29 February 2024

Advertisements on an old international team event

Being present at Copa America is a great honour. This year the competition is going to appear for the forty eighth time, and companies already want to book their places near stadia where millions of spectators would see their logo, in the fan zone area together with television viewers all across the globe.
In December 2023 Michelob ultra has become a global sponsor of the event. The fastest growing beer brand in the world has just renewed its partnership with the South American football organization.
Kaizen gaming did the same two months later. One of the most known mark from this firm is Betano where spectators will be allowed to place a bet from its premium platform. Partnership deal with this company was signed until 2028, thus this sign will be visible in many other club and team competitions throughout the confederation for 4 more years.

28 February 2024

Without transferring into lower leagues

The European football organization has thoroughly clarified the big changes that are going to experience its three international leagues, and this was already briefly mentioned at 19 April 2021. Mostly explaining about Champions league the new format would be applied from 2024-25 season.
Starting from this year (after the qualifying duels are finished), the group phase will be totally abandoned. Instead 8 groups of 4, 36 teams are going to enter into a single table format. Because so far (until last December) 32 were competing, 4 new teams would participate from September onwards. The old format has allowed one club to play three opponents twice, but from now on one have to entertain eight different clubs (which means that the number of duels would be increased). Half of those matches would be staged on home and away basis.
Concerning the knockout phase: at the end of the main phase clubs that occupy from spot 01 to 08 will go directly into last 16, 16 clubs from 09 until position 24 will have to torment themselves a little bit more and participate in a play-off or otherwise known as phase of 32, those unfortunate teams from 25 to place 36 would say goodbye to the competition for the current year without the possibility of being transferred to Europa league (which until now was the case), while the rest of elimination stages are not going to be touched.
For the next two leagues (Europa and Conference) this same system of play is going to come into force as well.
All the months (where also one exclusive week nights awaits for us) where every phase would be played ; who, how and from where will the new quartet of clubs be presented you can read at their website from 05 February.

27 February 2024

Preliminary pairs connected

The hunt for one of the 23 desired places at Africa Cup of nations that will be held at Morocco in 2025 practically has began on 20 February when the preliminary draw was performed at the Egyptian capital of Cairo.
Out of the total 52 members that this confederation has, first on scene are going to run the 8 lowest teams from the world rankings (which was taken from 15 February). After the layout the first 4 pairs were formed:

Somalia - Eswatini.

Sao Tome e Principe - South Sudan.

Chad - Mauritius.

Djibouti - Liberia.

The above pairs would meet each other twice from 20 to 26 March (in home and away games). Over 180 minutes (or more) they will be halved to 4, and these would join the 44 main teams that are already in the qualifying group phase.
Draw for this major elimination phase will be announced at a later date. For now is only known that the 12 groups are going to begin on 02 September and last until 19 November and during this time 6 rounds will be played.

26 February 2024

Knockout round two draw performed

After the first knockout round has finished, the European football organization has performed the draw for last 16 phase of its last two international club competitions. While this week one duel played earlier than other matches at the third competition by significance, we will have the same scenario this time for its predecessor. From this phase onwards the group winners from 2023 are included.

The 16 pairs from Europa league together with Conference league have been determined. Dates for the two events are 07 March with the first 90 minutes, seven nights later are the deciders, and this are the results of the draw:

Sparta Praha - Liverpool.
Olympique de Marseille - Villarreal.
Roma - Brighton.
Benfica - Glasgow rangers.
Freiburg - West Ham.
Sporting - Atalanta.
Milan - Slavia Praha.
Qarabag - Bayer.

... and

Servette - Viktoria.
Ajax - Aston villa.
Molde - Club Brugge.
Union Saint-Gilloise - Fenerbahche.
Dinamo Zagreb - PAOK.
Sturm - Lille.
Maccabi Haifa - Fiorentina.
Olympiacos - Maccabi Tel Aviv.

For the first time in these elimination stages Europa league is going to use two nights, and this needs to be done due to the very stupid system of play. As the organization is including more and more clubs from the same city in the same tournament, one of them have to be 'sacrificed' and run to the pitch earlier than expected. Hence Sporting would stage its match on 06 March from 18.45 CEt, while its city rival (Benfica) is scheduled to kick-off 26 hours and 15 minutes later.

25 February 2024

Bases of final participants confirmed

The temporary homes of 21 teams that will take part at the European championship this summer have been verified. Majority of them deliberately have chosen to be close to training terrains and stadia of play so that they can have more rest before the start of their 'important' matches throughout Germany. List of the camps can be found on the website of the organization from 01 February.
As 24 teams are required for the entire show, six more are vying for the remaining three places. Because these six will torture themselves in two additional qualifying rounds, bases of the last and mysterious trio would be known and finalized after they achieve two needed victories next month.

24 February 2024

Tickets on sale

At March and June United states of America will host two important competitions: one from its own confederation and a foreign one.
Next month the ending matches would be staged from the 2023-24 season of Nations league. The four losing teams from quarter-finals (that were on schedule last year) will clash each other, and for these two pairs tickets were already released on sale from 24 January. Whoever wins it will have a chance to be seen and play with the best ten teams from South America at the following tournament.
And the entry papers for Copa America (that is kicking off in summer) had exclusively started on 22 February. Despite from pre-sale, tickets for the wide public is expected to be out for purchase six days later (28 February).

