11 May 2021

Divided news from an next month event

In 32 nights from now the European championship 2020 (2021) is about to commence, and out of last Tuesday couple of news has happened concerning this event: one good, and the other is bad.
Each of the 24 coaches can name 26 players instead of regular 23. However, before every game played 23 of them will enter into the official report. The final list has to be given from 26 May until 01 June.
Falsifying tickets were discovered by the Italian financial police, where every visitor of Viagogo and Ticombo had an option to purchase of up to 26 'entry papers', and even choose the number of seats within the stadium. Prices were ranged between 196 to 3.500 euros, so the upper two web platforms got immediately blocked. Some of duels that were included in this scam was the opening clash amongst Italy and Turkey at 11 June.


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