31 May 2021

Debut finals event awaits its first ever champion

The following two duels (together with the last two) are the only ones who are not qualifiers. We have come towards the finals of the North, Central American and Caribbean version of the Nations league, so early next week the debut winner will appear in the new competition. Four games have remained to be played until the end, and everything is starting with the first 2 who are treated as semifinals.

04 June, Friday at 01.30 CET: Honduras - United States of America.
04 June, Friday at 04.00 CET: Mexico - Costa Rica.

Excellent record that everyone wants to resume

Until now (in the first 4 rounds) at South America, there were goals in every (20) duels played, and we certainly wants that efficiency to continue (at the most interesting region). Games number 5 and 6 are going to be skipped the following month, so on the second half of next week the schedule resume first with phase 7.

03 June, Thursday at 22.00 CET: Bolivia - Venezuela.

04 June, Friday at 00.00 CET: Uruguay - Paraguay.
04 June, Friday at 02.00 CET: Argentina - Chile.
04 June, Friday at 02.30 CET: Brazil - Ecuador.
04 June, Friday at 04.00 CET: Peru - Colombia.

Joint elimination competitions resumes with 14 duels

After the opening two games, the Asian continent continues with the second round of the joint qualifying tournaments: next year for the World Cup together with the Asian Cup 2023. Fourteen pairs awaits us with matches 5 and 6, while some countries will play number 7 (depends on which group they are competing). With two dates, the majority of them will happen at the second half of the following midweek.

03 June, Thursday at 09.00 CET: Philippines - Guam.
03 June, Thursday at 13.30 CET: People's Republic of China - Maldives.
03 June, Thursday at 16.00 CET: Bangladesh - Afghanistan.
03 June, Thursday at 16.30 CET: Islamic Republic of Iran - Hong Kong.
03 June, Thursday at 18.30 CET: Bahrain - Cambodia.
03 June, Thursday at 18.30 CET: Nepal - Chinese Taipei.
03 June, Thursday at 18.45 CET: Thailand - Indonesia.
03 June, Thursday at 18.45 CET: United Arab Emirates - Malaysia.
03 June, Thursday at 19.00 CET: India - Qatar.
03 June, Thursday at 20.00 CET: Palestine - Singapore.
03 June, Thursday at 20.30 CET: Australia - Kuwait.

05 June, Saturday at 08.00 CET: Lebanon - Sri Lanka.
05 June, Saturday at 13.00 CET: South Korea - Turkmenistan.
05 June, Saturday at 20.00 CET: Saudi Arabia - Yemen.

Mixed games will be played for round one

At the second night of the new month the North, Central America and the Caribbean continent are first commencing the qualifying games towards the World Cup 2022 with mixed matches for some teams (playing number two, three or four) of phase one. From next midweek and up until the weekend 17 pairs are going to be staged.

02 June, Wednesday at 21.00 CET: Dominica - Anguilla.
02 June, Wednesday at 23.00 CET: Montserrat - United States Virgin islands.
02 June, Wednesday at 23.30 CET: Cuba - British Virgin islands.

03 June, Thursday at 00.00 CET: Cayman islands - Aruba.
03 June, Thursday at 00.00 CET: Puerto Rico - Bahamas.

04 June, Friday at 22.00 CET: Antigua and Barbuda - Grenada.
04 June, Friday at 22.00 CET: Saint Kitts and Nevis - Guyana.

05 June, Saturday at 00.00 CET: Guatemala - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
05 June, Saturday at 00.00 CET: Suriname - Bermuda.
05 June, Saturday at 01.00 CET: Dominican Republic - Barbados.
05 June, Saturday at 03.00 CET: Nicaragua - Belize.
05 June, Saturday at 21.00 CET: Turks and Caicos islands - Haiti.
05 June, Saturday at 23.00 CET: Bahamas - Trinidad and Tobago.
05 June, Saturday at 23.00 CET: British Virgin islands - Curacao.

06 June, Sunday at 02.00 CET: Anguilla - Panama.
06 June, Sunday at 02.00 CET: Aruba - Canada.
06 June, Sunday at 02.00 CET: United States Virgin islands - El Salvador.

