find out all semifinalists

From the group phase six matches are left to be played over the next three days. After two days break and starting at the conclusion of next weekend all quarterfinal games will begin and so far only one pair is known.

23 January, Monday at 20.00 CET: Senegal - Algeria and Zimbabwe - Tunisia.

24 January, Tuesday at 20.00 CET: Morocco - Ivory Coast and Togo - Democratic Republic of Congo.

25 January, Wednesday at 20.00 CET: Egypt - Ghana and Uganda - Mali.

28 January, Saturday at 17.00 CET: Burkina Faso - second in group B.
28 January, Saturday at 20.00 CET: Senegal - Cameroon.

29 January, Sunday at 17.00 CET: winner group C - runner up group D.
29 January, Sunday at 20.00 CET: winner group D - second in group C.

Last draw before the main event

On Monday from 13.00 CET, 24 teams will learn their fate in the third round qualifying draw for the 2019 Asian Cup in United Arab Emirates. Half of them will travel to the main fiesta and to find out who they are all have to play six rounds. Six groups will be formed with four teams each and two months later the quest will begin, which will last exactly one year.

Statistics from central America

Just finished Copa Centroamericana in Rommel Fernandez stadium in Panama City, Panama provided lots of excitements, plenty of thrills, fantastic moves, disappointments for some and joy for others. Here is the recap what has happened over the past 10 days:
- Goals. From 15 matches 27 goals were scored or 1.8 per game. First 45 minutes is a leader with only one goal difference from the second: in the opening half players were in the mood where 14 times have touched the net, while after the break 13 goals were scored.
- Results. The unpopular result (0:0) was repeated 3 times, 2:1 and 1:2 also 3 times, while 3:1 was in 2 games. However, the absolute leader was 1:0 and 0:1 which we saw in 6 matches, whilst 0:3 is the lone result.
- Scorers. Henry Figueroa from Honduras has opened the scoring in this fourteenth edition of Copa Centroamericana, but unfortunately it was in his own net.
Eddie Hernandez (Honduras) is the best goalscorer with 3 goals. Four players have scored twice: Erick Andino (Honduras), Jose Ortiz (Costa Rica), Rubilio Castillo (El Salvador) and Bryan Garcia (Nicaragua). Fifteen more names got on the score sheet.
- Punishments. There were 2 penalties awarded and successfully converted for Belize and Honduras
- 'Bad boys'. Out of six, only one team has 'produced' undisciplined players. El Salvador is the 'guilty' side with 3 red cards from different matches. Two of them were direct red cards in the same game (against Honduras) and later two yellow were issued in a match versus Panama.
- Winners, semi-winner and looser. We will see more from the newly title winners Honduras, runner up Panama, last game winner El Salvador and, now, former champion Costa Rica this summer in the north American football championship popularly known as Gold cup. Fifth team Nicaragua is not out of it yet, but they have to do another, last job i.e. play an additional game with Haiti at a later date for the final 12 spot before the main 07 July event. Disappointing Belize will watch the show from home on TV.

Quartet finally known

Belize - Honduras 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 56 Eddie Hernandez

El Salvador - Nicaragua 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 53 Irvin Herrera

Panama - Costa Rica 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 67 Armando Cooper

Additional information: Three year reign of Costa Rica is over as Honduras is the new 2017 Copa Centroamericana champion. These two together with Panama and El Salvador booked their place for this summer's festival - Gold Cup. Final participant for the event will be known at a later date when Caribbean Cup fifth place winner Haiti will take on also fifth team from Copa Centroamericana - Nicaragua. For the time being Belize is staying at home.

Disappointing host is busted out

Guinea-Bissau - Burkina Faso 0:2

Scorers: 0:1 11-own goal Rudnilson Brito e Silva
              0:2 57 Bertrand Traore

Cameroon - Gabon 0:0

22 January 2017

Crucial games

Over the next four days there will be a real battle at the African championship. Apart from some who are already booked their place into the quarter finals, the rest desperately trying to get into it and be in the competition as long as possible. From tonight all matches will start at the same time.

- Guinea-Bissau - Burkina Faso. Guinea-Bissau are a tough team to beat and that was proven in the previous two games. In round three debutants awaits Burkina Faso who urgently wants to collect three points in hope for progression for the next phase. Burkinabe will do everything to achieve the victory and the 'hard walnut which cannot be broken that easily' will make sure that is going to leave the pitch undefeated.
- Cameroon - Gabon. 'Lucky' 12 minute goal from normal time in the previous game helped Cameroon to be at the top. Now all they have to do is not to lose against the hosts, which are having a hard time at this tournament. Stimulus for Gabon is maybe the home crowd as they will be behind them no matter what. Their previous meetings shows that a goal difference is required to separate these two sides, but nowadays for the way they play no one deserves to win. However Cameroon is a little bit closer to collect new three points.

21 January 2017

Identical results

Ghana - Mali 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 21 Asamoah Gyan

Egypt - Uganda 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 88 Abdallah Mahmoud Said Mohamed Bekhit

From tonight two time slots from the group phase will be over

Last two matches will be played from the second round in group D. At the beginning of tonight's schedule awaits us a derby.

