30 April 2023

Not welcome into stadium

In a filthy, disgusted racist chants and abuse towards Romelu Lukaku 171 Juventus spectators were removed from stadium. This incident has happened on 04 April during the first leg semi-final of the Italian Cup against Inter. Monkey shouts were noted by the Turin police who revealed this report at the beginning of the week. However, they did not disclosed on how long or until when this ban will be in place.

29 April 2023

Smaller clubs have formed their own union

This Monday in the capital of Belgium the Union of European clubs was born. Its aim is to have a voice for the smaller clubs which are not represented at all three international competitions and try (at least) to compete or to parry with the rich ones. Until now the continental football organization did not yet comment the whole thing.
Headquarters of the new player will be in Brussels and would accept professional clubs from the top two national leagues. Membership for entering into this association is free, while one known name that is already in is Sevilla.

28 April 2023

Organising a major future competition

The African football organization on 07 April has opened the bidding process to organise one of the most important tournament of the continent: the African Cup of nations 2027. Each country was called up to welcome the best 24 teams on its soil, and so far six of them have made their interest, out of which three have joined forces together.
First of all two neighbouring nations from the southern part have agreed to bring this competition before their spectators. However, on 20 April Namibia have pulled out of their hospitality efforts stating money problems that were not paid from the government. That left Botswana to compete as alone bidder who together with Algeria and Egypt makes the confirmed three countries to organize the event, and one combined effort from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania is also launched to oppose them.
Deadline to submit every of the documents for other countries who likes to stage this competition is 23 May after which comes inspection of facilities. All will be known in September where a formal decision have to be made.

27 April 2023

Kick off times are announced

On 18 April it was announced the so awaiting schedule of a tournament which its draw for the same one was performed 4 days earlier: the Gold Cup 2023 together with the qualifiers. Forty games are going to be played in exactly one month.
Everything will start with the elimination stages that furthermore are divided on two phases. The semi-final layout commences on 16 and 17, while 20 June trio of teams would emerge that will qualify for the main event. During these three elimination dates three duels are going to be staged.
Just 4 nights later the right stuff begins: edition number 17 of the Gold Cup 2023. Being divided on 4 groups, the 16 teams are going to play in total 24 games and those should be held until 04 July. The last 7 games from the competition is scheduled to be staged from 08 as far as 16 July.
All stadia, kick off times as well as pairs can be seen on the website of the North, Central America and the Caribbean confederation.

26 April 2023

Lying in court (just to protect his marriage)

At first the accused said that he never knew the girl, that he only wanted to help her... so that at the end the victim was raped in the bathroom of a nightclub in Barcelona. That is exactly what happened on the night of 30 December 2022, but now with a little bit different scenario because from last Monday the first sentence suddenly got changed.
While on holiday (who turned out to be a nightmare) and soon after this very wild party Daniel Alves got arrested and from then on he is spending the nights in jail of the mentioned city. Many times was denied to leave on bail and with right reasons as the first testimony nowadays looks like this: the defender has admitted that he had consensual sex with the girl in the first place. All this lie was deliberately said so that his wife would not find out about his infidelity with the 23-year-old woman.

25 April 2023

Winning clubs could get more incentive

For its two international club competitions at the group phase, in 2023 the South American organization is rewarding those clubs who really fight on the terrain, take risks and make memorable matches in order to win, no matter if it is at home or playing as visitors.
In Copa Libertadores this year the victory club can win an additional 272.848 euros. During the whole season, the affiliation will distribute 273.7 million, which is an increase of 51.8 million euros from 2022 or a boost of 21 per cent.
Copa Sudamericana would give 90.949 euros more for those who wants to earn three points. Just for comparison from last year it is a rise of 16.2 million euros, from a total of 70.8 million euros that would circulate in the event or 30 per cent increase from previous edition.
The above figures / incentives were presented last Monday from the organization who urge each club to play attacking (exciting) football so that spectators can watch interesting matches without (any) boring duels.

24 April 2023

Developments to be discussed at a meeting

For the first time Benin will host the General assembly this summer. In the city of Cotonou would gather all the leaders from the African football for the forty fifth time.
Assembled all together each one is going to talk about how to grow this sport on the continent and what are the critical issues. Reports will be presented of how the Executive committee perform its job together with finance, tournaments... This meeting is scheduled to take place on 13 July.

