31 December 2022

Appeal denied, then overthrown

For the next three games in the national championship, Barcelona had to play without Robert Lewandowski who would miss Espanyol (31 December 2022), Atletico Madrid (08 January 2023) and Getafe (22 January 2023). Because he received two yellow cards against Osasuna on 08 November, the club appealed the sending off to the Court of arbitration for sport, where they got rejected. This meant that the ban of the striker has remained, but another judiciary changed everything just 24 hours before the Catalan derby.
At the new request for this case, today the Madrid court has overturned this decision and thus he can play after all in the first duel that the 34-year-old had to be omitted. Of course that Espanyol is very angry about this (sudden) green light to be allowed in the team calling it injustice. However, it is far from over for celebration, as the latest verdict is only temporarily, so for the other two games its a mystery whether he would have a permission to play.

30 December 2022

Iconic star that will always be part of our hearts

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, who sadly have lost the battle with cancer, has passed away today at hospital in Sao Paulo at the age of 82.
Without a doubt, the king of football has won many titles, acknowledgements and is an owner at number of records. Beginning his career at Brazilian club Santos from 1956 to 1974, he lifted 25 trophies scoring 643 goals at 659 official matches for just 18 years. In his honour for this golden era, a crown is added at the crest of the club. No words needed why this was done.
Out of 1.363 duels, this star have put 1.279 times the ball behind the goal-line which puts him in first place for scoring most goals during his football career. In 1999 the International Olympic committee declared him sportsman of the century, so that one year later the International federation of football history and statistics have announced him footballer of the twentieth century.
He is the only player in history who have won the World Cup three times with Brazil (1958, 1962, 1970), and at the age of 17 has appeared as the youngest player in this competition, thus later also became youngest scorer at the same event (1958).
Joining in politics, from 1995 until 1998 this legend was given the function Minister of sports in Brazil.
Unfortunately, during the World Cup 2022 his health has deteriorated and this disease took one of the greatest footballer of all time. An idol of many - he will be sorely missed!!!

29 December 2022

Just impossible to win this case

This summer (18 July) Shakhtar Donetsk has filed a lawsuit at the Court of arbitration for sport against the world football organization demanding a compensation of 40 million euros. Five months later the leader of the team announced that this is already a lost battle.
In March the Council of the affiliation has decided that foreign players and personnel may choose either to suspend their contracts or to have extend it until June 2023 because of the Russian special military operation / invasion in Ukraine. Several footballers have selected the first option, while the club has said that this would only weakened them and that their playing system will not be competitive (enough) with other (international) teams.
On 22 December this case has started at the judiciary, where at the same day the club director Serhiy Palkin  has admitted that hopes for victory are down to zero especially when a (powerful) organization (such as the upper one) is on the other side. It is expected that the final verdict is going to be said in the middle of January 2023.

28 December 2022

Older brother who blackmailed his younger one is free

Indicted for extortion and participating in criminal organization Mathias Pogba together with three other accomplices has been put in jail from 18 September. This less known footballer has spent three months behind bars and was released last Friday. As a group, all four people were accused of blackmailing his brother, who is a little bit familiar to the public - also a player from this sport Paul.
Fresh from prison and locked up for 89 days, the 32-year-old offender now is facing difficulties in terms of communication with his loved ones: it is forbidden to be in touch with his family, banned to have contact with the other three from the gang, cannot leave France nor post anything on social networks.

27 December 2022

Without any irregularities

Couple of days ago it was revealed that match fixing at the just finished World Cup 2022 was not detected. The working group of the world football organization has monitored all 64 games and during the analysis did not found any manipulation. Plenty of betting houses were closely watched, and also there was supervision on its places.
In the statement was added that the affiliation will continue to observe such events in order to have integrity and protection of this sport.

26 December 2022

Relieved from their guilt

Corruption charges against Neymar Santos and his accomplices have been officially dropped last Monday from the Barcelona court. Any irregularities that the gang have done during his transfer from Santos to the Catalan club in 2013 can not be proven as no offense was found.
In total nine people (player plus eight others) were convicted for fraud in October, and the tribunal released them all two months later (12 December). Hence, the 40 million euros that went to his family company (instead to the investment house) will remain there and no one will be held responsible for it.