- Ghana - Mali. What a start of the evening we have ahead of us. Maybe both teams are not in a good form right now, but these two will give us an unforgettable match. With a new win Ghana will only strengthen their position of progressing through to the knockout, however Mali will like to spoil that. Neither one are not very effective of goals so this will be a perfect opportunity for a test against each other. Tough match is expected where Ghana with lots and lots of work will pursue its second win.
- Egypt - Uganda. After so many wins surprisingly came a slip up at the previous round for Egypt. The team still awaits their first goal at the event and those surely will be given against tonight's opponent. After the opening minimal loss from a penalty spot Uganda are back to negative records. Nevertheless, the team has showed that are very disciplined on their play. This kind of behavior will only cause trouble for Egypt who will also be the winners of this pair.

Nicaragua and El Salvador will battle against each other for final automatic place

Nicaragua - Belize 3:1

Scorers: 1:0 29 Juan Barrera
              1:1 54-pen Elroy Smith
              2:1 83 Daniel Cadena
              3:1 89 Bryan Garcia

Honduras - Costa Rica 1:1

Scorers: 1:0 17 Erick Andino
              1:1 59 Francisco Calvo

Panama - El Salvador 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 81 Abdiel Arroyo

Newly built stadium in Oyem saw eight goals on the night

Ivory Coast - Democratic Republic of Congo 2:2

Scorers: 0:1 09 Neeskens Kebano
              1:1 25 Wilfried Bony
              1:2 28 Junior Kabananga
              2:2 66 Serey Die

Morocco - Togo 3:1

Scorers: 0:1 04 Mathieu Dossevi
              1:1 14 Aziz Bouhaddouz
              2:1 20 Ghanem Romain Saiss
              3:1 71 Youssef en-Nesyri

20 January 2017

Three teams want their first win

Four teams will entertain us for the second time in group C. With new three points one team could start celebrating the knockout phase.

- Ivory Coast - Democratic Republic of Congo. Inefficient from the first game, Ivory Coast is playing against the only team which has a victory in this third group. If we see that Democratic Republic of Congo are capable enough of scoring goals than we can see the highest scoring game so far. When these two are playing there are always plenty of goals, so we do not mind if they repeat festivity of goals in the game which is ahead of us. It is really tough to predict a winner, but sharing points would be a good idea.
- Morocco - Togo. For these two this is it: whoever win this can hope to prologue more matches played in the tournament. Either side did not win their opening games from the first round thus we have to see a good play tonight. Nor Morocco nor Togo are in exceptionally good form and it can be problem for both. So, this can be the final chance they have for improvement at the event. On their meetings both are playing really tight games with one goal difference, but it might happen that no one will win tonight.

19 January 2017

There is always first time, so a own goal simply had to come at the event

Algeria - Tunisia 1:2

Scorers: 0:1 49-own goal Aissa Mandi
              0:2 65-pen Naim Sliti
              1:2 90+1 Sofiane Hanni

Senegal - Zimbabwe 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 09 Sadio Mane
              2:0 13 Henri Saivet

Predictions for second group

After yesterday's turnaround from the second match, tonight the action continues from group two. This evening group B starts with a cracking game.

- Algeria - Tunisia. These nations are old rivals and they know each other for so long. However both are unsure in their performances. From leg one Algeria barely escape humiliation against Zimbabwe, equalizing the score eight minutes from normal time. Their northeast neighbor Tunisia remained empty handed so they must attack and in this form they are that is unlikely to happen. Because in football everything is possible these two can easily share points, but still Algeria is poised to take all three.
- Senegal - Zimbabwe. Fantastic Zimbabwe marches on to another tough opponent. This team is slowly beginning to be another 'king of standoffs' because big names in African football cannot beat them. On the other hand, Senegal may be looked as a (possible) title contender from the shadows who are always dangerous. From game to game they are more persistent, have a winning behavior whenever the team is on the pitch throughout the continent and with a new win Senegal will be closer for the knockout phase.

Another award ceremony

CONCACAF is the latest region which have crowned its best players for 2016. There were awards for 10 categories, and here are written some of the finest from north America:

Mexican Jesus Corona has been named for scoring the goal of the year against Venezuela. His countryman Eduardo Herrera was second, while in third place came Alexander Larin from El Salvador. Both those goals have been given in club matches.
Amelia Valverde from Costa Rica won female coach of the year award. Jill Ellis, who is the national coach of United States of America (USA) came second and her compatriot who leads under 20 categories Michelle French was voted in third place. From the opposite sex, Oscar Ramirez won the best manager of the year, before two Mexican club coaches: Ricardo Ferretti which is in Tigres UANL and Diego Alonso who trains Pachuca.
Yoselin Franco from Guatemala is voted in third place for the best female goalkeeper. Canadian Stephanie Labbe is runner up and the award belonged to Ashlyn Harris from USA. Another Costa Rican took the honors in the men's category - Keylor Navas, who currently is at deserved holiday from Copa Centroamericana. Alfredo Talavera from Mexico and Argentina's Nahuel Guzman are second and third.
Number three - Crystal Dunn, runner up Tobin Heath and the winner Alex Morgan are top three choice for female player of the year. All three ladies are from USA. However, one player broke the party to become Costa Rica's one-two-three for the male section. Real Madrid's goalkeeper Keylor Navas was voted third. Mexican Hirving Lozano sneaked through in second place while Bryan Ruiz has been awarded with the best male player of 2016. He is also resting from Copa Centroamericana event which is playing in Panama at the moment and his colleagues are doing just fine without the captain.
Other prizes were awarded for: best referee for 2016 (in both male and female), outstanding performance award plus naming the best 11 - for male and female.

