18 April 2023

Layout has been revealed

This summer starts one of the important tournament of North, Central America and the Caribbean confederation: the Gold Cup. Like its previous edition this is going to be divided on two parts: the qualifying one as well as the major competition. For this purpose each of the nine elimination pairs are known (where three so far are mysterious) together with how the groups will look like which has emerged from the draw that was performed three nights ago.

Twelve teams that have qualified for the elimination plays have to torture themselves a little bit more or for two more rounds just to get to the main competition. Games are divided in so called semi-finals and finals (or phase one and two).

Semi-finals (playing on 16 and 17 June):
Duel 1: Trinidad and Tobago - Guadeloupe.
Duel 2: Martinique - Saint Lucia.
Duel 3: Curacao - Saint Kitts and Nevis.
Duel 4: French Guiana - Sint Maarten.
Duel 5: Suriname - Puerto rico.
Duel 6: Guyana - Grenada.

Finals (to be held at 20 June):
Duel 7: winners between plays 1 and 6.
Duel 8: victory teams of games 2 and 5.
Duel 9: winners will clash each other from 3 and 4.

In continuation, the major tournament is going to commence from 24 June to 16 July. Edition number 17 of the Gold Cup is divided on four parts: group stage, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. We know that 15 teams are coming from this confederation together with 1 which is coming from Asia (that is also their defending champion as well). These 16 were dispersed in 4 groups:

Group A: United States of America, Jamaica, Nicaragua, victory team from qualifying pair number 9.
Group B: Mexico, Haiti, Honduras, Qatar.
Group C: Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, team that won in elimination game number 8.
Group D: Canada, Guatemala, Cuba, qualifying winner of match 7.

Just four days before the draw it was revealed where all the duels would be played: 15 stadia (out of which 4 are debuting in this event) in 13 towns (12 across United States of America plus 1 in Canada).


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