Couple of names have appeared twice on scoreboard

Qualifiers for: World Cup 2022 - region Asia together with Asian Cup 2023, round 2, match 5 (for second team) and 6 (for first):

Guam - People's Republic of China 0:7

Scorers: 0:1 20-pen (19.26) Lei Wu
               0:2 38 (38.12) Jin Jingdao
               0:3 55 (54.27) Lei Wu
               0:4 61 (60.34) Xi Wu
               0:5 65 (64.47) Elkeson Cardoso (Ai Kesen)
               0:6 83 (82.49) Alan Carvalho
               0:7 87 (86.49) Alan Carvalho

30 May 2021

Guilty of owning a gambling company

In April the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet wrote an article of how Zlatan Ibrahimovic have 10 percent stakes at a betting company Bethard that is situated in Malta purchased in 2018. Just one month later, through thorough investigation came the quick response (in a surprise of many) from the European football organization in terms of punishments.
From this Wednesday the striker had to deliver an (miserable) amount of 50.000, while for Milan the fine was 25.000 euros, because nor players nor clubs can have financial interest at such firm in this sport.

Voided results during qualifying process

After Saint Lucia (from the North, Central America and the Caribbean region) North Korea became the second country who has abandoned the World Cup 2022 together with the Asian Cup 2023 qualifying campaign. While the first team has pulled out before games even started, the second one have announced this information two weeks ago or throughout elimination duels.
Hence the last group (H) of this joint qualifying process, which continues with 4 teams, needed to be restructured. Two days ago it was decided that all games that was played with this nation will not be taken into consideration. Also for final standings: results of the teams that finishes in second and fifth position at the first 7 groups (A to G) are not going to be processed in order for the comparison between each of the 8 runners-up would be fairly distributed.

29 May 2021

Second half more effective than first 45 minutes

Asian World Cup 2022 plus Asian Cup 2023 qualifiers, round 2, match 6:

Japan - Myanmar 10:0

Scorers: 1:0 08 (07.26) Takumi Minamino
               2:0 22 (21.24) Yuya Osako
               3:0 30-pen (29.56) Yuya Osako
               4:0 36 (35.35) Yuya Osako
               5:0 49 (48.45) Yuya Osako
               6:0 56 (55.50) Hidemasa Morita
               7:0 65 (65.06) Takumi Minamino
               8:0 83 (83.14) Daichi Kamada
               9:0 88 (87.32) Yuya Osako
             10:0 90 (89.50) Ko Itakura

28 May 2021

Player did unintentional mistake, and then got an unusual punishment

On 17 May Michy Batshuayi has done a small error (that was not intentional), and because of it he got himself into (sweet) trouble. Prematurely the Belgium footballer has put himself on the list for the European championship (which commences in 14 nights time) before the manager (Roberto Martinez) announced it officially at a press conference. Because (nearly) all players wants to share these kind of happy news with the others on their social media accounts, so did the 27-year-old where after writing it, immediately erased the post. Those few seconds were enough to read, by its football association who detected his mistake and have thought of how to penalize his (successful) revealing before time: when the striker joins the team on their first training must do 50 push-ups.

27 May 2021

Win on a debut final appearance for Spanish club

Europa league, final of 2020-21 season:

Villarreal - Manchester united 1:1, on penalties 11-10

Scorers: 1:0 29 (28.55) Gerard Moreno
               1:1 55 (54.25) Edinson Cavani

Additional information: after a rainy, dramatic and historic victory on penalty shootouts, Villarreal have secured itself a direct spot into the 2021-22 Champions league group stage.

26 May 2021

Rights lost to host a competition

Because of an ongoing protests since 28 April against the government of Colombian president Ivan Duque Marquez, this country have lost the right to co-host Copa America 2020 (2021). Because of proposed increased taxes and outcry of the people did not calm down one month later, there was no other option, but to be officially announced on 20 May from the organizing committee to move the tournament to Argentina who now have to make a new schedule.
Hence shift will occur completely to the other hospitality nation where the original plan was to welcome the teams from group A (South zone). Now entire group B (North zone) plus five matches from the knock-out rounds will have to have a new layout just three weeks before the tournament commences. This will not be a burden for them at all, but strict epidemiologic rules will have to be followed (said two days earlier the Argentine president Alberto Fernandez for local radio).
And today came another shock news: due to fight with the pandemic and very high number of deaths in the country who is in lockdown itself, it could be a possibility that this competition is going to switch continents (stories by Argentine media). United States of America can be a new host, but this has not yet been confirmed by the South American confederation. If this is done, the fourth schedule have to come out (after Australia and Qatar have pulled out in March, together with the two original hospitality nations).