18 January 2017

Important lesson in life: do not make the 'Lions' angry, even if you are newcomer

Gabon - Burkina Faso 1:1

Scorers: 0:1 22 Niguimbe Prejuce Nakoulma
              1:1 38-pen Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Cameroon - Guinea-Bissau 2:1

Scorers: 0:1 13 Piqueti Djassi Brito e Silva
              1:1 61 Sebastien Siani
              2:1 78 Michael Ngadeu Ngadjui

Group A matches, part two

Now that we have seen all 16 teams in action over the past 4 days it is time to do it all over again. In the next 4 days all of them will in entertain us in the second round and for some teams these games may be crucial.

- Gabon - Burkina Faso. Master of stalemates Gabon meet a little bit improved Burkina Faso. For the home spectators it would be a disaster to see another draw, so Gabon must go for three points. Their task may be difficult enough, because Burkinabe is always dangerous and inconvenient opponent. Given the fact that they are the hosts, with lots of stars plus they have one more player behind them (fans) Gabon should take their first 'very sweaty' win.
- Cameroon - Guinea-Bissau. The 'minnows' of this group has done an excellent job by cutting two points of favored Gabon in the first part and now they want to do the same. Before the tournament even began, everyone thought that Guinea-Bissau would be a punching bag. 'Taking measures' from Cameron sounds like impossible job, but never say never is the saying. The Indomitable Lions are also having a hard time lately, and although Guinea-Bissau WILL pose a threat, Cameroon is a way too strong by taking full points.

Defending champions got themselves another unpopular result

El Salvador - Belize 3:1

Scorers: 1:0 15 Gerson Mayen
              2:0 20 Juan Barahona
              3:0 23 Henry Ventura
              3:1 43 Deon McCaulay

Costa Rica - Nicaragua 0:0

Panama - Honduras 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 36-pen Eddie Hernandez

Copied games from Monday...in reverse order

Ghana - Uganda 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 32-pen Andre Ayew

Mali - Egypt 0:0

17 January 2017

End of a round

On the schedule tonight are the last two games from round one. Even though big names are involved in both pairs, surprises are always possible (especially in the first game).

- Ghana - Uganda. Not long ago there was a fairytale which existed on this continent. There was a team who once conducted fear wherever they played and their opponents were unable to do anything. Those 11 were even considered one of the best African nation at the World cup. Unfortunately, nowadays that team is gone and although Ghana is trying to copy past performances they are doing an awful job. The west African nation is still considered to take this game, but on the other hand Uganda still hope to gain something of it - with sharing of points.
- Mali - Egypt. Big footballing nations and that is why is a game to watch in group D. In past meetings Egypt has had success of one goal difference and that proves how strong are these two teams. Mali had its good form until recently, but suddenly began to fail and are not reliable for a win anymore. Thus this team would never be underestimated, but their opponents are a little bit better and if they are focused enough Egypt should give more than one goal.

The list has finally come out

Last weekend the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has confirmed all participants that will play in the preliminary stage for the 2019 Asian Cup in United Arab Emirates. Right to participate have 24 teams and only half of them will go through to the finals.
- Kuwait, which is still suspended by FIFA, will definitely miss these qualifiers, together with Guam who withdraws from the competition. As 24 teams are needed for the draw the AFC has decided to invite two 'newcomers' to the event, proper replacements for the above two. Those teams are quickly found from another AFC competition - Solidarity Cup which was played in Malaysia last year. Champions Nepal is Guam's replacement, while runner up Macau has been called instead of Kuwait.
- Fourteen members has been qualified through the joint second round for World Cup preliminary process in Russia: North Korea, Jordan, Oman, Lebanon, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan, Hong Kong, Turkmenistan, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Bahrain and Afghanistan.
- Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Tajikistan and Yemen comes as winners from the first play off games.
- Losing sides from the first play off got final chance who played against each other in the second one, and this time three have passed: Bhutan, Chinese Taipei and Maldives.
Adding those up we came up to the number 24. For the final preliminaries phase there will be formed 6 groups with 4 teams each and they will last exactly one year, starting from 28 March. It was announced that the draw will be right after the second play off matches, which was delayed for 18 January, and the final date has been now rescheduled for 23 January in Abu Dhabi, just two months before the start of the qualifying campaign.

16 January 2017

Lone goal from couple of games

Ivory Coast - Togo 0:0

Democratic Republic of Congo - Morocco 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 55 Herve Kage Kabananga

Day three with group C

Matches fifth and six brings us four teams which are placed in one of the toughest group at the event or simply called the group of death. Because there are no actual winners i.e. it is really difficult to pick top two winners lots of quality skills, knowledge and techniques are mainly required in this third group.

- Ivory Coast - Togo. In the first game of the night we are going to see another possible contender for the trophy. Lately Ivory Coast is playing sloppy, but really good football unlike Togo who is lacking some defence and also have the ability of scoring goals. Previous meetings shows that the Ivorians are a little bit better than its opponent, however its a real question how they are adapting on this neutral ground. The same goes for Togo on whether the team will continue scoring goals. Still 'the Elephants' are considered slight favorites to take first three points, even with a goal difference.
- Democratic Republic of Congo - Morocco. Some media reported that Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) refuse to participate in the competition due to unpaid wages. We are sure that internal matter will be solved quickly, so that DRC will go out and play from tonight. In spite of all that 'trouble' the team is very coherent and impossible to beat. And this evening they are playing against another good team, this time from north Africa. Teams finds it extremely difficult playing against Morocco, as they are also stubborn football fighters until the very end. When you are going to connect two strong teams who has to play each other the first things that comes to mind is that no one will win and everyone will (maybe) be satisfied. Nevertheless, the quality is guaranteed.

