04 April 2023

Known when the first competition of 2024 will be held

From earlier it was familiar that the African Cup of nations 2023 (2024) is going to be staged early next year, and from 30 March this event officially were assigned dates. Edition number 34 which is going to be played in Ivory coast is scheduled to start on 13 January and end with the last game who is set to be at 11 February. Originally this event was planned to be staged in summer period, but because of severe rainy conditions (basically in the west of the continent) it is staging after the New year for the second consecutive time.
It is also announced that the draw for the final event will be held in September or right after elimination games are finished. Primary objective of the organizer is that in June / July months would be kept of playing this competition in the future only if weather conditions in the host countries are allowing to do so.


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