31 May 2020

Journalist, murder and football

The above things from the subject may have nothing in common, until one woman has revealed that the three are indeed connected.
Everything started on 02 October 2018 with the killing of Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Allegedly the 59-year-old journalist was hiding in the largest Turkish town to get away from Saudi Arabian high government official(s) criticizing everywhere their policies. Many of them were arrested, but the main conspirator: crown prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud escaped that punishment, who now wants to invest in a club.
Last Monday, the fiance of the columnist Hatice Cengiz asked everyone (spectators, Premier league, various institutions) to block the takeover of Newcastle from the consortium controlled by the crown prince. Simply she does not want his 'blood money' to be in football business and like that to restore the image that is has a dark past.

30 May 2020

Hosts confirmed for main event...well partly

In June 2012 it was proposed and at December 2012 it was uncovered the dumbest decision that the European main championship should be played throughout the continent. Eight years later a virus came which caused a real mess and chaos in the calendar, so it was additionally announced that the tournament is going to be suspended for 2021.
Although it is very unclear of how the competition will be staged with spectators, from now the regional association wants to know which cities are going to remain hosts. Out of 12 that were originally planned, the event could be staged even in 8, if the epidemic situation is not stabilized in some countries. Until today confirmed towns are Baku, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Glasgow, London, Munich, Saint Petersburg and from the beginning of the week Dublin ; which means four of them are still missing from the list and did not give the affirmative answer yet: Amsterdam, Bilbao, Budapest and Rome.
Finally, the organization have to decide at a meeting on 17 June in which cities are going to be held the postponed tournament and with how many.

29 May 2020

Inhaling laughing gas

Last Monday it was reported how Alexandre Lacazette is breathing nitrous oxide (which is also known as laughing gas). Doing it in a sitting position, the 29-year-old is inhaling this chemical compound from balloon while his eyes are closed. This incident is the second of its kind from the striker where 18 months ago had done the same, received a punishment from Arsenal, and he can experience that again heavily now after this stupidity.

28 May 2020

Known dates for financial breach case

For violating football rules of financial fair play from 2012 until 2016, Manchester city is penalized with 30 million euros plus cannot be present at the international European leagues (Cups) events in the next two years. The club has immediately appealed the decision at the Court of arbitration for sport, where last Tuesday they confirmed that the process would last three days: from 08 until 10 June. In this situation the final verdict has to be made before the Champions league draw for next season.

27 May 2020

Advertisement of inappropriate content

It is already known that we (spectators) cannot attend football games around the world, thus in our presence at the moment dolls are filling all over the stands. The trouble begins when the non-living creatures are starting 'out of it self' to promote forbidden content.
On 17 May Seoul and Gwangju played their game from the K-league 1 championship, and three days later came the record punishment in the league for the home team. Not being checked over before the duel, the hired company placed up to 30 dressed dolls (most of them females) that advertised the logo of SoloS - a sex toy seller and manufacturer. Because this is treated as illegal promotion, the club had to pay 100 million Won (74.644 euros) who apologized about the artificial spectators and said it will not complain over the decision.

26 May 2020

No historical meaning

Owners of San siro, the Milan municipality renounced the largest venue in Italy very easily. Because the city heritage is not that important, three days ago it was announced that the legendary structure got approval for demolition where opened its doors at 1926. To free up space, in its place it will be build a new stadium, with fewer seats than the existing, when last September was presented an investment worth 1.2 billion euros.

25 May 2020

Bankruptcy of an Asian team

A really rare case has incurred last Tuesday at People's Republic of China.
In an unable effort to find itself financial support, Tianjin tianhai has gone insolvent. It was founded at Inner Mongolia in 2006 as Hohhot Binhai, and since then the club has changed their name three more times. The trouble began in 2015 where a herbal medicine company took over, who was involved in a pyramid scheme and its owner arrested in January 2019. After that the team carries the current name where it participated at the Asian Champions league for the first time in 2017, reaching the quarterfinal stage. When local championship is concerned (Chinese Super league), Shenzhen is going to be back in the top division after at 2019 finished in last position.
Today came the news that 4 additional clubs from second together with 7 at third division are disbanded because of the situation with the virus and lack of football activities throughout the country.