Decision week

From the central American zone next week we will (finally) find out which four will depart into the Gold Cup, one 'lucky' team who will be given a lifeline with the additional playoff game and one 'unlucky' team who will want to forget everything and stay at home for the next two years. Because participating in this summer's event is a dream come true for every CONCACAF team, so for the last three matchdays we are sure that we are going to see some cracking and outstanding football.
So far, no one has the advantage of progressing through i.e. everyone can be at the quartet and everyone can be placed fifth, while for the sixth team there will be no discussion here. Thus 'only' nine games are left to play in this sub-region. Whereas who will be happy and who will be less happy we are going to find out at the closure of next weekend.

17 January, Tuesday at 22.06 CET: El Salvador - Belize.

18 January, Wednesday at 00.36 CET: Costa Rica - Nicaragua.
18 January, Wednesday at 03.06 CET: Panama - Honduras.

20 January, Friday at 22.06 CET: Nicaragua - Belize.

21 January, Saturday at 00.36 CET: Honduras - Costa Rica.
21 January, Saturday at 03.06 CET: Panama - El Salvador.

22 January, Sunday at 17.06 CET: Belize - Honduras.
22 January, Sunday at 19.36 CET: El Salvador - Nicaragua.
22 January, Sunday at 22.06 CET: Panama - Costa Rica.

Note: From the original schedule every game is delayed from 5 to 7 minutes tops (six was placed here because it is most common to start).

Schedule for the next seven days

At the first full week of the Africa Cup of Nations the whole matchday 2 will be played with 14 games. According to the pairs there will be minimum of 4 derbies ahead of us. Some favorites are already 'jinxed' right from the start of the tournament, so the continuation have to bring us lots of football fighting on the pitch if they want to be in the knockout stages. However, what is most important is that the 'minnows' are doing an excellent job so far!
This is why the African championship is unpredictable with magical moves and enchantment which makes it different from the others.

16 January, Monday at 17.00 CET: Ivory Coast - Togo => group C.
16 January, Monday at 20.00 CET: Democratic Republic of Congo - Morocco => group C.

17 January, Tuesday at 17.00 CET: Ghana - Uganda => group D.
17 January, Tuesday at 20.00 CET: Mali - Egypt => group D.

18 January, Wednesday at 17.00 CET: Gabon - Burkina Faso.
18 January, Wednesday at 20.00 CET: Cameroon - Guinea-Bissau.

19 January, Thursday at 17.00 CET: Algeria - Tunisia.
19 January, Thursday at 20.00 CET: Senegal - Zimbabwe.

20 January, Friday at 17.00 CET: Ivory Coast - Democratic Republic of Congo.
20 January, Friday at 20.00 CET: Morocco - Togo.

21 January, Saturday at 17.00 CET: Ghana - Mali.
21 January, Saturday at 20.00 CET: Egypt - Uganda.

22 January, Sunday at 20.00 CET: Cameroon - Gabon and Guinea-Bissau - Burkina Faso.

Honduras is not kidding

Belize - Costa Rica 0:3

Scorers: 0:1 24 Jose Ortiz
              0:2 50 Johan Venegas
              0:3 64 Jose Ortiz

El Salvador - Honduras 1:2

Scorers: 1:0 10 Rodolfo Zelaya
              1:1 62 Rubilio Castillo
              1:2 90 Rubilio Castillo

Panama - Nicaragua 2:1

Scorers: 1:0 08 Roderick Miller
              2:0 12 Josiel Nunez
              2:1 29 Bryan Garcia

15 January 2017

Cursed first time slot for favorites

Algeria - Zimbabwe 2:2

Scorers: 1:0 12 Riyad Mahrez
              1:1 17 Kudakwashe Mahachi
              1:2 29-pen Nyasha Liberty Mushekwi
              2:2 82 Riyad Mahrez

Tunisia - Senegal 0:2

Scorers: 0:1 09-pen Sadio Mane
              0:2 29 Serigne Modou Kara Mbodji

Four teams still in search of tournament's first win

The African Nations Cup is continuing today with its first matches from group B. And like yesterday at the same time, the second game seems to be quite fierce.

- Algeria - Zimbabwe. 24 hours ago 'the underdogs' Guinea-Bissau surprised the home crowd producing the biggest shock right at the opening and tonight Zimbabwe wants to follow those steps of success. Their opposition, Algeria does not forgive anyone who looks to be on a very high form for the event and possible title contenders. Because of their play they should win the game, however in the past meetings Zimbabwean players gave lots of headaches to Algerian defence. The neutral pitch should not pose problems to these two, but the Algerian quality of players that possess have to help them overcome this first hurdle.
- Tunisia - Senegal. By just looking at it the first pair is 'not that interesting to watch', but in the second one we might have many sparkles and good entertainment on the pitch for an excellent game of football. Many is expected from this pair this evening because every time when these two meet the match ends in an exciting draw. Despite all stalemates Tunisia is a little bit better team from its opponent, although lately they struggle to find its true form. On the other hand Senegal's results are (very) promising, thus they should (earn hard) three points tonight.