23 February 2024

Sixty two seconds and the party has started

Conference league 2023-24 season, knockout round 1 - last 32, leg 2, night 2 out of 2:

Dinamo Zagreb - Betis 1:1

Scorers: 0:1 38 (37.59) Cedric Bakambu
               1:1 59 (58.45) Takuro Kaneko

Ludogorets - Servette 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 06 (05.47) Timothe Cognat

Bodo/Glimt - Ajax 1:1, 1:2 after 30 additional minutes

Scorers: 0:1 33 (33.07) Steven Berghuis
               1:1 83 (82.47) Patrick Berg
               1:2 114 (113.51) Kenneth Taylor

- Josip Shutalo has abandoned Ajax at 48 because of a direct red card, while from 65 Bodo/Glimt has also remained with 10 players as Albert Gronbaek was booked for the second time.

Eintracht Frankfurt - Union Saint-Gilloise 1:2

Scorers: 0:1 46 (46.04) Cameron Puertas
               0:2 79 (79.15) Dennis Eckert Ayensa
               1:2 87 (86.59) Dina Ebimbe junior

Slovan - Sturm 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 51 (51.18) Mika Biereth

- At 90+2 Cesar Blackman (Slovan) received a direct red card.

Legia - Molde 0:3

Scorers: 0:1 01 (01.02) Fredrik Gulbrandsen
               0:2 20 (19.55) Eirik Hestad
               0:3 66 (66.20) Fredrik Gulbrandsen

Ferencvarosh - Olympiacos 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 45-pen (44.26) Ayoub el Kaabi

Additional information: next month we are going to be entertained with the following clubs again: Dinamo Zagreb, Servette, Ajax, Union Saint-Gilloise, Sturm, Molde and Olympiacos.

Europa league 2023-24 season, elimination phase 1 - round of 32, leg 2, single night:

Qarabag - Braga 0:2, 2:3 after extra time

Scorers: 0:1 70 (69.59) Roger Fernandes
               0:2 82 (82.08) Alvaro Djalo
               1:2 102 (101.29) Matheus da Silva
               1:3 115-pen (114.47) Simon Banza
               2:3 120+2 (121.23) Nariman Akhundzada

Toulouse - Benfica 0:0

Sparta Praha - Galatasaray 4:1

Scorers: 1:0 08 (07.32) Angelo Preciado
               1:1 16 (15.49) Abdulkerim Bardakci
               2:1 73 (73.07) Indrit Tuci
               3:1 80 (79.53) Lukash Haraslin
               4:1 90+6 (95.44) Jan Kuchta

- From 70 (69.29) Kaan Ayhan has left Galatasaray because of a direct red card.

Olympique de Marseille - Shakhtar Donetsk 3:1

Scorers: 0:1 12-pen (11.45) Heorhiy Sudakov
               1:1 23 (22.48) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
               2:1 73 (73.18) Ismaila Sarr
               3:1 81 (80.33) Geoffrey Kondogbia

Sporting - Young boys Bern 1:1

Scorers: 1:0 13 (12.43) Viktor Gyokeres
               1:1 84-pen (83.30) Silvere Ganvoula

- Viktor Gyokeres could have scored another goal for Sporting, but his penalty shot from 56 (56.20) was perfectly saved.

Roma - Feyenoord 1:1, on penalties: 4-2

Scorers: 0:1 04 Santiago Gimenez
               1:1 15 Lorenzo Pellegrini

Supplemental informationQarabag, Benfica, Sparta Praha, Olympique de Marseille, Sporting, Roma have all qualified for the second elimination phase.

22 February 2024

Magical goal with an amazing strike in stoppage time

Conference league 2023-24 season, knockout round 1 - last 32, leg 2, night 1 out of 2:

Gent - Maccabi Haifa 1:1

Scorers: 0:1 04 (03.26) Frantzdy Pierrot
               1:1 68-own goal (68.13) Abdoulaye Seck

- From 72 (71.41) the guests have finished this match with 10 players because Daniel Sundgren was booked for second time.

Additional information: with an aggregate score of 2:1 Maccabi Haifa is the first club to qualify for second elimination phase.

Champions league 2023-24 season, knockout round 1 - last 16, leg 1 (night 4 of 4):

Porto - Arsenal 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 90+4 (93.24) Wenderson Galeno

Napoli - Barcelona 1:1

Scorers: 0:1 60 (59.52) Robert Lewandowski
               1:1 75 (74.52) Victor Osimhen

21 February 2024

For draws it needed all clubs to score, but that never happened

Champions league 2023-24 season, knockout round 1 - last 16, leg 1 (night 3 of 4):

PSV - Borussia Dortmund 1:1

Scorers: 0:1 24 (23.33) Donyell Malen
               1:1 56-pen (55.21) Luuk de Jong

Inter - Atletico Madrid 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 79 (78.23) Marko Arnautovic

20 February 2024

Determined groups for new season

This year it suppose to start while the next it has to finish the fourth edition from the European version of Nations league. In the draw that was conducted on 08 February, the 54 teams were spread in 4 leagues, and divided in 14 groups the following results were achieved:

League A
Group 1: Croatia, Portugal, Poland, Scotland.
Group 2: Italy, Belgium, France, Israel.
Group 3: Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Group 4: Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Serbia.

