31 May 2016

Start of Messi tax trial

The tax trial against the Argentina striker has started on Tuesday in Barcelona. Lionel Messi, together with his father, have been accused of evading tax from 2007 until 2009 for a sum of 4.1 million euros. The 28 year old star will testify on Thursday.
His testimony process will disrupt Messi's preparation just four days before the teams opening first game in the Copa America Centenario against Chile. But today one of tournament favorites - the Argentinians, are themselves in doubt over participating in the event.

Will the current format be ruined?

The European football organization in December will decide whether to change its current format system or introduce a new one for the Champions league. One of the options is to include guaranteed places for the biggest clubs coming from the strongest leagues and playing games on weekends (Saturday) instead of midweek. Possible change, in the 'strongest' European cup competition is available every three years as the UEFA marketing team can sell broadcasting rights to interested media in the next commercial cycle. And until that cycle will be over in 2018, 32 group phase clubs will share almost 1.3 billion euros each season from UEFA.

Problems before the start

The historic 2016 Copa America edition looks like being 'cursed' before it even starts. First Neymar Jr. is out of the Brazilian team, then Uruguayan Luis Suarez is in doubt of missing the competition and now Costa Rica's best goalkeeper Keylor Navas is definitely out. But the real tragedy will be one South American country who is staging a protest of leaving the event and is not aimed at the organizers at all.
One of the strong favorites to lift the trophy - Argentina, is seriously considering pulling out of the Copa America Centenario. Its FA is threatening to exit the tournament after accusing the government over interference. Argentine government, who sends its own investigators are looking for allegations of embezzlement of TV revenues, has suspended the presidential election for 30 June.
If this indeed happens then we will be short by plenty of stars participating.

Visitors victorious on second day in group B

Vanuatu - New Zealand 0:5

Scorers: 0:1 04 Chris Wood
              0:2 05 Chris Wood
              0:3 10 Michael McGlinchey
              0:4 19 Rory Fallon
              0:5 45 Kosta Barbarouses

Solomon Islands - Fiji 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 84-pen Roy Krishna

Day two starts in Oceania

After a day break we are back with action in the Oceania region. The tournament in Papua New Guinea enters into the penultimate day in group B and we may already expect to see the first semifinalist.

- Vanuatu - New Zealand. From 08.00 CET New Zealand can be the first nation to seal off the semi final spot. Vanuatu, who lost the first game to the Solomon Islands, just have to win this one if they want to keep pace but the All Whites will be too strong for them.
- Solomon Islands - Fiji. The 'hosts' are in advantage here because they recorded a minimal victory in the first game. But also the Bula Boys (Fiji) are capable of scoring goal/s in neutral ground (Papua New Guinea). Solomon Islands will try to go for a win as everything will be settled in the third and final group game with favorites (New Zealand) but Fiji is hoping to stall them with a draw. This, may be called the first derby of the mini-competition, is starting at 11.00 CET.

Who will be the anniversary champion?

The wait is finally over. Every football lover eagerly awaits one of the oldest official team competition in the world - Copa America. The 100 year old tournament for the first time will be played outside South American continent. USA will host 16 lucky teams who from 2 confederations (CONMEBOL and CONCACAF) will play across 10 stadiums 32 matches in this special event. Lots of stars will be present at this competition and finally from this Friday (LT) / Saturday (CET) we will cheer every move, every thrill, every skill up until the final on 26 June (LT) / 27 June (CET) as this is the most awaited event of the year.
Due to the time difference, concerning the European continent, most matches are playing in the early mornings. For this week we are going to see completed games in three groups.

Saturday, 04 June at 03.30 CET: USA - Colombia => Group A.
Saturday, 04 June at 23.00 CET: Costa Rica - Paraguay => Group A.

Sunday, 05 June at 01.30 CET: Haiti - Peru => Group B.
Sunday, 05 June at 04.00 CET: Brazil - Ecuador => Group B.
Sunday, 05 June at 23.00 CET: Jamaica - Venezuela => Group C.

