31 December 2023

Your knowledge is tested for an upcoming event

Last Friday the Asian football confederation has started an interesting prediction game. In its focus is, of course, the main championship: the Asian Cup competition. At first all 51 duels can be guessed in a simple way, and when the knockout round begin it would appear questions like predicting the right result, who will give the first goal... Mixing it together with bonus questions, participants can get additional points.
All you have to do is registering on their website. The top 3 members from each night as well as the overall performers will get exciting prizes where some of them are: trips for watching their favourite team for round 3 of the World Cup 2026 qualifiers, signed Asian Cup balls...
This quiz can be played from anywhere in the world.

30 December 2023

Step closer of forming new independent league(s)

Finally, the monopoly is over as the world football organization (Fifa) together with the European counterpart (Uefa) have lost an important case on European soil.
Because the above two affiliations have used / are using its (powerful) domination over this sport, on 21 December the European court of justice has allowed the European Super league to be formed. Knowing how this project went some years ago, without a doubt this is a huge win for them who continues this battle no matter what. However, the problem still exists as only two Spanish clubs (Barcelona and Real Madrid) did not leave this league, but from now on clubs are free to determine their own choices for themselves and can not be penalized anymore by the big corporations - so anyone is free to join in without showing consistent fear.

29 December 2023

Ball that one championship will use

VORTEXAC23+ is the official name of the ball which the 24 teams are going to be played with in the upcoming Asian Cup event. The design was founded on the inspiration in the desert sands of the host nation (so its logically to be painted / have gold colour), and of course all this is mixed and combined with maroon colour (who represents the flag of Qatar).
Organizers of the competition have revealed this playing tool eight days ago together with Kelme (which is the official supplier of sports equipment for the Asian football organization).

28 December 2023

Men in blue were revealed

Organizers of one of the two simultaneous championships that will start next year have announced all the referees which (some of them) will run from 13 January until 11 February.
In total 68 men in blue are on the list that are going to be present at the Africa Cup of nations event. Divided in categories there are 26 main ones, 30 assistants who will wave with the flag besides the side lines, while the rest (12) are going to be locked in the room by watching any irregularities from the monitors above the terrain. Posted from 22 December, each name can be read on the website of the confederation.

27 December 2023

One country was awarded to organize top future club competition on five years

On the beginning of this month the Asian football organization has announced where the top club football competition is going to end in the following five seasons.
Starting from knockout phase one and up until its completion (quarter finals, semi finals and final) the final stage of Champions league for 2024-25 and 2025-26 was awarded to Saudi Arabia. Each game from the elimination round and onwards are going to be played in one match only. For the next calendar year the schedule says that the final matches would have to be staged from 25 April to 04 May 2025.
Because of a good infrastructure and accommodation facilities, the same association will host these finals for the next three seasons as well (2026-27, 2027-28 and 2028-29).

26 December 2023

Winners were crowned, candidates were announced

On 11 December the African continent has revealed who are their best players, clubs and teams. In total 14 trophies were given as best in a ceremony which was held in the Moroccan town of Marrakech together with the best 11 of 2023 for both men and women category. Each winner can be found on the website of the confederation.
Meanwhile, 3 days later the world football organization have shortened the list to just 3 names for their awards 'The best' that will occur on a global level. Performance period of 19 December 2022 to 20 August 2023 has been considered for the nominees to compete for prizes. Victorious footballers would be announced on 15 January of next year.

25 December 2023

Pairs were connected for knockout phase one

This Monday the European football organization has performed the last draw of this year for the three international league tournaments. Immediately after that the schedule of who is playing when in 2024 was released for the first elimination round.

A real torture is only the Champions league event because for one phase two months will be used. First 90 minutes would be on 13, 14, 20 and 21 February, and everything is going to be decided on 05, 06, 12 and 13 March with the following pairs (who are written for leg one). All matches have to start on 21.00 CEt.

Porto - Arsenal.
Napoli - Barcelona.
PSG - Real Sociedad.
Inter - Atletico Madrid.
PSV - Borussia Dortmund.
Lazio - Bayern.
Kobenhavn - Manchester city.
Rasenballsport Leipzig - Real Madrid.