25 May 2021

International fans can attend foreign land

Four days ago Russia has decided that those spectators who are coming from abroad and has purchased tickets for the European championship (which starts in three weeks time) may enter the country. Visa would not be needed upon arrival to only those citizens which nations still retained international flights with Russia (due to pandemic fears).
At the only hosting town for the event all spectators will be situated in Saint Petersburg, because six group games, together with one quarter-final will be played at Gazprom arena (Krestovsky stadium). If they are allowed to come in, city officials in March said that it would offering them to be vaccinated against the virus.

24 May 2021

Beginning of elimination duels

Of the last weekend in this month and into the following 18 days and nights, throughout the world are going to be played many official matches: most of them will be dominated by qualifiers at three regions, together with one tournament that is going to kick-off as finals. Each of the pairs are already known except two: the classification place plus the last game of a debut competition which is going to be introduced here next Sunday.
At schedule first in order are the joint qualifying matches for the World Cup 2022, together with Asian Cup 2023. For the first time (like an experiment) Asia are going to end its second round games in new appearance (due to the well known health situation), as the eight groups are going to be completed at one country. Qualifiers are starting with two duels:

28 May, Friday at 12.20 CET: Japan - Myanmar.

30 May, Sunday at 13.30 CET: Guam - People's Republic of China.

Ninety minutes away from glory

We came towards the last two duels of 2020-21 season at the European Cup (league) competitions. The following four clubs desperately want to lift the trophy that could earn them fantastic prizes. Considering that these are going to be single matches, expected additional minutes or even penalty shoot outs can occur. So far the 'best competition' started first, but for the last two pairs both events will be completed in reverse order.

Europa league final at Gdansk arena, Gdansk (Poland)

Wednesday, 26 May at 21.00 CET: Villarreal - Manchester united.

Champions league final in Estadio do Dragao, Porto (Portugal)

Saturday, 29 May at 21.00 CET: Manchester city - Chelsea.

23 May 2021

Had to leave his high position due to inappropriate word

From this beginning of the week Fritz Keller is no longer chairman of the German football association. The 64-year-old official have said many times in the past that he will resign (did as he promised) after attacking the vice president Rainer Koch (who is now the interim boss together by the first vice president Peter Peters). Little sparks began to life when now the ex-high official compared his colleague to a notorious Nazi judge from 1940 of the last century Roland Freisler. Performing the function since September 2019, vowing to terminate irregular wages within the affiliation, this comparison was directed towards his associate, hence in 2021 lost the job.
Both vice chairmen are going to carry on with the current function until the start of next year, when the general meeting of the organization is taking place.

22 May 2021

Uninvited guests interrupted celebration amusement

One of the best strikers Belgium has, Romelu Lukaku on 13 May had a birthday celebration party. But his twenty eighth festivity will be (especially) remembered of how the police (somehow) found out about it, and broke into the hotel restaurant at Milan center. Twenty three more people have been identified by the authorities, including some of his Inter teammates plus the organizer of the event. For breaching epidemic protocols everybody faced fines because there is a curfew at night time in the city until 15 June.

21 May 2021

Losing final to same country for second time in a row

For second consecutive year the Turkish mega-city of Istanbul cannot host the last game of Champions league. Portuguese capital Lisbon welcomed the final in 2020 (because of epidemic), however this time it was moved for (a slightly) another reason.
Two English clubs will run onto the pitch, spectators were the main problem of attending the game, the (silent) pressure did work perfectly, and therefore Porto was designated to receive the finalists. After the shifting seven days ago, each team has received 6.000 tickets to attend the final match scheduled for 29 May.

20 May 2021

Derby between nations that share similar name will be absent

At the beginning of June the Asian World Cup 2022 together with Asian Cup qualifiers 2023 will continue with minus one team. Three days ago from group H officially has departed North Korea, who like that is the first who have pulled out at the second round. Without specifying the main reason behind the withdrawal, it is assuming that the country has abandoned the competition due to the epidemic fears.
Hence, four teams are left to participate in the last group with five games (out of the original eight) until the end of this phase and all are going to be played at Goyang stadium in neighboring South Korea, which means that the great duel between these two rivals this year will not be taking place.

