30 May 2018

Old story - new revelations

We are not going to mention what happened last weekend as it is maybe becoming boring to you and we think that everybody knows it and no...we are not talking about the result. Instead of point out two numbers we will write couple of names: Sergio Ramos and Mohamed Salah.
Believe it or not, the first name is still at the news in social media, while most of the Egyptians can not believe what he did to the second one just before the World Cup who is seriously approaching. To sum up in short: many threats, lawsuit, also strange names are calling the captain of the winning side and even Allah is on the list as well, who supposed to come for the 32-year-old and punish him (severely) away for what he did in the match.
In relations to this story one other sport have to interfere. Many of us (probably) do not know anything about judo and to clear things up, one union has stepped in to clarify this case (since UEFA and even FIFA are still silent). Within football waki-gatame is an unknown term and we have absolutely no idea what it means, until...

Madness for Super eagles jerseys

From 07 February the company unveiled it to the public and now they finally arrived. Today was the official launch of the jerseys with whom Nigerian players are going to be wearing at the World Cup in Russia next month. Most interesting part in this story is that five days ago the federation announced how Nike received a record of 3 million orders of the kits before it even debuts the market. They are inspired by the design from 1994, their premiere was in a friendly game against Serbia this March, while the price for one set is 30.000 Naira and upwards (from 71 euros). Now, if this is multiplied by the number of requests then we are reaching incredible 90 billion Naira or more, which is quite an impressive figure for the west-African country...

29 May 2018

'He is definitely guilty'

Everybody saw the disappointing moment when Mohamed Salah had to be substituted due to an injury three nights ago. At the closing game in the Champions league, the Liverpool striker was replaced and he left the Kyiv pitch in tears and of course immediately there were questions raised of whether the idol and hero of Egypt will participate in the World Cup which is starting next month. Some reports are saying that the 25 year old is not going to recover in time, while some are still confident that he will be there.
If the first option happens, than the main culprit is going to be only on one man: Sergio Ramos. Even three days after that final this incident is never going away, thus so far 400.000 people (and rising) are on the side of the Egyptian, who majority wants to strictly punish the captain of Real Madrid. After the match, '#Ramostheanimal' is one of the most popular tweets and almost every supporter, who thinks that the tacle was on purpose, wants FIFA to intervene in this case and to punish the Spaniard. As most Egyptians do not want to wait that long for the world football organization to interfere, today one local lawyer is suing Sergio Ramos for 1 billion euros in compensation.
Of course that everyone wants to happen the second scenario in which the player himself believes that will be ready for the big football event. 'My heartfelt wish for the Egyptian hero Mohamed Salah to recover from his injury, and I hope he will return to the field soon' are the words of encouragement who yesterday on social media wrote the president of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sissi. Together with all those supporters on social media, we too want to wish Mohamed Salah well, to fully recover and be the best player in Russia from June.

28 May 2018

Double celebrations at Santiago Bernabeu

Basically with two amazing goals (it is hard to tell which one was better) from the Welsh stiker Gareth Bale, Real Madrid has won its thirteenth title in Champions league. Those couple of beauties prompted Los Blancos supporters to go jubilant in Kyiv (Ukraine) on Saturday night as their team is the first who has done a hat-trick of titles under this competition name.
Early Sunday morning the celebration shifted into the capital of Spain. It all started at the Barajas airport, their well known gathering Fuente de Cibeles (fountain in the center of the town), and closing down with a massive party at Santiago Bernabeu.

On the stadium footballers were joined by another set of players from the basketball team, who became champions in Belgrade (Serbia) six nights ago (last Sunday). In fact, Real Madrid is the first club in history that in one season have won two titles of the same meaning in two sports: Champions league (in football) and Euroleague (at basketball).

Their fierce rivals and LaLiga champions Barcelona congratulated the Madrid club on the third consecutive trophy on social media.

26 May 2018

European continent is sending an old club

Real Madrid - Liverpool 3:1

Scorers: 1:0 50 Karim Benzema
              1:1 55 Sadio Mane
              2:1 63 Gareth Bale
              3:1 83 Gareth Bale

Additional information: After outstanding second half, Spanish team has made a little bit of history by winning the Champions league for the third consecutive time and with that is going to participate at the last FIFA tournament of the year: the Club World Cup in United Arab Emirates in December.