Monday, 06 June at 02.00 CET: Mexico - Uruguay => Group C.

However, the 2016 winner will not participate in next year's FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia as that right already belonged to Chile by winning the 2015 edition.

Penultimate round in Africa 2017 qualifiers

One round awaits us this weekend from the African Cup of Nations qualifiers for Gabon 2017. Some surprised teams are already awaiting conformation of reaching the finals while some big favorites are struggling to get there. The penultimate, fifth round, will last from Friday until Sunday and according to schedule released (who is always subject to change), we are going to have games in the following order:

Friday, 03 June at 14.30 CET: Djibouti - Tunisia => Group A.
Friday, 03 June: Benin - Equatorial Guinea => Group C.
Friday, 03 June: Burundi - Senegal => Group K.
Friday, 03 June: Central African Republic - Angola => Group B.
Friday, 03 June: Gambia - South Africa => Group M.
Friday, 03 June: Guinea Bissau - Zambia => Group E.
Friday, 03 June: Liberia - Togo => Group A.
Friday, 03 June: Libya - Morocco => Group F.
Friday, 03 June: Kenya - Congo => Group E.
Friday, 03 June: Madagascar - Democratic Republic of Congo => Group B.
Friday, 03 June: Mauritania - Cameroon => Group M.
Friday, 03 June: Sao Tome e Principe - Cape Verde => Group F.
Friday, 03 June: Sierra Leone - Sudan => Group I.
Friday, 03 June: South Sudan - Mali => Group C.
Friday, 03 June: Swaziland - Guinea => Group L.
Friday, 03 June: Zimbabwe - Malawi => Group L.

Saturday, 04 June at 14.00 CET: Comoros - Burkina Faso => Group D.
Saturday, 04 June at 14.30 CET: Seychelles - Algeria => Group J.
Saturday, 04 June at 15.00 CET: Tanzania - Egypt => Group G.
Saturday, 04 June at 15.30 CET: Rwanda - Mozambique => Group H.
Saturday, 04 June at 16.00 CET: Botswana - Uganda => Group D.
Saturday, 04 June at 17.00 CET: Namibia - Niger => Group K.

Sunday, 05 June at 13.00 CET:  Mauritius - Ghana => Group H.
Sunday, 05 June at 15.00 CET: Lesotho - Ethiopia => Group J.

Mission successful

Over the weekend Mexican international Alan Pulido was abducted by armed gang members and today Mexican authorities said that he was rescued. The 25 year old striker fought one of his kidnappers and used his phone by calling the police. There were reports that from Pulido's family the attackers demanded a ransom payment for his release, who was not paid. Tamaulipas country's security forces together with Mexican security forces saved him just before midnight on Sunday.
Olympiakos player was kidnapped late Saturday night / Sunday morning while returning from a party with his girlfriend, who escaped unharmed. He was taken from his hometown Ciudad Victoria, northeast Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

Increased fund

All 24 teams who will compete in next month's European championship in France will share a record 301 million euros from the prize fund. According to L'Equipe newspaper this amount is higher by as much as 35% compared to the last championship held in Poland and Ukraine in 2012 (196 million euros shared by 16 nations).
Every team participating in the finals will receive 8 million, million for a win and 500.000 euros for a draw in the group stage. Last 16 teams will earn 1.5 million, 2.5 for reaching the quarterfinals and semifinalists will get 4 million euros. The runner up will be rewarded with 5 million while the championship winner will be 'rich' with new 8 million euros.

30 May 2016

Champions team of the season

Last Saturday Real Madrid won record 11 times the Champions league trophy, and today UEFA 'closed' 2015/16 season announcing the best 18 players of the competition. In total, the two finalists are represented with 12 players.

