31 March 2020

Virtual tournament instead of a real one

Because football is missing way too long from television screens, one fanatic Internet lover of this sport in Spain have thought on how to bring it back at least for a short time...in computerized style. The idea originated from the best virtual game player of the country who was supported by LaLiga itself.
On 22 March it finished the first tournament of the FIFA LaLiga santander 20 challenge, where each team from the championship had one real player behind the joystick. Winner of the debut edition was Marco Asensio (Real Madrid) which in the final duel beat Aitor Ruibal (Leganes) with a 4:2 result. As this was mainly a charity event, one day later UNICEF has received 142.000 euros for the fight against the epidemic, which was gathered at the competition.
This virtual first time edition was broadcast live on a local sport channel where commentators presented the same emotions as it was in a real game.

30 March 2020

Expected losses from postponed championships

Since the ball is not rolling in most of the countries (due to the well known situation) in the world, all it can be done now is to summarize the losses for the worst year in football and wait for this nightmare to be over. Here is going to be mentioned the reduction of finances for two championships plus one official tournament.
According to the accounting company Deloitte in the most infected nation in Europe, Italy, the losses for Serie A is estimated on 720 million euros if is totally postponed or nearly 170 million if it restarts again. Cancellation of the rest of the season at the German Bundesliga is evaluated on 750 million euros, where 370 million might be lost from television rights.
Last Tuesday the European championship has been postponed for 12 months, and from now the predictions for losses for 2020 goes to 6.1 billion euros where (again) the biggest income out of this number comes from television rights. Just in comparison, the 2016 event was successful so far (than other editions) with 1.92 billion euros.

29 March 2020

Lots of negative news and one positive outcome

In two days from now we will enter into week number four that football games are missing from our lives. At almost every part of the world the virus is still present and spreading at full speed, and it looks like footballers are the most vulnerable to the disease than any other sport.
Most critical is still on the European continent where nearly everyday there is a new case. Sadly on 16 March the footballer and coach of Atletico portada alta Francisco Garcia has passed away. The 21-year-old was the youngest person to have died of the virus in Malaga (Spain). Countries cannot start with its championships and are already suspended until the end of this month, but it is now known that this will be prolong for at least another 30 days. Among the first to extend its championship is the English Premier league who is now until 30 April. Besides players, managers are infected as well.
One of the best and famous Turkish coach Fatih Terim four days ago has announced that he is positive of the disease, the Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is on the list as well, and both are recovering. But on the negative side one former ex trainer of Espanyol Benito Joanet has unfortunately died because of the virus this Monday. Former club presidents are infected as well, plus team officials. The technical director of Milan Paolo Maldini together with his son plus the Zeljeznicar vice president Jasmin Badzak have the illness, so these people are in self-isolation. Locked out from everyone are two football presidents who are also known to have catch the virus. It is believed that Kozo Tashima (Japan) and Slavisa Kokeza (Serbia) got infected when the two were present at the European football association congress in Amsterdam (Netherlands) on 03 March.
Of all these negative reports finally there is one positive outcome that comes from Germany. While he was the first footballer in the championship to be tested positive, this young man became the first player in the country to get cured. At the beginning of the week Luca Kilian beat the enemy as he was isolated back home in Dortmund with a big help from his mother who is a nurse. The 20-year-old Paderborn defender instills hope that everyone can beat this pandemic if a person is complying under strict rules.

28 March 2020

Unfortunate death cases

Sadly, yesterday after a long illness has died the famous French coach Michel Hidalgo at the age of 87. During his playing and managerial career mostly worked inside the country, while he was well-known after the national team won the European championship at 1984.
Staying on the same topic of unfortunate events, last Sunday morning two Nigerian players have lost their lives in a car accident. Emmanuel Ogbu and Ifeanyi George were both members of the national team and also teammates in Enugu rangers. With two other people they all returned to Lagos when their vehicle hit a parked truck. The first player has passed away in the hospital, whilst the second on the spot.