24 May 2020

Without bad habits while playing

Last Thursday the South American confederation have issued special set of measures in order to protect the health of all participants on the pitch when Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana are going to resume with its plays. Because of the virus pandemic these two events were forcibly stopped (as any other), and no one knows the exact date of when it will be back.
However, when it does, players have to abandon the old bad habits they did before the break and comply to the new rules: spitting and blowing their noses on the pitch, together with kissing the ball prior, during and after matches is going to be strictly forbidden. Exchanging shirts between each other, opposing footballers and giving it to the fans is also prohibited ; whilst reserve players and staff have to wear masks, as well as all participants in the press conference room has to do the same.
Before the games temperatures will be checked on each footballer and referees ; 'medical register' is going to be created, where all tests are going to be followed, players who are refusing to be tested will not be allowed to participate, while those clubs which are not going to take part in the tests will be punished.

23 May 2020

Do not want to finish the season for a reasonable reason

Completion of the national leagues have to finish until the end according to the European football organization, but due to 'high force' it is impossible to achieve that in some areas because of the virus. Thus three countries has terminated their championships earlier than expected, and as there is no other solution, before the break teams who were at current standings on the tables are going to appear at the international leagues (Cups) events for 2020-21 season.
On 15 May Cyprus has decided to call off the championship. As a biggest problem against the continuation, the association referred to unabling of the whole club to be put into 14 days quarantine if one player is infected. From the second division two teams will be promoted, but of the first no one is going to be relegated. No winner is announced yet, while the top 4 teams will represent the county at both competitions next year: Omonia, Anorthosis, APOEL and Apollon.
In Scotland the winners are Celtic. At the beginning of the week it was revealed that the championship is completed early, where one team is going to be dropped to division two.
Wales has done the same thing, one day later. Surprise winners are Connah's quay nomads, who for the first time is going to play at Champions league ; while Europa league representatives are The new saints, Bala town and Barry town. Decision about relegation has not being made.

22 May 2020

Used illegal substance

Nine days ago the European football association confirmed that Artem Besyedin failed on the second test and is removed from this sport. The Dynamo Kyiv striker was temporarily suspended at the end of 2019, but that was prolonged to one year after taking Phenylpiracetam (Fonturacetam), when his team played against Malmo at the Europa league on 28 November 2019. Astronauts are using this drug to stay awake longer while in space.
Considering that the punishment is expiring on 19 December, and football can not start with matches for quite some time now in almost every corner of the world, the 24-year-old Ukrainian has decided not to appeal the decision.

21 May 2020

Operation against drug dealers

Last Tuesday the Spanish police have arrested ten drug dealers and among them was one former footballer. Former Real Madrid player Edwin Congo was detained and questioned over cocaine trafficking network. After giving all answers, the 43-year-old Colombian was released few hours later.

20 May 2020

Purchasing clubs like candy

Eight days ago Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan bin Zayed bin Khalifa al Nahyan, a politician and a member of the royal family of United Arab Emirates, have bought himself a new team. Lommel sportkring was acquired in an unknown amount by the Investment fund from Abu Dhabi united group who only revealed that are paying the debts of 2 million euros. One of the main reason that the Belgian second division club was bought is producing quality players from their youth school.
In total this is the ninth club purchased by the above wealthiest sponsor who are also having a 'collaboration agreement' with Atletico Venezuela.

19 May 2020

Immediately record achieved after break

Couple of days ago, the German Bundesliga has returned in action and instantly reached new highs in terms of audience at an incredible 6.13 million accomplished in one day / night.
As spectators cannot go to stadia to watch their favorite teams, the only option now is through cameras where all games are transmitted live in the country from Sky. The television network broke its own record when 3.68 million people has turned in to watch the games on subscription basis, which is double times more then any other Saturday. On this number is added 2.45 million viewers who enjoyed simultaneous matches that were looked on their free channel.

