31 January 2023

Confederations that joined forces with each other

Three days ago the two America confederations together with the Caribbean part have signed a collaboration agreement in order to strengthen and develop football throughout the region. According to the partnership at the older international tournament would participate teams from both regions plus new club event is going to be formed.
In summer of 2024 is scheduled to begin Copa America for the forty eighth time. Each of the 10 teams of the South American continent are going to appear together with the 6 best ones from their Northern neighbour, and these sextet of countries would have to come from the Nations league 2023-24 season. Both confederations will share responsibility to organize this event where will be played entirely in United States of America.
An unnamed club competition in a system of final four have to start from 2024 onwards. Couple of them by each region are expected to enter competing from the already existing international tournaments (much probably Champions league).

30 January 2023

Seven participants chase one trophy

On night number 32 of 2023 the first international club tournament is going to start in Morocco. At the beginning of next month five continental winners, and by one each nominated together with the host are going to compete on the Club World Cup 2022 competition.
South America together with its North, Central neighbour and Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Oceania confederations are sending the actual Champions league winners from last year. Because the 2022 season of their Asian counterpart is currently still playing and is not going to be finished on time, this continent is sending its old winner from the previous year (2021). Finally from the very start one confederation will have two participants. Rabat and Tangier are going to be welcome cities for the nineteenth edition of this competition where Seattle sounders is marked as the only debutant of all seven clubs.
In the following seven nights five of them are going to be introduced to the public, and one would have to appear twice in a space of 71.5 hours. As the tradition says, the host club is opening the event.

First phase
Wednesday, 01 February at 20.00 CET: Al ahly (home team from Africa) - Auckland city (champions of Oceania).

Second round
Saturday, 04 February at 15.30 CET: Wydad athletic club (African Champions league winner) - Al hilal (Asian selected club).
Saturday, 04 February at 18.30 CET: Seattle sounders (champion of North, Central America and Caribbean) - winning representative from phase one.

29 January 2023

Loss of points and greedy officials penalized

Last Friday the Italian Federal court issued a really funny punishments to a club who falsified its financial books for 2019, 2020 and 2021. Some of the creators of this scam were punished severely, while for some the fine was way too soft.
Juventus is the team in question for all the explained details above when 15 points automatically was deducted. Beside this (miserable) loss four representatives from the board got in total six years and seven months ban. From higher to lower number, the division looks like this: for two and a half years former sporting director Fabio Paratici cannot work in football at the country, businessman Andrea Agnelli is removed for 24 months, another ex football boss Federico Cherubini got kicked out on one year and four months together with Pavel Nedved - the vice-president who will not be seen for eight months.
Apart from this case judges did not open proceedings and got exempted six more clubs (Empoli, Genoa, Parma calcio, Delfino Pescara, Pisa, Sampdoria) who clearly had suspicious reports in their books as well.

28 January 2023

Nights spending behind bars

Because on 30 December 2022 he sexually attacked a girl on a night club in Barcelona, seven days ago Daniel Alves got arrested at the same city. Last Friday the judge had refused to grant the 39-year-old any bail from prison fearing of his escape from Spain, thus until now the Brazilian is still being locked up. Of course that the defender is denying all allegations, however the victim have accused him of touching under her underwear without her consent, beating and at the end raping her.
Hearing this news the next day his new Mexican club Pumas have immediately terminated their mutual contract.

27 January 2023

Explaining the controversies

Very soon a big change will happen to this sport.
In a test period of 12 months the referee on the pitch (with a microphone) will have to justify his decision to the wide public (spectators on the stadium along with television ones) after the video assistants are going to be active (for disallowed goal, red card or penalty). Judges among themselves (main one together with those who are locked in the room) are still going to have a private conversation where after that referee on the terrain is going to explain everything to the rest. Club World Cup 2022 (2023) would be the first official competition to begin with.
This (communicating) idea with everyone looks promising after many skeptics are criticizing the digital monitors being present in football, and how that is going to work we have to wait and see from 01 February onwards.

26 January 2023

Good start for his new club

After famous Luis Suarez have been transferred to a new club at the end of 2022, in the new year the Uruguayan began to show plenty of experience on his debut appearance.
The premiere for Gremio last Tuesday night was marked with three goals in the first 38 minutes of the Recopa Gaucha (which is equivalent to Super Cup competition). Basically, the striker has brought the (well deserved) record title for the Brazilian team.
It was the first hat-trick for the 36-years-old since December 2013.