League B
Group 1: Czech Republic, Ukraine, Albania, Georgia.
Group 2: England, Finland, Republic of Ireland, Greece.
Group 3: Austria, Norway, Slovenia, Kazakhstan.
Group 4: Wales, Iceland, Montenegro, Turkiye.

League C
Group 1: Sweden, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Estonia.
Group 2: Romania, Kosovo, Cyprus, Lithuania or Gibraltar.
Group 3: Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Northern Ireland, Belarus.
Group 4: Armenia, Faroe islands, North Macedonia, Latvia.

League D
Group 1: Lithuania or Gibraltar, San Marino, Liechtenstein.
Group 2: Moldova, Malta, Andorra.

Immediately after the draw was made every team has found out who is playing who and when. Lithuania and Gibraltar are going to entertain each other next month with only one purpose: the winner would be guaranteed participating into the higher league, while the loser will go one step lower.
Every group stage would begin in September and end on November, while the final of the competition is scheduled for summer of 2025. But before that one novelty is introduced: quarterfinal phase is being established, and plays for these pairs has to be staged at March next year only for league A.

19 February 2024

Unusual kickoff time

Next midweek in action is the ending of the first elimination round for one competition, and the second 90 minutes (or more) for the next 2. But what is more extraordinary (at the knockout phase), we will have 3 kick off times instead of the usual 2.

It is time to find out how the following 8 clubs are prepared for the second part of the continuation of the last 16 phase in the Champions league. At 2024 they will make its first appearance in this order: 

Tuesday, 20 February at 21.00 CEt: Inter - Atletico Madrid.
Tuesday, 20 February at 21.00 CEt: PSV - Borussia Dortmund.

Wednesday, 21 February at 21.00 CEt: Napoli - Barcelona.
Wednesday, 21 February at 21.00 CEt: Porto - Arsenal.

For the first time in these elimination of last 32 one duel will use two nights of play and also would have a strange kickoff. The other two times are being regular.

Conference league...
Wednesday, 21 February at 18.00 CEt: Gent - Maccabi Haifa.

Thursday, 22 February at 18.45 CEt: Bodo/Glimt - Ajax.
Thursday, 22 February at 18.45 CEt: Dinamo Zagreb - Betis.
Thursday, 22 February at 18.45 CEt: Ludogorets - Servette.

Thursday, 22 February at 21.00 CEtEintracht Frankfurt - Union Saint-Gilloise.
Thursday, 22 February at 21.00 CEtFerencvarosh - Olympiacos.
Thursday, 22 February at 21.00 CEt: Legia - Molde.
Thursday, 22 February at 21.00 CEt: Slovan - Sturm.

...and Europa league.
Thursday, 22 February at 18.45 CEtFreiburg - Lens.    
Thursday, 22 February at 18.45 CEt: Qarabag - Braga.
Thursday, 22 February at 18.45 CEtStade Rennes - Milan.
Thursday, 22 February at 18.45 CEt: Toulouse - Benfica.

Thursday, 22 February at 21.00 CEtOlympique de Marseille - Shakhtar Donetsk.
Thursday, 22 February at 21.00 CEt: Roma - Feyenoord.
Thursday, 22 February at 21.00 CEt: Sparta Praha - Galatasaray.
Thursday, 22 February at 21.00 CEt: Sporting - Young boys Bern.

18 February 2024

Best eleven from an organization

Last weekend the Africa Cup of nations 2023 (2024) has finished, and three days later the productive 11  players from the tournament were announced. The luckiest participants were presented in a 4-3-3 formation by the technical study group of the African football organization who published this list on their website (together with the trainer). Out of 24 teams, names from only 5 of them (South Africa, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory coast, Equatorial Guinea) were picked for the final 11.

17 February 2024

Revealed layout from a future event

At 04 February the organizers of the next World Cup have shared a valuable information about which stadia will be used for the 2026 edition. Knowing that the schedule (which can be downloadable) is already known, from that point of view the only one that is missing are the participating teams.
For the first time: three countries are going to host the event, 48 teams are going to entertain us instead of 32, and massive 104 duels would be played compared with the last 7 tournaments where were "only" 64. All that is going to happen from 11 June to 19 July, and that is translated to 38 nights or 34 that players are going to be on active duty together with 4 nights of rest. On top of that we have to manage to remember 12 groups.
Three towns in Mexico, three in Canada and eleven in the United states of America will be proud hosts of the competition. Estadio Azteca situated in the first written country is designated to open this party. On this famous stadium the 1970 and 1986 tournaments from this category were also opened and closed as well. During the games, spectators would have to travel back and forth throughout North and Central America, so at the end (one month and eight nights later) their final stop will be at the New Jersey arena in New York.