27 March 2020

Disobedient people

After (the second most populated country in the world) India announced yesterday that 1.3 billion people cannot leave their home for the next three weeks in order not to spread the virus, at the moment there are one third citizens in the globe locked out, or in numbers this can be represented an estimation of 2.6 billion. But some are bored at home (maybe mostly because there is no sports on television) or do not like this harsh rule so they are easily breaking it, not being aware that others might get infected aside them. Here it will not be written all of those cases (as it is impossible to name everybody), however still it is going to be mentioned only two.
On 12 March it was reported that one Real Madrid player from the basketball team got infected, and because their football colleagues share the same premises, they all supposed to be under quarantine for 14 days. The word 'supposed' is deliberately written here, because one of them got out earlier than expected (who lasted 'to be alone' only one week). Last Thursday Luka Jovic flew back to Serbia, where in the capital Belgrade was seen at the birthday party of his girlfriend and model Sofija Milosevic. Now the 22-year-old striker faces jail term of up to three years or financial fine in his home country.
An second self-isolation 'famous' break away comes from the Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount dated 16 March. The 21-year-old was spotted how he entertained himself playing football (unfortunately, no one broadcast the match for the wide public) with his friend Declan Rice (West ham).
Both 'escapees' will also face further punishment from their clubs.

26 March 2020

Japanese leagues without relegation

In order to salvage the current championship, six days ago the Japanese football leaders presented an interesting idea which was accepted by unanimous decision (every 56 clubs). Just for this season there will be no relegation in all three divisions at the country. Further more, two clubs are going to be promoted from third to second, and another two from second to first league based on their performance when the 2020 season resumes. But starting from 2021 four clubs will drop from the first to second division. In the beginning there were 'fears' that championships would last beyond the Olympic games and that some footballers are going to be missing from their clubs, but because this event was officially cancelled yesterday, now all of them will be available to participate.
Only one round was played in February, where soon after all football activities were suspended due to the infection which is still spreading all over the world. The delay is until 03 April where the league leaders are hoping to continue with games after this date.

25 March 2020

Opposite cases on lowering wages

As football is facing the worst crisis all around the world at the moment (not in every part), some clubs are considering paying less to their players. When we think (not always) that some of them are receiving way too much, then there has to be a problem somewhere. Here it will be presented two opposite reactions: the negative and the positive side of it. Who is in the right - judge for yourself.
In Switzerland nine highly paid footballers from Sion last Thursday got fired because they refused to receive lower salary. According to Blick newspaper, the owner Christian Constantin has offered the monthly pay to be 12.350 Swiss francs (11.697 euros), but Alexandre Song, Birama Ndoye, Johannes Djourou, Christian Zock, Pajtim Kasami, Seydou Doumbia, Ermir Lenjani, Mickael Facchinetti and Xavier Kouassi after some thinking rejected the offer. If you said no - you are free to go, while next step for the 'famous nine' is to sue the team.
Going north at neighboring Germany, is a completely different picture where most players understands the current situation. On the same date, the footballers and coaching staff of Borussia Monchengladbach became the first club in the country to receive lower salaries. This was agreed among them and without any explanation just to help the other workers not to be laid off. With this good gesture the team will save nearly million euros on a monthly basis. And today came the news that their rivals Bayern Munich is going to do the same. From footballers to directors - all will get 20 percent less. Some other Bundesliga clubs are following these examples, whilst some are negotiating.

24 March 2020

Solidarity among people when it most matters

It is always nice to see how countries are helping other nations in these difficult times, who are thousands of kilometers away, have nothing in common plus religion, race and nationality is not important - as we (people) are all one. Cuba (sending help for the first time), People's Republic of China, Russia and United Arab Emirates are just some of them, where they are sending either their medical equipment or health workers to the most affected virus areas in Europe. And from last week in this fight with the invisible enemy are joining plenty of players, clubs and even one football organization who are doing the same.
The Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski together with his wife donated 1 million euros against the battle, while his teammates Leon Goretzka and Joshua Kimmich started a campaign on social media before two days ago and already gathered more than 2.5 million euros (and rising). For San Raffaele hospital in Milan Romelu Lukaku gave 100.000 euros, and to Tuscany hospital went 50.000 donated by Franck Ribery. Montenegro players Stevan Jovetic sent 50.000 euros to his country, Stefan Savic and Luka Djordjevic contributed with three respirators worth around 60.000 euros, and the football association provided its hospitals with seven respirator machines which is nearly 150.000 euros. When clubs are concerned, the two greatest Manchester rivals: city and united equally gave away 50.000 pounds (or in total 108.776 euros) to the food banks, whilst Chelsea gave its hotel Millennium to the tired doctors to have at least some rest from work. At the end there are two world affiliations: the health organization received in its fund received 9.1 million euros from the football association. However, this list will surely continue in the following days, weeks, months...

