13 January 2023

Yellow card which has brought the question of fairness

For who knows what time in this sport, (sloppy) players were caught into their own trap where they are deliberately making fouls, and after that comes a warning from the referee. In the following story the 'professional and very honest' participant did not realize that everything was recorded.
This incident has happened at the English Cup match between Oxford and Arsenal played on Monday, and yesterday an investigation was opened after Ciaron Brown picked up a yellow card in the fifty ninth minute. Of course that everything looked real at that point, but following the game the association have accused the 24-year-old of scam: coming from a telephone message they are in possession of a betting paper where it was paid 200 pounds (227 euros), just for the home defender to receive a booking when the odds was 8 to 1. With this proof he is now facing corruption charges.


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