19 May 2021

Official songs of two continental championships

June is the month where on two continents will commence two big events in a space of two nights (there is no doubt that this number is definitely in fashion), while in July winners are going to be crowned. Because of this occasion formal anthems were released last week to celebrate these football holidays.
Released on 14 May, 'We are the people' is going to be a song which the European continent is going to hear for 30 days and nights to salute Euro 2020 (2021). Performer is the legendary Dutch deejay and producer Martin Garrix with help from Bono and The edge.
Three days earlier 'La gozadera' (The enjoyment) was chosen to be listened all across South America in the similar period. It is a remake of the same song from 2015 (with invited guest Marc Anthony), and in 2021 is implemented by the popular Cuban duo Gente de zona. However, Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom Martinez have made a small alternations to their own text they sang six years ago where of course all the efforts was directed on the tournament and made it even more beautiful than the original: "La Copa America lo confirmo, porque la fiesta ya empezo. Todos latiendo, un solo corazon, y los campeones somos tu y yo..." (The Copa America confirmed it, because the party has already started. All beating, a single heart, and the champions are you and me...).
At continuation you can hear the two tracks which will certainly leave deep marks this summer on both parts of the world (and probably beyond).


18 May 2021

Suspension of duels, clubs pulling out and new host emerge

On the fourth and fifth month of 2021 there were four major news concerning the Asian club international events: three of the same tournament and one from the other.
From 23 April Oman do not have representatives at the AFC Cup. Both Al Nasr and Al Seeb have withdrawn from the competition, because of high number of infected citizens with the epidemic that that country had back then. Therefore some groups have three clubs instead of four.
Due to the same reason, on 03 May came the story of how Hong Kong has suggested and it was quickly accepted by the confederation that games at group J should be rescheduled. It was supposed to begin from 14 until 20 May, and now the East zone of the identical competition will kick off on 23 as far as 29 June.
Male, the capital of Maldives, had to welcome the clubs from group D. However six days later, duels from the South zone of the AFC Cup were suspended where everything had to commence from 14 to 21 May. Without naming the cause from the organization of why this was done, most media speculated that violation of epidemic protocols from some members of Bengaluru (that were saw outside) is to blame before they had to play their duel against Mohun Bagan (two of them are from India) at the play-off phase.
And finally, in this report out of last Monday the remaining two groups of the Champions league have a host. Letters from A until G together with J were designated hospitality countries on 10 March, while H and I are going to be played in Uzbekistan out of 25 June until 11 July.

17 May 2021

Rebels in trouble

The 12 'Super league' clubs, who liked to breakaway from the others and announced a closed competition among themselves in April, last Friday have learned of what will happen to them in the future from the European football organization.
Not thinking wisely before joining in, the 9 teams who immediately left out of the failed project had to sign a (special) deal in order not to do this stupidity again. Out of 8, some major points when signatures were put at the contract (who is called Club commitment declaration) are: donating a total amount of 15 million euros "as a gesture of goodwill" for various programs the organization has (children, grassroots...), holding five percent less from every income coming of either Champions or Europa league for one season, and if any club violates the treaty have to give 50 million or are penalized with 100 million euros in case of entering a not recognizable tournament.
Remaining 3, which are officially inside and did not renounce of it, can play freely now among each other. Disciplinary action against the trio has been launched.

16 May 2021

Cannot seat on two chairs at once

The following two stories which comes from Italy can also be interpreted as: either one or the other where both happened this Monday, and the connection between them is very similar to the title.
First the happy news of a club, who after 23 years has returned to participate at the top division. Salernitana has climbed one ladder higher from Serie B, which from 2011 Claudio Lotito co-owns them with his brother-in-law Marco Mezzaroma (back then they were participating in Serie D). But the first name is also a chairman of Lazio, thus there is a clear rule that applies to everyone: it is not allowed for one president to own two teams in the elite. It is hard to choose among this sweet problem, but from the two clubs one must be sold: will it remain with the second or the promoted team who is waiting to play with the best since 1998-99 season would go on. Leaving his kin to manage by himself is not an option because that it is not count here, thus other solution has to be found. Deadline for the businessman is until 10 June who have to decide what to do.
On a totally different story this is not so cheerful for Juventus, only if one word is spoken. This club is the last one from the country that it not distance itself from the failed project which went into ashes in 48 hours time: the so called Super league. Hence the football association boss (Gabriele Gravina) are warning them from now: are going to play with the other two teams who are left at the closed competition or the licence of the new 2021-22 season for Serie A would be lost (so that they will be excluded and not compete).