25 December 2022

Host found for the next three knockout stages

One country was designated to see top football matches in the completing of the Asian version of Champions league 2022. Last Tuesday the confederation has decided that Qatar would welcome the eight clubs which are participating in the West region for eight long and beautiful nights in the second month of 2023.
This means that spectators from the Middle East country will enjoy watching quality duels starting from round of 16, 8 and 4 on its soil. In total there are seven games to be played or in a little bit longer words: four of them are going to be divided equally on 19 and 20 February, three nights later are the two quarter final matches together with the semi final one which is scheduled to be at 26 February.
During these plays only one match is going to decide everything of who is going through to the next phase.

24 December 2022

Known when one national championship would start next season

Details about the next football season in Germany is familiar after the local association have accepted the plan from 09 December.
Everything has to begin with the hundred-fourteenth season on 18 August 2023, while the winter break is expected after 20 December of the same year. Second part of the championship would continue 12 January, and the ending suppose to happen at 18 May 2024.
But the football madness in the country is going to have its 2023-24 premiere with the Supercup. Winners of the championship and local Cup from this year will have to oppose each other six nights before the official start (12 August 2023).
Pause of the current season is interrupted because of the World Cup and therefore spectators are without this sport for 10 weeks.

23 December 2022

A little bit forgotten competition suddenly got a date

Once this tournament started as last of every current year, but after the pandemic period it was forcefully transferred beginning as first competition of the following year. For months this event was neglected, no one mention it, until recently.
Last Friday the Club World Cup event has been confirmed by the president of the world football organization just 47 nights prior to the start. The 2022 (2023) competition is going to commence in Morocco from 01 to 11 February. At the moment details are not available of which towns and stadia would welcome the teams. Each of the six club continental champions were decided [Wydad (Africa), Al Hilal (Asia), Real Madrid (Europe), Seattle sounders (North America with Caribbean), Auckland city (Oceania), Flamengo (South America)], thus the only missing one is the host team. This would be the third time that the famous seven will compete on the African continent (as the same country organized it previously at 2013 and 2014).
For penultimate time this event is going to be staged like before, so in 2024 we should expect the tournament would be the last with 7 representatives. Beginning from June 2025, 32 teams would compete thus about that mystery would be known much much later because it is still unclear from where the clubs will come from nor the format of play was not very well presented.

22 December 2022

Prize money for title winners

In the recently finished World Cup it was revealed how much the world champions have earned and how many spectators visited the event.
Besides the trophy, the new winners have earned 38.9 million euros. The overall fund of the whole competition was 406.7 million. Just in comparison: the losing rivals from this year has received 30.6 million euros as champions at 2018.
On Monday the world football organization announced that 3.404.252 spectators were present at stadia which it was the third attendance in the history of these tournaments where 3.429.873 people were at 2014, and in 1994 has gathered 3.587.538 fans. For 2022 the average capacity of all stadia was filled by 96.3 percent. Lusail arena have reached its maximum capacity on the final game with 88.966 spectators.

21 December 2022

Goodbye to one of the best free kick takers

Yesterday in the Italian capital was buried Sinisha Mihajlovic. The ex footballer of Serbia, whom later did a managerial work mainly on the Apennine Peninsula, had a funeral in Rome before many friends, former and current players of Lazio, Sampdoria and Bologna of whom he was a trainer few months ago. After he was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2019, the 53-year-old went to treatments, was feeling better for some time, but last Friday, unfortunately, lost the battle against this disease.
During his playing career, this legend was best known for converting free kicks to goals from any range.

20 December 2022

Numbers from the most exciting competition that just ended

Unfortunately, the extraordinary and incredible tournament such as the World Cup 2022 is over. All players had 23 working nights together with 6 days of breaks had 64 matches were played, and on a national holiday of Qatar the new champions just switched places with the old one.
Goals and own ones. Throughout nearly a month of good fun, festivity, surprises it was scored 168 goals in normal time or 2.62 per game. If we add 4 more that were given in the additional 30 minutes then footballers have rolled the ball inside the net 2.69 per play. Goals that were scored in the stoppage of first half was 5, while even 13 were given after ninetieth minute. One of them was scored after 105, and 4 were given in extra time. Footballers were generous enough to surprise other teams with 3 goals as pure gifts. Hat tricks has appeared 2 times.
Punishments. Men in blue were in the mood to point 14 times at the penalty spot. Eight of them were shown in the first 45 minutes, five in the second half, plus one that was given in extra time. In a single play one team had to shoot twice from 11 metres. Spectacular saves by goalkeepers were 5 or 4 in the first half plus 1 on the continuation.
Naughty boys. Footballers with two yellow cards were only 2. Referees issued the second same colour card in the stoppage time of the second half. Just one player did a really nasty foul which was for a direct red card: and that one was awarded to a goalkeeper.

