06 April 2023

Announced details for one regional championship

On 22 March the North, Central America and Caribbean confederation have revealed when the draw would be performed for its main tournament (on a team level).
The little ball names for the Gold Cup event together with its qualifiers will come out on 14 April before television cameras. Right after the completion of the Nations league for 2022-23 season all participants are known, together with the seeds who have already been determined.
From September 2020 it was familiar that 1 team is going to be invited from another continent plus the 12 from this region. However, elimination games that will be played before the main competition would give an answer for the other three missing teams. Semifinals would be staged on 16 and 17 June with 6 pairs, 20 June are the qualifying finals (that have to give an answer of the needing trio), while edition number 17 of the Gold Cup will be held from 24 June until 16 July.
Out of those who are the 13 direct participants at the major event together with the 12 teams that are going to fight for entering it (over 2 phases) you can read at the website of the confederation.


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