Unwanted tickets

First, tickets has increased at very high prices on the black market (with the European football organization said that it will block those entries away), and then on Thursday it was announced that one club is not going to have support for certain ammount of loyal fans.
For the closing duel of Champions league between Real Madrid and Liverpool this Saturday night, the 'home' team revealed that 1.000 tickets have been returned back to UEFA. Spanish giants revealed that 24.268 club members have applied for 17.000 tickets, however after receiving their tickets were sent back to the club. Main problem for fans is the travelling cost and not enough accomodation in the capital. It looks like 'leaders of the mother association' found a quick 'solution': offering these papers to local citizens.
The damage has already been done 2 years ago and after the fiasco of awarding Kyiv with the final, critics keeps coming at the address of the European football organization. 'They just do not have the airport infrastructure and the hotel capacity to cope with an event of this size and there is not another major city within real hitting distance of it.', is the latest attacking comment from chief executive of Liverpool Peter Moore.

25 May 2018

Original collection with stickers

Every football enthusiast wants to gather all players in an album, and we (football lovers) will not stop until all empty boxes are filled. Plenty of us remembers (and some are still doing it), how we exchange stickers with others and have duplicates. With the advance of technology some wants to do it in digital form (through the FIFA website). However, there is another and original way: without having two or more identical pictures, all footballers are at one place at once and with no needed exchanges.
This creativity comes from Germany as the world champions are preparing in full swing to defend its title. In the honour of the players to protect and bring home the World Cup from Russia for the fifth time, last week media has shown a picture where workers are decorating its own (German) association building with a giant poster revealing all participants at the team. Not all (final 23) footballers are known for the event in the moment plus it is a lot easier to replace the blanks at anytime...

24 May 2018

Abnormal prices

Less than 72 hours to go for the final game between Real Madrid and Liverpool at the Champions league, and those who did not purchase their ticket on time may watch this game live on television...unless they want to give a huge sum for one single piece of paper. 
On the black market tickets rose up to 20 times or more than the original price. Spectators, who do not have an entry pass and are strongly determined to attend the NSC Olimpiyskiy stadium in Kyiv, will have to give more than 15.000 euros from 'only' 300 euros. The 'neutral' (those fans who do not belong to any team) tickets are re-selling from 250 to 1.500 euros. But the worse example are the category 4 tickets for the English fans where prices have jumped from 70 to 1.525 euros or more, while cheapest paper for their rivals are 468 euros.
Obviously, the European football organization do not care at all about the loyal fans, who whole season have cheered their club, being at every match, but for the final they are going to be 'cruely rejected', and also by giving the rights to host this closing duel in September 2016 to a country (Ukraine) which have poor infrastructure, pumped-up prices in hotels that are not enough in the capital...

23 May 2018

CONCACAF region revealed host cities for its championship next year

In 2019 we will know even 3 regional title winners in a space of 7 months. The first one is starting in Asia on January, while champions from both American continents are going to be known at the summer. One of them is from the CONMEBOL region, while the other is CONCACAF who will seek its own champion. Unfortunately, both events are going to coincide with each other, but we hope that matches will not be played at the same time.
Gold Cup is the most prestigious competition at the continent and next year is going to be played in United States of America (not in full). Its games from 2019 edition will be the fifteenth time that the region is going to search for champion. This event thrice is going to have something for the first time: expanded tournament of 16 teams, some matches will be played on 2 new football stadiums plus Caribbean and Central America would also have the opportunity to host games and be part of this great tournament.
Four days ago it was decided that stadiums in Chicago, Charlotte, Cleveland, Denver, Frisco, Glendale, Harrison, Kansas City, Nashville, Pasadena, Philadelphia, with the above 2 new grounds in Saint Paul and Los Angeles plus together with 2 stadiums in Houston are jointly making 15 stadiums in 14 cities across the country. Also at a later date, matches that are going to be played in new parts of the continent will be announced. 'With the upcoming selection of additional venues in the Caribbean and Central America, the Gold Cup becomes a regional event on even more levels' said president of CONCACAF region Victor Montagliani.

