25 January 2017

One mysterious spot

Last two group games are playing tonight. Seven quarter-finalists are already known, and for the remaining place two teams will do a fierce battle. In separate matches one is playing against the leader while the other versus the 'outsider' who can always surprise.

- Egypt - Ghana. If three points are added to their name Ghana will be the only team with all victories from the group phase. The 100 percent record really is alluring, but lately Ghana is not pretty convincing in their matches. With all the stars in the squad the team barely are winning with a minimal result. Black stars' rival tonight is Egypt, who desperately wants full points or even sharing of points. As both are not very effective at the event everything points to a draw, however the Pharaohs looks like will be successful in this match.
- Uganda - Mali. With two losses in the tournament Uganda is already the worst team from all 16. Hoping that everything will go it their way in the other game Mali with a win will be seen from Saturday. In order to do that goals need to be scored and Mali is not very effective with that issue. It is commonly known that outsiders can always surprise favorites in the last group game. Uganda knows to be an inconvenient opponent, so Mali needs to get away from their fear and start winning matches (for once).


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