16 February 2024

Escaped defeat by scoring couple of goals after normal time

Europa league 2023-24 season, elimination phase 1 - round of 32, leg 1, single night:

Feyenoord - Roma 1:1

Scorers: 1:0 45+1 (45.48) Igor Paixao
               1:1 66 (66.08) Romelu Lukaku

Shakhtar Donetsk - Olympique de Marseille 2:2 (neutral terrain)

Scorers: 0:1 64 (63.29) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
               1:1 68 (67.33) Mykola Matviyenko
               1:2 90 (89.45) Iliman Ndiaye
               2:2 90+2 (92.01) Eguinaldo Lemos

Young boys Bern - Sporting 1:3

Scorers: 0:1 31-own goal (30.51) Aurele Amenda
               0:2 40-pen (40.12) Viktor Gyokeres
               1:2 42 (41.38) Filip Ugrinic
               1:3 48 (47.45) Goncalo Inacio

- The home club from 88 (88.07) played with 10 players because of second yellow card of Mohamed Camara.

Galatasaray - Sparta Praha 3:2

Scorers: 1:0 19 (18.50) Kerem Demirbay
               1:1 47 (46.49) Angelo Preciado
               2:1 60 (60.00) Dries Mertens
               2:2 65 (64.31) Jan Kuchta
               3:2 90+1 (90.54) Mauroi Icardi

- A direct red card for Galatasaray at 62 (61.28) was for Victor Nelsson, and for their rivals Matej Rynesh saw his second yellow.

Braga - Qarabag 2:4

Scorers: 0:1 20-pen (20.10) Marko Jankovic
               1:1 44 (43.25) Simon Banza
               1:2 53 (53.18) Abdellah Zoubir
               1:3 65 (64.55) Olavio dos Santos junior
               1:4 69 (68.22) Abdellah Zoubir
               2:4 90-pen (90.19) Joao Moutinho

Benfica - Toulouse 2:1

Scorers: 1:0 67-pen (67.17) Angel di Maria
               1:1 75 (74.49) Mikkel Desler
               2:1 90+8-pen (97.43) Angel di Maria

- Defender Christian Mawissa (Toulouse) saw his second yellow card at 90+5 (95.05).

Conference league 2023-24 season, knockout round 1 - last 32, leg 1, single night:

Sturm - Slovan 4:1

Scorers: 1:0 04 (03.30) Mika Biereth
               1:1 08 (07.38) Gerson Rodrigues
               2:1 26 (26.19) Jon Gorenc Stankovic
               3:1 64-pen (63.28) Otar Kiteishvili
               4:1 90+1 (90.28) Amady Camara

- Vladimir Weiss junior on 78 has left Slovan for seeing a direct red card.

Union Saint-Gilloise - Eintracht Frankfurt 2:2

Scorers: 0:1 02 (02.12) Fares Chaibi
               0:2 10 (09.27) Sasha Kalajdzic
               1:2 31 (30.51) Mathias Rasmussen
               2:2 68 (67.45) Gustaf Nilsson

- From 78 Union Saint-Gilloise played with 10 men because Charles Vanhoutte saw his second yellow card.

Molde - Legia 3:2

Scorers: 1:0 12 (11.36) Fredrik Gulbrandsen
               2:0 18 (18.14) Fredrik Gulbrandsen
               3:0 24 (23.53) Markus Andre Kaasa
               3:1 63 (62.57) Josue Pesqueira
               3:2 71 (70.30) Rafal Augustyniak

Maccabi Haifa - Gent 1:0 (neutral arena)

Scorer: 1:0 65 (64.34) Frantzdy Pierrot

Ajax - Bodo/Glimt 2:2

Scorers: 0:1 16 (15.59) Albert Gronbaek
               0:2 63 (62.57) Albert Gronbaek
               1:2 90+1-pen (90.51) Marco van den Boomen
               2:2 90+7 (96.22) Steven Berghuis

- Odin Luras Bjortuft was removed from this duel receiving direct red card, thus from 90 (90.10) Bodo/Glimt has finished this match with 10 players on the terrain.

Servette - Ludogorets 0:0

Betis - Dinamo Zagreb 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 75-pen (75.00) Bruno Petkovic

Olympiacos - Ferencvaros 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 83 (82.46) Ayoub el Kaabi

15 February 2024

Victory came in second half

Champions league 2023-24 season, knockout round 1 - last 16, leg 1 (night 2 of 4):

PSG - Real Sociedad 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 57 (57.07) Kylian Mbappe
               2:0 70 (69.56) Bradley Barcola

14 February 2024

Guests with significant advantage

Champions league 2023-24 season, knockout round 1 - last 16, leg 1 (night 1 of 4):

Kobenhavn - Manchester city 1:3

Scorers: 0:1 10 (10.01) Kevin de Bruyne
               1:1 34 (33.27) Magnus Mattsson
               1:2 45 (45.01) Bernardo Silva
               1:3 90+2 (91.56) Philip Foden