23 April 2023

Extension of contract

Last month the North, Central America and Caribbean confederation has announced that Scotiabank will remain its partner for one more season. One of the largest bank in the region would extend to support the youth women competitions together with the men counterparts. Here it includes the Champions league where it is going to retain the title before the event (Scotiabank Champions league). The first partnership was signed in 2014.
Although the contract was signed for four years, the Canadian bank will loose and cede the naming rights when the confederation broadens its events starting from 2024 (it is going to be known as a founding partner to certain tournaments).

22 April 2023

Greedy official wanted still to work despite ban

Having been removed from all football activities on 30 months, Fabio Paratici did not gave up and still liked to be a part of this game. But what the 50-year-old did not understand is that this suspension is on a worldwide level which was issued for the falsifying documents while he worked for Juventus.
Consequently ten days ago this former official has announced that it will appeal the punishment on the decision of the world football organization to ban him from this sport, and the Italian highest sports court has only confirmed the suspension on Thursday. Reduced to a dead end today he has resigned of Tottenham managing director.

21 April 2023

Neighbouring clubs of Dutch-Belgium duel began with penalty, and ended with...lotteries

Conference league 2022-23 season, knockout round 3 (phase of 8), leg 2, single night:

AZ - Anderlecht 2:0, on penalties: 4-1

Scorer: 1:0 05-pen (04.52) Vangelis Pavlidis
             2:0 13 (12.59) Vangelis Pavlidis

Nice - Basel 1:1, 1:2 after extra time

Scorers: 1:0 09 (08.59) Gaetan Laborde 
               1:1 86 (85.42) Jean-Kevin Augustin
               1:2 98 (97.35) Kasim Adams

West ham - Gent 4:1

Scorers: 0:1 25 (25.02) Hugo Cuypers
               1:1 37 (36.23) Michail Antonio
               2:1 55-pen (55.02) Lucas Paqueta
               3:1 58 (57.32) Declan Rice
               4:1 63 (62.55) Michail Antonio

Additional information: AZ, Basel, West ham have qualified into the next stage.

Europa league 2022-23 season, knockout stage 3 (round of 8), leg 2, single night:

Union Saint-Gilloise - Bayer 1:4

Scorers: 0:1 01 (01.07) Moussa Diaby
               0:2 37 (36.56) Mitchel Bakker
               0:3 60 (59.56) Jeremie Frimpong
               1:3 64 (63.56) Casper Terho
               1:4 79 (78.26) Adam Hlozek

Roma - Feyenoord 2:1, 4:1 after 30 minutes

Scorers: 1:0 60 (59.21) Leonardo Spinazzola
               1:1 80 (79.50) Igor Paixao
               2:1 89 (88.41) Paulo Dybala
               3:1 100 (100.08) Stephan el Shaarawy
               4:1 108 (108.03) Lorenzo Pellegrini

- Because of a nasty foul Santiago Gimenez (Feyenoord) received a direct red card on 120 (119.40).

Sporting - Juventus 1:1

Scorers: 0:1 09 (08.39) Adrien Rabiot
               1:1 19-pen (19.12) Marcus Edwards

Sevilla - Manchester united 3:0

Scorers: 1:0 07 (07.20) Youssef en-Nesyri
               2:0 46 (46.20) Loic Bade
               3:0 81 (80.37) Youssef en-Nesyri

Additional information: from next month we are going to see again Bayer, Roma, Juventus and Sevilla in the penultimate phase of the season.

20 April 2023

A comfortable leader have dropped victory at the end

Champions league 2022-23 season, knockout stage 2 (last 8), leg 2, night 2 of 2:

Inter - Benfica 3:3

Scorers: 1:0 13 (13.16) Nicolo Barella
               1:1 37 (37.16) Fredrik Aursnes
               2:1 65 (64.58) Lautaro Martinez
               3:1 78 (77.38) Joaquin Correa
               3:2 86 (85.32) Antonio Silva
               3:3 90+4 (94.11) Petar Musa

Additional information: the home team secured a passage to the next phase with a 5:3 overall win.

19 April 2023

Copied result from first leg

Champions league 2022-23 season, knockout stage 2 (last 8), leg 2, night 1 of 2:

Chelsea - Real Madrid 0:2

Scorer: 0:1 58 (57.26) Rodrygo de Goes
             0:2 79 (79.03) Rodrygo de Goes

Additional information: with identical score six nights ago for the same club, Real Madrid has qualified into the next round.