19 December 2022

Defending champions gave up their throne to their rivals

World Cup - Qatar 2022, knockout stage 4 - final: last ever match of the competition, night 23, game 64:

Argentina - France 2:2, 3:3 after 30 additional minutes, on penalties: 4-2

Scorers: 1:0 23-pen (22.23) Lionel Messi
               2:0 36 (35.22) Angel di Maria
               2:1 80-pen (79.24) Kylian Mbappe
               2:2 81 (80.59) Kylian Mbappe
               3:2 108 (107.58) Lionel Messi
               3:3 117-pen (117.03) Kylian Mbappe

Stoppage time played for both halves: 7.34 + 8.37.

Final additional information in 2022: following the exciting whole tournament and last match, on the national holiday of Qatar there was a shift at the top. The defending champions did not succeed to retain its crown thus their rivals are now the new football rulers of the world. After 1978 and 1986, in 2022 Argentina for the third time have lifted the World Cup trophy.

18 December 2022

Bronze medal game decided

World Cup - Qatar 2022, knockout stage 4 - finals: classification match for third / fourth place, night 22, game 63:

Croatia - Morocco 2:1

Scorers: 1:0 07 (06.27) Joshko Gvardiol
               1:1 08 (08.16) Achraf Dari
               2:1 42 (41.43) Mislav Orshic

Stoppage time played for both halves: 1.56 + 6.08.

17 December 2022

Merely one candidate remained to host a future tournament

On 05 December the Asian football organization has released a statement which was confirmed that India has withdrawn its candidacy to organize the continental championship in five years time. The reason of pulling back to host a major event was not given, but Indian media indicated that the federation has declared that "is not among its strategic priorities" to arrange such event. Simply, they like to focus more on grassroots programme and youth development before organizing a big competition.
With Islamic Republic of Iran and Uzbekistan have pulled out of the race in October, there is only one candidate which so far has never hosted these tournaments before. Hence, when the Congress is going to bring a decision on 01 February 2023, it is now almost certain that Saudi Arabia would win the rights to host the Asian Cup 2027.

16 December 2022

Equaling the record with his compatriot

During the ongoing World Cup 2022 records continues to fall.
- The double scorer between Argentina - Croatia this Tuesday Julian Alvarez became the second youngest footballer who have scored more than one goal in semi final games with 22 years and 316 days. Legendary striker Edson Arantes do Nascimento had 17 years and 244 days is still number one with his hat trick when his Brazilian team beat France 5:2 at the 1958 event.
- Diego Maradona was the only South American player who have rolled the ball twice behind the net against Belgium in the World Cup 1986 of the last four. Thirty six years later his countryman Julian Alvarez has done the same job at the semi finals.
- Lothar Matthaus and Lionel Messi are both equal in terms of players with most appearances at these tournaments at the number of 25. However, there is one more match ahead for the Argentinian, thus the last L and M will certainly break this record on Sunday.
- For the fourth time two teams are going to meet each other twice in these competitions. Morocco and Croatia played their first duel in the group phase, while these two are going to repeat fighting for the bronze medal place this Saturday.

15 December 2022

Opponents unabled of scoring for the second consecutive night

World Cup - Qatar 2022, knockout stage 3 - semi final, night 21, game 62:

France - Morocco 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 05 (04.41) Theo Hernandez
               2:0 79 (78.50) Randal Kolo Muani

Stoppage time played for both halves: 3.14 + 5.57.

Additional information: Argentina and France will contest the final match this Sunday, while 24 hours earlier we would see whether Croatia or Morocco could grab bronze medal on this tournament.

14 December 2022

South American team was way too strong to earn a final spot

World Cup - Qatar 2022, knockout stage 3 - semi final, night 20, game 61:

Argentina - Croatia 3:0

Scorers: 1:0 34-pen (33.27) Lionel Messi
               2:0 39 (38.26) Julian Alvarez
               3:0 69 (68.47) Julian Alvarez

Stoppage time played for both halves: 4.10 + 5.03.