25 January 2023

Although he pulled a scam got hired at the end

Last year one ex national player was charged after fooling his own country, had to spend some time behind bars, but instead he was employed.
Between 2014 and 2019 the former striker John Carew has forgot to declare 12.8 million krone (1.3 million euros). At 16 November 2022 the Norwegian tax officials won the battle against the 43-year-old when the local court ordered him to return 537.268 krone (51.903 euros). Despite the money loss the striker had to spend 14 months in prison as well, however after the conviction came the surprise when no one expected.
Two months later he was contacted by the Norwegian football federation where they offered him a job. Hoping that the former footballer can work with electronic bracelet, from last Thursday his new role will be to care about youth in this sport. President Lise Klaveness has said that "his skills is going to benefit children and adolescents".

24 January 2023

Impressive figures

According to Nielsen, a research that was done for the world football organization shows some magnificent numbers for the World Cup event who completed in 2022.
In a report from 18 January it was announced that around 5 billion people were involved during the biggest sport competition on earth. The real boom comes from social media: of where it had been exploded with posts - 93.6 million on all platforms, 262 billion on cumulative basis and 5.95 billion engagements. Game number 64 (final) has been reached to 1.5 billion viewers worldwide, while everything started with over 550 million people who watched the first duel last November.
Of a total number - 3.4 million fans were registered all together, and this has surpassed the 2018 event when were present 3 million people. And at the end of this remarkable story it finishes of how footballers was in the mood to give us another record: the ball had been 171 times behind goalkeepers in the competitions of 1998 and 2014, while in Qatar 2022 each of us have seen 1 more goal (172 or 168 scored in 90 minutes plus 4 in extra time).

23 January 2023

Dynamite thrown on headquarters

For the third consecutive time the same fan club of Panathinaikos was ruined. Last Thursday morning their office on the Athens suburb of Maroussi got destroyed along with eight shops, seven houses, two cars and several surrounded buildings who got damaged in the process. In this incident, luckily, there was no any fatalities nor injuries, but local media wrote that one elderly man was rushed as a precaution to hospital due to heart problems.
Police issued information that an explosive device was thrown on the headquarters and this was the most powerful blast than the other two. Until now no arrests were made.

22 January 2023

Record punishment issued

On 17 December 2022 the two Melbourne clubs - city and victory played a derby of the A-league round eight. No one knew what was coming next: after just 21 minutes fans from both sides were throwing flares at each other, fighting continued onto the terrain, some people had serious injuries, which immediate was triggered suspension of the match, and of course following these ugly scenes Football Australia has handed harsh penalties even on this month as well.
During the incident the home goalkeeper was hurt together with the main referee and one television cameraman. Treating this like very serious hooliganism the penalties for the visiting supporters are really severe. Just couple of days later the association have punished mostly young people of various ages of 5 until 20 years, and in some cases even removed them from this sport for life - all in total it was identified 17 to date. As for the club is concerned, they are forbidden to sell tickets of the area where it all started, will not receive some allocated entry papers for the away games, there is going to be no support on the away matches as well and are cut to restricted attendance of valid club members only in the home duels. If in the next three years this chaos would be repeated from any of their fans the team will automatically lose 10 points. However, the worst nightmare of all was (also) announced last Tuesday with 450.000 dollars (291.014 euros) which is a record football fine issued in the country.
Following this horror situation, the statement that was issued by the club said that it accepts everything or would not appeal to the punishments.

21 January 2023

One representative would get an additional incentive only if it wins

At the beginning of the week the South American confederation have announced that its club who is going to play in the upcoming Club World Cup will have an additional surprise, but for that to happen it has to be victorious in 180 minutes or more.
The first official club international competition in 2023 (who would count as 2022 edition) will be played from 01 until 11 February. One of the participants is the champion of the continent Flamengo who is going to start its journey from the semi-final for the crown. If they triumph in the next game and lift the title, they would get an additional financial boost. Despite the trophy and all the finance that come with it the club can earn an extra 5 million dollars (4.6 million euros) from their organization or in other (shorter) words means that only two duels are away from this amount.
Just in comparison: the World Cup winners Argentina have received double of the money last month from the same affiliation.

20 January 2023

Votes underway for eight awards

It is time to find out who is going to be winners for "The best" rewards from the world football organization for last year.
Plenty of candidates are to choose from in each three categories for males and females, together with the best goal and fan awards that have been announced on 12 January. Votes are closing on 03 February at 23.59 CET and every spectator is encouraged to give their opinion for their favourite (on the platform Fifa+) where shortly after three names would emerge on the final list. One of that trio is going to celebrate for 2022, and the champions will be revealed with the ceremony taking place at the French capital Paris on 27 February.

