03 December 2023

Six groups to start with

Group A: (awarded place as hosts) Germany, (12) Scotland, (06) Hungary, (18) Switzerland.

Group B: (01) Spain, (13) Croatia, (19) Italy, (07) Albania.

Group C: (14) Slovenia, (08) Denmark, (20) Serbia, (02) England.

Group D: (21) play-off winner 1 from either Poland / Wales / Finland / Estonia (roughly presented below), (15) Netherlands, (09) Austria, (03) France.

Group E: (04) Belgium, (16) Slovakia, (10) Romania, (22) play-off winner 2 of either Israel / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Ukraine / Iceland (roughly presented below).

Group F: (11) Turkiye, (23) play-off winner 3 from either Georgia / Greece / Kazakhstan / Luxembourg (roughly presented below), (05) Portugal, (17) Czech Republic.

Above are the 21 teams plus three (who are) unknown so far that were divided today in the layout for the European championship next summer. The finals in 2024 have 4 knockout-rounds that kick-off on 29 June an end 14 July, but before that each of the 24 'musketeers' will present themselves and entertain the public where the top 2 from 6 groups together with best 4 finishers in third place would advance through to the already mentioned first elimination stage.

In conclusion, the missing trio will come from the play-off games from the A, B and C division of the European version of Nations league who will additionally torture themselves over 180 minutes (or more) just to be seen on the main event. All of them would be known at the end of March or just three months before the show who officially starts on 14 June.

Note: before each (and the mystery) team in the groups is the number as they were drawn from the bowls (except one).


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