13 December 2022

Change of ball name

The journey came to an end. Games that were completed the quarter finals were played with Al rihla, which meant exactly that. Now Adidas has introduced a new ball where the last four matches are going to kick off and close the ongoing World Cup.
Al hilm will be used for both semi finals, bronze medal classification game and the big final. Meaning dream from the translation prospect, this official ball is decorated with a maroon colour that also can be found on the national flag of the hosting country.

12 December 2022

Four matches until the end

Sadly, exciting tournaments like these sometimes has to come to its completion (cannot be played for whole eternity), but one small happy news from all this emerges: in the third month of next year the qualifying journey starts again for the next edition of the World Cup 2026.
Until then four duels have remained to be staged from the ongoing event. In contention for the trophy are left two European teams who their opponents are one each from Africa and South America. The champion is still in play, and will it defend its title we have to wait and see next weekend.

13 December, Tuesday at 20.00 CET: Argentina - Croatia.

14 December, Wednesday at 20.00 CET: France - Morocco.

Classification for third / fourth place
17 December, Saturday at 16.00 CET: the two losers from semifinals.

Game for the title
18 December, Sunday at 16.00 CET: winners from the last 4 will contest in the big final.

11 December 2022

African representative threw out the second Iberian team as well

World Cup - Qatar 2022, knockout stage 2 - quarter final, night 19, game 59:

Morocco - Portugal 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 42 (41.35) Youssef en-Nesyri

- On 90+2 (92.16) Moroccan striker Walid Cheddira received his second yellow card.

Stoppage time played for both halves: 2.35 + 8.04.

Additional information 1: history was made tonight in all these tournaments as Morocco became the first country from the African continent to qualify into last 4.

10 December 2022

Unfortunate loss: equalized at second half of stoppage time, and then were ousted on penalties

World Cup - Qatar 2022, knockout stage 2 - quarter final, night 18, game 57:

Croatia - Brazil 0:0, 1:1 after extra time, on penalties: 4-2

Scorers: 1:0 105+1 (105.35) Neymar Santos
               1:1 116 (116.03) Bruno Petkovic

Stoppage time played for both halves: 1.07 + 3.50.

World Cup - Qatar 2022, knockout stage 2 - quarter final, night 18, game 58:

Netherlands - Argentina 2:2, on penalties: 3-4

Scorers: 0:1 34 (34.04) Nahuel Molina
               0:2 73-pen (72.38) Lionel Messi
               1:2 82 (82.17) Wout Weghorst
               2:2 90+11 (100.32) Wout Weghorst

Stoppage time played for both halves: 06.02 + 12.39.

Additional information 1: the above two winners, from the lucky lottery system, will meet each other on 13 December in the first semi final.

09 December 2022

Goalkeeper who made some trouble to a foreign association

During the ethnic cleansing of Serbian people by the Croats at the war in Yugoslavia of 1995 (refugee convoys in Knin), he together with his family was forced to move to a secure place and immigrated to Canada. Twenty seven years later this man has stood up to guard the goal of his new adopted country of the ongoing World Cup.
On 27 November, now the 35-year-old Milan Borjan was on the list as number one of Croatia - Canada game. But a bunch of idiots from the 'home' supporters (who obviously did not forget his past) insulted him, have spread inappropriate banners, and because all the weight falls on the association they had to deliver 50.000 Swiss francs (50.640 euros) to the world football organization.
Yesterday were also punished two teams. With 30.000 Swiss francs (30.384 euros) was fined Saudi Arabia as the behaviour of its fans was not suitable to games like these (against Mexico and Argentina), while the cashbox of the Serbian football association was eased by 20.000 Swiss francs (20.256 euros) because of unsuitable flag that was found in their locker room.

08 December 2022

Whole board have resigned

First it was the Italian football federation last Tuesday, and three days later the same thing was done by the European football organization.
Investigators from the federation have accused Juventus of giving secret payments to its players, and fraud of the financial numbers from 2018 until 2022. The organization has determined huge differences on the given report than the actual state of the club. Soon after hearing this news the whole board has resigned, while local media wrote that severe punishments may happen if this has proved to be true.
Just for the 2021-22 season the team was in a minus of 254.3 million euros.

07 December 2022

Hat trick number one has finally arrived

World Cup - Qatar 2022, knockout stage 1 - last 16, night 17, game 55:

Morocco - Spain 0:0, on penalties: 3-0

Stoppage time played for both halves: 1.00 + 5.10.

