30 May 2018

Old story - new revelations

We are not going to mention what happened last weekend as it is maybe becoming boring to you and we think that everybody knows it and no...we are not talking about the result. Instead of point out two numbers we will write couple of names: Sergio Ramos and Mohamed Salah.
Believe it or not, the first name is still at the news in social media, while most of the Egyptians can not believe what he did to the second one just before the World Cup who is seriously approaching. To sum up in short: many threats, lawsuit, also strange names are calling the captain of the winning side and even Allah is on the list as well, who supposed to come for the 32-year-old and punish him (severely) away for what he did in the match.
In relations to this story one other sport have to interfere. Many of us (probably) do not know anything about judo and to clear things up, one union has stepped in to clarify this case (since UEFA and even FIFA are still silent). Within football waki-gatame is an unknown term and we have absolutely no idea what it means, until...


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