Goalkeepers: Jan Oblak (Atletico Madrid), Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich).
Defenders: Diego Godin (Atletico Madrid), Juanfran (Atletico Madrid), Thiago Silva (PSG), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Marcelo (Real Madrid).
Midfielders: Gabi (Atletico Madrid), Koke (Atletico Madrid), Andres Iniesta (Barcelona), Toni Kroos (Real Madrid), Luka Modric (Real Madrid).
Forwards: Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid), Luis Suarez (Barcelona), Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich), Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Gareth Bale (Real Madrid).

Own way for the Asian Cup

First two 2018 Asian World Cup qualifying rounds qualifying rounds were joint with the AFC Asian Cup. In that campaign we received the first 12 teams who gained automatic qualification to the finals, which were mostly favorites.
Now it is time to go on separate way to go for the Asian Cup finals, who is acting alone. Who will be remaining 12 teams to compete in the finals, we will find out through three additional qualifiers. These, mostly known as lower teams, have a chance to prove themselves and shine in their own way. Through two play off rounds, in home and away matches, 11 teams will battle to enter into the 'toughest' third qualifying round. First play off will begin next week with the first leg:

Thursday, 02 June at 13.00 CET: Chinese Taipei - Cambodia.
Thursday, 02 June at 13.30 CET: Laos - India.
Thursday, 02 June at 14.45 CET: Malaysia - Timor-Leste.
Thursday, 02 June at 17.00 CET: Tajikistan - Bangladesh.
Thursday, 02 June at 18.00 CET: Maldives - Yemen.

Tiny nations continue their path

After a three months break Caribbean teams are back in action. A part of the Gold Cup tournament, from 01 until 07 June it will entertain us with the second qualifying round.
In this round 15 teams will compete, 14 qualified through the first plus Saint Vincent and the Grenadines who was 'spared' in March due to its obligations for the 2018 CONCACAF World Cup qualifiers. Now, there will be 5 groups with 3 teams each. Nine teams will qualify to the third round: 5 group winners plus 4 best second placed teams. According to the schedule next week we will have two days (LT) / four days (CET) of action in the following order:

Wednesday 01 June at 22.00 CET: Guyana - Curacao => Group 3.
Wednesday 01 June at 22.00 CET: Martinique - Guadeloupe => Group 2.
Wednesday 01 June at 22.00 CET: Saint Kitts and Nevis - Suriname => Group 5.

Thursday, 02 June at 01.00 CET: French Guiana - Bermuda => Group 4.
Thursday, 02 June at 02.00 CET: Grenada - Puerto Rico => Group 1.

Saturday, 04 June at 22.00 CET: Suriname - St. Vincent and the Grenadines => Group 5.
Saturday, 04 June at 22.15 CET: US Virgin Island - Guyana => Group 3.

Sunday, 05 June at 01.30 CET: Puerto Rico - Antigua and Barbuda => Group 1.
Sunday, 05 June at 02.00 CET: Bermuda - Dominican Republic => Group 4.
Sunday, 05 June at 02.00 CET: Guadeloupe - Dominica => Group 2.

Kidnapped player

Alan Pulido, Mexican international has been abducted in his home town Ciudad Victoria. It is the capital of Tamaulipas where this state is known for armed drug gangs. He was leaving a party on Sunday morning with his girlfriend who escaped the incident unharmed. Mexican media has reported that they were intercepted by several trucks where six armed men took Pulido 'by force'. No further details are known for the kidnapping or its motive.
For four seasons Pulido played for Mexican club Tigres from Monterrey who expressed solidarity with his family. Due to a legal dispute with the team he left 2014 for Europe. And because of that dispute the 25 year old striker was left out from the Mexican team for next Friday's Copa America event. Currently he is playing for Greek side Olympiakos.