14 January 2017

Deadlock in the opening group

Gabon - Guinea-Bissau 1:1

Scorers: 1:0 52 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
              1:1 90 Juary Marinho Soares

Burkina Faso - Cameroon 1:1

Scorers: 0:1 35 Benjamin Moukandjo
              1:1 74 Issoufou Dayo

Three weeks thrills in Gabon may begin

Almost simultaneously with Copa Centroamericana, one other event will have major focus in the footballing world. Starting from today and until 25 January, 16 teams will entertain us with their skills in the thirty-first edition of the TOTAL Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon. There are 4 groups with 4 teams each which will play in 4 cities across the country. Each group has been given its own city and like that will stay until the last week of the month. After that knockout stages will commence who will last until 05 February, where the best team of Africa will be crowned.

- Gabon - Giunea-Bissau. What a way to open the tournament. Guinea-Bissau did not ask for a better start than to play the host right at the beginning. Although they are the only newcomers in the event the visitors will be poised to show a good game and prove themselves why Guinea-Bissau is deservedly here, among 16 top best teams. In this first game everything is expected from Gabon, who unfortunately have some difficulties scoring goals. Their opponent seems to be in the same situation, but still mighty Gabon should take this easily (with lots of sweating).
- Burkina Faso - Cameroon. Although the first game may be 'easy' for predicting, the second might be tough. Burkina Faso is playing four time champions Cameroon, who still need to prove to take title number five. Lately both teams are playing good, quality and breathtaking football, so it is really difficult to pick up a winner. In their meetings Cameroon looks like a slightly better team, but nowadays everything is possible. Even though the Indomitable Lions could be heading for another win, Burkinabe will always strike back, so that this match might end in an exciting draw.

Three matches, two draws and one win

Honduras - Nicaragua 2:1

Scorers: 0:1 19-own goal Henry Figueroa
              1:1 23 Eddie Hernandez
              2:1 69 Erick Andino

Costa Rica - El Salvador 0:0

Panama - Belize 0:0

13 January 2017

It is profitable to be a host

Numbers which published French sports ministry on Tuesday shows that the general revenue at the EURO 2016 was 1.22 billion euros in regards to expenses which were less than 200 million. An additional 160 million euros has been spent on the construction and renovation of sports facilities while remaining costs were from private investors and the organizer of the tournament (UEFA). These digits were collected from CDES (The centre of law and economics of sport) in Limoges, together with the marketing company Keneo.
The study shows that average visitor at the European championship was spending 154 euros on daily basis, most of it on accommodation and food, while income from tourism reached 625.8 million euros. UEFA has spent around 360 million euros, all 24 teams boosted the French economy with 34.9 million, journalists and others gave 34.8 million and the sponsors 22.6 million euros.
A year ago, CDES estimated that the additional spending related to the European football championship on 1.266 billion euros, or 0.1% of French GDP. However, there was lots of controversy due to the planned public spending, months before the show started. Among other things people across the country were angry, especially for 24 million euros allocated for increased security measures, which was double more than expected.

12 January 2017

Former British international manager dies

Ex-player, coach, pundit and president Graham Taylor suddenly passed away today. Taylor was mostly offering his services in England who also led the international team for three years, the only in his career. He was also trainer to Watford, Aston Villa and Wolverhampton. Taylor died from heart attack at the age of 72.

These players will try to make Copa Centroamericana great

From tomorrow in Panama City, Panama, 13 until 22 January CONCACAF's sub-region the Central American Football Union will give four penultimate teams for the major competition - Gold cup event, while the fifth placed would go to an additional playoff. In the fourteenth edition of the Copa Centroamericana, with Guatemala being thrown out, six teams are in pursuit for those four magical + one life line spot(s). They will play round robin format, or like the hexagonal tournament which is a used term for the World Cup qualifiers, in five rounds and these 138 players will try to make a name for themselves (unfortunately not all will have the opportunity to be on the pitch).

Goalkeepers: Shane Orio, Woodrow Wilson West.
Defenders: Michael Atkinson, Makonnan Clare, Ian Elvis Gaynair, Trevor Bruce Lennen, Tyrone Jamal Pandy, Elroy Alexander Smith, Evral Reginald Trapp, Kahlil Velasquez.
Midfielders: Denmark Casey, Andres Makin Jr., Devon Aithon Makin, Nana Mensah, Jordy Leonel Polanco, Delone Torres, Luis Alonzo Torres.
Forwards: Jarret Nicholas Davis, Daniel Jimenez, Elroy Edwin Jr. Kuylen, Deon McCaulay, Michael Salazar, Gilroy Thurton.

Costa Rica:
Goalkeepers: Dany Carvajal Rodriguez, Leonel Moreira Ledezma, Patrick Pemberton Bernard.
Defenders: Johnny Acosta Zamora, Francisco Calvo Quesada, Kenner Gutierrez Cerdas, Pedro Leal Valencia, Christopher Meneses Barrantes, Allan Miranda Albertazzi, Jhamir Ordain Alexander, Michael Umana Corrales, Juan Pablo Vargas Campos.
Midfielders: Elias Aguilar Vargas, Marvin Angulo Borbon, Randall Azofeifa Corrales, David Guzman Perez, Osvaldo Rodriguez Flores, John Jairo Ruiz Barrantes, Ulises Segura Machado, Gerson Torres Barrantes, Deyver Vega Alvarez.
Forwards: Jose Guillermo Ortiz Picado, Johan Venegas Ulloa.