22 May 2018

Furious over a picture

Who says football and politics are not related together? While the first party is complaining that it help gaining political points in a upcoming elections of the other country, the other one is responding that is not related to anything and it says has nothing to do with the voting process. And all this fuss is because of one single picture.
It is widely known that relations between Germany and Turkey are not very good at the moment. They accuse one another, when last Monday couple of German players are photographed with the Turkish president (of the country): Mesut Ozil and Ilkay Gundogan who met and pictured themselves with Recep Tayyip Erdogan. To 'spice' things up a little, the second player also showed a t-shirt which was written 'With respect for my president'. Cenk Tosun have also joined the gathering.
One of the critics was the premier of Baden-Wurttemberg region Winfried Kretschmann which 'remind these two footballers who their president is', while some officials from the German association were also irritated about this issue as well. The other side did not wait much for the reply. Senior adviser of the president Yasin Aktay speaking for the media who, among other things, replied: 'Conversely, German officials and politicians condemn Turkish-German football players for posing in photos with their president as a result of nothing but natural emotions.'

And to calm things down, couple of days ago the above first 2 players have met the current president from the other side (Germany), Frank-Walter Steinmeier who posted a picture with them in social media.

21 May 2018

Introducing Champions league closing match for this season

After the dramatic closing game against Fenerbahce at the Euroleague final four basketball tournament in Belgrade (Serbia), Real Madrid remain the most successive club and tonight has won title number 10. A team, which has the same name plus have 2 more titles, is aiming to win for the thirteenth time and also made a little bit of history in another sport: football.
Exactly 10 nights after the first final (Europa league), comes the second and last for 2017-18 season. In order to attract more television viewers, the European football organization has put the Champions league final to be played on a weekend, and also it is the first time in every seasons that this competition will be on unusual night: on Saturday, 26 May at 20.45 CET in neutral ground at Kyiv (Ukraine) the Spanish giant will face Liverpool.
The 'home' team is going to be the first who is trying to make a hat-trick of titles (under the current tournament name) and also at the same time will stay in pursuit for equalling the record of 5 consecutive titles which Real Madrid has won from 1955 until 1959 as part of the European Cup. On the other hand, their dangerous English rivals are going to try to win its sixth title at this tournament, after waiting of 12 years.

20 May 2018

Oceania champion qualified as second winner

From six continental winners, the second is known from few moments ago. After Chivas Guadalajara from Mexico who won the Champions league from the CONCACAF region, Oceania is going to represent Team Wellington. This New Zealand team has won its both games against Lautoka (Fiji) in a 10:3 aggregate score.
Next champion is going to be known on Saturday and will come from Europe, who together with the host of the tournament Al-Ain, is going to be the fourth team that will compete at the Club World Cup in December at United Arab Emirates.
The most interesting part is that all 3 teams so far will debut at this event.

Two finalists face disciplinary actions

In some case the European football organization need more than a month to punish only one man (Gianluigi Buffon in Champions league), while in some case 24 hours is enough to determine the guilty party. Even aliens from far deep space (if they exist), together with television viewers, clearly saw how at the Europa league closing game on Wednesday night in Lyon had plenty of fireworks and firecrackers: on and off the pitch. Thus, the only question is who will get punished: Olympique Marseille, Atletico Madrid or the organizers itself, but because the third option is never mentioned on the list (we often wonder why is like that), the burden falls on only two clubs.
Because they were literally begging to be punished, now both of them are awaiting fines due to the number of smokes their spectators have caused by. In addition to that, the home team is accused because players came very late on the pitch for start of the second half, and the title winner is charged with 'racist behavior' as their fans displayed an discriminatory banner.
So, these two finalists are going to wait until the last day of May to learn about their fate, i.e. how much they must pay.