Dates for the next two competitions would be exactly the same, however there will be one minimal change.

Europa league is going to kick off on 15 and 22 February from 18.45 together with 21.00 CEt. For the next 8 duels the layout is:

Feyenoord - Roma.
Milan - Stade Rennes.
Lens - Freiburg.
Young boys Bern - Sporting.
Benfica - Toulouse.
Braga - Qarabag.
Galatasaray - Sparta Praha.
Shakhtar Donetsk - Olympique de Marseille.

And the only deviation comes from Conference league: the second leg of Gent and Maccabi Haifa is going to be played on 21 February from 18.00 CEt. Every other pair would be staged on the dates and kick off times that are written on the predecessor section, and bellow are the games for the first leg:

Sturm - Slovan.
Servette - Ludogorets.
Union Saint-Gilloise - Eintracht Frankfurt.
Betis - Dinamo Zagreb.
Olympiacos - Ferencvaros.
Ajax - Bodo/Glimt.
Molde - Legia.
Maccabi Haifa - Gent.

24 December 2023

Numbers from a competition that was just completed

The Club World Cup 2023 finished yesterday night, and now when all numbers are known they are going to be presented in the following lines.
In 7 duels 23 goals were scored or 3.29 per match. Nine of those was given in the first 45 minutes, and the remaining 14 in continuation. Highest number of goals that clubs gave in each halves was 3. Three targets were scored in stoppage time by 3 different clubs: 1 in the first half and 2 in the second. Players from Urawa red diamonds were very generous towards their opponents where they gifted them with 2 own goals (Manchester city and Al Ahly were very joyful to accept them).
Referees gave in total 5 penalties out of which 3 of them were scored, while 2 were beautifully saved. Al Ahly have had 2 punishments against various rivals: the first was converted a into goal in the first half, whilst the second penalty was saved in the second 45 minutes. The "men in blue" also gave 2 red cards: 2 yellow on 1 occasion plus a direct one and both of them have been issued in the second half.
The format of 6 (continental champions) plus 1 (host) was played for the very last time where, sadly, this competition is going to be completely destroyed before returning it at 2025 in expanded version. And the other 25 clubs would have to appear from 'somewhere'. The right question is from where they will come.

23 December 2023

Debut appearance and title

Club World Cup 2023 - Saudi Arabia, classification game for place 3 and 4, night 5, duel 6:

Urawa red diamonds - Al Ahly 2:4

Scorers: 0:1 18 (18.07) Yasser Ibrahim
               0:2 25 (24.33) Percy Tau
               1:2 43 (42.32) Jose Kante
               2:2 54-pen (53.38) Alexander Scholz
               2:3 60-own goal (59.32) Yoshio Koizumi
               2:4 90+8 (97.58) Ali Maaloul

- On 74 (74.14) Ali Maaloul had a chance to score for Al Ahly from 11 metres, but his weak shot was beautifully saved.

Club World Cup 2023 - Saudi Arabia, final, night 5, duel 7:

Manchester city - Fluminense 4:0

Scorers: 1:0 01 (41 seconds) Julian Alvarez
               2:0 27 (26.41) Marcilio Filho
               3:0 71 (71.10) Philip Foden
               4:0 88 (87.40) Julian Alvarez

* Congratulations to Manchester city where on its first participation (maybe) could be the last ever true champion of this event before it returns at 2025 in expanded format (with 32 clubs).

22 December 2023

Advanced ball

The 24 teams at the European championship in the summer of 2024 will play with a specialized ball.
Inside the Fussballliebe is a microchip where from there it will send signals to the video assistant referees who are going to rest and watch everything from the monitors. However, that rest would be broken with a beep if a player touches the ball with his hand in the penalty area. Also the chip would determine the exact time of when the ball was kicked which will result with an accurate decisions whether it was offside or not.
This new technology practically is going to be of great help to the additional referees that are situated in the locked room and instantly can notify the main one on the venue if there is any irregularity in the game.