23 March 2020

Renowned former president has passed away

As the deadly virus is no where near of stopping nor there is a cure yet, it continues to take valuable lives.
Yesterday (among many infected in Spain), sadly, the former legendary chairman of Real Madrid Lorenzo Sanz has died in hospital at the age of 76. On Tuesday he was admitted with high temperature, and soon after his health has worsened.
Was president of the club for five years (1995 - 2000) and during that time he brought back the Champions league trophy after 32 years of wait. This businessman was also an owner of Malaga football club as well.

22 March 2020

Three tournaments forced to delay their championships

We know by now that the main competitions for Europe and South America is going to be postponed. This Tuesday the two confederations finally confirmed it that the EURO and Copa America are going to have new names: both are going to be labeled as 2021 (and probably start and end with the same dates as well). Instead of 12, 11 June until 11 July is the new schedule, although this was not officially certified from the European football association.
All this means that one other tournament will expiate, because of the forceful move for the two competitions who were brought forward of 12 months. Because in the summer of 2021 it is impossible to play, the completely destroyed Club World Cup in its new format will debut either in 2022 or 2023.
So, as it stands, next year we will happen to know even four continental champions (if something awful will not be happening until then...like the current crisis): in the beginning Africa Cup of Nations is going to entertain us, while on the middle, three more champions are going to be known - the above mentioned two events plus the Gold Cup competition.

21 March 2020

Inappropriate words from a top official

Most of us have probably heard the saying: think twice before you act (or in the following case say something stupid). Eight days ago one top official has practically cemented his own job position for good, by using disgraceful and sexist comments.
The football president of United States of America said that the women team 'have less ability than men', 'deserved to be paid less' and that they lack 'certain physical attributes, such as speed and strength' if they oppose each other in the terrain. After these discriminatory phrases and feeling pressure from everyone together with sponsors, Carlos Cordeiro left his post immediately diminishing the women success in this sport.
However, the reality is quite the opposite: while the men team did not won anything (on a global level) nor qualified for the World Cup 2018, their female colleagues were victorious in the World Cup events four times, are owners of five Olympic gold medals plus had more revenues in tickets sales from 2016 until 2018.

20 March 2020

Qualifying cancellation in four regions

On a team level due to the well known situation in the whole world three associations have suspended all elimination duels which was scheduled to start at the end of the month (from next Thursday), plus couple of rounds who had to commence this summer.
At 05 March the world football association have cancelled all games from the Asian World Cup qualifiers for 2022, who are also the Asian Cup elimination duels as well for 2023. Just from this continent four rounds were suspended (two each in March and June), which equals around 60 matches. Because of the same precaution, unfortunately we will not even see the official beginning of the most interesting qualifying World Cup games from South America, who were also called off (the first 2 rounds only).
Last Friday, the African football organization has also postponed its elimination duels for the Africa Cup of Nations (for rounds 3 and 4), although this continent is not affected so strongly with the current virus.
Since North, Central America and Caribbean confederation have suspended all football activities until 13 April, the qualifying games for Gold Cup 2021 event were also cancelled.

19 March 2020

Player fell doping test on a club event

Seven days ago the African football organization have suspended a footballer who used forbidden drug substance in this sport on 12 January. After the duel El nasr - Bidvest wits (from the Confederation Cup tournament), Khalid al Maryam was tested positive on Tetrahydrocannabinol (or in short cannabis) and has been removed on 2 years, out of which 21 months are suspended sentence. Thus the home Libyan player cannot play official games from 27 February until 27 May.

18 March 2020

Robbed while he was on duty

Last Tuesday Rasenballsport Leipzig and Tottenham played their second leg match from the first elimination phase of the Champions league, but one visiting defender heard one unpleasant news from back home in London (England).
During the above mentioned duel the home of Jan Vertonghen was robbed, where at the time his wife and two young children were in there. Four masked ('very brave' and obviously brainless) men armed with knives and machetes took many valuable stuff. So far no one got arrested, while the police is still investigating this case which was revealed two days ago.

17 March 2020

Specified host for first Nations league event

Last Monday it was decided where the first Nations league from the North, Central America and Caribbean edition will be staged. Texas (United States of America) will welcome the four national best teams on the continent who will play in three stadia.
Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico plus the host are going to visit BBVA and NRG venues, together with the AT&T stadium on whom will stage the classification match (for third / fourth place) and the final. Semifinals have to start on 04 June, while three days later are the last two duels.

