30 April 2022

Twelve qualifying groups for main 2023 tournament

Group A: Nigeria, Sierra leone, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome e principe.

Group B: Burkina faso, Cape verde, Togo, Eswatini.

Group C: Cameroon, Kenya, Namibia, Burundi.

Group D: Egypt, Guinea, Malawi, Ethiopia.

Group E: Ghana, Madagascar, Angola, Central African Republic.

Group F: Algeria, Uganda, Niger, Tanzania.

Group G: Mali, Congo, Gambia, South Sudan.

Group H: Ivory coast, Zambia, Comoros, Lesotho.

Group I: Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Mauritania, Sudan.

Group J: Tunisia, Equatorial Guinea, Libya, Botswana.

Group K: Morocco, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Liberia.

Group L: Senegal, Benin, Mozambique, Rwanda.

The above 12 groups were formed 10 nights ago for one major competition that is going to be held next year. In Johannesburg, South Africa the qualifying phase layout was performed for TotalEnergies Africa Cup of nations - Ivory coast 2023 where 48 teams was included in the draw.
From each group the top two finishers are going to travel to the edition number 34 except of the eighth group where Ivory coast is already in the final competition as hosts, so only one team is going to go from H. Within the list are also written Kenya and Zimbabwe who are currently disqualified from any football activities by the world football organization. Only the green light from the affiliation is saving them, but if sanctions remain then C and K would continue its business with three teams, and for that to be avoided they must be cleared two weeks before their first elimination game.
Six qualifying stages are ahead of us: everything starts on 30 May, 14 June is the second round, for September is scheduled three and four, while the last two phases have to happen in March 2023.

29 April 2022

Most quickest target at third competition has appeared

Europa league 2021-22 season, knockout phase 4 (last 4), leg 1:

Rasenballsport Leipzig - Glasgow rangers 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 85 (84.28) Jose Tasende

Conference league 2021-22 season, knockout stage 4 (last 4), leg 1:

Feyenoord Olympique de Marseille 3:2

Scorers: 1:0 17 (17.06) Cyriel Dessers
               2:0 20 (19.52) Luis Sinisterra
               2:1 28 (27.43) Bamba Dieng
               2:2 39 (39.20) Gerson da Silva
               3:2 45 (45.09) [II halfCyriel Dessers

28 April 2022

Advantage acquired in 131 seconds

Champions league 2021-22 season, knockout round 3 - last 4, leg 1:

Liverpool - Villarreal 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 53-own goal (52.46) Pervis Estupinan
               2:0 55 (54.57) Sadio Mane

27 April 2022

Beautiful, classic duel that had seven goals and six different scorers

Champions league 2021-22 season, knockout round 3 - last 4, leg 1:

Manchester city - Real Madrid 4:3

Scorers: 1:0 02 (01.34) Kevin de Bruyne
               2:0 11 (10.27) Gabriel Jesus
               2:1 33 (32.40) Karim Benzema
               3:1 52 (52.05) Philip Foden
               3:2 55 (54.34) Vinicius de Oliveira
               4:2 73 (73.06) Bernardo Silva
               4:3 82-pen (81.24) Karim Benzema

26 April 2022

Sanction is valid for second match

On 19 April two quarterfinal rivals were punished by the European football organization and now one of them has to carry its burden in the semifinal match which is scheduled next Thursday at Conference league.
The behavioral disturbances of the fans from Olympique de Marseille (against PAOK) were unacceptable according to the rules, so the club had paid 100.000 euros fine. As this was not enough, for the following week the north stand will have to be closed on its stadium when the club will play Feyenoord at home.
Spectators of the Greek side were irresponsible as well, thus the collective was penalized with 50.000 euros from their first leg encounter. In a period of one month they have to contact the French club in order to agreed for the damages that were done.

25 April 2022

It is time for semifinals, part one

The trio of international club competitions are back with the last four phase on the European continent. For the last time in this month the three tournaments returns with the first 90 minutes of the semifinal round. Beginning from these encounters (and next) all the written pairs will have the same kick-offs.

