29 January 2023

Loss of points and greedy officials penalized

Last Friday the Italian Federal court issued a really funny punishments to a club who falsified its financial books for 2019, 2020 and 2021. Some of the creators of this scam were punished severely, while for some the fine was way too soft.
Juventus is the team in question for all the explained details above when 15 points automatically was deducted. Beside this (miserable) loss four representatives from the board got in total six years and seven months ban. From higher to lower number, the division looks like this: for two and a half years former sporting director Fabio Paratici cannot work in football at the country, businessman Andrea Agnelli is removed for 24 months, another ex football boss Federico Cherubini got kicked out on one year and four months together with Pavel Nedved - the vice-president who will not be seen for eight months.
Apart from this case judges did not open proceedings and got exempted six more clubs (Empoli, Genoa, Parma calcio, Delfino Pescara, Pisa, Sampdoria) who clearly had suspicious reports in their books as well.


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