21 December 2023

Quintet of jerboas are back

On 01 December to the public were presented five cute mascots that would be seen at a continental championship early next year.
Freha, Saboog, Traeneh, Tmbki and Zkriti are the names of desert rodents that were unveiled at a special ceremony in Doha. These five adorable mascots will decorate the Asian Cup tournament which will commence from 12 January in Qatar. Also they are going to return again at the same country to cheer the participants and mingle among the crowd 13 years later, as they made their first appearance on the same event (and had an identical job description) at 2011.

20 December 2023

Everything began with an own target

Club World Cup 2023 - Saudi Arabia, semi - final 2, night 4, duel 5:

Urawa red diamonds - Manchester city 0:3

Scorers: 0:1 45-own goal (45.02) Marius Hoibraten
               0:2 52 (51.39) Mateo Kovachic
               0:3 59 (58.50) Bernardo Silva

19 December 2023

Result has been formed in 19 minutes

Club World Cup 2023 - Saudi Arabia, semi - final 1, night 3, duel 4:

Fluminense - Al Ahly 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 70-pen (70.06) Jhon Arias
               2:0 89 (89.09) John Kennedy

11 December 2023

Cold weather as an additional challenge

Slowly, slowly we came until the sixth stage of the international European league competitions. If in the first five rounds it was very easy to play, in the last footballers are expecting to face the difficult challenge yet: freezing temperatures at some parts of the continent (specially at the later kick off). The fooling around period and calculations are over, so if clubs wants to be part of the knockout round draw, its players needs to confront this coldness really seriously.
Schedule for the last 48 games from the group phase looks like this:

Champions league...
Tuesday, 12 December at 18.45 CEt: Lens - Sevilla.
Tuesday, 12 December at 18.45 CEt: PSV - Arsenal.

Tuesday, 12 December at 21.00 CEt: Inter - Real Sociedad.
Tuesday, 12 December at 21.00 CEt: Kobenhavn - Galatasaray.
Tuesday, 12 December at 21.00 CEt: Manchester united - Bayern.
Tuesday, 12 December at 21.00 CEt: Napoli - Braga.
Tuesday, 12 December at 21.00 CEt: Red bull Salzburg - Benfica.
Tuesday, 12 December at 21.00 CEt: Union Berlin - Real Madrid.

Wednesday, 13 December at 18.45 CEt: Crvena zvezda - Manchester city.
Wednesday, 13 December at 18.45 CEtRasenballsport Leipzig - Young boys Bern.

Wednesday, 13 December at 21.00 CEt: Antwerp - Barcelona.
Wednesday, 13 December at 21.00 CEt: Atletico Madrid - Lazio.
Wednesday, 13 December at 21.00 CEt: Borussia Dortmund - PSG.
Wednesday, 13 December at 21.00 CEt: Celtic - Feyenoord.
Wednesday, 13 December at 21.00 CEt: Newcastle - Milan.
Wednesday, 13 December at 21.00 CEt: Porto - Shakhtar Donetsk.

... Conference league...
Thursday, 14 December at 18.45 CEt: Aberdeen - Eintracht Frankfurt.
Thursday, 14 December at 18.45 CEt: Fenerbahche - Spartak Trnava.
Thursday, 14 December at 18.45 CEt: Ferencvaros - Fiorentina.
Thursday, 14 December at 18.45 CEt: Genk - Chukarichki.
Thursday, 14 December at 18.45 CEt: Legia - AZ.
Thursday, 14 December at 18.45 CEt: Ludogorets - Nordsjaelland.
Thursday, 14 December at 18.45 CEt: PAOK - HJK.
Thursday, 14 December at 18.45 CEt: Zrinjski - Aston villa.