Champions league...
Tuesday, 26 April at 21.00 CET: Manchester city - Real Madrid.

Wednesday, 27 April at 21.00 CET: Liverpool - Villarreal.

...Conference league...
Thursday, 28 April at 21.00 CET: Feyenoord Olympique de Marseille.
Thursday, 28 April at 21.00 CET: Leicester - Roma.

...and Europa league.
Thursday, 28 April at 21.00 CETRasenballsport Leipzig - Glasgow rangers.
Thursday, 28 April at 21.00 CET: West ham Eintracht Frankfurt.

24 April 2022

Plan of how to increase viewership

Five days ago the South American football organization has introduced a layout of how to bring more viewers before television.
With its exclusive agency partner FC Diez media are going to launch a new platform called 360 where inside are going to be advertised Libertadores Cup, Copa Sudamericana, Recopa Sudamericana, Libertadores futsal, Libertadores under 20 and Libertadores beach football. These six club competitions will definitely have strong brand engagement, support and developed this sport by fans throughout the continent. Activation of this program is going to happen from 2023 until 2026.

23 April 2022

Huge economic consequences has left a club without a licence

The second on the list of the most winning clubs in one European country did not receive the needed documents to compete for the 2022-23 season.
On 13 April this news came as a shock from local media that no one believed in: the Austrian football association refused to give Austria Wien the permit to participate at the Bundesliga championship for next year. Reason behind it is a very difficult financial situation in the club. Now the rules are saying that within eight days after this date the team can appeal to the decision to the protest committee who is going to make a final verdict on 27 of this month. There is also a possibility to show new evidence. If this option fails, then they can file an complaint to the permanent neutral court of arbitration which is an independent body from the association.
But if everything goes right and the licence is issued, the club have to pay 20.000 euros for the delay of the financial statements plus would start from minus four points for the new season that commences on 05 August.

22 April 2022

Quartet of countries who wants to welcome finalists

Season number three of the youngest competition on a team level is yet to begin, and from now host nations are wanted. Until today four nations have expressed their desire to welcome the final four teams of the European version in Nations league.
Interest to host the ending event (in the final 4 system) from 14 as far as 18 June 2023 have shown Wales, Netherlands, Belgium and Poland. Those countries who want to add themselves on the list have until 05 October to submit the documents, while the final winner will be known next January.

21 April 2022

Going into new business

Eight days ago the world football organization has revealed a completely new project, a streaming digital platform dedicated for every fan of this game. Simply called Fifa+, this free service will transmit 40.000 live games at 2022 from many leagues throughout all six continents in male, female and youth competitions. Apart from that, spectators awaits quizzes, plenty of shows, news and information about competitions. Languages which can be heard right now are Spanish, Portuguese, German, French together with English, and more is going to be added in the coming months.

20 April 2022

Withdrawn from club international tournaments

It looks like that for the third consecutive year the club international competitions in Asia are having troubles appearing with all of them as was originally planned. Reason for the pulling out from 11 April is the same when this crisis began in 2020 (with the new season) throughout the continent: positive pandemic cases.
The megalopolis city in People's Republic of China, Shanghai, has entered into the third week of complete and difficult quarantine. Its club from the identical town had the right to participate of 16 April in the Champions league, but due to restrictive traveling measures Shanghai port was forced to withdraw from the event. As there is no replacement now the J group continues with three teams.
Maldives have no such thing. However the situation in Club Valencia was dreadful to that point that many players have been infected with the virus, thus from the second preliminary round this team is no longer competing at the Afc Cup (where the qualifying is currently underway).

19 April 2022

Dates revealed for last two matches of the continent

There are four more elimination games to be played until the end so that finally there will be completion of the groups for the World Cup that is going to begin this November. While the first two are intercontinental encounters, the remaining ones are play-off matches of the European region where four days ago the world football organization has revealed to the public the dates of when they should be staged.
Because Ukraine is currently engaged in a war conflict, the duel against Scotland was called off at the end of last month. This semi-final duel is now scheduled in Glasgow on 01 June, and the winner would compete the final European qualifying game with Wales at Cardiff four nights later just to decide the last traveler of the confederation.

