27 May 2020

Advertisement of inappropriate content

It is already known that we (spectators) cannot attend football games around the world, thus in our presence at the moment dolls are filling all over the stands. The trouble begins when the non-living creatures are starting 'out of it self' to promote forbidden content.
On 17 May Seoul and Gwangju played their game from the K-league 1 championship, and three days later came the record punishment in the league for the home team. Not being checked over before the duel, the hired company placed up to 30 dressed dolls (most of them females) that advertised the logo of SoloS - a sex toy seller and manufacturer. Because this is treated as illegal promotion, the club had to pay 100 million Won (74.644 euros) who apologized about the artificial spectators and said it will not complain over the decision.


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