19 May 2018

Undesired reporter

Everybody wants to attend the greatest football show on earth next month, but for some it may only be a dream. In other words: if you talk something bad about the host country you will likely get banned, even in you work in television.
He was planning to report from the World Cup in Russia, however this German journalist nevertheless will stay at home as his visa was revoked. Hajo Seppelt is a investigative reporter at public broadcaster ARD, which is among the first who uncovered the story of allegedly Russian doping scandal (mostly in athletics). Thus from last Saturday, the authorities have put him on blacklist, however few days after that his accreditation has been put back on. Now the real question is whether the journalist is going to be able to report about this world event undisturbed, which nobody yet knows.

18 May 2018

Legendary footballer awaits to be punished

Everybody saw how infamous and inexperienced Michael Oliver disgraced himself, by giving Real Madrid a penalty at the ninety-fourth minute against Juventus in the quarter-final of the Champions league. Following that decision, the 33-year-old main actor, whom after the match received death threats through social media, gave a red card to the visiting player. For someone it was far far away from penalty and for some it was, but in this story nevertheless only one footballer will pay for the whole incident: legendary goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon.
It passed more than one month from that game, and six days ago the European football organization is charging this legend with aggressive behavior towards an official. What kind of fine will be for the Italian is going to be known on the last day of May.

17 May 2018

Attacked players and club officials

Unbelievable and ugly scenes happened yesterday in Lisbon. Sporting Clube de Portugal players were training peacefully, which soon after turned into violence. Around 50 hooligans broke into their camp (Sporting academy) and armed with baseball sticks and knives began to attack footballers and officials. Worst of them was Dutch forward Bas Dost who received cuts on its head, while physiotherapist Mario Monteiro and his assistant Raul Jose were also injured. Public television have reported that 21 angry fans were captured by police.

16 May 2018

Number 3 is strong this night: third final, third success, three goals

Olympique Marseille - Atletico Madrid 0:3

Scorers: 0:1 21 Antoine Griezmann
              0:2 49 Antoine Griezmann
              0:3 88 Gabi (Gabriel Fernandez)

Additional information: although it has qualified through its championship, the Spanish team earned a Champions league place for next season.

Racist incident got penalized

In a friendly game at the end of March in Saint Petersburg Russia played with France, where afterwards the visitors have been complaining to FIFA about a racist behavior from the stands. The world football organization said that its discciplinary committee have done a 'fundamental investigations, including a review of video evidence', where small amount of home fans have made unsuitable conduct every time French coloured players had contact with the ball. Due to that incident seven days ago the RFU (Russian football union) was punished with 30.000 Swiss francs (25.081 euros).

15 May 2018

Famous Arab referee has put his job in jeopardy

This news happened so fast which does not took even 72 hours. It all started last Saturday (three days ago) when Fahad al-Mirdasi had to officiate the King Cup final between Al-Ittihad and Al-Faisaly. Many were in surprise when it was learned that he was being pulled out from the duel. Yesterday, its (mysterious) federation did not reveal any details of why or how, however instead have announced that the Olympic committee from this Arab country approved this investigation. Finally, after all those questions and answers today it was said that the 32-year-old official admitted to rig the King Cup final.
This story from Saudi Arabia would not have been that important if we know that the above mentioned name is selected to be on the World Cup referee list who supposed to officiate in Russia. And when something goes wrong it had to go until the end: also today the Saudi Arabian (its own) federation has asked FIFA to punish him on global level. Thus this young and experienced 'man in blue' has put his job in danger of missing the world football event which is beginning exactly one month from now.

14 May 2018

Battle for 2018-19 Champions league spot

Only two matches remain to be played for closure of this season, and next week is the first of them. Lyon, France is going to welcome the Europa league closing match on Wednesday, 16 May at 20.45 CET between Olympique Marseille and Atletico Madrid. Both these teams will compete for the third time in this competition, but with various successes: the French club, who is the 'host' for the event, have lost its previous two finals against their rivals which won both of their final games. Whoever win this tournament, will earn the rights to enter 2018-19 Champions league.
In related news for this duel is that 'the guests' will lead the assistant coach on the bench - German Burgos. After losing the appeal this Friday from the European football organization, Diego Simeone will watch the final from the stands also. Originally the Argentine coach was banned for four games out from which: one of them has served, the second is going to be next week plus two more matches next season. In terms of finance, he has to give away 10.000 euros.

