29 December 2022

Just impossible to win this case

This summer (18 July) Shakhtar Donetsk has filed a lawsuit at the Court of arbitration for sport against the world football organization demanding a compensation of 40 million euros. Five months later the leader of the team announced that this is already a lost battle.
In March the Council of the affiliation has decided that foreign players and personnel may choose either to suspend their contracts or to have extend it until June 2023 because of the Russian special military operation / invasion in Ukraine. Several footballers have selected the first option, while the club has said that this would only weakened them and that their playing system will not be competitive (enough) with other (international) teams.
On 22 December this case has started at the judiciary, where at the same day the club director Serhiy Palkin  has admitted that hopes for victory are down to zero especially when a (powerful) organization (such as the upper one) is on the other side. It is expected that the final verdict is going to be said in the middle of January 2023.


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