18 May 2020

Funny way of expressing for continuation playing...'seriously now'

Some clubs are behaving like small kids not taking the decision seriously when officials are saying enough is enough. They do not want to put health as a priority, but instead want to play and risk even when the virus is still threatening.
While in the first part of the championship the team was fooling around, now Amiens suddenly wants to play football. As are being relegated to division two, the club has thought an 'original' idea where is going one step further: after an online petition, filing a lawsuit against the football leaders, and finally - this Tuesday in the French sports newspaper L'Equipe, they put an advertisement on the whole page demanding to annul the decision against termination of the league so that everyone in the country could read (their empty words) just because 'eagerly' want to carry on with the games. Adding to this misery are the words from the mayor of the same town saying that will loose on attractiveness, plus are going to experience economic consequences (probably for the worst) if the entire thing is not transformed in their favor.
The only thing missing from this story is...crying at the end.

17 May 2020

Gruesome murder

Last Monday Cehver Toktas confessed to the police a crime which he committed due to lack of love as the main reason given. Everybody thought that the victim died of complications of the disease until the player revealed the true, dark side of the story.
Eleven days earlier, on 23 April, his 5-year-old son Kasim was brought in the hospital because he tested positive on the virus. The boy was moved to intensive care unit where couple of hours later he passed away while his father was in the room. During that time the 32-year-old midfielder suffocated the poor kid with a pillow over his head pressing it for 15 minutes.
Since then the body have been exhumed for investigation, the trial has not yet been set, but if found guilty the Bursa yildirimspor footballer could get a lifetime sentence in prison.

16 May 2020

Leaving military with high praise

Son Heung-Min finished his army duties at the Jeju island last Friday. During the military service the South Korean striker won the 'Pil sung' (Certain victory) award, because he was in the top five performer in his marine corps unit.
Thanks to the victory of the gold medal from the Asian games two years ago, the 27-year-old deservedly served his country as an exception of three weeks, a lot shorter than the obligatory 21 months process.

15 May 2020

Yearly tickets given for free

Although this sport (as it look like) is not going to be played in front of spectators for quite some time now, one club has thought a way of how to bring them back. In order to do that we have to be loyal.
This season is completely lost, but for the next the Spanish club Getafe is giving seasonal tickets to those who already owned them to see football this year. President Angel Torres has revealed seven days ago that it will pay for all 13.500 tickets, and give away to the devoted spectators.

14 May 2020

Saving his former club from relegation

The virus situation is causing many trouble with the clubs, and one of them is Standard Liege who faced the most difficult times in its history: on 08 April the Belgian football association threatened to relegate them into the fourth division, losing its professional licence due to financial obligation towards the players. At their rescue jumped their ex-star Marouane Fellaini lending them 3 million euros for surviving the crisis. Hence, 05 May was the key date where many thanks went to the 32-year-old midfielder as the appeal went successful, the club has paid all debts and saved its top status.

13 May 2020

Back from the dead

Seven days ago miraculously it was discovered that footballer killed in the past actually fooled everyone.
In 1986 Hiannick Kamba together with his family has fled to Germany due to the violence at his native Democratic Republic of Congo, and in 2005 was admitted to the youth team of Schalke 04. Going back home at 2016 then the 29-year-old player was supposedly murdered, where soon after, his wife received an insurance company payment from 'six figures' plus premiums.
Four years and four months later, a local newspaper are revealing that the player is in fact alive and well, who is working at a power plant in the Ruhr area.

12 May 2020

Official change announced

Couple of days ago, reserve players on the benches across the globe have a right to celebrate. Five of them can enter the pitch, while each competition organizer has to decide whether this rule will be accepted or not. Due to the epidemic which caused chaos in football world where players are going to be under pressure which are going to experience very dense schedule once this sport resumes, the world football organization has temporarily recognized and formally established this change.