Couple of countries wants EURO 2024

On the last Tuesday in April, one of the favorites to host this event - Germany submit its bid to the European football organization. However, two days later, another country that spreads on two continents has done the same. And both candidates gave all documentations for the EURO 2024 deadline which was on 27 April.
Turkey has never staged European championship finals and now the country is ready to welcome the best 24 teams in six years time. In the papers it was introduced 10 stadiums, out of which 2 of them will be built from scratch. On the first day of this month all these sports arenas have revealed images of the designs from whom the inspirations came from traditional Turkish hats and artwork. At the most populated city of the continent - Istanbul, games are going to be played on 2 football grounds. There are also proposed that duels will be staged in 8 other towns across the country. The vice president of its federation Servet Yardimci said that this is 'a historic day for Turkish football' and 'it is now the time for Turkey to host its first-ever tournament'.
Final winner for the 2024 edition is going to be made in Nyon on 27 September.

13 May 2018

Harsh punishment

It all started with fouling a player, which afterwards the whistle remained silent while he was lying on the grass. Then 'our hero' started problems with: spitting the lines-man as well as the fourth referee, and soon after followed curses, attacks, physical threats...thus at the end, normally, received a red card.
This is the story of Arda Turan, a Basaksehir player who was removed from the game against Sivasspor at the ninety fourth minute played on 04 May. After the duel everyone expected that the midfielder will get fewer matches off the pitch, but instead it was quite severe with a double figure: the former Turkish international was banned for 16 games. To be more precise, the 31-year-old got: 10 matches for attacking the officials and with 3 each for insults and threats, plus a financial penalty. On Thursday the federation fined him with 39.000 Turkish lira (7.636 euros). As local media reported, in football this is far the biggest punishment for one player in the country.
Yesterday night the club has won its first duel without him, so now there is 15 left...

12 May 2018

Same rivals - foreign referees

AEK and PAOK are going to meet again, but this time on another tournament in Greece. These two teams are going to face each other again after the suspended game, which hapenned in March that saw the Super league championship got abandoned due to chaotic scenes on the pitch in Thessaloniki. On Saturday, 12 May from 19.30 CET the derby will be anewed at the Cup final in Athens. In order not to have the same repetition from two months ago and to prevent further trouble the federation took a different approach.
Because local referees are often the target in home games plus there is a suspicion of corruption in past years, on Thursday it was announced that David Borbalan is going to lead this duel. The 44-year-old Spanish official will be helped by Raul Cabanero Martinez with Jose Manuel Caballero as assistants together with Jesus Gil Manzano and Carlos del Cerro Grande who will stand near both goals. Last non Greek referee which led the match at the same final was in 1975.

11 May 2018

Advanced payment

African quintet which qualified for the World Cup finals, who is starting next month across Russia, are getting a financial boost. To have better preparations for the event, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia are being awarded 1.648.470 euros each. This was announced from FIFA in the last day of April, while CAF president Ahmad Ahmad immediately praised the decision saying that the world football organization was not that generous in past editions (continent is receiving less money than others) which 'affected badly the image of African football'.

10 May 2018

Ousted on couple of years

For failure to report on illegal activities an ex El Salvador trainer is removed from this sport on two years. Ramon Maradiaga forgot to mention to the world football organization an agreed result before it even played, thus seven days ago he is punished from football on 24 months. The 63-year-old failed to point out a known result to FIFA from 2016, when his team played a World Cup qualifying match against Canada, in which a third party has offered 'financial compensation' for the fixed outcome.