18 April 2022

Urgent request for delay granted

In an Champions league quarter-final duel this Wednesday night Atletico Madrid and Manchester city have 'entertained each other' with their decisive leg. As everyone saw the (ending and overall) result was one of the most boring to watch on this part of the competition, so it is not that significant here, however something else drawn the attention.
Days earlier the European football organization  has ordered to close one section on Wanda Metropolitano arena because the visiting fans in the first 90 minutes did not behave very well (discriminatory content). Speaking in numbers, 5.000 seats had to be emptied, and because the Spanish club appealed urgently at the Court of arbitration for sport the quick answer came from the tribunal who has overturned this decision. Thus the closure was abolished just hours before the kick-off, and the punishment has been automatically erased.
But, now there is a new trouble for the home club which everyone of us has seen it too as well: the investigation has already opened of what happened at the stoppage time of this annoying game...

17 April 2022

Best players have been crowned

On 05 April the North, Central America and Caribbean region named the best footballers for female and male category.
Crystal Soubrier of United States of America have lifted this prize in the ladies section, while the same title for men belonged to Alphonso Davies. The 21-year-old defender has received this award and thus for 2021 became the first ever player from Canada to win it.
Voting process were gathered from coaches, footballers, members of media and fans of all the 41 member associations within this confederation.

16 April 2022

Just in time to show (plenty of football) games, part two

Part one was right before elimination duels for the World Cup 2022 where the following media giants have bought the rights for a certain region in the second half of March (on a team level), while the continuation is on totally different events.
On 07 April have started the group games of the new season in the Champions league on the Asian continent. However, two days earlier was announced that beIN Media group have reached an agreement with the confederation to show the above club international tournament together with the Afc Cup (where the qualifying is currently underway, whilst the main things will start from 18 May). Viewers across 19 Middle East and North Africa countries can watch very rich football exclusive content in its programs at: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen ; where also there is a non-exclusive broadcasting deal for Chad, Djibouti, Mauritania, Somalia and Sudan.
Four new dedicated channels that were opened especially for the last 10 World Cup elimination duels (beIN Sports Afc, beIN Sports 1 Afc, beIN Sports 2 Afc, beIN Sports 3 Afc) are now transformed and show the above live material non-stop for 2022.

15 April 2022

Nets were started shaking from 71 seconds

Europa league 2021-22 season, knockout phase 3 (last 8), leg 2:

Barcelona - Eintracht Frankfurt 2:3

Scorers: 0:1 04-pen (03.49) Filip Kostic
               0:2 36 (35.59) Rafael Borre
               0:3 67 (66.47) Filip Kostic
               1:3 90 (90.08) Sergio Busquets
               2:3 90+10-pen (100.18) Memphis Depay

- Evan Ndicka was not being careful enough as the visiting defender received his second yellow card at 90+9 (54.17).

Glasgow rangers - Braga 2:1, 3:1 after 30 additional minutes

Scorers: 1:0 01 (01.11) James Tavernier
               2:0 44-pen (43.41) James Tavernier
               2:1 82 (82.05) David Carmo
               3:1 101 (100.35) Kemar Roofe

- This match the guests have finished it with nine players: on 42 (41.25) first to go off was Vitor Tormena getting a direct red card, and with two yellow cards at 104 (104.14) Iuri Medeiros joined him in the dressing room.

Additional information 1Eintracht Frankfurt, Glasgow rangers have qualified for the next phase.

Conference league 2021-22 season, knockout stage 3 (last 8), leg 2:

PSV - Leicester 1:2

Scorers: 1:0 26 (26.04) Eran Zahavi
               1:1 77 (76.33) James Maddison
               1:2 87 (87.04) Ricardo Domingos Barbosa Pereira

Sparta Praha - Feyenoord 1:3

Scorers: 0:1 02 (01.52) Cyriel Dessers
               1:1 14 (13.36) Ibrahim Benjamin Traore
               1:2 59 (58.31) Cyriel Dessers
               1:3 78 (77.28) Luis Sinisterra

- Quicker than the final whistle was Taras Kacharaba who left Sparta Praha on 90+3 (93.03) with a direct red card.