16 March 2020

Horrible bus accident

A terrible accident full of Etoile de Guinee players and team officials happened on 05 March. The second division club has traveled for the opening match against Karifamoriah, where in Timbo (Mamou prefecture in Guinea) their bus hit a tree and 'slipped due to speeding'. Because to the collision, nine footballers unfortunately have passed away, while 17 others were seriously injured.

15 March 2020

Forbidden to play local games outside its borders

In August 2018 LaLiga (who is the organizer of the top football in Spain) has signed a controversial deal with Relevent sports that one duel from the championship should be played abroad in the next 15 years. The first game scheduled to begin at 27 January 2019 between Girona - Barcelona in Miami (United States of America) was stopped in time by the Spanish football association (RFEF), and with absolute right eight days ago the organizers were denied again from the Commercial court in Madrid which rejected their appeal. Same happened with Villarreal - Atletico Madrid, which supposed to be played in the same city on 06 December 2019.
With this decision the mentioned court prohibits the teams to play overseas games in the future, unless both sides (RFEF and LaLiga) agree on the matter. On a three year partnership the Super Cup will be staged in Saudi Arabia (signed with RFEF), which prompted LaLiga to appeal versus the cancellation decision. Against playing the local championship outside its borders are both the world football organization and the Spanish union of players. Because the above appeal is never enough, now the (losing) unsatisfied organizers (in a greed for more profit) will go to the Provincial court in Madrid.

14 March 2020

Unlawful entry

One of the best former footballers in the world Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (better known as Ronaldinho) together with his brother Roberto has been arrested last Thursday in Paraguay. Both are accused of entering the country with fake documents which the police found them in the hotel at the capital Asuncion. This duo have lost its Brazilian passports last year from the authorities who seized them, because they did not pay 2 million euros for building an illegal pier. Media wrote today that Lionel Messi gave 4 million euros by hiring four lawyers just to get his friend (the 39-year-old player) out of jail.

13 March 2020

Magical guests

Europa league, round of 16 (knockout stage 2), leg 1:

Basaksehir - Kobenhavn 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 88-pen (87.49) Edin Visca

Eintracht Frankfurt - Basel 0:3

Scorers: 0:1 27 (26.33) Samuele Campo
              0:2 72 (72.08) Kevin Bua
              0:3 85 (84.22) Fabian Frei

LASK - Manchester united 0:5

Scorers: 0:1 28 (27.27) Odion Ighalo
              0:2 57 (57.10) Daniel James
              0:3 82 (81.37) Juan Manuel Mata
              0:4 90+1 (90.59) Mason Greenwood
              0:5 90+3 (92.24) Andreas Pereira

Sevilla - Roma (CANCELLED, as the visiting airplane on Wednesday was rejected for landing permit in Spain).

Wolfsburg - Shakhtar Donetsk 1:2

Scorers: 0:1 16 (15.58) Junior Moraes
              1:1 48 (47.34) John Brooks
              1:2 72 (72.07) Marcos Antonio

- In this duel both teams have had penalties: the punishment from Viktor Kovalenko (Shakhtar Donetsk) was saved on 22 (21.54), while at 45+1 (46.11) Wout Weghorst (Wolfsburg) missed the whole goal.

Glasgow rangers - Bayer 04 Leverkusen 1:3

Scorers: 0:1 37-pen (36.44) Kai Havertz
              0:2 66 (66.03) Charles Aranguiz
              1:2 74 (74.19) George Edmundson
              1:3 88 (87.33) Leon Bailey

Inter - Getafe [POSTPONED, because on Wednesday the visitors refused to travel to the epicenter (Milan, Italy) of the virus].

12 March 2020

Title defenders failed to pass after an exciting 120 minutes of play

Champions league, round of 16 (knockout phase 1), leg 2:

Liverpool - Atletico Madrid 1:0, after extra time 2:3

Scorers: 1:0 43 (42.46) Georginio Wijnaldum
              2:0 93 (93.17) Roberto Firmino
              2:1 96 (96.06) Marcos Llorente
              2:2 115 (115.03) Marcos Llorente
              2:3 120 (120.17) Alvaro Morata

After an incredible turnaround of the visiting team in the additional minutes, a historic night happened for them as they stopped the champions of the competition and with 2:4 aggregate win qualified into the next elimination phase.