11 May 2020

Exposing personal information

On 01 May Kieran Trippier find himself in trouble when the English football association accused him of violating football rules. Allegedly the defender has 'leaked' an information to a third party about his transfer of July 2019, when he moved to Atletico Madrid from Tottenham. The offence is based on illegal betting activity where the 29-year-old have to answer until 18 May on this issue.

10 May 2020

Unfair payment after quick dismissal

For just a brief moment that he was in charge with Sporting clube de Portugal, Sinisa Mihajlovic had to receive 3 million euros...at least the 51-year-old thought all sum was on his account, until the team tricked him once again.
The date was 18 June 2018 when the old management hired him as trainer, but the new fired him on the spot just nine days later. At first had to receive 12 million euros, but the highest sporting court shortened that amount to one quarter. First deadline of payment was end of 2019, additional time was asked by the Portuguese club and was given as far as 30 April 2020, where only a part has been payout since then.
Without holding a single training session with the team that time, now the Serbian coach wants to throw them out of the European league competitions for next season.

09 May 2020

Not on equal terms with colleague counterparts yet

Six days ago the United States of America women team has lost a legal battle against their male counterparts. The district court at California rejected the request from the four-time World champions who are claiming that are paid less than their national team colleagues.
Among other things, the final report says that since females has received so many awards that is 'almost' the same compensation as salaries. Also the judge in this case has refused their accusation of being treated unfairly in terms of travelings, accommodations and trainings.
Despite this (off pitch) defeat, the women football team are not discouraged with this shocking decision and will continue to pursue fighting for an equal social payment on the next trial scheduled on 16 June.

Archipelago territory is the first to continue playing after stopping

It seems that the virus is slowly losing its strength (which is a good note) in Europe, and what is most importantly, leagues throughout the continent are commencing with its plays (which is even greater news).
Normality in this sport is gently coming back, where next weekend have to restart the football championship in Germany. At least it was thought that Bundesliga will be the first to resume with its live activities on 16 May, whither one small nation has 'tricked them'.
On 09 May the Faroe islands Premier league are starting duels of the new 2020 season that were forcefully rested from 08 March.

08 May 2020

More nations appeared who do not want to risk playing

While most countries are planning to continue finishing its leagues for this season in the following months, some have said enough is enough for this year not taking the risk of possible new infectees from the virus that is still terrorizing the world.
France is the third nation in Europe that completely suspends its championship. Of the economic point of view, losses will be enormous for the cancellation, but on the other hand saving lives is top priority. Sports competitions in the country has been banned until September, and therefore seven days ago PSG has been announced as winners this season. Because they were fooling around during the early 2019 plays, Olympique lyonnais have revealed that will sue the league seeking big financial compensation. Threatening with the lawsuit is just dereliction of duties, which hurts them even more by knowing that the club is going to be absent from the international European leagues next season after 23 years.
Yesterday Portugal have said that only the second league will be stopped. The government has announced that games would be possible to be played just in the first division, and thus Nacional and Farense are going to be promoted there from 2020-21 season.
Nine days ago over in South America Argentina is the first who abandoned its league this year. Until 2022 clubs will remain on the first division status before the cancellation happened, and if time permits new tournament will start in January 2021. Current standings are going to determine which teams will represent the country in Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana events.

07 May 2020

Temporary change of rules

An unimaginable halting of plays around the world (except some areas) have prompted the world football organization to change some rules until this virus is completely eradicated.
On 13 April the affiliation suggested to be introduced a third transfer window. The new option is going to be little more flexible and will come into effect if the current system of two transitional periods of 16 weeks is not extended. So far, players can move within 12 weeks between plus 4 in the middle of seasons.
Instead of three, there might be a possibility of having five substitutions during match. Additionally, one reserve player can still hope entering the pitch, but only if the duel is prolonged to additional 30 minutes. From last Monday, this is considered as relieve to each footballers who will have dense schedule once the leagues are going to resume (probably in the following months). Measure like this, if it gets the green light, is going to be applied in all club and international games until 31 December 2021.