09 May 2018

Dutch and Serbian quintet for final matches

The 2017/18 season is slowly ending, and probably the best two referees were appointed for the finals. We are left with 4 clubs, whose 2 are from the same town, from 3 different countries and 2 various judges. Only two games are left for Europa and Champions league competitions, which came to the very end, and yesterday UEFA has announced 'men in blue' for those closing plays of the season.
In Lyon, France on 16 May Bjorn Kuipers from Netherlands is going to lead Europa league final between Olympique Marseille and Atletico Madrid. The 45 year old will have great help from 4 of his compatriots: Sander van Roekel and Erwin Zeinstra who will run through the side-lines, together with Danny Makkelie and Pol van Boekel which are going to monitor what is happening in both penalty areas.
Exactly 10 nights later Real Madrid and Liverpool players have to listen to all 5 men who are coming from Serbia. For the 'strongest' tournament in Kyiv, Ukraine, an other 45 year old will have a main, leading role at the pitch - Milorad Mazic. Milovan Ristic and Dalibor Djurdjevic are going to signal for out together with corner kicks, while Nenad Djokic and Danilo Grujic will be standing near the goals.

08 May 2018

Lucky 13

Exactly seven days ago, the world football organization announced who will monitor the video assistant referee system for the World Cup next month. If this number were deliberately chosen or not we will never find out, but 13 men are going to close up in the room and never come out on the pitch. In short: these (un)lucky 13 are going to be like those spectators who do not have the opportunity to travel in Russia and watch live games as the whole time will see them on television. However, they are going to have one big and special task: to watch closely and look for any controversial moments. These helping referees are chosen on previous experience with the system, they are designated only for this job, and 4 different colleagues will work on video analysis for every 64 matches. No names are going to be written here (you can read them on FIFA website), but instead we will mention continents: 9 of them are from Europe, South America has 3 while 1 come from Asia.

07 May 2018

Bye-bye to one tournament, destroying another, and hello to third

Who would have thought that the 2017 event will be the last. Two weeks ago the world football organization (probably) is making its own plans for future international competitions, while no body is asking the players can they keep this tempo.
- Due to very poor ratings and sagging popularity FIFA has decided to completely abolish the Confederations Cup. Thus, champions from six regions played its last competition previous summer in Russia with Germany happens to be its rear winner.
- If this is already cancelled another has to be re-designed, and the burden has fall into the Club World Cup. Starting from 2021 it would be played every 4 years, it will last 18 days and is going to compete 24 teams, out of which half of them comes from Europe. This World Cup, volume (or part) 2, or short: mini-World Cup would be held in June and is going to be played in a period where will not overlapped with the national championships, especially those in Europe. In brief: everything is going to be wrecked with this 'revamp'.
- African and Asian continent are still silent about this new tournament, in Europe and North, Central America and Caribbean (CONCACAF) are both waiting for September to begin, and FIFA is introducing its own: Nations league. The concept of this new (global) league is going to be the same, and months of playing will be September, October and December.
Launch of the mini-World Cup and global Nations league (described here) have to be discussed later this month, and already some European leagues are opposing the projects. And for financing these new two debut leagues, FIFA relies on private sponsors which will gather around 21 billion euros in a 2021 - 2033 period.

06 May 2018

Thrown out from EuroCups

In the past 14 days UEFA have expelled two teams in a total on five years from both European league competitions. One of them is 'less' known, while the other is a giant, and both of them are having financial difficulties of various meanings.
A club in Switzerland from the same city - Sion was thrown out for forgetting to pay money for a transfer. They are banned for two seasons plus its president Christian Constantin have to pay 235.000 euros for attacking television commentator Rolf Fringer in September 2017. Because of that he was also absent from this sport for nine months.
If the above team have amnesia for paying a player, the next are having the opposite troubles: for not giving wages to the players. Last Tuesday UEFA have removed Panathinaikos on three years and on top of that has to pay 100.000 euros. Due to very bad financial situation players from the Greek club has not receive their salaries from October 2017.

05 May 2018

All groups are known for Asian Cup 2019

Eight months from now (plus one day) is starting edition number 17 of the Asian championship. In total there is 24 teams who were divided in 4 pots of 6 teams, and now in reverse order: for the Asian Cup 2019 final 6 groups will comprise of 4 teams. All these happened today at the well known skyscraper Burj Khalifa in the Armani hotel in Dubai.
Before the draw it was only known that the host of the competition is going to be in the first group. And for the draw itself four main (two current and two legendary) stars from the continent showed up at the podium: Philip Younghusband, Sunil Chhetri, Sun Jihai and Ali Daei who mixed up and took out the little balls backwards from pot 4 to pot 1 to form the following groups:

Group A: United Arab Emirates, Thailand, India, Bahrain.