El Salvador:
Goalkeepers: Oscar Daniel Arroyo Pena, Henry Edimar Hernandez Cruz, Benji Oldai Villalobos Segovia.
Defenders: Juan Alfredo Barahona Pena, Ibsen Adalberto Castro Avelar, Alexander Vidal Larin Hernandez, Ivan Roberto Mancia Ramirez, Oscar Rafael Menjivar Oviedo, Henry Javier Romero Ventura, Bryan Alexander Tamacas Lopez.
Midfielders: Jaime Enrique Alas Morales, Darwin Adelso Ceren Delgado, Oscar Elias Ceren Delgado, Roberto Carlos Dominguez Fuentes, Pablo Oshan Batuto Punyed Dubon, Andres Alexander Flores Mejia, Richard Guillermo Menjivar Peraza, Nestor Raul Renderos Lopez, Herberth Arnoldo Sosa Burgos, Gerson Mayen Villavicencio.
Forwards: Nelson Wilfredo Bonilla Sanchez, Irvin Enrique Herrera Baires, Rodolfo Antonio Zelaya Garcia.

Goalkeepers: Donis Escober, Luis Lopez.
Defenders: Ever Alvarado, Felix Crisanto, Henry Figueroa, Brayan Garcia, Cesar Oseguera, Marcelo Pereira, Jairo Puerto, Allans Vargas.
Midfielders: Cristian Altamirano, Marcelo Canales, Michaell Chirinos, Jorge Claros, Luis Garrido, Alexander Lopez, Alfredo Mejia, Oliver Morazan, Oscar Salas.
Forwards: Erick Andino, Rubilio Castillo, Eddie Hernandez, Diego Reyes.

Goalkeepers: Justo Carlos Lorente Collado, Roger Javier Sanchez Arias, Diedrich Erwing Tellez Cuevas.
Defenders: Jason Domingo Casco Juarez, Luis Fernando Copete Murillo, Cyril Alexander Errington Rodriguez, Oscar Renan Lopez Pineda, Josue Abraham Quijano Potosme, Manuel Rosas Arreola, Erick Jose Tellez Fonseca.
Midfielders: Jason Eliezer Coronel Martinez, Bryan Anthony Garcia Sirias, Marlon Andres Lopez Moreno, Maykel Antonio Montiel, Luis Angel Peralta Ramirez, Alexis Lenin Somarriba Vargas, Bismarck Antonio Veliz Gomez.
Forwards: Juan Ramon Barrera Perez, Elvis Angel Figueroa, Lester David Jarquin, Norfran Adan Lazo Morales, Jaime Jose Moreno Ciorciari, Daniel Cadena Sanchez.

Goalkeepers: Jose Calderon, Alex Rodriguez.
Defenders: Azmahar Ariano, Harold Cummings, Eric Davis, Roderick Miller, Michael Amir Murillo, Luis Ovalle, Angel Patrick, Jan Carlos Vargas.
Midfielders: Edgar Yoel Barcenas, Ricardo Buitrago, Armando Cooper, Anibal Godoy, Jose Gonzalez, Amilcar Henriquez, Josiel Nunez, Alberto Quintero, Oscar Villareal.
Forwards: Abdiel Arroyo, Rolando Blackburn, Enrico Small, Alejandro Antonio Taylor.

Thrown out from Europe

Former European cup finalists and one of the famous club from Serbia can not play in the European competitions for the next three seasons. The first next season, if they qualified through their national championship, Partizan will be denied entering both tournaments due to debts towards other clubs, employees and the state itself. Because of that reason Belgrade team will not receive needed license for participation in Europe. The administration has announced that unpaid debts toward other teams, with the sum of 370.000 euros, will be paid on Thursday and also agreement was reached with the Serbian government.

11 January 2017

'What I am saying it has to be final'

Forty as a digit will be 'too little' to participate in the finals, but adding 8 more will be quite enough. While the first number was not even considered, the second one was accepted 'way too easily'.
Beginning from 2026 World cup in north America (now we know that multiple countries will be hosts), 48 teams will be represented into the event for the first time. The FIFA council, which has 37 members, unanimously accepted Gianni Infantino's decision to increase current format with 16 new teams. His idea is to have 16 groups with 3 nations each in round one. After that 32 best will continue in the knockout round. That will add number of matches from 64 to 80, and the tournament still will last 32 days. The president is confident that this drastic change will help smaller teams to get experience in the World cup.
At the end it will be interesting to see what kind of system it will be in 9 years time. Many critics, including prominent European clubs and coaches, are saying that FIFA jeopardize the winning formula.

