15 May 2021

Miscellaneous official schedules declared

In a space of three days the North, Central America and Caribbean confederation has revealed two schedules for couple of upcoming events that are going to take place on that part of the world.
On 10 May it was revealed the complete kick-off times for the Nations league. This tournament came at the end where, after the group stages, four duels are left to be played (from 03 until 06 June) to determine the debut winner. Expanded teams were announced as well by the four coaches, however the final list of 23 players will be sealed one week before the competition commences.
And yesterday the scheme for the major championship of the region was published: the Gold Cup. It is no secret that the seventh month of 2021 will completely belong to this region: from qualifiers (02 - 06), group phases (10 - 20) till knockout rounds (24 July - 01 August).
Views and downloads from both events can be seen on the website of the above organization.


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