18 April 2023

Layout has been revealed

This summer starts one of the important tournament of North, Central America and the Caribbean confederation: the Gold Cup. Like its previous edition this is going to be divided on two parts: the qualifying one as well as the major competition. For this purpose each of the nine elimination pairs are known (where three so far are mysterious) together with how the groups will look like which has emerged from the draw that was performed three nights ago.

Twelve teams that have qualified for the elimination plays have to torture themselves a little bit more or for two more rounds just to get to the main competition. Games are divided in so called semi-finals and finals (or phase one and two).

Semi-finals (playing on 16 and 17 June):
Duel 1: Trinidad and Tobago - Guadeloupe.
Duel 2: Martinique - Saint Lucia.
Duel 3: Curacao - Saint Kitts and Nevis.
Duel 4: French Guiana - Sint Maarten.
Duel 5: Suriname - Puerto rico.
Duel 6: Guyana - Grenada.

Finals (to be held at 20 June):
Duel 7: winners between plays 1 and 6.
Duel 8: victory teams of games 2 and 5.
Duel 9: winners will clash each other from 3 and 4.

In continuation, the major tournament is going to commence from 24 June to 16 July. Edition number 17 of the Gold Cup is divided on four parts: group stage, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. We know that 15 teams are coming from this confederation together with 1 which is coming from Asia (that is also their defending champion as well). These 16 were dispersed in 4 groups:

Group A: United States of America, Jamaica, Nicaragua, victory team from qualifying pair number 9.
Group B: Mexico, Haiti, Honduras, Qatar.
Group C: Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, team that won in elimination game number 8.
Group D: Canada, Guatemala, Cuba, qualifying winner of match 7.

Just four days before the draw it was revealed where all the duels would be played: 15 stadia (out of which 4 are debuting in this event) in 13 towns (12 across United States of America plus 1 in Canada).

17 April 2023

Battle to enter into last four, part two

As second part of this month means decisive, immediately after the first duels the closing 90 minutes (or more) for this phase are going to be played from the European international club competitions. Because the following 12 duels are the return leg from the last 8, some clubs may torture themselves more than others (depending on the achieved results from this week). This is the last time this season that we have two kick-off times, as from the next (penultimate) round only one will appear. You can read the schedule of how the matches would commence below.

Champions league...
Tuesday, 18 April at 21.00 CET: Chelsea - Real Madrid.
Tuesday, 18 April at 21.00 CET: Napoli - Milan.

Wednesday, 19 April at 21.00 CET: Bayern - Manchester city.
Wednesday, 19 April at 21.00 CET: Inter - Benfica.

... Conference league...
Thursday, 20 April at 18.45 CET: AZ - Anderlecht.
Thursday, 20 April at 18.45 CET: Fiorentina - Lech.

Thursday, 20 April at 21.00 CET: Nice - Basel.
Thursday, 20 April at 21.00 CET: West ham - Gent.

...and Europa league.
Thursday, 20 April at 21.00 CET: Roma - Feyenoord.
Thursday, 20 April at 21.00 CET: Sevilla - Manchester united.
Thursday, 20 April at 21.00 CET: Sporting - Juventus.
Thursday, 20 April at 21.00 CET: Union Saint-Gilloise - Bayer.

16 April 2023

Revealed date when entry papers would go on sale

For exactly one month next summer throughout the European continent it will be in effect "United by football". This is the slogan for edition number 17 of the main team championship which is going to be held in Germany.
And for the event itself the dates were determined of the draw as well as when tickets would start be purchasing from the public. Nine days ago at the Congress in the Portuguese capital Lisbon it was revealed that on 03 October would begin selling the entry papers for the games. On 02 December the six groups are going to be known in the draw ceremony that will be held at Elbphilharmonie hall in Hamburg. Ten towns and 10 stadia will welcome the 23 best teams (together with the host) from 14 June until 14 July 2024.

