07 April 2023

Greedy official removed for good

Out of having a golden job the following ex president has turned into a renegade (of his own choosing) and because of that the 65-year-old have been excluded from football for life. Most of us can say: deservedly so.
This betrayal culminated in December 2015 when Manuel Burga Seoane was arrested on corruption charges. Five months earlier it was detected an illegal property and assets on the accounts of his family members. Violating the code of ethics which is connecting to bribery schemes, deception, offering and accepting gifts among others from Copa America and Libertadores Cup tournaments, yesterday the world football organization took drastic measures towards this official. Also had to say goodbye to measly sum of 1 million Swiss francs (which is the same amount of euros as well).
Sometime the leader of the football federation of Peru as far as 2002 until 2014, starting from 9 years later, he cannot get near to this sport ever again.


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