Group B: Australia, Syria, Palestine, Jordan.

Group C: South Korea, PR China, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines.

Group D: IR Iran, Iraq, Vietnam, Yemen.

Group E: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Lebanon, North Korea.

Group F: Japan, Uzbekistan, Oman, Turkmenistan.

Beginning very early next year, this exciting event is going to start 05 January, and whether Australia can defend its title we are going to find out 01 February.

03 May 2018

French against Spanish club in Europa league closing game

Atletico Madrid - Arsenal 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 45+2 Diego Costa

Red Bull Salzburg - Olympique Marseille 2:0, after extra time 2:1

Scorers: 1:0 53 Amadou Haidara
              2:0 65-own goal Bouna Sarr
              2:1 115 Rolando

Refusing to continue

After the chaotic semi-final game in the Turkish Cup between Fenerbahce and Besiktas 2 weeks ago came the announcement from the federation that the Istanbul rivals need to play the game where it stopped the first time. The minute will be 57, before an empty stadium, result is going to be scoreless and everything have to be played this Thursday, 03 May at 19.30 CET. As there is always a 'but' in every story, this word is here as well: one club said - no. Amazed from the decision to even continue the game, Besiktas will not appear on the pitch. Visiting spectators also requested to boycott this match.

World Cup news

In the past 14 days it was announced three important news that is going to happened around and in, the so awaited, World Cup which is going to start next month.
- There is no doubt that security across Russia will be very tight for the event, and for the safety of all spectators are also joining one known group members. Cossacks are going to be extra help which most are located at the southern part of the country. They will assist at Rostov oblast (area) where 200 of them are going to join police and security forces around the stadium and at the airport. 'The regional government came up with a plan how all the guests and citizens be safe throughout the competition, and also Cossacks are going to be represented as symbols of the district' said regional director of finance Alexander Palatny, who added that they will also entertain the public with riding abilities and tricks as well are known as skilled horsemen.
- It is already known that only referees are having access reviewing controversial moments from the video assistant room. Now, all that will change so for the competition spectators are going to have a look at them on the big screen. That was decided from FIFA who wants to clearly show the decision to the fans. However, there is a catch: all those moments that needs to be reviewed, the video assistant referee system is going to be shown much later on the scoreboard throughout the stadiums, in order the crowd is not going to affect the actual referee on the pitch when he will decide the matter. These video analysis will also be able to follow through the FIFA website and application, together with the television screens around the world.
- One day before and on the day of the games in Moscow there is going to be limited purchase of alcohol drinks. This means that these restrictions will be for 2 days and is going to be carried out in a radius of 2 kilometers from Luzhniki and Spartak (also known as Otkritie arena) stadiums, as well as Vorobyovy Gory fan zone. According to the schedule in the capital there will be playing 12 matches, so limitations are going to be 24 days in total.

01 May 2018

Spanish representative will try to win title number 13 in its third consecutive final

Real Madrid - Bayern Munich 2:2

Scorers: 0:1 03 Joshua Kimmich
              1:1 11 Karim Benzema
              2:1 46 (21 seconds - II half) Karim Benzema
              2:2 62 James Rodriguez

Quite impressive numbers from only two leagues

Two weeks ago the Spanish football league has announced some stunning figures. For 2016/17 season an income of LaLiga and LaLiga2 was 3.6 billion euros which is 495 million euros more than one year earlier (2015/16 season). With almost 40 percent from the whole sum 1.45 billion euros comes from television rights who were centralized. Earnings from stadiums were 746 million euros, from transfers 475 million...
Profit before tax is 234 million euros, which makes this the best season in terms of financial results. And speaking of tax debts, clubs have reduced them: from 650 million in January 2013 to only 96 million euros.
Now there is a new dream: surpassing the magical number of 4 billion euros this season in revenues.