15 April 2023

Winners have collected the most

The champions of all three European club international competitions for 2021-22 season have earned more money than any other club.
Last season the Conference league started its debut appearance as third event in significance. And the first winner Roma received 19.2 million euros.
Going one tournament higher where Eintracht Frankfurt was the successful team of Europa league. With 38 million euros the Germans have earned it more throughout the whole season.
Real Madrid is the current defender of the trophy for Champions league. In financial meaning the club has collected 133.7 million euros, followed by 120 million of the losing finalist (Liverpool), while in third place was Bayern with 110 million euros. Here, for the champion includes the basic money for entering the group phase and various bonuses (based on results, televised broadcasting rights and other). Just for comparison: Sheriff that competed in the fall group games from this event (and later got transferred to the knockout stage of Europa league) in total were paid the smallest amount of 23.7 million euros. The thirty two clubs of the group stages have shared an average of 61.8 million euros.
All the above numbers were released last Wednesday by the European football organization.

14 April 2023

Unusual draw for a club who gave all four targets in the game

Europa league 2022-23 season, knockout stage 3 (round of 8), leg 1, single night:

Feyenoord - Roma 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 53 (53.01) Mats Wieffer

- On 43 (42.49) the visiting midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini has hit the post from 11 metres.

Bayer - Union Saint-Gilloise 1:1

Scorers: 0:1 51 (50.31) Victor Boniface
               1:1 82 (81.54) Florian Wirtz

Manchester united - Sevilla 2:2

Scorers: 1:0 14 (13.59) Marcel Sabitzer
               2:0 20 (20.03) Marcel Sabitzer
               2:1 84-own goal (83.35) Tyrell Malacia
               2:2 90+2-own goal (91.39) Harry Maguire

Juventus - Sporting 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 73 (72.42) Federico Gatti

Conference league 2022-23 season, knockout round 3 (phase of 8), leg 1, single night:

Gent - West ham 1:1

Scorers: 0:1 45+2 (47.17) Daniel Ings
               1:1 56 (56.01) Hugo Cuypers

Basel - Nice 2:2

Scorers: 1:0 25-pen (25.12) Zeki Amdouni
               1:1 38 (37.52) Terem Moffi
               1:2 45+1 (45.32) Terem Moffi
               2:2 70 (70.15) Zeki Amdouni

Anderlecht - AZ 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 22 (21.48) Michael Murillo
               2:0 70 (69.50) Majeed Ashimeru

13 April 2023

Home club justified its superiority

Champions league 2022-23 season, knockout stage 2 (last 8), leg 1, night 2 of 2:

Real Madrid - Chelsea 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 21 (20.55) Karim Benzema
               2:0 73 (73.05) Marco Asensio

- On 59 (58.24) the visiting defender Benjamin Chilwell received a deserved direct red card for a nasty foul.

12 April 2023

Two different goal scorers

Champions league 2022-23 season, knockout stage 2 (last 8), leg 1, night 1 of 2:

Benfica - Inter 0:2

Scorers: 0:1 51 (50.44) Nicolo Barella
               0:2 82-pen (81.44) Romelu Lukaku

11 April 2023

Venues have been confirmed

The 24 top names of Asian football had learned from which bowl they would be pulled out. Last Wednesday it was revealed all the details about the main team championship.
Edition number 18 of the Asian Cup 2023 (2024) is going to be held from 12 January until 10 February. It would be played on 8 stadia in 4 cities across Qatar. The draw for this tournament will be performed at the ceremony staged in the Katara opera house, Doha on 11 May from 14.00 local time (15.00 CET). Shortly after the draw the whole schedule would be known.
Originally this championship had to be staged in the summer, but because the host (and the title defender) is participating on another event (as guests - Gold Cup) and the very high temperatures it is rescheduled to commence next year. Here an interesting thing is that this one is going to overlap with another continental competition [Africa Cup of nations 2023 (2024)] who will have similar starting dates as well (13 January to 11 February).

10 April 2023

Quarter-finals at fourth month, part one

It is time for the first 90 minutes to be played in the three European club competitions. Totally we are going to see 24 different clubs who will start the campaign - the last 8. Majority of pairs are going to be staged at the later kick-off, except two. Over three nights of entertainment the schedule would look like this:

Champions league...
Tuesday, 11 April at 21.00 CET: Benfica - Inter.
Tuesday, 11 April at 21.00 CET: Manchester city - Bayern.

Wednesday, 12 April at 21.00 CET: Milan - Napoli.
Wednesday, 12 April at 21.00 CET: Real Madrid - Chelsea.

... Europa league...
Thursday, 13 April at 18.45 CET: Feyenoord - Roma.