15 May 2021

Miscellaneous official schedules declared

In a space of three days the North, Central America and Caribbean confederation has revealed two schedules for couple of upcoming events that are going to take place on that part of the world.
On 10 May it was revealed the complete kick-off times for the Nations league. This tournament came at the end where, after the group stages, four duels are left to be played (from 03 until 06 June) to determine the debut winner. Expanded teams were announced as well by the four coaches, however the final list of 23 players will be sealed one week before the competition commences.
And yesterday the scheme for the major championship of the region was published: the Gold Cup. It is no secret that the seventh month of 2021 will completely belong to this region: from qualifiers (02 - 06), group phases (10 - 20) till knockout rounds (24 July - 01 August).
Views and downloads from both events can be seen on the website of the above organization.

14 May 2021

Wants to create closed Cup

Nowadays more and more 'super (human) brains' likes to create confined tournaments that is targeting only its own financial gains.
A very stupid and disgraceful plan have thought Serie A clubs where last Wednesday they discussed changes to the national Cup. Local media has reported that each one of them accepted to limit the number of teams to 40 on the Coppa Italia competition from next season. In other words, just Serie A (which is the organizer) and Serie B representatives (20 from each championship) will be privileged to participate at the event. Clubs from the third league and below, this agreement simply have called scandalous and that has "an expression of elitist concept of football incapable for having a vision for the whole system".
Promoter of this competition is making excuses, that matches are not very interesting to television broadcasting companies.

13 May 2021

Fishy removal

It is well known that the chairman of the world football organization Gianni Infantino is investigated for 'incitement to abuse authority', 'violation of official secrecy' together with 'obstruction of criminal proceedings'. At 2016 and 2017 it was discovered that he met in secrecy with the Swiss Attorney general Michael Lauber who resigned in May 2020.
Four months later special federal prosecutor Stefan Keller was appointed on the job to reveal the truth and connection between the two men. Through inquiry he even found out an information that the 51-year-old boss at 2017 flew among Suriname and Switzerland using private jet from the above affiliation. Because the lawyer has spread constant lies against the football president, it was no surprise when he was suddenly removed from this case seven days ago.

12 May 2021

Postponed elimination duels for second consecutive time

It looks like next month three regions (Asia, South America together with North, Central America and Caribbean) out of four that was scheduled will resume World Cup qualifying games for Qatar next year.
Unfortunately last Thursday it was confirmed that in 23 nights time, Africa is going to be absent whose duels were delayed due to the epidemic situation on the continent. After November 2020, and now June, a real tight schedule faces the confederation: up to two matchnights have to be played in September, October, November 2021 together with March 2022 completing all the process just eight months before the major event commences.

11 May 2021

Divided news from an next month event

In 32 nights from now the European championship 2020 (2021) is about to commence, and out of last Tuesday couple of news has happened concerning this event: one good, and the other is bad.
Each of the 24 coaches can name 26 players instead of regular 23. However, before every game played 23 of them will enter into the official report. The final list has to be given from 26 May until 01 June.
Falsifying tickets were discovered by the Italian financial police, where every visitor of Viagogo and Ticombo had an option to purchase of up to 26 'entry papers', and even choose the number of seats within the stadium. Prices were ranged between 196 to 3.500 euros, so the upper two web platforms got immediately blocked. Some of duels that were included in this scam was the opening clash amongst Italy and Turkey at 11 June.

10 May 2021

African continent will enjoy with Asian tournaments

Last Monday StarTimes has rounded up the month of April which was most than successful for the Asian football confederation. Another contract was signed with the Chinese media company who is present on the sub-Saharan region in Africa. On a short-term basis, the new satellite television partner will show the Asian World Cup qualifying games (deal was assembled until the end of this year) together with the Champions league and AFC Cup for this season (2021).
Since July 2020 this broadcaster operates in 30 countries (out of 46 that the above area has) and there is no doubt that viewers are going to be drawn in even bigger numbers.