World Cup - Qatar 2022, knockout stage 1 - last 16, night 17, game 56:

Portugal - Switzerland 6:1

Scorers: 1:0 17 (16.44) Goncalo Ramos
               2:0 33 (32.35) Kepler Ferreira
               3:0 50 (50.06) Goncalo Ramos
               4:0 55 (54.56) Raphael Guerreiro
               4:1 57 (57.05) Manuel Akanji
               5:1 66 (66.13) Goncalo Ramos
               6:1 90+1 (91.13) Rafael Leao

Stoppage time played for both halves: 3.57 + 4.05.

Additional information 1: the round of 16 schedule has completed tonight, thus the above two winners will meet each other in the third quarter final with a date 10 December.

06 December 2022

Lottery system debuted on the event

World Cup - Qatar 2022, knockout stage 1 - last 16, night 16, game 53:

Japan - Croatia 1:1, on penalties: 1-3

Scorers: 1:0 43 (42.55) Daizen Maeda
               1:1 55 (54.55) Ivan Perishic

Stoppage time played for both halves: 2.37 + 4.00.

World Cup - Qatar 2022, knockout stage 1 - last 16, night 16, game 54:

Brazil - South Korea 4:1

Scorers: 1:0 07 (06.41) Vinicius de Oliveira
               2:0 12-pen (12.19) Neymar Santos
               3:0 28 (28.13) Richarlison de Andrade
               4:0 36 (35.45) Lucas de Lima
               4:1 76 (75.52) Paik Seung-ho

Stoppage time played for both halves: 4.58 + 3.59.

Additional information 1: at 09 December from 16.00 CET Croatia and Brazil will open the quarter final matches.

05 December 2022

Every quarterfinal duel played

Until the end of next weekend we will find out which teams have qualified for the semi finals of the World Cup. But for that to happen four more pairs have to be staged of the last 16 phase, and between this round and last 8, the first break of the event is going to occur.

Remaining part of last 16
05 December, Monday at 16.00 CET: Japan - Croatia.
05 December, Monday at 20.00 CET: Brazil - South Korea.

06 December, Tuesday at 16.00 CET: Morocco - Spain.
06 December, Tuesday at 20.00 CET: Portugal - Switzerland.

Last 8
09 December, Friday at 16.00 CET: Japan or Croatia - Brazil or South Korea.
09 December, Friday at 20.00 CET: Netherlands - Argentina.

10 December, Saturday at 16.00 CET: Morocco or Spain - Portugal or Switzerland.
10 December, Saturday at 20.00 CET: England - France.

Only one side has dominated the terrain

World Cup - Qatar 2022, knockout stage 1 - last 16, night 15, game 52:

England - Senegal 3:0

Scorers: 1:0 38 (38.01) Jordan Henderson
               2:0 45+2 (47.17) Harry Kane
               3:0 57 (56.44) Bukayo Saka

Stoppage time played for both halves: 2.42 + 4.13.

04 December 2022

All four teams have scored

World Cup - Qatar 2022, knockout stage 1 - last 16, night 14, game 49:

Netherlands - United States of America 3:1

Scorers: 1:0 10 (09.32) Memphis Depay
               2:0 45+1 (45.37) Daley Blind 
               2:1 76 (75.22) Haji Wright
               3:1 81 (80.29) Denzel Dumfries

Stoppage time played for both halves: 1.35 + 6.10.

World Cup - Qatar 2022, knockout stage 1 - last 16, night 14, game 50:

Argentina - Australia 2:1

Scorers: 1:0 35 (34.35) Lionel Messi
               2:0 57 (56.42) Julian Alvarez
               2:1 76-own goal (76.11) Enzo Fernandez

Stoppage time played for both halves: 2.03 + 7.21.

03 December 2022

Fantastic turnaround for a deserved place in knockout round

World Cup - Qatar 2022, round 3, night 13, game 45, group H:

Ghana - Uruguay 0:2

Scorer: 0:1 26 (25.30) Giorgian de Arascaeta
             0:2 31 (31.02) Giorgian de Arascaeta

- Ghana could have taken the lead at 20 (20.12), however the penalty from Andre Ayew was beautifully saved.

Stoppage time played for both halves: 8.05 + 9.38.

World Cup - Qatar 2022, round 3, night 13, game 46, group H:

South Korea - Portugal 2:1

Scorers: 0:1 05 (04.53) Ricardo Horta
               1:1 27 (26.43) Kim Young-Gwon
               2:1 90+1 (90.29) Hwang Hee-Chan

Stoppage time played for both halves: 2.06 + 6.59.