Thursday, 14 December at 21.00 CEt: Club Brugge - Bodo/Glimt.
Thursday, 14 December at 21.00 CEt: Dinamo Zagreb - Ballkani.
Thursday, 14 December at 21.00 CEt: Lille - KI.
Thursday, 14 December at 21.00 CEt: Lugano - Beshiktash.
Thursday, 14 December at 21.00 CEt: Maccabi Tel Aviv - Gent (playing in Bachka topola, Serbia).
Thursday, 14 December at 21.00 CEt: Slovan - Olimpija.
Thursday, 14 December at 21.00 CEt: Viktoria - Astana.
Thursday, 14 December at 21.00 CEt: Zorya - Breidablik (playing in Lublin, Poland).

... and Europa league.
Thursday, 14 December at 18.45 CEt: Bayer - Molde.
Thursday, 14 December at 18.45 CEt: LASK - Toulouse.
Thursday, 14 December at 18.45 CEt: Panathinaikos - Maccabi Haifa.
Thursday, 14 December at 18.45 CEt: Qarabag - Hacken.
Thursday, 14 December at 18.45 CEt: Roma - Sheriff.
Thursday, 14 December at 18.45 CEt: Slavia Praha - Servette.
Thursday, 14 December at 18.45 CEt: Stade Rennais - Villarreal.
Thursday, 14 December at 18.45 CEt: Union Saint-Gilloise - Liverpool.

Thursday, 14 December at 21.00 CEt: Ajax - AEK (Athens).
Thursday, 14 December at 21.00 CEt: Aris (Limassol) - Sparta Praha.
Thursday, 14 December at 21.00 CEt: Betis - Glasgow rangers.
Thursday, 14 December at 21.00 CEt: Brighton - Olympique de Marseille.
Thursday, 14 December at 21.00 CEt: Olympiacos - Tsc.
Thursday, 14 December at 21.00 CEt: Rakow - Atalanta.
Thursday, 14 December at 21.00 CEt: Sporting - Sturm.
Thursday, 14 December at 21.00 CEt: West ham - Freiburg.

Last ever time in this format

This time of the month, six continental champions together with the hosts are gathered in one place to play the final tournament of each year. And an honour to close up this competition on a club level in 2023 have Saudi Arabia where at the Club World Cup three debutants are going to take part: Club Leon, Fluminense and Manchester city.
In the first week five participants will be introduced to the public out of which two would be from the hosting continent Asia together with one each from Australia, North America and Africa.

Round 1
Tuesday, 12 December at 19.00 CEt: Al-Ittihad - Auckland city.

Round 2
Friday, 15 December at 15.30 CEt: Club Leon - Urawa red diamonds.
Friday, 15 December at 19.00 CEt: Al Ahly - winning club from round one.

Unfortunately, this is the last time that this event is playing under the current format (with 7 clubs), where it is going to be completely destroyed before returning it again in expanded style (to 32 clubs) starting from 2025.

10 December 2023

Mascot is known

During the draw on 07 December it was revealed the mascot that will decorative the host United states of America and definitely the most exciting competition in the world that would be played in the summer periods of 2024. For edition number 48 Capitan is going to be the official emblem of Copa America.
This talisman is coming in a form of a friendly eagle which represents unbreakable and decisive spirit that this animal have for each of the 16 teams. At both American continents this symbol is a part in various cultures, thus it was the perfect choice that the eagle was picked as a mascot for the event.

09 December 2023

Joined forces for making a song

Currently the European championship who starts in 2024 is without an official melody, and for this purpose a trio of artists have been chosen. On 02 December it was revealed that Meduza, OneRepublic and Kim Petras will work together to produce a song that would be memorable in the summer periods and to win the hearts of many throughout Germany (and beyond). This soundtrack is going to be available from spring by the Italian electronic music group, the American pop band together with the local singer and songwriter. When everything ends the mentioned trio will do a live performance just before the final game or at a closing ceremony on 14 July in Berlin.

08 December 2023

Teams divided in four groups

In the summer of 2024 two continental team tournaments will be played with almost simultaneous kick-off dates. Five nights after the first draw was made on 02 December came the second one on the oldest football competition in the world where is going to be staged entirely in another continent.
Definitely the most exciting one of these two is Copa America where the final line-up is going to be known just three months before it begins, so the 14 teams have found out who will play who in the first part of the championship and those are joined by the 2 mysterious ones with the following result:

Group A: (awarded place 1) Argentina, (01) Peru, (05) Chile, (09) play-off winner 1 (Canada or Trinidad and Tobago).