Rasenballsport Leipzig - Real Madrid 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 48 (48.01) Brahim Diaz

13 February 2024

Plenty of numbers from the first two finished tournaments

In 2024 out of 4 team competitions that are scheduled to be played the first 2 has just finished, while the rest are going yet to start this summer. These future tournaments will not overlap with one another (because of the big time difference with each other), however that was not the case for the completed ones (kick-off and dates have been almost simultaneously) where the following results were made:

Asian Cup 2023 (2024):
Goals, in stoppages and balls that was rolled into its own nets.
- On edition number 18 we saw 131 goals in normal time or 2.57 per match: in the first half we saw 57 of them, while 74 was given in continuation. However, if we add 1 more which was given in 30 additional minutes, then the players have rolled the ball 132 times which makes 2.59 goals per match.
- Seven were given after the stoppage of the first half where Iraq have scored most from the others: 2. From minute 90 and until the final whistle players gave unbelievably 21 goals. In three different duels South Korea gave 3 goals, out of which 2 were penalties. Also in second stoppage time 4 more teams gave 2 goals: Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan and Iraq. Six punishments were converted in this half, and 1 own goal was given as well.
- Unbelievable 8 times the ball was rolled into the own nets. Indonesian footballers gave the most gifts in favour to other teams with 2 own goals. Three of them was in the first half, while 5 own goals were given in the second 45 minutes. At a single duel we saw how the ball has rolled twice into its own net.

Punishments, saved and missed plus lottery shoot-outs.
- Men in blue were in the mood to point 20 times to the penalty spot. Nine of them were given in first half, and 11 in the second. Most penalties were given to Qatar - 4 (out of that 3 was in 1 game), followed by 3 from South Korea and Islamic Republic of Iran, and 2 punishments converted United Arab Emirates. Three penalties were saved, while players have missed 2 of them (both happened in second half). In total there was 4 lotteries at the end of each draw at the knockout round.

Two cards of the same colour and direct reds.
- Players from three teams have received 2 yellow cards out of four times in total. Vietnam was an absolute recorder here by getting it twice on 2 different games, and all 4 second yellow cards were issued in second half.
- Even more nasty fouls for direct red cards were given to 7 footballers: with 2 in the first 45 minutes and 4 issued in the second half. Kyrgyzstan hold the record here by receiving 2 direct ones.

African Cup of nations 2023 (2024):
Goals, stoppage time goals and own ones.
- In the neighbouring continent we had 44 goals in the opening half and 74 in the second which give a total number of 118 or 2.27 per game. Because 1 of them was scored in extra time in that case per match we saw 2.29 goals.
- Four of them was in the first stoppage time, and one of that was from 11 metres. After the ninetieth minute and until the end the ball was into the net 14 times, where Mozambique, Egypt and Cape Verde have scored more than others: twice.
- Balls that was rolled into its own net was 4 or 3 in the first half and the rest was in the second.

Penalties, saved and missed plus lotteries.
- Seventeen punishments were scored or 4 in the opening half and 13 in continuation. Furthermore, 3 of them got converted after minute 90 and 1 was scored in the first stoppage. Burkina Faso was the most luckiest team who had 3 penalties, followed by 2 from: Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana.
- There was 1 saved and 4 missed punishments, where 3 of them was in the first and the rest was given in the second half.
- Five lotteries were conducted after the equal results at the knockout rounds.

Naughty boys.
- Referees gave 2 yellow cards at 6 players. Three of them were issued in the first 45 minutes plus we saw 1 more at second half, first extra time and second extra time. Direct red cards was also 6.

12 February 2024

Winter break is over - elimination games looms closer

After qualifying and group phase, part number three is the final one where clubs will resume its duties at the international European leagues (European Cups) on the knockout stages. The first of them is going to appear from next midweek where meaning of the duels would be different for the first 90 minutes.

Champions league is going to use this month and the next for the whole round. Hence the last 16 would be a real torture where only one kick off will be visible for all games.

Tuesday, 13 February at 21.00 CEt: Kobenhavn - Manchester city.
Tuesday, 13 February at 21.00 CEt: Rasenballsport Leipzig - Real Madrid.

Wednesday, 14 February at 21.00 CEt: Lazio - Bayern.
Wednesday, 14 February at 21.00 CEt: PSG - Real Sociedad.

For the following two events the so called play-off round (which is also equivalent to round of 32) is going to be played. As always for the first elimination phase, the 16 pairs below are going to be staged on one night only, and two starting times will appear from:

Europa league...
Thursday, 15 February at 18.45 CEt: Feyenoord - Roma.
Thursday, 15 February at 18.45 CEt: Galatasaray - Sparta Praha.
Thursday, 15 February at 18.45 CEt: Shakhtar Donetsk - Olympique de Marseille (playing in Hamburg, Germany).
Thursday, 15 February at 18.45 CEt: Young boys Bern - Sporting.