09 May 2021

Renouncing of seasonal awards for main purpose

All for one...whereas that single collective is the most precious per everyone.
Inter has won the Italian championship and this supposed to be a big celebration. But, despite lifting the trophy after 11 years, the Italian club is in deep crisis and major cause for it is the epidemic. Hence to help in this difficult situation, last Wednesday local media reported that each player have refused to receive bonuses just to help their team. This Monday the owner has admit having troubles to retain liquidity while looking for partners.
For 26 years Pirelli is one of the major sponsor, however the tyre manufacturer did not extended the contract thus they will leave them on 30 June. Many of them paid certain amount of rewards to patch the financial hole, but the problems are still ongoing. Retailer company Suning holdings group, who has biggest shares at the club (68.55 percent), wants to sell them for a price of at least 900 million euros.

08 May 2021

Couple of clubs cannot represent its nation on international level

Since this damn virus came into the world, many clubs have difficulties to adapt to the new situation, whereas the next two teams has another kind of problem, and because it is impossible to stop it, they had to pull out from playing international tournaments.
From the beginning of February the developments in Myanmar do not sound very encouraging at all, and because the state of emergency is still in place, seven days ago Shan united and Hanthawaddy united notified its confederation that they are withdrawing from the two Asian club events. The military coup prevented them to represent its own country who therefore will no longer have teams for the rest of the season.
As both clubs had to commence from different stages, the outcome is the following: the opponent (Melbourne city, Australia) of the first club without fight from the preliminary round now is going to compete at the play-off phase in the Champions league. Rivals from preliminaries that had to play each other [Chanthabouly, Laos (old name Lao Toyota) and Kasuka, Brunei] from the AFC Cup are going directly into the group stage of the competition, because the second mentioned team from above has cancelled its participation (which supposed to begin) at the play-off round.

07 May 2021

Zero means joy for visitors

Europa league, fourth knockout stage, last 4, leg 2:

Arsenal - Villarreal 0:0

Additional information: on a shameful 'keep the result from first match' tactics at semifinals, the Spanish representative will make a debut appearance in the final.

06 May 2021

Each goal given at both halves

Third knockout phase of Champions league, last 4, leg 2:

Chelsea - Real Madrid 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 27 (27.05) Timo Werner
               2:0 85 (84.32) Mason Mount

Additional information: with 3:1 victory over 120 minutes Chelsea is into the final of the competition.

05 May 2021

Biggest European town retains hospitality

From 29 April until 17 May Turkey has gone in quarantine measures because of the very high number of infected inhabitants. This may not be important to anyone, but there were fears that for the second consecutive year Istanbul could not host the final match of Champions league (due to the epidemic). Just the following day the European football confederation confirmed that the only city in the world that spreads on two continents is going to welcome the final and 'best' two teams from the tournament. Last duel will be played 12 nights later after the lockdown expires.
And yesterday the same affiliation has revealed some information for Europa league. Details about the event is that Polish authorities has allowed of 25 percent to fill in Gdansk arena or up to 9.500 people can attend at the place where the winner will be known on the last Wednesday of this month.

04 May 2021

Under investigation for possible co-ownership

Footballer and betting company definitely do not go together. If you want to gamble and put money on him you can do that, but the following lines have a different kind of meaning that proves the first sentence.
Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet on 14 April wrote an article on how Zlatan Ibrahimovic have stakes in such firm Bethard is located in Malta where they were acquired through his limited company Unknown AB at 2018. Under the rule from the European football (and every) confederation, who forbids players to be involved in betting companies in any role, official probe was confirmed 12 days later after that text was published. Now if is found guilty, the striker may be removed from this sport on a global level for three years and receive 100.000 Swiss francs (90.449 euros) fine.

03 May 2021

Last second games which will be played this season

The schedule says that on the first full week of this month are going to determine the four clubs that will entertain us in the final two duels at both European Cup (league) competitions. Eight teams which the passion is to qualify for the last games of the season, without doubt are going to have fierce battle on the pitch just to enter and compete for the grand prize. Considering that games will be played as second 90 minutes (and also be the last for this season, because the finals will be staged at one duel only), some of them may go to additional times or even penalties, and this can happen to each of the following pairs for:

Champions league

Tuesday, 04 May at 21.00 CET: Manchester city - PSG.