Thursday, 13 April at 21.00 CET: Bayer - Union Saint-Gilloise.
Thursday, 13 April at 21.00 CET: Juventus - Sporting.
Thursday, 13 April at 21.00 CET: Manchester united - Sevilla.

... and Conference league.
Thursday, 13 April at 18.45 CET: Gent - West ham.

Thursday, 13 April at 21.00 CET: Anderlecht - AZ.
Thursday, 13 April at 21.00 CET: Basel - Nice.
Thursday, 13 April at 21.00 CET: Lech - Fiorentina.

09 April 2023

Youth tournament troubles

In the last and this week two youth World Cup events have been taken away of their hosting countries, and one of them was stripped due to a bizarre incident.
The Governor of Bali Wayan Koster refused to welcome the Israeli team who have qualified for the competition of up to 20 years old. Because majority population of this island are Hindus (who support Palestine), and later more and more politicians raised their voice against the idea of admitting the first team on its soil, it was obvious that a minor sparkle would have a negative outcome. And what was feared that happened: last Wednesday the world football organization took away the hosting rights from Indonesia who prepared to staged this competition from 20 May until 11 June. Possible sanctions against this Southeast Asian member might be issued in the following months.
In the meantime on the other corner of the globe at the beginning of the week it was announced that the 10 November to 02 December competition for players until 17 years old will not be played in Peru. Lack of infrastructure and organization are to blame, thus this country have lost the event.
Now for both have to be found new hosts, while it may be decided that each confederation would keep staging these tournaments (probably one of the Gulf nations for the first and Argentina for the second one).

08 April 2023

Deja vu for the third time

This Wednesday on the Ordinary congress of the European football organization in the Portuguese capital Lisbon it was elected a new leader of the house. And members without any difficulty selected the current one Aleksander Cheferin who unopposed has easily won the director spot for the third time in a row. First came into power at 2016, the Slovenian 55-year-old lawyer will now stay on its presidential job until 2027.

07 April 2023

Greedy official removed for good

Out of having a golden job the following ex president has turned into a renegade (of his own choosing) and because of that the 65-year-old have been excluded from football for life. Most of us can say: deservedly so.
This betrayal culminated in December 2015 when Manuel Burga Seoane was arrested on corruption charges. Five months earlier it was detected an illegal property and assets on the accounts of his family members. Violating the code of ethics which is connecting to bribery schemes, deception, offering and accepting gifts among others from Copa America and Libertadores Cup tournaments, yesterday the world football organization took drastic measures towards this official. Also had to say goodbye to measly sum of 1 million Swiss francs (which is the same amount of euros as well).
Sometime the leader of the football federation of Peru as far as 2002 until 2014, starting from 9 years later, he cannot get near to this sport ever again.

06 April 2023

Announced details for one regional championship

On 22 March the North, Central America and Caribbean confederation have revealed when the draw would be performed for its main tournament (on a team level).
The little ball names for the Gold Cup event together with its qualifiers will come out on 14 April before television cameras. Right after the completion of the Nations league for 2022-23 season all participants are known, together with the seeds who have already been determined.
From September 2020 it was familiar that 1 team is going to be invited from another continent plus the 12 from this region. However, elimination games that will be played before the main competition would give an answer for the other three missing teams. Semifinals would be staged on 16 and 17 June with 6 pairs, 20 June are the qualifying finals (that have to give an answer of the needing trio), while edition number 17 of the Gold Cup will be held from 24 June until 16 July.
Out of those who are the 13 direct participants at the major event together with the 12 teams that are going to fight for entering it (over 2 phases) you can read at the website of the confederation.

05 April 2023

Without registering new players

Last Thursday the world football organization has punished a club which they encite a young footballer to break his contract with his former team and play for them.
For the next two transfer windows Koln is banned of bringing new players and on top of that is fined with 51.750 euros. Jaka Chuber Potochnik was allegedly encouraged to say goodbye to Olimpija (Ljubljana) and cross over to them. Also for the 17-year-old has the penalty is suspension for four months.
Now the German club have to search their justice at the Court of arbitration for sport by saying that are having (strong) evidence for this case: did not encite the Slovenian to represent them plus his ex-club has violated the contract towards the player.

