06 May 2020

Judgment avoided after 15 years

The next story presents how to purchase a main sport event where during the process you can not be convicted.
Former German officials Wolfgang Niersbach, Theo Zwanziger, Horst Rudolf Schmidt together with the ex secretary at the world football organization Urs Linsi are accused of buying a World Cup event with 10 million Swiss francs (6.7 million euros). The quartet are indicted giving bribes to four Asian members in 2000 so that six years later the country would get the right to stage the tournament.
Verdict about this scandal had to take place in Switzerland, where eight days ago it expired and was treated as a statute of limitations. As investigation was opened in 2005, this case was deliberately procrastinated for so long, because under the law the maximum period for cases of corruption is 15 years.
This litigation began in Bellinzona on 09 March (less than eight weeks before the case would run out) where all defendants and witnesses had to testify, but because most of them were 70-years-old or older, they used the current situation and decided not to travel in order not to get infected with the virus. And as no one appeared for the punishment who was intentionally avoided, the court had no other option but to suspend the suit.


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