27 April 2023

Kick off times are announced

On 18 April it was announced the so awaiting schedule of a tournament which its draw for the same one was performed 4 days earlier: the Gold Cup 2023 together with the qualifiers. Forty games are going to be played in exactly one month.
Everything will start with the elimination stages that furthermore are divided on two phases. The semi-final layout commences on 16 and 17, while 20 June trio of teams would emerge that will qualify for the main event. During these three elimination dates three duels are going to be staged.
Just 4 nights later the right stuff begins: edition number 17 of the Gold Cup 2023. Being divided on 4 groups, the 16 teams are going to play in total 24 games and those should be held until 04 July. The last 7 games from the competition is scheduled to be staged from 08 as far as 16 July.
All stadia, kick off times as well as pairs can be seen on the website of the North, Central America and the Caribbean confederation.


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