Additional information 1: Portugal and South Korea are penultimate travelers into the next elimination phase.

World Cup - Qatar 2022, round 3, night 13, game 47, group G:

Cameroon - Brazil 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 90+2 (91.49) Vincent Aboubakar

- The only goal scorer of the match became the first player of the competition to receive two yellow cards on 90+3 (92.52).

Stoppage time played for both halves: 3.57 + 9.55.

World Cup - Qatar 2022, round 3, night 13, game 48, group G:

Serbia - Switzerland 2:3

Scorers: 0:1 19 (19.12) Xherdan Shaqiri
               1:1 26 (25.56) Aleksandar Mitrovic
               2:1 35 (34.29) Dushan Vlahovic
               2:2 44 (43.41) Breel Embolo
               2:3 48 (47.38) Remo Freuler

Stoppage time played for both halves: 02.57 + 10.17.

Additional information 2: the final line up of teams are completed for participating at the first elimination phase - Portugal and South Korea.

Additional information 3: Brazil - South Korea (05 December) together with Portugal - Switzerland (to be played exactly 24 hours later) has connected each other for the next knockout stage.

02 December 2022

Players have rolled the ball into their own nets

World Cup - Qatar 2022, round 3, night 12, game 41, group F:

Canada - Morocco 1:2

Scorers: 0:1 04 (03.31) Hakim Ziyech
               0:2 23 (22.36) Youssef en-Nesyri
               1:2 40-own goal (39.49) Nayef Aguerd

Stoppage time played for both halves: 5.04 + 3.54.

World Cup - Qatar 2022, round 3, night 12, game 42, group F:

Croatia - Belgium 0:0

Stoppage time played for both halves: 4.00 + 4.01.

Additional information 1: Morocco and Croatia have advanced to the next elimination phase.

World Cup - Qatar 2022, round 3, night 12, game 43, group E:

Japan - Spain 2:1

Scorers: 0:1 11 (11.00) Alvaro Morata
               1:1 48 (47.48) Ritsu Doan
               2:1 50 (50.14) Ao Tanaka

Stoppage time played for both halves: 1.14 + 6.59.

World Cup - Qatar 2022, round 3, night 12, game 44, group E:

Costa Rica - Germany 2:4

Scorers: 0:1 10 (09.32) Serge Gnabry
               1:1 58 (57.41) Yeltsin Tejeda
               2:1 69-own goal (69.08) Manuel Neuer
               2:2 72 (72.04) Kai Havertz
               2:3 84 (84.02) Kai Havertz
               2:4 88 (88.14) Niclas Fullkurg

Stoppage time played for both halves: 01.00 + 10.02.

Additional information 2: from this group we are going to wave hi again to Japan together with Spain at knockout stage one.

Additional information 3: Japan - Croatia (05 December) and Morocco - Spain (06 December) are the penultimate two matches of the elimination round.

01 December 2022

Curse of the first 45 minutes still exist

World Cup - Qatar 2022, round 3, night 11, game 37, group D:

Australia - Denmark 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 60 (59.57) Mathew Leckie

Stoppage time played for both halves: 1.59 + 6.02.

World Cup - Qatar 2022, round 3, night 11, game 38, group D:

Tunisia - France 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 57 (57.20) Wahbi Khazri

Stoppage time played for both halves: 02.08 + 12.40.

Additional information 1: The first two finishers in this group - France, Australia are into last 16.

World Cup - Qatar 2022, round 3, night 11, game 39, group C:

Poland - Argentina 0:2

Scorers: 0:1 46 (45.54) Alexis Mac Allister
               0:2 67 (66.58) Julian Alvarez

Stoppage time played for both halves: 3.04 + 6.00.

- Lionel Messi (Argentina) did not convert a penalty on 39 (38.24) as his 11 metre shot was beautifully saved.

World Cup - Qatar 2022, round 3, night 11, game 40, group C:

Saudi Arabia - Mexico 1:2

Scorers: 0:1 47 (46.52) Henry Martin
               0:2 52 (51.57) Luis Chavez
               1:2 90+5 (94.40) Salem al-Dawsari

Stoppage time played for both halves: 6.12 + 7.26.

Additional information 2: Argentina and Poland have qualified for the first knockout round.

Additional information 3: of knowing all details from above and connecting the pieces, the last 16 knockout phase has two new duels which are Argentina - Australia (03 December) and France - Poland (04 December).