17 May 2021

Rebels in trouble

The 12 'Super league' clubs, who liked to breakaway from the others and announced a closed competition among themselves in April, last Friday have learned of what will happen to them in the future from the European football organization.
Not thinking wisely before joining in, the 9 teams who immediately left out of the failed project had to sign a (special) deal in order not to do this stupidity again. Out of 8, some major points when signatures were put at the contract (who is called Club commitment declaration) are: donating a total amount of 15 million euros "as a gesture of goodwill" for various programs the organization has (children, grassroots...), holding five percent less from every income coming of either Champions or Europa league for one season, and if any club violates the treaty have to give 50 million or are penalized with 100 million euros in case of entering a not recognizable tournament.
Remaining 3, which are officially inside and did not renounce of it, can play freely now among each other. Disciplinary action against the trio has been launched.


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