30 May 2020

Hosts confirmed for main event...well partly

In June 2012 it was proposed and at December 2012 it was uncovered the dumbest decision that the European main championship should be played throughout the continent. Eight years later a virus came which caused a real mess and chaos in the calendar, so it was additionally announced that the tournament is going to be suspended for 2021.
Although it is very unclear of how the competition will be staged with spectators, from now the regional association wants to know which cities are going to remain hosts. Out of 12 that were originally planned, the event could be staged even in 8, if the epidemic situation is not stabilized in some countries. Until today confirmed towns are Baku, Bucharest, Copenhagen, Glasgow, London, Munich, Saint Petersburg and from the beginning of the week Dublin ; which means four of them are still missing from the list and did not give the affirmative answer yet: Amsterdam, Bilbao, Budapest and Rome.
Finally, the organization have to decide at a meeting on 17 June in which cities are going to be held the postponed tournament and with how many.


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