25 March 2020

Opposite cases on lowering wages

As football is facing the worst crisis all around the world at the moment (not in every part), some clubs are considering paying less to their players. When we think (not always) that some of them are receiving way too much, then there has to be a problem somewhere. Here it will be presented two opposite reactions: the negative and the positive side of it. Who is in the right - judge for yourself.
In Switzerland nine highly paid footballers from Sion last Thursday got fired because they refused to receive lower salary. According to Blick newspaper, the owner Christian Constantin has offered the monthly pay to be 12.350 Swiss francs (11.697 euros), but Alexandre Song, Birama Ndoye, Johannes Djourou, Christian Zock, Pajtim Kasami, Seydou Doumbia, Ermir Lenjani, Mickael Facchinetti and Xavier Kouassi after some thinking rejected the offer. If you said no - you are free to go, while next step for the 'famous nine' is to sue the team.
Going north at neighboring Germany, is a completely different picture where most players understands the current situation. On the same date, the footballers and coaching staff of Borussia Monchengladbach became the first club in the country to receive lower salaries. This was agreed among them and without any explanation just to help the other workers not to be laid off. With this good gesture the team will save nearly million euros on a monthly basis. And today came the news that their rivals Bayern Munich is going to do the same. From footballers to directors - all will get 20 percent less. Some other Bundesliga clubs are following these examples, whilst some are negotiating.


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