Roma - Bodo/Glimt 4:0

Scorers: 1:0 05 (04.50) Tamaraebi Abraham
               2:0 22 (22.04) Nicolo Zaniolo
               3:0 29 (28.47) Nicolo Zaniolo
               4:0 49 (48.40) Nicolo Zaniolo

Additional information 2: we are going to see Leicester, Feyenoord, Roma again in two weeks time.

14 April 2022

Zero on a duel, but still went through at normal time

Champions league 2021-22 season, knockout round 2 - last 8, leg 2:

Atletico Madrid - Manchester city 0:0

- An absolutely deserved direct red card was for the home defender Felipe Monteiro at 90+1 (90.53).

Liverpool - Benfica 3:3

Scorers: 1:0 21 (20.34) Ibrahima Konate
               1:1 32 (31.24) Goncalo Ramos
               2:1 55 (54.49) Roberto Firmino
               3:1 64 (64.15) Roberto Firmino
               3:2 72 (72.02) Roman Yaremchuk
               3:3 81 (81.01) Darwin Nunez

Additional information: Manchester city and Liverpool have made it to the last 4 of the competition.

13 April 2022

Spanish representatives have qualified in different ways for next phase

Champions league 2021-22 season, knockout round 2 - last 8, leg 2:

Real Madrid - Chelsea 1:3, 2:3 after extra time

Scorers: 0:1 14 (14.12) Mason Mount
               0:2 50 (50.11) Antonio Rudiger
               0:3 75 (74.33) Timo Werner
               1:3 79 (79.11) Rodrygo Silva de Goes
               2:3 96 (95.33) Karim Benzema

Bayern Munich - Villarreal 1:1

Scorers: 1:0 52 (51.36) Robert Lewandowski
               1:1 88 (87.37) Samuel Chukwueze

Additional information: the first 2 semi-finalists are from the same country - Real Madrid and Villarreal.

12 April 2022

Known when the draw is going to be staged

On the new elimination cycle for the Africa Cup of nations which will happen in Ivory coast at 2023, 10 matches have already been played. Those were treated as preliminary phase, while now comes the main one.
In the qualifying round the best 42 teams of the continent plus the 6 winners (one encounter of the preliminary was not even staged because one team has withdrew, so automatically its opponent have progressed) are going to form 12 groups (from A to L) that will have 4 teams each. Everything will begin this June, but before that we need to know who is playing who and in which group. And this information came three days ago when the confederation has revealed that the groups layout would be held on Tuesday 19 April, whereas the draw can be followed live on social media.

11 April 2022

Deciding quarterfinal encounters

For the following 24 clubs it is important that they would enter into the semifinals of each tournament. So, fierce battle is expected to be seen, and because these are the second matches some of them can be prolonged. This is the second time in a row that the early kick off time will start at the last 8 where the schedule looks like this:

Champions league...
Tuesday, 12 April at 21.00 CET: Bayern Munich - Villarreal.
Tuesday, 12 April at 21.00 CET: Real Madrid - Chelsea.

Wednesday, 13 April at 21.00 CET: Atletico Madrid - Manchester city.
Wednesday, 13 April at 21.00 CET: Liverpool - Benfica.

...Europa league...
Thursday, 14 April at 18.45 CET: Atalanta - Rasenballsport Leipzig.

Thursday, 14 April at 21.00 CET: Barcelona - Eintracht Frankfurt.
Thursday, 14 April at 21.00 CET: Glasgow rangers - Braga.
Thursday, 14 April at 21.00 CETOlympique Lyonnais - West ham.

...and Conference league.
Thursday, 14 April at 18.45 CET: PSV - Leicester.

Thursday, 14 April at 21.00 CET: PAOK - Olympique de Marseille.
Thursday, 14 April at 21.00 CET: Roma - Bodo/Glimt.
Thursday, 14 April at 21.00 CET: Sparta Praha - Feyenoord.

