05 February 2024

Final seven matches are going to be played

Unfortunately, when something starts everything has to have an end, and so does the following events: and on top of that it is not one but two of them will complete. For the past month we had plenty of goals, nice and unforgettable memories with lots of drama from both, and now this couple will finish in a space of 17 hours (or maybe more) next weekend.

The Asian Cup 2023 (2024) competition is the only one of the two which does not have a classification duel for third and fourth place, however it has something else: for the second time in this tournament we are going to experience the same match that was played in group E from 20 January. Here the two teams that are going to compete in the first semifinal would not battle for points, but for a place in the final therefore someone has to win (that was not the case with the mentioned play). Until the end all three duels will have the same kick-off time, thus the schedule looks like this:

Semifinal 1
06 February, Tuesday at 16.00 CEt: Jordan - South Korea.

Semifinal 2
07 February, Wednesday at 16.00 CEt: Islamic Republic of Iran - Qatar.

10 February, Saturday at 16.00 CEt: winners from both duels of the above two games.

In the neighbouring continent there is one more match to be played. At this point there is another interesting difference from these two tournaments: in the predecessor the team who won the title can still defend it, but in this confederation it is not the case as the main team show Africa Cup of nations 2023 (2024) will have a new king from this year. Two various kick-offs awaits us in the next seven nights, however the later one is a majority here.

Semifinal 1 and 2
07 February, Wednesday at 18.00 CEt: Nigeria - South Africa.
07 February, Wednesday at 21.00 CEt: Ivory coast - Democratic Republic of Congo.

Classification duel for third - fourth spot
10 February, Saturday at 21.00 CEt: losing teams from both semifinal pairs.

Last ever match for this event
11 February, Sunday at 21.00 CEt: victorious teams of the two matches written above competes for the title.


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