Group B: (awarded place 2) Mexico, (02) Ecuador, (06) Venezuela, (12) play-off winner 2 (Costa Rica or Honduras).

Group C: (awarded place 3) United states of America, (03) Uruguay, (07) Panama, (10) Bolivia.

Group D: (awarded place 4) Brazil, (04) Colombia, (08) Paraguay, (11) Jamaica.

On 23 March the four losing quarter-finalists of the North, Central America and the Caribbean version from the Nations league of 2023-24 season are going to decide their fate of whether they are participating in the event or watch it from home. This quartet would have only one chance to prove themselves or 90 minutes (or more) to solve the missing puzzle by giving the remaining two finalists.

Note: Before each team and the two pairs is the number that they have been drawn from the four bowls.

07 December 2023

Zeros from both sides

Europa league 2023-24 season, group stage, phase 3, extra night 2 of 2:

Villarreal - Maccabi Haifa 0:0

06 December 2023

An only nominee means automatically winning the hospitality

On 31 October has expired the deadline for interested parties to host the World Cup competition in 2034. Because Australia has pulled out of the race in the last minute, they practically did a favour to another fellow association and only candidate Saudi Arabia to stage the show in 11 years time on their soil. The official decision and confirmation would be made next year. It means that after 2022 the biggest sports event in the world is going to be back playing it in Asia, but for the first time with 48 teams.
Because highest temperatures is causing problems in Middle East on summer, the biggest country in the region claims that it will not be moved to winter season like last year and should be organized as scheduled. That can be done with the help of new technologies in terms to cool down the air and everyone feeling comfortable on stadia. For the time being they have no intention of finding a partner to co-host this tournament together with a neighbouring nation.

05 December 2023

Information about an event

Not long ago the South American organization have released details about where its main team competition will commence and end next summer, while today has announced it what will happen in between as the whole layout, cities and stadia were revealed.
Edition number 48 of Copa America in 2024 is going to be held on another continent. In 25 nights United states of America will be the base of all 16 teams that would play in 14 cities and stadia around the country. All 10 teams are coming from one confederation while the other 6 are the guests is this tournament, and out of those the 2 remaining teams are going to be known in March. The knockout phases begins on 04 July and is completed 10 nights later, while everything is kicking off with the group stage where each representative is going to be introduced from 20 June to 02 July.
Every town, name of the arenas together with the whole schedule can be seen on the website of the confederation.

04 December 2023

Unnecessary punishment because of a third party

A really dubious and dumb penalty has issued the European football organization over Celtic. On 25 October the Scottish club has played a Champions league game against Atletico Madrid in their stadium and during it most fans have waved Palestinian flags who showed support of solidarity for the people in Gaza. However, that scene have angered some 'officials' at the confederation who did not like what they saw, and with the 'very smart' reason of "provocative messages of an offensive nature" thus have taken from them 15.248 pounds (17.467 euros).

03 December 2023

Six groups to start with

Group A: (awarded place as hosts) Germany, (12) Scotland, (06) Hungary, (18) Switzerland.

Group B: (01) Spain, (13) Croatia, (19) Italy, (07) Albania.

Group C: (14) Slovenia, (08) Denmark, (20) Serbia, (02) England.

Group D: (21) play-off winner 1 from either Poland / Wales / Finland / Estonia (roughly presented below), (15) Netherlands, (09) Austria, (03) France.

Group E: (04) Belgium, (16) Slovakia, (10) Romania, (22) play-off winner 2 of either Israel / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Ukraine / Iceland (roughly presented below).

Group F: (11) Turkiye, (23) play-off winner 3 from either Georgia / Greece / Kazakhstan / Luxembourg (roughly presented below), (05) Portugal, (17) Czech Republic.