29 May 2016

Two million is not enough (for him)

Earlier this month there was a big question whether the new FIFA president will go public with his salary. Then the organizations' audit director Domenico Scala resign over a big fight within FIFA. And that audit director determines the presidential salary.
Nowadays the organization dismiss the accusations over conspiring against Scala. Now that he is 'forcefully removed' there were reports that Gianni Infantino denied 2 million Swiss francs (1.8 million euros) as his salary, describing the offer from FIFA council as an insult. Knowing that Infantino's predecessors had a lot more, (presidents, general secretary...as they had earnings plus bonuses), its obvious that the president wants to have some more than this figure.

Party in Madrid

Yesterday Los Blancos were better in a penalty shoot out over its La Liga rival Atletico and from that point on the Spanish capital was 'divided' over jubilant and desperate fans. Because, one way or another, the trophy had to arrive in Madrid and this time Real were the lucky side to win it for record eleventh time in the Champions league / European cup.
Today thousands of fans gathered at Plaza de Cibeles in city centre to welcome their heroes back home with the trophy. Famous Cybele fountain was included as well in the celebrations as was covered in Real's flag. Around them was huge security presence as 3.000 police officers who covered the fiesta. Also the players did not have proper sleep as they arrived early in the morning around 06.00 CET where on the streets they were welcomed by 30.000 jubilant fans.

Group A, day one results

Papua New Guinea - New Caledonia 1:1

Scorers: 1:0 41 Tommy Semmy
              1:1 84 Jean-Philippe Saiko

Tahiti - Samoa 4:0

Scorers: 1:0 02 Teaonui Tehau
              2:0 05 Teaonui Tehau
              3:0 15 Steevy Chong Hue
              4:0 39 Alvin Tehau

First two group A games

Group A gets into action today, including the host - Papua New Guinea. With these two games day one will conclude at the World Cup qualifiers - Oceania region.

- Papua New Guinea - New Caledonia. Playing on home turf Papua New Guinea has an excellent chance to progress to the third round. But the home side are struggling even at home, and from 08.00 CET we are going to see how New Caledonia is coming victorious for the first three points.
- Tahiti - Samoa. On its first ever meeting between these two Samoa thrashed Tahiti 10:1. That was four years ago, but today it is likely that is going to happen again. This starts as the last game of the day at 11.00 CET and the visiting team are absolute favorites taking the game.

Nearly a tragedy in Germany

During youth football match in western Germany a lightning struck seriously injured 3 adults while 32 others were hurt. From those 32, 30 were young children between the ages of 9 and 11, while the thunderbolt directly hit the referee. All were taken to hospital for examinations.
Police spokesman said that the incident came out of nowhere - from a clear blue sky.

28 May 2016

Real Madrid Champions of Europe!

Real Madrid - Atletico Madrid 1:1, on penalties: 5-3

Scorers: 1:0 15 Sergio Ramos
              1:1 79 Yannick Ferreira-Carrasco

Real and Atletico for the trophy

In an unusual day for a Champions league match UEFA, years back, deliberately put the final game on weekend as it wanted to increase TV viewers. No matter if they play on Saturday one thing is for sure: Spain this weekend will provide us with new European champion.
Tonight from 20.45 CET two Madrid teams will fight in Milan for the final game in the season and both are eager to take the crown. Ten times winner in Europe, Real is the best club in the tournament. Lately the team is playing awfully in this competition and thanks to an own goal from Manchester City in the semi final, lucky Real is competing for the fourteenth time in the Champions league. They are opposing a well known La Liga rival who have never won the competition but already lost two final games.
They perfectly know each other strength and weaknesses but tonight both are playing on unfamiliar pitch. Most of their head-to-head games are won by Real, there are some draws but a slight advantage to take the prize we are giving to the Atletico team.

Tottenham at Wembley

From next season Tottenham will play Champions league games on the national stadium. London club has reached an agreement with the FA for 26 million pounds (34.1 million euros) to play at Wembley. Their stadium White Hart Lane will reduce the number of seats while near it a new stadium will be build worth 400 million pounds (524.7 million euros). As the new Lane will be ready for 2018/19 season, the club will play its national and cup games at Wembley next year as well.