10 January 2017

Crowning the best

In Zurich tonight the world football organization presented their own awards - simply calling it 'The best'. Football officials, selected journalists plus votes from supporters all over the world gave titles to the following stars:
The most beautiful and outstanding goal from last year went to Mohd Faiz Subri. The 29 year old Malaysian's perfect strike with 59.46% of votes collected the Puskas award.
German manager Silvia Neid has won the women's coach title. She gathered almost 30% of points (29.99), before United States of America (USA) coach Jill Ellis with 16.68 and Pia Sundhage from Sweden rounded up the top three with 16.47 percent.EURO 2016 winner manager Fernando Santos from Portugal came in third place for the men's coach of 2016 with 16.24 percent. Real Madrid's trainer Zinedine Zidane was second with 16.56% of votes, while with 22.6% the title went to Claudio Ranieri who with the small club Leicester has made a real miracle last year in England. 
With 20.68%, the best women's player for last year is Carli Lloyd from USA. Brazilian footballer Marta collected 16.6%, with 12.34% in third was Melanie Behringer from Germany. However, there was a big voting difference in the men's best player of 2016: Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann gathered 7.53% of points, 18.89 more or 26.42% in second place belonged to the little wonder man from Barcelona - Lionel Messi with the winner and 34.54% of votes is Cristiano Ronaldo which helped Portugal win its first continental trophy last year.
Among other things, there was also one more award tonight which completely belongs to football supporters - the fan award plus naming of the best FIFPro world XI.

09 January 2017

African champion wanted

Thirty-first edition of the Africa Nations Cup begins next weekend and will last until 05 February. Thirty-two matches will be played across 4 cities in Gabon: group A games will be in Libreville, Franceville hosts group B, C goes to Oyem while Port-Gentil is reserved for D. These 4 groups have 4 teams each, and among those 16 there will be one newcomer: Guinea-Bissau. Group stages ends 25 January and 3 days later the knock out round will begin. At the second part of next week 4 matches will be played from groups A and B.

14 January, Saturday at 17.00 CET: Gabon - Giunea-Bissau => group A.
14 January, Saturday at 20.00 CET: Burkina Faso - Cameroon => group A.

15 January, Sunday at 17.00 CET: Algeria - Zimbabwe => group B.
15 January, Sunday at 20.00 CET: Tunisia - Senegal => group B.

Chile, Australia and Germany awaits the last team and champion from Africa, as these 4 are in a Confederations Cup group B an FIFA event which starts this summer.

Central American countries gets into action

Last CONCACAF's sub-region to hold preliminary competition before the Gold Cup. The fourteenth edition from Copa Centroamericana will be played in Panama City, Panama from 13 until 22 January.
As Guatemala FA is still disqualified from FIFA, six nations will want to finish in top four that guarantees them a place in this summer's Gold Cup. Fifth place team can still go to the July's event, but first they have to play an additional play off game against the fifth team at the Caribbean region (which tonight was won by Haiti). One nation will stay at home after five matchdays. Next weekend are scheduled to be played two rounds.

13 January, Friday at 22.00 CET: Honduras - Nicaragua.

14 January, Saturday at 00.30 CET: Costa Rica - El Salvador.
14 January, Saturday at 03.00 CET: Panama - Belize.

15 January, Sunday at 19.00 CET: Belize - Costa Rica.
15 January, Sunday at 21.30 CET: El Salvador - Honduras.

16 January, Monday at 00.00 CET: Panama - Nicaragua.

Everyday football from next week

Two tournaments are starting in the second part next week: one preliminary and one (most anticipated) official, final event.
Out of these two, Copa Centroamericana will start first, from 13 until 22 January. Day later in Gabon, begins the Africa Cup of Nations which will last until 05 February.

Haiti into the additional play-off

Haiti - Trinidad and Tobago 2:2, 4:3 after extra time

Scorers: 0:1 01 Shahdon Winchester
              1:1 20 Derrick Etienne
              1:2 24 Shahdon Winchester
              2:2 38 Kervens Belfort
              3:2 111 Andrew Jean-Baptiste
              3:3 113 Shahdon Winchester
              4:3 117 Andrew Jean-Baptiste

Additional information: At the fiftieth match, since the qualifiers started back in March, Haiti has won this mini-competition by winning the fifth place in the Caribbean sub-region. Now the fresh winners must wait for another sub-region tournament to finish, which starts next week. Fifth place finisher from Copa Centroamericana will play Haiti for the final spot in 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup.

08 January 2017

Duo may (easily) become trio

It is no secret that nine years from now the north American continent will welcome the best national teams in the world (but the real question will be how much). In October the world football organization has confirmed that there will be no limitations of countries who wants to host the 2026 World cup. Just before entering 2017, last Wednesday, CONCACAF president Victor Montagliani has said that officials from three associations will meet this year to discuss joint bid for the 2026 event: Canada, United States of America (USA) and Mexico. 'It is time to come back' said the president referring to the 1994 successful football show in USA. South Korea and Japan were last joint hosts countries from 2002.
Connected with this subject, there are currently 32 nations competing the World cup. When he was running for president back in February, Gianni Infantino promised expansion to 40 teams, however later 'quickly changed his mind' by adding 8 to it. So for the first time we can see 48 countries starting from 2026. But first that number need to be approved by FIFA's council in a Zurich meeting next week.