19 January 2023

Helping from digital monitors for the first time

In its second year of the third in significance club international competition from Europe is getting a big help and joins the other two brothers who are placed before him.
Video assistant referees are going to debut Conference league in part three of the 2022-23 season that starts 16 February. Five days ago the European football organization has officially confirmed that little monitors are going to be installed at every stadia from the knockout rounds onwards.
Now we await for next month where each of the international tournaments will be covered with this technology.

18 January 2023

Expected decision for two cases

Getting the 40 million euros compensation that Shakhtar Donetsk have required from the world football organization will not happen. On the web page of the Court of arbitration for sport from 13 January it is written that the appeal is rejected. From 18 July 2022 this lawsuit was filed, and everything smelled that the victory would not arrive. Presenting of the two sides, everything started five months later (22 December 2022), where also the leader of Ukrainian club was concerned that this battle is already lost, would weaken the team, it is not fair... and prediction of the outcome was announced last Friday as true.
In a separate case and on the same date, something similar have experienced a group of eight Russian clubs. Also in a negative answer for them as well, they have disputed the rules about transfer after Russia is conducting special military operation / invasion on Ukraine. The same organization have changed their own norms saying that foreign footballers that were playing in the country could leave without any fees paid. Same dismissal had come with no legal reasons given.

17 January 2023

Layout and referees have been revealed

Just 17 nights has remained until the start of the first official club international tournament this year where couple of days ago it was performed the schedule for it at Mohammed VI football academy in the Moroccan town of Sale.
In total are participating seven clubs or five continental champions, one designated winner of their confederation together with the host who are going to compete at the Club World Cup 2022 edition (2023). The home team against the champion of Oceania between Al ahly and Auckland city opens this event. Winner of this match qualifies for the quarter-final encounter with the only debutant of the competition Seattle sounders (North American and Caribbean winner), and whoever is victorious there is facing the European champions Real Madrid.
At the second part of the draw the only appointed team in this competition (from Asia) is playing with the African champion - Al hilal against Wydad athletic club. The winner from this duel awaits South American number one club Flamengo in the semi-final.
Judges who are going to observe everything that is happening in and around the terrain are 26. Divided are 6 main, 12 assistant and 8 of them who will be locked in a room and watch all controversial play from the digital monitors. Names of each one can be found on the site of the world football organization dated from 14 January.

16 January 2023

Investigating for match-fixing

From 03 January Benfica has confirmed that it had been placed under investigation for irregularities over four-year periods. Everyone that were in the management board out of 2016 and up until 2020 are suspicious of committing fraud. In this whole bunch Portuguese police has put the current boss as well - Rui Costa. The probe has began before 18 months when the club president from that time Luis Filipe Vieira was forced to resign after was detained for tax evasion, money laundering and forgery.
Whole basis of this investigation are information after hackers attacked number of club files for which they reached the public.

15 January 2023

Problems at the border

Footballer from Aiglon du Lamentin was caught up on 31 December 2022 with 100 kilograms of drugs upon arrival in the French capital Paris. During the check-up custom officials of Charles de Gaulle airport have found cocaine that were hidden in suitcases that belonged to Jean-Emmanuel Nedra and his female partner. After the arrest of the couple, his sweetheart was released under supervision of the court, while the 29-year-old was brought up before the judge last Wednesday.
Playing occasionally for the Martinique team, the midfielder is well known name in his own country.

14 January 2023

Breathtaking stadium

Together with the world football organization, the Asian confederation had join in partnership to build a stadium in the Malaysian city of Putrajaya, just 30 kilometers away from its headquarters. On 17 October 2022 this arena had started constructing with a ceremony held and it would be spread on 62.443 square metres. Besides the remarkable stadium, inside in the area is going to be included: administrative offices, boulevard for spectators, atrium, training facility and an underground carpark. Malaysian Government who is joined with its football association are both providing with the logistical backing. Lots of skepticism and criticism has arise from the local people as questions was raised about the cost, how it would be paid and the size of the arena of whom it will count 10.000 seats.
However, there was no indication when all will be over because the original plan for completion was in 2019.

13 January 2023

Yellow card which has brought the question of fairness

For who knows what time in this sport, (sloppy) players were caught into their own trap where they are deliberately making fouls, and after that comes a warning from the referee. In the following story the 'professional and very honest' participant did not realize that everything was recorded.
This incident has happened at the English Cup match between Oxford and Arsenal played on Monday, and yesterday an investigation was opened after Ciaron Brown picked up a yellow card in the fifty ninth minute. Of course that everything looked real at that point, but following the game the association have accused the 24-year-old of scam: coming from a telephone message they are in possession of a betting paper where it was paid 200 pounds (227 euros), just for the home defender to receive a booking when the odds was 8 to 1. With this proof he is now facing corruption charges.

