09 April 2023

Youth tournament troubles

In the last and this week two youth World Cup events have been taken away of their hosting countries, and one of them was stripped due to a bizarre incident.
The Governor of Bali Wayan Koster refused to welcome the Israeli team who have qualified for the competition of up to 20 years old. Because majority population of this island are Hindus (who support Palestine), and later more and more politicians raised their voice against the idea of admitting the first team on its soil, it was obvious that a minor sparkle would have a negative outcome. And what was feared that happened: last Wednesday the world football organization took away the hosting rights from Indonesia who prepared to staged this competition from 20 May until 11 June. Possible sanctions against this Southeast Asian member might be issued in the following months.
In the meantime on the other corner of the globe at the beginning of the week it was announced that the 10 November to 02 December competition for players until 17 years old will not be played in Peru. Lack of infrastructure and organization are to blame, thus this country have lost the event.
Now for both have to be found new hosts, while it may be decided that each confederation would keep staging these tournaments (probably one of the Gulf nations for the first and Argentina for the second one).


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