Above are the 21 teams plus three (who are) unknown so far that were divided today in the layout for the European championship next summer. The finals in 2024 have 4 knockout-rounds that kick-off on 29 June an end 14 July, but before that each of the 24 'musketeers' will present themselves and entertain the public where the top 2 from 6 groups together with best 4 finishers in third place would advance through to the already mentioned first elimination stage.

In conclusion, the missing trio will come from the play-off games from the A, B and C division of the European version of Nations league who will additionally torture themselves over 180 minutes (or more) just to be seen on the main event. All of them would be known at the end of March or just three months before the show who officially starts on 14 June.

Note: before each (and the mystery) team in the groups is the number as they were drawn from the bowls (except one).

02 December 2023

Wants to advertise on a big event

In a space of just 24 hours the African Cup of nations 2023 (2024) has attracted two local clients that, with their presence, like to be seen throughout Ivory coast.
LONACI has joined the list of partners last Tuesday. With important contributor of the economy the Loterie Nationale de Cote d'Ivoire (National lottery of Ivory coast) is funding governmental and social services in the country.
An agreement with the organizers has reached Smart technology the next day. The electronics company is the latest so far to support the continental event that is going to kick off in January.

01 December 2023

Catastrophic results have experienced both clubs from Turkiye

Conference league 2023-24 season, group stage, round 5:

Breidablik - Maccabi Tel Aviv 1:2

Scorers: 0:1 35 (34.35) Dan Biton
               1:1 60 (60.05) Gisli Eyjolfsson
               1:2 81 (81.07) Eran Zahavi

- This game was moved earlier in the afternoon than the original schedule.
- On 90+4 (94.20) the only goal scorer of the home club saw his second yellow card.

Astana - Dinamo Zagreb 0:2

Scorers: 0:1 48 (47.28) Gabriel Vidovic
               0:2 79 (78.24) Takuro Kaneko

- The home attacker Dembo Darboe could have brought Astana to a 1:0 lead, but his 11 metre punishment at 11 (10.59) was beautifully saved.
- Dushan Jovanchic (Astana) saw his second yellow card at 73 (72.46).

AZ - Zrinjski 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 58-pen (58.15) Vangelis Pavlidis

Beshiktash - Club Brugge 0:5

Scorers: 0:1 03 (03.05) Casper Nielsen
               0:2 13 (13.02) Igor Thiago
               0:3 46 (45.23) Igor Thiago
               0:4 50 (49.59) Raphael Onyedika
               0:5 69 (68.57) Andreas Skov Olsen

KI - Slovan 1:2

Scorers: 1:0 16 (16.19) Mads Boe Mikkelsen
               1:1 24 (23.46) Juraj Kucka
               1:2 62 (61.31) Juraj Kucka

Gent - Zorya 4:1

Scorers: 1:0 20 (19.49) Malick Fofana
               2:0 49-own goal (48.27) Arseniy Batahov
               3:0 54 (54.20) Gift Orban
               4:0 75 (74.42) Omri Gandelman
               4:1 82 (81.42) Denys Nahnoynyi

Bodo/Glimt - Lugano 5:2

Scorers: 1:0 39 (39.19) Amahl Pellegrino
               2:0 52 (51.41) Sondre Brunstad Fet
               3:0 65 (64.55) Patrick Berg
               3:1 68 (68.14) Zhan Celar
               4:1 78 (77.57) Amahl Pellegrino
               4:2 86 (85.25) Boris Babic
               5:2 88 (87.59) Oscar Forsmo Kapskarmo

Ballkani - Viktoria 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 80 (80.14) Pavel Shulc

HJK - Aberdeen 2:2

Scorers: 1:0 15 (15.19) Boureima Hassane Bande
               2:0 32 (32.08) Santeri Hostikka
               2:1 40 (40.06) Angus MacDonald
               2:2 55 (55.20) Luis de Barros Lopes

Olimpija - Lille 0:2

Scorers: 0:1 14 Remy Cabella
               0:2 75 Yusuf Yazici

Chukarichki - Ferencvaros 1:2

Scorers: 0:1 10 (09.53) Luka Adzic
               1:1 83 (82.30) Kristoffer Zachariassen
               1:2 90+8 (97.22) Aleksandar Peshic

Spartak Trnava - Ludogorets 1:2

Scorers: 0:1 73 (73.04) Kwadwo Duah
               1:1 78 (77.38) Erik Daniel
               1:2 90+5 (94.51) Matias Tissera

- On 86 (85.51) Ludogorets had a penalty, but the 11 metre shot from Olivier Verdon was beautifully saved.