11 March 2020

One name written four times, scored two punishments in a single crazy duel

Champions league, round of 16 (knockout phase 1), leg 2:

Valencia - Atalanta 3:4

Scorers: 0:1 03-pen (02.47) Josip Ilicic
              1:1 20 (20.20) Kevin Gameiro
              1:2 43-pen (42.44) Josip Ilicic
              2:2 50 (50.18) Kevin Gameiro
              3:2 67 (66.49) Ferran Torres
              3:3 71 (70.31) Josip Ilicic
              3:4 82 (81.37) Josip Ilicic

- Atalanta is into the best 8 clubs at Champions league with a 4:8 overall victory.

10 March 2020

No one is on his side

If one former official is rejected five times in courts just to clear his name over an bribery scandal, then something here stinks big time. Exactly this kind of scenario happened to one ex-president.
At an attempt to clear the big lies connecting to his (great) name when he was the boss of the European football association, the disgraced Michel Platini has lost another legal battle. The 64-year-old was refused at the Ethics and Appeal committees inside the world football organization, highest sporting court, the Supreme court in Switzerland, and as that was not enough four days ago his appeal was also rejected at the European court of Human rights.
The case was that the Frenchman received 2 million Swiss francs (1.8 million euros) in 2011 on illegal means. On 2016 was removed from this sport on 8, then to 4 years, and as no one believes him now its just wise to wait until his suspension ends in October (in order not to waste any more 'hard working presidential' money).

09 March 2020

Same knockout phase - different meaning

European league events are continuing next week with the knockout phase. While for the first time this year same elimination stage is going to be held for both - only there will be difference with the leg played. Although one duel is going to lack spectators in the stadium, due to the well known world situation, in this text it will not be mentioned anything bad thing at all.

Champions league are going to enter into the second legs of round of 16. Since the first 4 duels are deciding, there is always a possibility that for some are going to last even longer than expected.

Tuesday, 10 March at 21.00 CET: RasenBallsport Leipzig - Tottenham.
Tuesday, 10 March at 21.00 CET: Valencia - Atalanta (behind closed doors).

Wednesday, 11 March at 21.00 CET: Liverpool - Atletico Madrid.
Wednesday, 11 March at 21.00 CET: PSG - Borussia Dortmund.

The predecessor has only four matches, but in the following competition is exactly double. The first 90 minutes from the most interesting Europa league tournament have equal duels and two kick-offs.

Thursday, 12 March at 18.55 CET: Basaksehir - Kobenhavn.
Thursday, 12 March at 18.55 CET: Eintracht Frankfurt - Basel.
Thursday, 12 March at 18.55 CET: LASK - Manchester united.
Thursday, 12 March at 18.55 CET: Sevilla - Roma.

Thursday, 12 March at 21.00 CET: Glasgow rangers - Bayer 04 Leverkusen.
Thursday, 12 March at 21.00 CET: Inter - Getafe.
Thursday, 12 March at 21.00 CET: Olympiacos - Wolverhampton.
Thursday, 12 March at 21.00 CET: Wolfsburg - Shakhtar Donetsk.

Infected female futsal player unfortunately passed away

While on 29 February the fourth player of Pianese (Serie C team in Italy) was tested positive on the virus which is spreading all over the world, unfortunately, one death has already occurred on the Asian continent.
Last Wednesday a 22-year-old national futsal team player from Islamic Republic of Iran has passed away because of this epidemic. Elham Sheikhi, who was from the Qom region (who suddenly became an epicenter of the disease), is actually the first female athlete to loose the battle against the virus. Due to this terrible news from 02 March all football and futsal activities in the country have been suspended.

08 March 2020

Launching a new Hall of fame

On the last Thursday in February, the English Premier league has announced that it will launch its own Hall of fame. This one is going to be rather closed as it will take into consideration of those footballers who played only in the top championship from 1992 onwards, or when the league is existing in this format. Just retired players are going to enter and the first 2 members are expected to be picked on 19 March, after which a list of candidates are going to be published where spectators can vote.

07 March 2020

Players who violates football rules removed for good

The duo from Laos, 33-year-old striker Khampheng Sayavutthi and 25-year-old goalkeeper Lembo Saysana have finished earlier their activities in football. On 26 February the Asian organization has banned these two 'smart guys' (who thought they would never get caught) for life. Next move is the world football association to suspend them on a global level. And the reason is very obvious: the above mentioned footballers have tried to manipulate the result of the friendly game between Hong Kong and Laos played on 05 October 2017.