12 January 2023

Change of dates happened because of an important event

The schedule of the Asian version of Champions league has been revised twice, and thus the edition of 2022 is going to be finished in 2023, where in the mean time one serious competition got in the way. What is really strange is: usually this confederation starts and finishes this club tournament in the current year.
Originally the layout was done way before the pandemic period saying that qualifiers are beginning 11 January and had to end with the second leg final on 29 October 2022. In July 2021: March was the commencing elimination period, whilst the finishing was on the same date as the original one, with a small difference - that all four knockout stages (from round of 16 and onwards) would be one match only (which was not the case before).
Finally, on 13 January 2022 the last schedule was made: qualifying beginning was in March 2022, the four knockout phases were returned to two games, but the ending period is now 26 February 2023. An explanation (for this long season) was given because of the World Cup in 2022 that completed in winter time, so the club tournament (like it or not) had to be interrupted. Because of this a minor change happened only in the West region: instead of 03 and 04, now new dates are 19 and 20 February 2023 for the round of 16, while the next three phases (including the final) will be played over two duels.
Games from the East region has finished all the work in August of last year, which means that the finalist (from this part) is resting until next month.

11 January 2023

Unopposed for a future lead

Now it is almost certain that Aleksander Cheferin is going to proclaim victory that would guide the European football organization for four more years. The 55 year-old lawyer was the only candidate who has submitted the needed documents before the deadline expiration on 05 January. At the forty seventh Congress scheduled for 05 April in the Portuguese capital Lisbon it is expected that the Slovenian will be officially confirmed to the old / new function.
He is the president of the mentioned affiliation from 14 September 2016.

10 January 2023

Very good motivation for future generations

Two days before 2022 has ended passed away one of the greatest footballing mind of all time Edson Arantes do Nascimento (for the wide public was familiar with the nickname Pele). Since then the world has decided to rename (to this date) one public road and arenas in his honour, so that future generations would remember this king and what traces he left for this sport.
In his native Brazil city officials in Rio de Janeiro have immediately voted to give a street to this idol. Parts of the old Radial oeste is now known as Avenida rei Pele (Avenue of king Pele).
After the sad news was spread throughout the globe, the president of the world football organization started an initiative suggesting that each of the 211 member associations would rename at least a football ground or arena after the legend, and very soon the international community have replied positively. On 04 January Cape verde was the first country to respond as Estadio Nacional (National stadium) have become Estadio Pele (Pele stadium). Just one day later Colombia and Guinea-Bissau did the same as the two nations which are kilometers apart have chosen to call their arenas identically: Rey / Rei Pele (King Pele). Villavicencio stadium in the South American state has only added Bello Horizonte before the new name, while Bafata arena is now called otherwise at the West African nation. Governor and minister in each towns have approved the change.

09 January 2023

Journalists have chosen footballers as best

At 31 December 2022 Lionel Messi was named as best player by the Association internationale de la presse sportive (International sports press association). For the prize the 35-year-old have earned 962 points, 373 collected pole vaulter from Sweden Armand Duplantis, while in third place was French striker Kylian Mbappe with 366 points. Journalists around the world have also announced that Argentina was selected as the best team for last year.
When female category is concerned there was another success from this sport. Most votes came for Spanish midfielder Alexia Putellas with 452, before 295 from swimmer Katie Ledecky (United States of America), and Venezuelan triple jump athlete Yulimar Rojas in third place has collected 243 votes.

08 January 2023

Miracle from Asia

A really rare and incredible achievement has done one club from People's Republic of China seven days ago. For three consecutive seasons Wuhan three towns have managed to be at number one in three different leagues.
Their unbelievable journey began in 2020 where they won League two (third division), one year later were champions in League one (second division), so that on 31 December 2022 (with a little bit of luck) rounded up their success by lifting the debut championship trophy at Super league. Game number 34 was cancelled because of health reasons (virus problems) of their opposing footballers Tianjin, so the time had come to celebrate the first ever title in the topmost football league.
Mainly dominating by home players the club now awaits new challenge: participating at the qualification of Champions league 2023.

07 January 2023

Italian pearl has passed away

One of the famous former footballer and later manager from the Apennine Peninsula has lost a life battle at the age of 58. Italian media have announced the news that legendary Gianluca Vialli today has died from pancreatic cancer. Diagnosed with this disease in 2017, for one year he was cured, but (like everyone else) the cancer came back and deteriorated his condition ever since.
Playing as a striker he won the Champions league with Juventus at 1996 / bronze medal with Italy from World Cup 1990 / and in the delegation with the same team lifted the European championship 2020 (2021) title.

