21 January 2023

One representative would get an additional incentive only if it wins

At the beginning of the week the South American confederation have announced that its club who is going to play in the upcoming Club World Cup will have an additional surprise, but for that to happen it has to be victorious in 180 minutes or more.
The first official club international competition in 2023 (who would count as 2022 edition) will be played from 01 until 11 February. One of the participants is the champion of the continent Flamengo who is going to start its journey from the semi-final for the crown. If they triumph in the next game and lift the title, they would get an additional financial boost. Despite the trophy and all the finance that come with it the club can earn an extra 5 million dollars (4.6 million euros) from their organization or in other (shorter) words means that only two duels are away from this amount.
Just in comparison: the World Cup winners Argentina have received double of the money last month from the same affiliation.


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