10 April 2022

Visible sponsor on jerseys

At 15 March this story was revealed, while six nights ago (03 April) the club assembly has only confirmed it as true.
Beginning from 01 July (or formally 2022-23 calendar year), Spotify have reached an agreement to become sponsor at Barcelona for the next four seasons. In here it will include the male and female first team kits, however the logo of the new partner on the training shirts (in both categories) is going to appear in the following three seasons. Many 'football experts' are saying differently concerning this deal: that the club would receive from 70 and up to 105 million euros per year, but the real figure has remained a secret and was never announced to the public.
The Swedish music streaming company also have paid to rename their famous arena, thus from this summer it is going to be known as Spotify Camp nou, which would be first changing of the name since 1957.

09 April 2022

Youngest competition layout revealed of 12 groups

Get ready from this summer to be entertained with the youngest team competition at North, Central America and the Caribbean region. In the beginning of this week the draw was conducted for the Nations league, season two.
When the debut competitiveness was over, some teams had been moving up and downs, so that participants now know where are going to be situated for the 2022-23 event. Shortly, there are three leagues with four groups each, and inside have three or four teams who are divided in the following way:

League A
Group A: Mexico, Jamaica, Suriname.
Group B: Costa Rica, Panama, Martinique.
Group C: Canada, Honduras, Curacao.
Group D: United States of America, El Salvador, Grenada.

League B
Group A: Cuba, Guadeloupe, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados.
Group B: Haiti, Bermuda, Guyana, Montserrat.
Group C: Trinidad and Tobago, Nicaragua, Saint Vincent and the grenadines, Bahamas.
Group D: Guatemala, French Guiana, Dominican Republic, Belize.

League C
Group A: Bonaire, Turks and caicos islands, United States Virgin islands, Sint Maarten.
Group B: Saint Kitts and nevis, Aruba, Saint Martin.
Group C: Saint Lucia, Dominica, Anguilla.
Group D: Puerto Rico, Cayman islands, British Virgin islands.

Out of six rounds, all the weight would fall on June as it will be the busiest month when four phases are scheduled to be played: 02 until 04 is number one, second is from 05 to 07, 09 - 11 is the third, and the fourth stage would be held from 12 until 14. Everything is going to end on March 2023 where are the remaining two phases of the competition: number five is from 23 out of 25, while the official league part will be completed 26 until 28 of the third month next year. To determine who is the overall winner of the tournament the top group teams of league A would have to play a mini competition when the last four matches (starting with two semifinals, classification duel for third / fourth place and final) will happen in June 2023.
Depending on their positions from this tournament, some teams would have a chance to qualify for the continental prize - competing at the Gold Cup event that should be commencing in the summer of next year.

08 April 2022

Better for the second time: after group phase Norwegian wonder club won at knockout over same rival

Conference league 2021-22 season, knockout stage 3 (last 8), leg 1:

Feyenoord - Slavia Praha 3:3

Scorers: 1:0 10 (09.37) Luis Sinisterra
               1:1 41 (40.44) Peter Olayinka
               1:2 67 (66.55) Yira Sor
               2:2 74 (73.26) Marcos Senesi
               3:2 86 (85.37) Orkun Kokcu
               3:3 90+4 (94.10) Ibrahim Benjamin Traore

Leicester - PSV 0:0

Bodo/Glimt - Roma 2:1

Scorers: 0:1 43 (42.32) Lorenzo Pellegrini
               1:1 55 (55.02) Ulrik Saltness
               2:1 89 (88.52) Hugo Vetlesen

Europa league 2021-22 season, knockout phase 3 (last 8), leg 1:

Eintracht Frankfurt - Barcelona 1:1

Scorers: 1:0 47 (47.03) Ansgar Knauff
               1:1 66 (65.38) Ferran Torres

- Not being careful enough the home defender Lucas Melo received his second yellow card on 78 (77.36).

