28 April 2023

Organising a major future competition

The African football organization on 07 April has opened the bidding process to organise one of the most important tournament of the continent: the African Cup of nations 2027. Each country was called up to welcome the best 24 teams on its soil, and so far six of them have made their interest, out of which three have joined forces together.
First of all two neighbouring nations from the southern part have agreed to bring this competition before their spectators. However, on 20 April Namibia have pulled out of their hospitality efforts stating money problems that were not paid from the government. That left Botswana to compete as alone bidder who together with Algeria and Egypt makes the confirmed three countries to organize the event, and one combined effort from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania is also launched to oppose them.
Deadline to submit every of the documents for other countries who likes to stage this competition is 23 May after which comes inspection of facilities. All will be known in September where a formal decision have to be made.


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