Fight number one - off the pitch

Less than 3 hours before the the final game, Real and Atletico supporters started a fight at the Milan airport. According to Italian media Madrid fans fought themselves until a number of policemen came up to separate them.
While those 'normal' people are enjoying this beautiful sunny day and are expecting the match of the season in the city centre.

Opening day results

New Zealand - Fiji 3:1

Scorers: 1:0 16 Themistoklis Tzimopoulos
              2:0 41 Rory Fallon
              2:1 45+2-pen Roy Krishna
              3:1 61-pen Chris Wood

Vanuatu - Solomon Islands 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 19 Jerry Donga

Oceania qualifying, second round prediction - day one

In one of many official competitions, this morning one confederation resumes its qualifying campaign towards Russia. Situated in the Pacific Ocean, Papua New Guinea is welcoming eight best teams from Oceania region divided into two groups by four. In reverse order today we are going to see first two games from the second group - group B.

- New Zealand - Fiji. In the first game, starting from 08.00 CET, New Zealand is trying to make its third attempt towards the World Cup finals. At the last appearance the All Whites were a tough team to beat, and after Australia is now gone competing in Asia, New Zealand are considering new favorites in Oceania. On the other hand Fiji's football is improving but its slowly coping with the best teams in the region. In its previous meetings both teams are having a win, but today 'home team' New Zealand is a clear favorite to take the game.
- Vanuatu - Solomon Islands. From 11.00 CET is the last game of the day. Vanuatu seems to be the only team from this group who can oppose strong New Zealand. The team are playing some excellent games full of strong passion and desire for a win and can easily beat Solomon Islands who are playing some dreadful football lately.

These qualifiers are also joint with the official OFC 2016 Nations Cup tournament which means that the final winner is going to represent this region into the next year's Confederations Cup in Russia.

27 May 2016

Various associations penalized by FIFA

Eight FAs are facing several bans and fines issued today by the world football organization for various reasons:

- Next two official games for Croatia, against Turkey (05.09.) and Iceland (12.11.), are going to be played on empty stadium for the European zone 2018 World Cup qualifiers in Russia, group I. For incidents against Israel and Hungary, Croatian supporters showed racist and discriminatory conduct. For these causes its FA is sharply punished with 150.000 Swiss francs (135.516 euros). 
- Honduras is penalized with 40.000 Swiss francs (36.138 euros), Mexico and El Salvador have to pay each 35.000 Swiss francs (31.620 euros), Paraguay is punished 20.000 Swiss francs (18.069 euros) and with 15.000 Swiss francs (13.552 euros) is fined Peru. Supporters from these five countries were guilty of singing homophobic chants and showing discriminatory conduct.
- Chile was issued a ban on playing in the Estadio Nacional Julio Martinez Pradanos for two games. It will include in the World Cup qualifying game against Bolivia while the second suspension will be probationary two years period. On top of that its FA has to 'deliver' 30.000 Swiss francs (27.103 euros) to FIFA.
- For fielding an ineligible player in the friendly game against Turkey, FIFA sanctioned Greek FA (HFF). Turkey has been declared winner by forfeiting the game (3:0) and on top of that HFF has to pay 4.000 Swiss francs (3.614 euros).

First change for the Copa special

Because of an injury one player will be left out from the Copa America event and under regulations the team has every right to replace it. Instead of Douglas Costa - Kaka will join the Brazilians. The 34 year old midfielder currently plays with Orlando City SC and for Selecao appeared 91 times scoring 29 goals. Brazil plays with Ecuador in its opening match on 04 June.
The anniversary Copa America 2016 will start next week / Saturday morning (CET).

Will the EURO be disrupted?

