20 December 2022

Numbers from the most exciting competition that just ended

Unfortunately, the extraordinary and incredible tournament such as the World Cup 2022 is over. All players had 23 working nights together with 6 days of breaks had 64 matches were played, and on a national holiday of Qatar the new champions just switched places with the old one.
Goals and own ones. Throughout nearly a month of good fun, festivity, surprises it was scored 168 goals in normal time or 2.62 per game. If we add 4 more that were given in the additional 30 minutes then footballers have rolled the ball inside the net 2.69 per play. Goals that were scored in the stoppage of first half was 5, while even 13 were given after ninetieth minute. One of them was scored after 105, and 4 were given in extra time. Footballers were generous enough to surprise other teams with 3 goals as pure gifts. Hat tricks has appeared 2 times.
Punishments. Men in blue were in the mood to point 14 times at the penalty spot. Eight of them were shown in the first 45 minutes, five in the second half, plus one that was given in extra time. In a single play one team had to shoot twice from 11 metres. Spectacular saves by goalkeepers were 5 or 4 in the first half plus 1 on the continuation.
Naughty boys. Footballers with two yellow cards were only 2. Referees issued the second same colour card in the stoppage time of the second half. Just one player did a really nasty foul which was for a direct red card: and that one was awarded to a goalkeeper.


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