06 March 2020

Everybody is dreaming to have these numbers

Each one of us would just love to work in an organization like this, where the following figures are just impressive for what was gathered in (only) 365 days / nights.
At a congress, just before the draw for the second edition of the Nations league this Tuesday, the European football organization among others has revealed what was done in 2018-19 financial season. In revenue it was collected a third more than the previous year or nearly 3.9 billion euros, out of which from selling television rights came 3.3 billion, while the rest was collected from others rights. Between all clubs and national teams who participated at the European competitions that time was already shared 3.1 billion euros.

05 March 2020

Japanese fans kicked out from stadium by mistake

In a growing fear of a possible spread of the virus which is stressing the whole world nowadays, a group of spectators from Japan experienced an unusual request under strange circumstances.
On 01 March they were present at a game between RasenBallsport Leipzig - Bayer 04 Leverkusen where were asked to leave the stadium around 10 minutes after the kick-off (without conducting a proper test first). This news was disclosed after the group (was believed to be at least 20) shared their (un)welcomeness on social media. Now the home club, who later apologized, is making efforts to locate the (wrongful) fans in order to invite them to another game.

04 March 2020

Groups revealed for Nations league, second edition

This afternoon at the Dutch capital Amsterdam was the draw for the European version of the Nations league 2020-21 season. In the first 3 leagues there are four groups, while at the fourth (the weakest one) are only two. As there are odd number of member countries at the confederation, only the last group has three teams in it, whilst the first 13 have four who are divided in the following manner:

League A:
Group 1: Netherlands, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland.
Group 2: England, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland.
Group 3: Portugal, France, Sweden, Croatia.
Group 4: Switzerland, Spain, Ukraine, Germany.

League B:
Group 1: Austria, Norway, Northern Ireland, Romania.
Group 2: Czech Republic, Scotland, Slovakia, Israel.
Group 3: Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary.
Group 4: Wales, Finland, Republic of Ireland, Bulgaria.

League C:
Group 1: Montenegro, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan.
Group 2: Georgia, North Macedonia, Estonia, Armenia.
Group 3: Greece, Kosovo, Slovenia, Moldova.
Group 4: Albania, Belarus, Lithuania, Kazakhstan.

League D:
Group 1: Faroe islands, Latvia, Andorra, Malta.
Group 2: Gibraltar, Liechtenstein, San marino.

All groups are scheduled to start this fall and at three months group stages will be over, which means that in September, October and November are going to be played two rounds. Final games are in June 2021 and the relegation play-off duels are scheduled for March 2022.

03 March 2020

Countries that are suspending and playing matches in affected areas

Some are playing - some are resting: when football is concerned, countries around the world have different view on the ongoing virus at the currently most infected areas, so their championships are either cancelled or either playing an incomplete round.
In order to stop the possible further spread of the disease, South Korea last Monday has postponed the official start of the new 2020 K-league 1 season, which was scheduled for 29 February. No one knows until when, where the situation in the country became very serious in recent weeks. Going to east, neighboring Japan is also cancelling its championship. Now the new date of resuming the J-league is 15 March. On an international club level, more and more games cannot start at the Champions league throughout Asia.
When the above two nations is calling off its duels, one of the worst hit country in Europe plays them, but only half. Because of the northern Lombardy region in Italy where the infectees are very high, first it was announced that five (out of ten) games will be played without spectators, last Sunday it was decided that these duels are going to be suspended. Among them was the derby between Juventus - Inter, who now have to be played (with the other four) on 13 May.
The championship in Switzerland is also interrupted and will now be continued at the earliest date on 23 March.

02 March 2020

Famous air carrier signed a deal with a new club

At 2018 in United States of America a new club was formed, where two years later and on 01 March Inter Miami will make a debut in the Major league soccer (main football league) of the country. In the middle of February, its owner David Beckham introduced one big sponsor: the well known airliner Qatar airways. Thus this company will advertise itself on their shirts, plus it can choose a name for the stadium. Although the financial numbers were not revealed, it is estimated that the agreement is worth approximately 234 million dollars (216 million euros).

01 March 2020

Without visiting spectators

On 20 December 2019 and the year before, the Borussia Dortmund fans have constantly insulted the Hoffenheim owner Dietmar Hopp. Because of this continuing bad behavior, when these two will meet, they can not cheer their loved club from the stands as visitors. The ban who will be in effect for the next two seasons was issued last Friday from the German football association. On top of that Borussia Dortmund has also been punished with 50.000 euros.