02 April 2023

Nine draws for three events performed in one day

Immediately after the phase of 16 were over, on the next day (17 March) and in less than 150 minutes, it was conducted the draws for the three European club competitions. During the process from each event 8 clubs have formed 9 pairs (where in the next two rounds were completely anonymous), and regardless of that, this had to be made because these were the last draws for the 2022-23 season.

Until the end there will be only one kick off time at the Champions league event. The first 90 minutes will be staged on 11 and 12 April, while everything would be decided seven nights later. Last 8 pairs for this competition look like this:

Benfica - Inter.
Manchester city - Bayern.
Real Madrid - Chelsea.
Milan - Napoli.

Furthermore: the fourth pair is going to meet the first one while the middle two pairs will clash each other in the semi-final line-up that have to be played on 09, 10 together with 16, 17 May. Whoever will be victorious from that middle pair battle is going to be written as the 'home' club in the final scheduled for 10 June at the Ataturk Olympic arena in Istanbul, Turkiye.

Europa league would be staging games only on one night, at 18.45CET and 21.00 CET with quarter-finals to be held on 13 and 20 April.

Manchester united - Sevilla.
Juventus - Sporting.
Bayer - Union Saint-Gilloise.
Feyenoord - Roma.

On 11 and 18 May the first two pairs and the last two are going to form the semi-final schedule, and from that point on one kick-off time will be used: 21.00 CET. At last: in the Hungarian capital Budapest on 31 May it would be written the winner of the first semi-final as a 'home' club.

Literally for the third club competition in significance applies the same two kick off times and identical dates for playing (at all three phases). Pairs of the quarter-final schedule from the Conference league are:

Gent - West ham.
Lech - Fiorentina.
Anderlecht - AZ.
Basel - Nice.

Semi-final layout will be second pair winner against the fourth one, plus the third and the first. And which one would came victorious from the first duel it is going to be privileged and written as 'home' club in the final of the event destined to be held at Prague, Czech Republic 07 June in Eden arena.


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