06 January 2023

Design is wanted from school students

On 29 December 2022 the African football organization has opened a design competition for a tournament that is going to be played from 07 until 09 April. And because this is going to be a school event, all students from the art and design sector in the educational institutions are encouraged to participate in the project throughout the continent. Through this programme the confederation sees this as opportunity to get through to the communities and to invest in the youth as well. Name of the design theme is entitled as African schools football where the winners of the continent are going to lift the trophy of the African schools football championship that are playing on the mentioned dates.

05 January 2023

Working mixed group would decide whether to leave or stay

There were indications until 31 December 2022 that the Russian football union will change one confederation for another only to play this sport when the country was unfairly thrown out last February from participating from every competitions on European soil because of the special military operation / invasion of Ukraine. President of the organization Aleksandr Dyukov have said that because there was no "light at the end of the tunnel" concerning the prohibition for play, and consequently switching towards Asia would be imminent. However, that was not what was expected last Friday.
Just one day before last year has ended it was decided that Russia will still remain at the European football organization. It was specified that working group is going to be formed, where four bodies would be included to discuss on their return: members from Russian football union, European together with world football organization and International Olympic committee. But, the boss did not excluded the option that, if this alternative fails and solution is not found, the threat of leaving will be close enough, and all this would be done only for the country to be part of the qualification process for the World Cup 2026.

04 January 2023

Special reward has just give basis for something else

We know that Argentina are the new world champions at the old 2022. Besides the trophy and promised money for lifting it, the team got an additional 9.2 million euros from the South American confederation. This special reward was promised back in April of last year by Alejandro Dominguez as the 50-year-old was re-elected for the presidential post. In total, this triumph is the tenth World Cup that any South American nation has brought it to the region: apart from 1978 and 1986 from the fresh winners, Uruguay has lifted the title in 1930 together with 1950 plus the five-time champions Brazil at 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002.
According to the boss, the latest champions has just give the basis that this competition must return home where it all started (at 1930 in Uruguay), so that at 2030 the continent will celebrate together that this event is staging it on its soil after 100 years. Uruguay and Argentina began the initiative to welcome this tournament in seven years time, later Chile and Paraguay has joined the above duo, while of course (with right) its confederation is giving full support to its member nations. On that who is going to host the best 48 teams of our planet, the world football organization would decide it in 2024.

03 January 2023

Ready to organize a major tournament number two

Couple of days ago (at the old 2022) began selling tickets for Khaleeji Zain 25 (Gulf Cup number 25) which is going to be held from 06 until 19 January. Since 1979 Iraq for the second time in its history of the event would welcome seven participants on its soil: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen which together with the host are going to entertain themselves for 15 nights. All 15 matches are going to be played in Basra on a completely two new stadia. On social media the association have announced the price of entry papers: depending on the category they will vary on the cost that goes from range of 9.3 to 28 euros.
In decades of devastating conflicts and fragile security, this event represents a major challenge to the authorities, so that the country would like only to show the world that they are ready to organize such tournaments.
This is the second time (from that 1979) that Iraq is staging important competitions like these, as in 2019 this nation has practically debuted in organization of the West Asia football federation championship after so many prohibitions to play international games at home.

02 January 2023

Needing of a new format

The 32 teams at the World Cup finals in 2022 was the last time we ever saw, thus from the 2026 edition we will have 48 participants. It means that 16 new teams would play at the finals, but now the problem arise is how to adapt the new format.
Somewhere this year it will be decided that and for now there are two options. Either to have 16 groups with 3 teams or 12 of 4 sides in it. The first scenario says that the top two finishers in the group would travel to the first knockout stage (which is still favoured by the world football organization), while the second looks to qualify the first two teams of the groups together with the eight-best third-place participants that will reach the round of 32. By increasing the number of teams it is already known how much new ones will enter from each confederation: 4 from Africa / Asian and Europe would have 3 / North, Central America and the Caribbean region together with the South neighbour will have 2 new sides / 1 from Oceania plus 1 team would come from an intercontinental play off.
From trouble we are going to complexity: in the end we are going to have totally 104 duels played (rise from 64 from the last event) and in the group stage we will have 72 matches (out of 48). Another sweet problem is that all duels have to be adjusted to the European viewers knowing that in three years time games would kick-off in many different time zones.
Qualifying plays for 2026 is quickly approaching and would start on 23 March with the two American continents. We will see each of the host countries at the main finals: Canada, United States of America and Mexico.

01 January 2023

Happy New year

Wherever you are, have yourself a wonderful 2023 filled with love, success and happiness!!!