Fiorentina - Genk 2:1

Scorers: 0:1 45 (44.33) Joris Kayembe
               1:1 45+4 (48.37) Lucas Martinez Quarta
               2:1 82-pen (81.40) Nicolas Gonzalez

Nordsjaelland - Fenerbahche 6:1

Scorers: 1:0 21 (20.30) Lucas Hey
               2:0 25 (24.30) Daniel Svensson
               2:1 43 (42.52) Michy Batshuayi
               3:1 54 (54.13) Benjamin Nygren
               4:1 65 (65.08) Christian Rasmussen
               5:1 74 (74.12) Benjamin Nygren
               6:1 84 (83.32) Benjamin Nygren

Europa league 2023-24 season, group stage, phase 5:

Atalanta - Sporting 1:1

Scorers: 1:0 23 Gianluca Scamacca
               1:1 56 Marcus Edwards

Sparta Praha - Betis 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 53 (53.18) Lukash Haraslin

Maccabi Haifa - Stade Rennais 0:3 (neutral arena)

Scorers: 0:1 29 Martin Terrier
               0:2 47 Amine Gouiri
               0:3 90+3 Fabian Rieder

Sturm - Rakow 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 81 John Yeboah

Tsc - West ham 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 89 Tomash Souchek

Villarreal - Panathinaikos 3:2

Scorers: 1:0 29 (28.21) Alejandro Baena
               2:0 33 (33.15) Santiago Comesana
               3:0 47 (46.49) Jose Luis Morales
               3:1 66 (65.40) Sebastian Palacios
               3:2 80 (80.04) Fotis Ioannidis

- The 11 metre shot from Fotis Ioannidis (Panathinaikos) was perfectly saved on 66 (65.38).

Sheriff - Slavia Praha 2:3

Scorers: 0:1 18 (18.18) Vaclav Jurechka
               1:1 47 (47.15) Cristian Tovar
               2:1 55 (55.10) Jerome Ngom Mbekeli
               2:2 78 (77.50) Christos Zafeiris
               2:3 90+5 (94.41) Muhamed Tijani

Olympique de Marseille - Ajax 4:3

Scorers: 1:0 08-pen Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
               1:1 10 Brian Brobbey
               2:1 25 Chancel Mbemba Mangulu
               2:2 29 Brian Brobbey
               3:2 47 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
               3:3 79 Chuba Akpom
               4:3 90+3-pen Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

- Ajax played with 10 men from 62 (62.19) because Steven Berghuis received a direct red card.

Glasgow rangers - Aris (Limassol) 1:1

Scorers: 0:1 28 (27.42) Shavy Babicka
               1:1 48 (48.20) Ross McCausland

Servette - Roma 1:1

Scorers: 0:1 21 (20.55) Romelu Lukaku
               1:1 50 (49.44) Chris Bedia

Toulouse - Union Saint-Gilloise 0:0

Molde - Qarabag 2:2

Scorers: 0:1 11 (10.49) Olavio dos Santos junior
               1:1 82 (81.28) Kristian Eriksen
               2:1 87 (86.51) Kristian Eriksen
               2:2 90+4 (94.16) Bahlul Mustafazada

Hacken - Bayer 0:2

Scorers: 0:1 14 Victor Boniface
               0:2 74 Patrik Schick

Liverpool - LASK 4:0

Scorers: 1:0 12 Luis Diaz
               2:0 14 Cody Gakpo
               3:0 51-pen Mohamed Salah
               4:0 90+2 Cody Gakpo