Thursday, 15 February at 21.00 CEt: Benfica - Toulouse.
Thursday, 15 February at 21.00 CEt: Braga - Qarabag.
Thursday, 15 February at 21.00 CEt: Lens - Freiburg.
Thursday, 15 February at 21.00 CEt: Milan - Stade Rennes.

... and Conference league.
Thursday, 15 February at 18.45 CEt: Molde - Legia.
Thursday, 15 February at 18.45 CEt: Olympiacos - Ferencvaros.
Thursday, 15 February at 18.45 CEt: Sturm - Slovan.
Thursday, 15 February at 18.45 CEt: Union Saint-Gilloise - Eintracht Frankfurt.

Thursday, 15 February at 21.00 CEt: Ajax - Bodo/Glimt.
Thursday, 15 February at 21.00 CEt: Betis - Dinamo Zagreb.
Thursday, 15 February at 21.00 CEt: Maccabi Haifa - Gent (playing at Budapest, Hungary).
Thursday, 15 February at 21.00 CEt: Servette - Ludogorets.

Kings crowned after turnaround

Africa Cup of nations 2023 (2024) - Ivory coast, elimination phase 4 - last duel, night 21, game 52:

Nigeria - Ivory coast 1:2

Scorers: 1:0 37 (37.02) William Troost-Ekong
               1:1 62 (61.40) Franck Kessie
               1:2 80 (80.14) Sebastien Haller

Stoppage time played for both halves: 4.33 and 7.09.

Supplemental information (2 of 2): Ivory coast is the new champion of Africa winning its third title.

11 February 2024

Bronze medal match played

Africa Cup of nations 2023 (2024) - Ivory coast, elimination phase 4, classification for place 3 or 4, night 20, game 51:

South Africa - Democratic Republic of Congo 0:0, on penalties: 6-5

Stoppage time played for both halves: 1.57 and 5.17.

Hat-trick of punishments from the same player

Asian Cup - Qatar 2023 (2024), knockout round 4 - final, night 23, match 51:

Jordan - Qatar 1:3

Scorers: 0:1 22-pen (21.43) Akram Afif
               1:1 67 (66.31) Yazan al-Naimat
               1:2 73-pen (72.49) Akram Afif
               1:3 90+5 (94.36) Akram Afif

Stoppage time played for both halves: 08.15 + 16.05.

Additional information (3 out of 3): defending champions Qatar managed to retain its title who has won it for the second time in this tournament.

10 February 2024

Neutral terrain for an official game

For the European championship 2024 the last 9 duels has remained to be played from the qualifying play-off cycle, and one of them will kick-off on neutral venue in the second part of next month.
Because of security reasons, on 31 January the European football organization has decided that the path B duel between Israel and Iceland is to be staged in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. This is going to start on 21 March from 20.45 CEt.
Whoever wins this match will have to jump one more hurdle five nights later: to play with either Bosnia and Herzegovina or Ukraine, where after 90 (or more) minutes the participant number 23 is going to be determined for the main event of the continent which is scheduled to be held this summer.

09 February 2024

Journey of one region begins next month

It is wide known that the World Cup in 2026 is going to be held at the North, Central America and the Caribbean region. And precisely this confederation, who also would be the fourth, will start its qualifying path for the remaining three direct spots (or more) of the mentioned tournament. The format says that this continent would have three elimination phases, plus those teams who like to torture themselves even more can still qualify through intercontinental play-offs.
At the world football organization on 25 January was conducted the draw for the first 2 rounds, and all that is going to kick-off at the second part of next month. The ending results looks like this:

- Phase one. From here begins the four lowest teams of the region. Everything is going to start on 22 March and finish 4 nights later where 4 sides will try to eliminate themselves over 2 duels, so at the end 2 remains. Because the highest ranking team is facing the lowest counterpart, the mini layout looks like this:

Game 1: Turks and Caicos islands - Anguilla.
Game 2: British Virgins islands - United states Virgin islands.

Phase two. Dates from this stage are from 05 to 11 June before taking a long rest and resume at 04 until 10 June 2025. Here 28 teams plus 2 from previous stage have been drawn into six groups of five, and thus the little ball names have made the following fate:

Group A: Honduras, Antigua and Barbuda, Cuba, Bermuda, Cayman islands.

Group B: Costa Rica, Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Bahamas.

Group C: Haiti, Curacao, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Aruba.

Group D: Panama, Nicaragua, Guyana, Montserrat, Belize.

Group E: Jamaica, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Dominica, victorious team from match 2 from phase one.

Group F: El Salvador, Suriname, Puerto Rico, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, winner from match one of phase one.

Only the first 2 teams (group winners and those who are going to be second) will progress to the third stage.

Four days later after the layout was made the whole schedule was revealed to the public.

08 February 2024

One team did not score

Africa Cup of nations 2023 (2024) - Ivory coast, elimination phase 3 (last 4 - duel 1), night 19, game 49:

Nigeria - South Africa 1:1, on penalties: 4-2

Scorers: 1:0 66-pen (66.05) William Troost-Ekong
               1:1 89-pen (89.02) Teboho Mokoena

Stoppage time played for both halves: 2.17 and 7.02.