04 April 2023

Known when the first competition of 2024 will be held

From earlier it was familiar that the African Cup of nations 2023 (2024) is going to be staged early next year, and from 30 March this event officially were assigned dates. Edition number 34 which is going to be played in Ivory coast is scheduled to start on 13 January and end with the last game who is set to be at 11 February. Originally this event was planned to be staged in summer period, but because of severe rainy conditions (basically in the west of the continent) it is staging after the New year for the second consecutive time.
It is also announced that the draw for the final event will be held in September or right after elimination games are finished. Primary objective of the organizer is that in June / July months would be kept of playing this competition in the future only if weather conditions in the host countries are allowing to do so.

03 April 2023

Membership taken away due to stupidity

In various parts of Europe two very smart spectators have learned what are their punishment after doing some idiotic stuff.
During the PSV - Sevilla game at Europa league that was played on 23 February, one 20-year-old boxer run onto the stadium and hit the visiting goalkeeper Marko Dmitrovic in the face. For this bravery the Dutch court awarded him jail term of three months. But what is worst for the young hooligan is that he cannot get closer the Philips stadium for two years, nor entering the same arena in the next 40 years. On top of the cake, the home club has already begun to seek damages for the incident.
Travelling over to Spain where a 20-year-old Mallorca fan has lost his membership card on three years, and this was done in a matter of seconds. On two separate games that were played against his club (Real Madrid and Villarreal) he shouted abuse words towards Vinicius de Oliveira junior and Samuel Chukwueze, and the club security personnel has helped a lot to identify this hooligan. Commission against violence and racism has suggested an additional penalty for this extremely clever young man which is one year ban from entering all stadia plus 4.000 euros fine.

02 April 2023

Nine draws for three events performed in one day

Immediately after the phase of 16 were over, on the next day (17 March) and in less than 150 minutes, it was conducted the draws for the three European club competitions. During the process from each event 8 clubs have formed 9 pairs (where in the next two rounds were completely anonymous), and regardless of that, this had to be made because these were the last draws for the 2022-23 season.

Until the end there will be only one kick off time at the Champions league event. The first 90 minutes will be staged on 11 and 12 April, while everything would be decided seven nights later. Last 8 pairs for this competition look like this:

Benfica - Inter.
Manchester city - Bayern.
Real Madrid - Chelsea.
Milan - Napoli.

Furthermore: the fourth pair is going to meet the first one while the middle two pairs will clash each other in the semi-final line-up that have to be played on 09, 10 together with 16, 17 May. Whoever will be victorious from that middle pair battle is going to be written as the 'home' club in the final scheduled for 10 June at the Ataturk Olympic arena in Istanbul, Turkiye.

Europa league would be staging games only on one night, at 18.45CET and 21.00 CET with quarter-finals to be held on 13 and 20 April.

Manchester united - Sevilla.
Juventus - Sporting.
Bayer - Union Saint-Gilloise.
Feyenoord - Roma.

On 11 and 18 May the first two pairs and the last two are going to form the semi-final schedule, and from that point on one kick-off time will be used: 21.00 CET. At last: in the Hungarian capital Budapest on 31 May it would be written the winner of the first semi-final as a 'home' club.

Literally for the third club competition in significance applies the same two kick off times and identical dates for playing (at all three phases). Pairs of the quarter-final schedule from the Conference league are:

Gent - West ham.
Lech - Fiorentina.
Anderlecht - AZ.
Basel - Nice.

Semi-final layout will be second pair winner against the fourth one, plus the third and the first. And which one would came victorious from the first duel it is going to be privileged and written as 'home' club in the final of the event destined to be held at Prague, Czech Republic 07 June in Eden arena.

01 April 2023

Eighteen exciting rounds ahead starting from this fall

Nine days ago the whole layout got officially confirmed of how elimination journey will look like of the South American confederation for the World Cup tournament of 2026.
For exactly two years (from September 2023 until September 2025) the famous 10 teams of the continent are going to play the same format that is known from the previous qualifying editions. Each of them will be situated in a single group playing two times (rounds) or by nine matches at home and as guests. Under the new rule and because the finals are going to be in an extended version beginning from 2026 this region will be represented with six teams.
The real trick here is that there will be no draw (like it was performed way before the qualifying tournament of the previous World Cup edition) to determine which team would earn the position number, but instead the already accepted system is going to be the same as in Qatar 2022.
On their website you can find the kick off schedule dated from 22 March.