07 May 2020

Temporary change of rules

An unimaginable halting of plays around the world (except some areas) have prompted the world football organization to change some rules until this virus is completely eradicated.
On 13 April the affiliation suggested to be introduced a third transfer window. The new option is going to be little more flexible and will come into effect if the current system of two transitional periods of 16 weeks is not extended. So far, players can move within 12 weeks between plus 4 in the middle of seasons.
Instead of three, there might be a possibility of having five substitutions during match. Additionally, one reserve player can still hope entering the pitch, but only if the duel is prolonged to additional 30 minutes. From last Monday, this is considered as relieve to each footballers who will have dense schedule once the leagues are going to resume (probably in the following months). Measure like this, if it gets the green light, is going to be applied in all club and international games until 31 December 2021.


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