- In the second extra time of 115 (114.43) Grant Kekana (South Africa) saw a direct red card.

Africa Cup of nations 2023 (2024) - Ivory coast, elimination phase 3 (last 4 - duel 2), night 19, game 50:

Ivory coast - Democratic Republic of Congo 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 64 (64.04) Sebastien Haller

Stoppage time played for both halves: 3.02 and 4.55.

Supplemental information (1 of 2): playing on the same night, the two semifinals did not produced many excitements as again punishments were dominating over one superb goal from open play.

Extraordinary first half from a whole match

Asian Cup - Qatar 2023 (2024), knockout round 3 (semifinal 2), night 22, match 50:

Islamic Republic of Iran - Qatar 2:3

Scorers: 1:0 03 (03.09) Sardar Azmoun
               1:1 17 (16.44) Jassem Abdulsallam
               1:2 43 (42.53) Akram Afif
               2:2 51-pen (50.29) Alireza Jahanbakhsh
               2:3 82 (81.37) Almoez Ali

Stoppage time played for both halves: 05.56 and 16.10.

- From 90+3 (92.50) Islamic Republic of Iran played with 10 players because of a direct red card for Shojae Khalilzadeh.

Additional information (2 out of 3): the hosts will be able to defend its title after all on Saturday, and that happened when they literally came back in the memorable first 45 minutes of this remarkable game.

07 February 2024

Meeting between the old group rivals, finally had a winner

Asian Cup - Qatar 2023 (2024), knockout round 3 (semifinal 1), night 21, match 49:

Jordan - South Korea 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 53 (52.50) Yazan al Naimat
               2:0 66 (65.48) Mousa al-Taamari

Stoppage time played for both halves: 5.23 and 8.30.

Additional information (1 out of 3): the above 2 teams on 20 January had played an entertaining draw with 4 goals where they were in the same group E, while tonight some was victorious. As for the game itself, Jordan more than deservedly so has entered into the final of the competition where they will appear for the first ever time this Saturday.

06 February 2024

Records were announced during an ongoing competition

The Asian Cup 2023 (2024) has not yet finished, and since its start last month records were already broken at different levels.

- Yoshimi Yamashita became the first female referee that has appeared on Australia - India at the second game of the competition on schedule.
- News about 60 broadcasters which are covering this event in over 160 countries around the world is really impressive.
- In the opening match was present 82.490 spectators making Qatar - Lebanon to broke previous record of 40.000 when People's Republic of China and Bahrain met at a first game in the Asian Cup 2004.
- A complete debut of the event made the Semi-automated offside technology for detection irregularities at each game.
- In the eighteenth edition Kwan Chan gave goal number 1.000, and this came when Hong Kong have equalized against United Arab Emirates in the forty ninth minute.
- Football lovers throughout the globe has exceed the 1.5 billion mark at all digital platforms of the confederation in just 10 days beating the previous record of 836 million from the 2019 event.
- When Qatar played with Palestine in the first knockout phase, the all-time attendance has reached 1.06 million surpassing 1.04 million from the same competition in 2004.
- Media partners have experienced a really high television audience on its market mainly in South Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia, who for the first time has made the elimination round.

05 February 2024

Final seven matches are going to be played

Unfortunately, when something starts everything has to have an end, and so does the following events: and on top of that it is not one but two of them will complete. For the past month we had plenty of goals, nice and unforgettable memories with lots of drama from both, and now this couple will finish in a space of 17 hours (or maybe more) next weekend.

The Asian Cup 2023 (2024) competition is the only one of the two which does not have a classification duel for third and fourth place, however it has something else: for the second time in this tournament we are going to experience the same match that was played in group E from 20 January. Here the two teams that are going to compete in the first semifinal would not battle for points, but for a place in the final therefore someone has to win (that was not the case with the mentioned play). Until the end all three duels will have the same kick-off time, thus the schedule looks like this:

Semifinal 1
06 February, Tuesday at 16.00 CEt: Jordan - South Korea.

Semifinal 2
07 February, Wednesday at 16.00 CEt: Islamic Republic of Iran - Qatar.

10 February, Saturday at 16.00 CEt: winners from both duels of the above two games.

In the neighbouring continent there is one more match to be played. At this point there is another interesting difference from these two tournaments: in the predecessor the team who won the title can still defend it, but in this confederation it is not the case as the main team show Africa Cup of nations 2023 (2024) will have a new king from this year. Two various kick-offs awaits us in the next seven nights, however the later one is a majority here.

Semifinal 1 and 2
07 February, Wednesday at 18.00 CEt: Nigeria - South Africa.
07 February, Wednesday at 21.00 CEt: Ivory coast - Democratic Republic of Congo.

Classification duel for third - fourth spot
10 February, Saturday at 21.00 CEt: losing teams from both semifinal pairs.

Last ever match for this event
11 February, Sunday at 21.00 CEt: victorious teams of the two matches written above competes for the title.