Braga - Glasgow rangers 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 39 (39.13) Abel Ruiz

07 April 2022

Quarterfinal hat trick achieved in a copied results from 24 hours before

Champions league 2021-22 season, knockout round 2 - last 8, leg 1:

Chelsea - Real Madrid 1:3

Scorers: 0:1 21 (20.35) Karim Benzema
               0:2 23 (23.20) Karim Benzema
               1:2 39 (39.10) Kai Havertz
               1:3 46 (45.46) Karim Benzema

Villarreal - Bayern Munich

Scorer: 1:0 07 (07.17) Arnaut Danjuma

06 April 2022

Five targets given on two duels

Champions league 2021-22 season, knockout round 2 - last 8, leg 1:

Benfica - Liverpool 1:3

Scorers: 0:1 17 (16.40) Ibrahima Konate
               0:2 34 (33.38) Sadio Mane
               1:2 48 (48.20) Darwin Nunez
               1:3 87 (86.55) Luis Diaz

Manchester city - Atletico Madrid 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 69 (69.17) Kevin de Bruyne

05 April 2022

Stepped into history

It is true that female football is not represented (enough) here, however the following story just have to be mentioned.
On 30 March Barcelona and Real Madrid played their second leg of the quarter finals from the Women Champions league. The result is not that important, while something else was: spectators at Camp nou from that night have set a new record in female football - 91.553. So far the previous one was on Wanda Metropolitano stadium where the duel Atletico Madrid and Barcelona got watched by 60.739 fans in 2019. And (this time from a team level) the above number also broke the final duel of the World Cup 1999 between United States of America and People's Republic of China when on 10 July at Rose bowl arena were registered 90.185 people.
Just in comparison, the male side of Barcelona this season (until now) was followed by 86.422 crowd.
When men are concerned, the biggest attendance ever (which is unlikely to be smashed because of safety reasons, or even go near it) was from 16 July 1950 where from 173.850 official spectators got raised to 199.854 who watched the World Cup match between Uruguay and Brazil at the Maracana arena.

04 April 2022

All three tournaments phases identical

After the international team exciting action throughout the world we are returning to the club football.
Immediately on the first full week of this month the three European competitions are back with the quarter final duels, leg one. Because there are two clubs from the same country, in the last two competitions the early kick off is going to be used as well (the draw for one of the events wanted both clubs from the same nation to be played at home for the first 90 minutes). Starting times are as follows:

Champions league...
Tuesday, 05 April at 21.00 CET: Benfica - Liverpool.
Tuesday, 05 April at 21.00 CET: Manchester city - Atletico Madrid.

Wednesday, 06 April at 21.00 CET: Chelsea - Real Madrid.
Wednesday, 06 April at 21.00 CET: Villarreal - Bayern Munich.

...Conference league...
Thursday, 07 April at 18.45 CET: Feyenoord - Slavia Praha.

Thursday, 07 April at 21.00 CET: Bodo/Glimt - Roma.
Thursday, 07 April at 21.00 CET: Leicester - PSV.
Thursday, 07 April at 21.00 CETOlympique de Marseille - PAOK.

...and Europa league.
Thursday, 07 April at 18.45 CETRasenballsport Leipzig - Atalanta.

Thursday, 07 April at 21.00 CET: Braga - Glasgow rangers.
Thursday, 07 April at 21.00 CETEintracht Frankfurt - Barcelona.
Thursday, 07 April at 21.00 CET: West ham - Olympique Lyonnais.