06 May 2020

Judgment avoided after 15 years

The next story presents how to purchase a main sport event where during the process you can not be convicted.
Former German officials Wolfgang Niersbach, Theo Zwanziger, Horst Rudolf Schmidt together with the ex secretary at the world football organization Urs Linsi are accused of buying a World Cup event with 10 million Swiss francs (6.7 million euros). The quartet are indicted giving bribes to four Asian members in 2000 so that six years later the country would get the right to stage the tournament.
Verdict about this scandal had to take place in Switzerland, where eight days ago it expired and was treated as a statute of limitations. As investigation was opened in 2005, this case was deliberately procrastinated for so long, because under the law the maximum period for cases of corruption is 15 years.
This litigation began in Bellinzona on 09 March (less than eight weeks before the case would run out) where all defendants and witnesses had to testify, but because most of them were 70-years-old or older, they used the current situation and decided not to travel in order not to get infected with the virus. And as no one appeared for the punishment who was intentionally avoided, the court had no other option but to suspend the suit.

05 May 2020

Difficult decision time

On 28 April the European football organization sent to all 55 member nations a difficult task where they have to decide whether or not their championships are going to be resumed. From now (which is impossible to tell) they wants to know when the leagues are going to restart with an exact date and of which format are going to be finished. Certainly, this is not a suitable answer which has to be given, especially in these insecure epidemic times, where each of one have to be in there until 25 May.
The most easiest decision is to suspend a league, loosing millions of euros in the process and most importantly saving lives (which is considering as a big big plus) ; while the hardest will be playing until the end, risking lives of all participants on the pitch plus playing on empty stadia (which is an enormous minus for this sport). In general, the affiliation is rushing each country to present their teams for both international league events for next season based on competing and not on premature ending.

04 May 2020

Famous stadium name that will soon stop existing

Last Tuesday Barcelona has announced plans of its stadium to be put up on sale. When it was founded in 1899, this will be the first time that Camp nou is going to be renamed into one of the future sponsor.
If this idea is accomplished successfully, then the money will be split up on: using for research projects for the battle against the virus and financing other needs in the club, without revealing of how much it wants.

03 May 2020

Launched new entertainment just for home

Currently football games at the North American and Caribbean region are suspended (except in some part) and in order to be more interesting, last Thursday the local organization has developed an idea of how to keep spectators company in these days.
Under 'Concacaf rewind' on its continental website together with social media platforms can be watched classical and unforgettable duels from the Scotiabank Concacaf Champions league, Nations league and other men, women and youth events. Every Friday night fans can enjoy the review of the most spectacular games in the region until the real action resumes (more likely) in the following months.

02 May 2020

Restart with football activities

As the virus has been put under control, South Korea will surely become the first Asian country that is going to resume with its championship that was scheduled to begin on 29 February. Last Friday it was announced that K league 1 and 2 are going to commence seven days from now (08 May) without spectators. For the leagues to be successful after surviving the epidemic period new measures will apply to the continuation following strict rules: coaches and club officials must wear masks ; players cannot talk to each other, opponents or referees during plays ; and if footballers or team officials is going to be infected, then the whole club will be removed from the pitch for at least two weeks.
Out of economic point of view, the football association have signed lucrative deals. Yesterday WSC sports was introduced as a partner, where the Israeli-based company is using artificial intelligence video production, distribution platform plus creating short videos in real time so that viewers can enjoy the game. Adding to this is sealing agreements with 10 foreign nations, whereat four days ago it was revealed that live / delay duels are going to be watched in United States of America, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China, together with digital platforms in Netherlands, United Kingdom and Singapore.

01 May 2020

Ghosts in the stands

This sport without spectators unfortunately is a true reality where many clubs are thinking how to bring them / us back in stadia. Many ways are possible, and one of them is described below.
One of the scariest football (but in a funny way) prepared the Borussia Monchengladbach fans. Seven days ago it was announced that for 19 euros they are buying carton boxes with their own image, which of course, are going to be sitting inside the stadium because ordinary people can not do that.