03 May 2021

Sixty two experts appointed

In 42 nights from now, edition number 47 from Copa America is going to commence, thus last Wednesday the South American confederation has revealed all judges for this magnificent event.
There are 14 main 'men in blue', and among them is an 'outsider' from another continent. Like the European region included one referee team from Argentina (to referee at Euro competition that starts two nights earlier), South America also have returned the favor by naming a Spanish trio team for the oldest football international tournament in the world. This exchange is done because of the contract that these two confederations have signed in February last year.
Further more at the list are: 22 assistant judges (that are going to run near the lines), 16 men who will be locked up in the room to monitor cheating (video assistant referees) together with 10 support arbiters (fourth official that every match has). Each of the names can be seen or even download from a file on the confederation website dated from 21 April.


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