04 February 2024

Definitely this was one of the longest night of football in the competition...and the craziest as well

Africa Cup of nations 2023 (2024) - Ivory coast, elimination phase 2 (last 8 - duel 3), night 18, game 47:

Mali - Ivory coast 1:1, 1:2 after 30 (plus) additional minutes

Scorers: 1:0 71 (70.53) Dorgeles Nene
               1:1 90 (89.23) Simon Adingra
               1:2 120+1 (121.03) Oumar Diakite

- Mali could have taken the lead at 17 (16.58), but the 11 metre penalty shot from Adama Traore was perfectly saved.
- Odilon Kossounou received his second yellow card on 43 (43.02), leaving Mali to play with 10 players.
- And also his teammate Oumar Diakite made his company in the dressing room by getting the same punishment for showing his muscles right after the celebration of the winning goal.

Stoppage time played for both halves: 5.58 and 7.09.

Africa Cup of nations 2023 (2024) - Ivory coast, elimination phase 2 (last 8 - duel 4), night 18, game 48:

Cape Verde - South Africa 0:0, on penalties: 1-2

Stoppage time played for both halves: 5.48 and 5.04.

Losing rights to compete at last four in a cruel way (applicable to both duels)

Asian Cup - Qatar 2023 (2024), knockout round 2 (quarter - final 3), day 20, match 47:

Islamic Republic of Iran - Japan 2:1

Scorers: 0:1 27 (27.09) Hidemasa Morita
               1:1 54 (54.10) Mohammad Mohebi
               1:2 90-pen (90.18) Alireza Jahanbakhsh

Stoppage time played for both halves: 3.02 and 9.29.

Asian Cup - Qatar 2023 (2024), knockout round 2 (quarter - final 4), night 20, match 48:

Qatar - Uzbekistan 1:1, on penalties: 3-2

Scorers: 1:0 27-own goal (26.40) Utkir Yusupov
               1:1 58 (58.02) Odiljon Hamrobekov

Stoppage time played for both halves: 04.06 and 12.21.

03 February 2024

Knockout stage three was confirmed with great turnaround in second half

Africa Cup of nations 2023 (2024) - Ivory coast, elimination phase 2 (last 8 - duel 1), night 17, game 45:

Nigeria - Angola 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 41 (40.31) Ademola Lookman

Stoppage time played for both halves: 3.55 and 7.32.

Africa Cup of nations 2023 (2024) - Ivory coast, elimination phase 2 (last 8 - duel 2), night 17, game 46:

Democratic Republic of Congo - Guinea 3:1

Scorers: 0:1 20-pen (20.02) Mohamed Bayo
               1:1 27 (26.40) Chancel Mbemba
               2:1 65-pen (64.22) Yoane Wissa
               3:1 82 (81.29) Arthur Masuaku

Stoppage time played for both halves: 6.00 and 5.05.

Ball that was pushed into its own net meant an end of the debutants

Asian Cup - Qatar 2023 (2024), knockout round 2 (quarter - final 1), night 19, match 45:

Tajikistan - Jordan 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 65-own goal (65.07) Vakhdat Khanonov

Stoppage time played for both halves: 5.59 and 7.40.

Asian Cup - Qatar 2023 (2024), knockout round 2 (quarter - final 2), night 19, match 46:

Australia - South Korea 1:1, 1:2 after 30 additional minutes

Scorers: 1:0 42 (41.27) Craig Goodwin
               1:1 90+6-pen (95.53) Hwang Hee-chan
               1:2 103 (103.03) Son Heung-min

- From 105+4 (108.32) Australia played the rest of this duel with 10 players because Aiden O'Neill has done a nasty foul by receiving a direct red card.

Stoppage time played for both halves: 2.03 and 8.56.

02 February 2024

Journalists removed and permit taken away

After the (un)expected loss from Jordan this Monday in the first elimination round of Asian Cup 2023 (2024) competition, the Iraq trainer had a real tough time at a press conference.
Some Iraqi journalists wanted to confront, were shouting and pointing fingers to Jesus Casas. Thankfully, this disruption of the furious and very angered people from the media was prevented by security officials. By doing this idiotic behaviour, their licence was automatically revoked plus they cannot report from any future events that are organizing under the Asian football confederation.

01 February 2024

Game was decided only by penalty shoot-outs: ten scored and one missed

Asian Cup - Qatar 2023 (2024), knockout round 1 - game 7, night 18, match 43:

Bahrain - Japan 1:3

Scorers: 0:1 31 (30.52) Ritsu Doan
               0:2 48 (48.02) Takefusa Kubo
               1:2 63-own goal (63.14) Ayase Ueda
               1:3 72 (71.30) Ayase Ueda

Stoppage time played for both halves: 03.29 and 12.31.

Asian Cup - Qatar 2023 (2024), knockout round 1 - game 8, night 18, match 44:

Islamic Republic of Iran - Syria 1:1, on penalties: 5-3

Scorers: 1:0 34-pen (33.59) Mehdi Taremi
               1:1 64-pen (63.22) Omar Khribin

- The goal scorer of Islamic Republic of Iran was also send off when he received his second yellow card at 90 (90.18).

Stoppage time played for both halves: 05.15 and 11.20.