03 April 2022

Details about the last tournament of 2022

Usually at the end of each year the Club World Cup is being played, but this time around it will be a similar tournament (of a different kind). However, here the first word is erased and it remains the last two, which means that at the end of 2022 we will know whose team would rule the planet for the next four years. Yesterday night was the formal draw, but days earlier the world football organization revealed (some) useful information that will accompany this event.
Golden papers. From 19 January until 29 March supporters have purchased 804.186 tickets during the first phase sale. Citizens from Qatar, United States of America, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and England are among the top five countries that these papers were bought. Those who did not had luck in this phase can make a purchase in the second that starts on 05 and runs as far as 28 April. Winning applicants is going to be randomly selected and on a first come first serve basis.
Melody. Because every competition is unimaginable without music, it was announced the official song as well. Just hours before the ceremony began, 'Better together' was chosen as a soundtrack of the competition. 'Hayya Hayya' is a cute song with reggae sounds performed by Trinidad Cardona, Davido and Aisha.
Mascot. And finally, one of the cutest thing was saved for last. Symbolic figure who have to bring good luck to all footballers of an event or otherwise known as mascot - in this case is the charming La'eeb. Firstly you might get the impression that is a ghost, who do not look that frightened at all, and it much gets alike with the animated cartoon jinnee for children Casper: the friendly ghost. This super-skilled player (that is phrase from Arabic) is a very sympathetic and cheerful character who will try to be friends with anyone that is going to be situated in Qatar from November on wards. Very soon he will be available for download on any media platform.

02 April 2022

World Cup groups

Except the organizers, no one else knows why this date was chosen. Maybe it was done deliberately or not, but this is not a 01 April joke, and reality says that below you can read which groups have been formed for the World Cup 2022 tournament.
As there is a the famous saying 'there is a first time for everything' this event will debut on a new season: winter time, thus many countries had to adjust their schedule at the national leagues for the purpose of releasing footballers to compete at this global competition. Because surprises are never enough, also Qatar is going to host the tournament which will be the first time ever to be staged in Middle East or in a Arab nation. From 21 November until 18 December is going to welcome the best 32 teams of our planet which (much probably / sadly) would be the last format ever played.
During the 24 hour period there will be six kick off times, so that spectators (also for the first time) can attend more matches. Eight stadia are in a range of 55 kilometre that makes more convenient to be traveled from one to the other (either by metro, car or bus). Games are going to consist of: four knock out phases (round of 16, 8, 4 and final) staged between 03 as far as 18 in the last month of 2022, however everything starts with the eight groups where finally were known from today (teams are written with its positions and not as they were drawn from bowls).

Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands.

Group B: England, Islamic Republic of Iran, United States of America, European play-off winner (Wales - Scotland or Ukraine).

Group C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland.

Group D: France, Intercontinental play off 1 winner (United Arab Emirates or Australia - Peru), Denmark, Tunisia.

Group E: Spain, Intercontinental play off 2 winner (Costa Rica - New Zealand), Germany, Japan.

Group F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia.

Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon.

Group H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea.

01 April 2022

Two duels that will never be played for the third time

Out of the five blockbuster games in Africa this Tuesday night, two were prolonged more than the others. Because everyone wants to appear in the World Cup, today two teams have thought a way of how to annul the second leg and would like to play it again, although their rivals have done it fair and square on the pitch by eliminating them of the global event.
Definitely the most interesting duel from the quintet was Algeria - Cameroon. Having won the first 90 minutes with a minimal result, Algeria was hoping to keep that as overall score, however the visitors had other ideas. Basically the home team had 90 more minutes (of the second match) of normal time to give at least a goal and it did not happen, and furthermore it arrive at the second extra. And then came the shock: just 48 seconds before the end of the game the guests turned the whole encounter into their favour. As they were very angry of the final outcome, 48 hours later the Algerian federation has complained about the whole duel to the world football organization and requested to play again. This time the reason was found on the official in 'blue', who is also one of the best on the continent Bakary Papa Gassama. Home team has stated the poor performance of the Gambian referee who affected the final result.
Played more minutes than its predecessor, and in identical situation was Egypt where they also like to have a re-match against Senegal. Accusations of racism, use of green lasers (which on the television broadcast was clearly seen that indeed happened during the whole time), various objects that were thrown from spectators on the terrain (bottles, stones) was 'enough' to be granted a deja-vu meeting with its rivals, which defeated them in lottery penalty shootouts. Moreover, the behaviour of the home fans were just 'horrible' when the Egyptian bus was attacked and damaged, so obviously the players experienced some kind of terror before the match. And on it, they only wanted to defend the result from leg one, which later has proved to be a really bad idea.