07 January 2017

Two own goals by Suriname ended their dream of going through

Suriname - Haiti 2:4

Scorers: 0:1 25 Charles Herold Jr.
              0:2 42-own goal Mitchell Kisoor
              0:3 48 Jonel Desire
              0:4 80-own goal Gillermo Faerber
              1:4 87 Dimitrie Apai
              2:4 90+1 Serginio Eduard

06 January 2017

Africa's finest players

Abuja saw plenty of African football stars tonight. The Nigerian capital hosted a anniversary - 25 years from the CAF awards. Tonight they were assigned in 13 categories, and the lucky winners are: 
Nigeria took the title of the women's national team of the year, while from men's side that prize went to the Uganda national team. The South African champions Mamelodi Sundowns has been voted club of the year, and its manager Pitso Mosimane is coach of the year. Youth player of the year belonged to Nigerian Alex Iwobi, whilst another Nigerian player, Kelechi Iheanacho is crowned the most promised talent. Best female footballer in the women's player of the year category is Asisat Oshoala from Nigeria. Only 46 votes differs the trio in African player of the year - based in Africa title: with 206 in third place is Zambia's Rainford Kalaba, Khama Billiat is runner up from Zimbabwe, 228 and the winner is Denis Onyango from Uganda who gathered 252 votes. In the main category, African player of the year, the difference between the trio is huge with 175 points: Senegalese Sadio Mane has collected 186 votes, with 313 points is the footballer from Gabon Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and the victor is from Algeria - Riyad Mahrez with 361 points.
There were also prizes for: referee, football leader of the year, legend award, platinum award plus the announcement of the Africa finest XI.

Internet users have decided about their own eleven

UEFA's users have picked the best team for 2016. Football lovers has voted from all 6 continents of the world: Europe is in the lead with 48%, while Oceania find itself last with 1 percent. More than 7 million football supporters (7.146.715) in a 4-3-3 formation chose 8 players from La Liga, Serie A has 2 with the rest coming from German Bundesliga.
Lucky electees are: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus) - Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid, gathered high percentage of votes), Gerard Pique (Barcelona), Jerome Boateng (Bayern Munich), Leonardo Bonucci (Juventus) - Andres Iniesta (Barcelona), Toni Kroos (Real Madrid), Luka Modric (Real Madrid) - Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid, gathered small percentage of votes).

05 January 2017

First official preliminary match of the new year

Trinidad and Tobago - Suriname 1:1, 1:2 after extra time

Scorers: 0:1 76 Guno Kwasie
              1:1 81 Tyrone Charles
              1:2 109 Ivanildo Rozenblad

04 January 2017

Chosen hosts for the upcoming award

On Monday the whole world is going to find out who are the best players from FIFA for 2016, and the organization itself today have announced who will be the hosts for the event. The pair Eva Longoria and Marco Schreyl will have the honor to meet famous footballers on the stage.
Even little birds on trees knows who the female person is, so there will be no introduction for her here. On the other hand her partner has been hosting football and sports programs before, but the 42 year old is known for presenting various (mostly talent) shows in Germany.

03 January 2017

Ideal 11 from a known magazine

At 2017 we are just two days old, and at the beginning everyone are choosing their own best eleven from the previous year. Thus, French sports magazine L'Equipe include 4 Real Madrid players, 3 from Juventus, Barcelona have 2 with Chelsea and Atletico Madrid each 'loan' one player in their own team.
In a 4-3-3 formation, journalists from the prestige periodical have chosen the following: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus) - Leonardo Bonucci (Juventus), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Marcelo (Real Madrid), Dani Alves (Juventus) - N'Golo Kante (Chelsea), Luka Modric (Real Madrid), Lionel Messi (Barcelona) - Luis Suarez (Barcelona), Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid), Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid).

02 January 2017

One big desire for these three teams

In the first full week of the new year starts the first official qualifying mini-tournament for 2017. Ato Boldon stadium in Couva, Trinidad and Tobago will be the host to three matches only that will determine the last traveler from (probably) the Caribbean region into the Gold cup.
A total of 25 teams have taken part in the Caribbean cup qualification process which started back in March. Now we have come to the last six that will try to win the competition and be named as a fifth place play off winner. Matches will be played every second day local time, and it should look like this:

05 January, Thursday at 00.00 CET: Trinidad and Tobago - Suriname.

07 January, Saturday at 00.00 CET: Suriname - Haiti.

08 January, Sunday at 22.00 CET: Haiti - Trinidad and Tobago.

However the victor will have to face the fifth place team from another tournament, the Copa Centroamericana which starts the following week in Panama City, Panama. The additional game winner will participate as the twelfth team that took the final spot for the main event - CONCACAF Gold cup 2017.

01 January 2017

Ex-Guinea sports minister charged

Just days before Christmas, last Thursday, ex-Guinea captain and former sports minister of the country has been found guilty. In a case brought up by his ex-wife Mariam Koulibaly, Titi Camara is now sentence to six months suspended sentence and a 50 million Guinean francs (5.083 euros). The Dixinn court has been accused the 44 year old beating his ex-wife and failing to pay alimony for their children, and the sanction is 'forgery and use of forgeries (of documents), threats and public injuries'.
While Camara's lawyer has said that they will appeal the verdict, the victims adviser threatens to appeal for an increased payment.

Rear record in 2016

This weekend we witnessed the last European and world record for 2016.
The New Saints (or short TNS) enrolled in the history books with 27 successive wins and so becoming new recorder in all European leagues. The club collected 21 victories in the national championship plus 6 in the cup. Thus the Welsh champion surpassed Ajax from 1972, who with the legendary Johan Cruyff registered 26 wins in the Dutch league.
TNS is a club which represents two mutual towns that are distant 10 kilometers - Powys in Wales and Oswestry in England.