Wednesday, 05 May at 21.00 CET: Chelsea - Real Madrid.

... and Europa league.

Thursday, 06 May at 21.00 CET: Arsenal - Villarreal.
Thursday, 06 May at 21.00 CET: Roma - Manchester united.

Sixty two experts appointed

In 42 nights from now, edition number 47 from Copa America is going to commence, thus last Wednesday the South American confederation has revealed all judges for this magnificent event.
There are 14 main 'men in blue', and among them is an 'outsider' from another continent. Like the European region included one referee team from Argentina (to referee at Euro competition that starts two nights earlier), South America also have returned the favor by naming a Spanish trio team for the oldest football international tournament in the world. This exchange is done because of the contract that these two confederations have signed in February last year.
Further more at the list are: 22 assistant judges (that are going to run near the lines), 16 men who will be locked up in the room to monitor cheating (video assistant referees) together with 10 support arbiters (fourth official that every match has). Each of the names can be seen or even download from a file on the confederation website dated from 21 April.

02 May 2021

Marketing company that extended agreement

From last Tuesday every television station that like to broadcast in the future the best team and club football (both for men and women) competitions out of South America will have to turn to Diez media. Located in Paraguay, this house acquired the rights to sell every contract on a global level (locally and internationally) from 2023 until 2026. It is reported that the marketing agency will receive one percent of each deal that is made for the four year period or up to 300 million dollars (250 million euros) per season.
So far the existing agreement that also this sports media service have from 2019 as far as 2022 is valued on 1.4 billion dollars (1.2 billion euros) and still raising.

Added eight more cities with nine arenas

At the North, Central America and Caribbean region this summer is going to be played the third and final football championship in 2021 on international team level. The event known as the Gold Cup is scheduled to start 10 July, but because qualifying duels have to be staged before that, an official commencing will happen earlier. On 13 April the confederation designated two cities (on where the nine preliminaries and the final are going to happen), while nine days later eight more towns have been revealed pointing out that the whole tournament will be played in United States of America.
Hence last Thursday: Houston, Arlington, Kansas city, Dallas, Glendale, Frisco, Orlando and Austin have been revealed as hospitality cities. Further more, are known the nine stadia as well: the first town has two (BBVA and NRG), AT&T, Children's mercy park, Cotton bowl, State farm, Toyota are the rest, together with Exploria and Q2 (located in the last two cities) who for the first time are going to stage matches in this competition.
Prior it was also announced that this exciting football festival is going to commence with qualifiers on 02 July in DRV PNK stadium (Florida), whilst the trophy will be lifted in Nevada (Allegiant venue) on 01 August.

01 May 2021

Judges selected and light change of plans

The most complicated European championship 2020 (2021) in its history is going to commence from 11 June, and last week the confederation has revealed couple of important details for the event.
On 21 April was announced the list of 19 referees that will lead every 51 duels. Among them is one new name from another confederation with a debut appearance (from Argentina) where the European football organization from earlier have a signed exchange agreement with the South American counterpart. Returning the favour one 'man in blue' (from Spain) is going to be in charge at Copa America 2020 (2021) duels that will kick-off two nights later from the upper tournament. Besides from the main ones (where each judge have two assistant referees), there are 22 more video assistant officials plus 12 support judges (fourth official in a match). Here, for the first time as well one female is selected for the competition. All names can be seen, and even download from the website of the affiliation.
Two days later expired the extended deadline when each of the cities were asked to give assurances if spectators are going to attend on stadia (because of the epidemic situation). Couple of towns have pulled out from the whole project, and thus: games that were supposed to play in Dublin (Republic of Ireland) were moved to Saint Petersburg (Russia), and duels from Bilbao (who has also cancelled the hospitality) were relocated at Seville (both Spain).

Warm-up with official qualifiers before major championship

There is no doubt that whole June and part of July are going to be months of South American football.
Last Friday it was confirmed that the World Cup qualifiers from this region is going to return with a slight change of schedule. Matchnights 05 and 06 that were supposed to kick-off at the end of March (for now are skipped and) are put either at September, October or November, while in June will start number 07 and 08. Dates for commencing are third and eighth night in the six month with five duels each.
As it stands, these 10 duels will pose as a perfect test opportunity for the major festival that begins on 13 June in this continent - Copa America.