Although it is not affected the second tennis Grand Slam of the year Roland Garros, next summer's European championship may be in danger. This time not from a possible terror attack but from its own citizens: for quite some time now France is in the news for mass (violent) demonstrations throughout the whole country.
Almost every day there are strikes over labour reforms and the French secretary of state for sport Thierry Braillard is confident that the event will go on as scheduled. 'It (the EURO) is not under threat. The tournament will take place' he told RMC radio.
With that words are not pleased the demonstrators who are seeing justice on the streets. More strikes are planned in early June including a Paris rail union who will stop working on the opening day of the event. CGT (General Confederation of Labour) is planning a massive strike just four days after the EURO and warns that could interfere with the tournament unless the government withdraw its reform proposal. Another CGT representative said that they will 'interrupt the EURO and the government will be blamed for it'.

New general secretary in CONCACAF

Philippe Moggio was announced today as the general secretary in the CONCACAF zone. He will start working at his new job in the middle of June.
The 43 year old was a senior vice president and managing director of Latin America and Caribbean for the national basketball association where he was oriented to expand the business on media broadcast, marketing rights and events throughout the region. Before doing that, Moggio worked 10 years in the banking sector and also was a professional tennis player represented his native Colombia in many Davis cup appearances from 1996 to 1999.

South Africa mourns a great coach

A major figure in South African football sadly has passed away this morning. Ted Dumitru collapsed on the ground from heart attack at the Eastgate shopping centre in Johannesburg. Dumitru was treated by paramedics on the scene but unfortunately he was not reanimated.
Known as 'The Professor' the Romanian based Dumitru was in the coaching business for 40 years. Among his native country he was training clubs in Turkey, Zambia, Swaziland, Namibia, but mostly was known in South Africa. One of his major accomplishments are with the national team Bafana Bafana when he guided them to the 2006 Africa Cup of Nations and also took Mamelodi Sundowns to a CAF Champions league final. And at this South African club he was working his last job as a technical director. He was 76.

26 May 2016

FA Cup replays will be dropped

Starting from next seasons' quarter finals the English FA are going to scrap the replay matches. From March 2017 last eight teams will compete over one weekend with each game to be played over sudden death finish. It is believed that this new rule will help ease the already jellied schedule.

GLT in the special Copa event

For the first time at the Copa America tournament goal-line technology (GLT) system will be used. Same as in EURO 2016 competition, the hawk-eye system will be installed in all ten stadiums across USA. And GLT system will be introduced on a special and historic occasion: on its 100 year anniversary edition and for the first time on a tournament organized by either CONMEBOL or CONCACAF region.

Another fine for Liverpool

Just days after the club was penalized 57.000 euros, today UEFA handed Liverpool another fine. This time the Premier league team has to pay 11.000 euros for setting off fireworks against Borussia Dortmund in the Europa league quarter final.
So far 68.000 euros goes to UEFA but this is not over for the English club as they are on the 'wall' again. For the third time in this competition Liverpool may be charged for crowd disturbances and fireworks causing in the final game at Basel against Sevilla. The decision on that fine will be known on 21 July.

Security is the number one priority

More than 60.000 police officers across France are expected on the ground to secure the European championship next month. The authorities are taking this thing seriously after the deadly attack last November in Paris. 'We are doing everything to avoid a terrorist attack, and we are preparing to respond.' are some of the comments by the interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve for the L'Equipe newspaper. He also said that security inside the stadiums are UEFA's responsibility while fan zones, which seven million people are expected to be present in ten host cities, are in hands of private security agents. 'Fan zones are secure spaces, I took the decision to impose security pat-downs at entrances, to use metal detectors and to ban bags inside. If there were no fan zones, fans would regroup in an ad-hoc setting and the risk (of an attack) would be greater' said the minister.

25 May 2016

Suspended from all UEFA competitions for just one mistake

Beginning from July Fenerbahce cannot count of Volkan Sen services. As he pushed referee Ivan Bebek deep into injury time in a March game against Sporting Braga, UEFA's disciplinary committee suspended him from all competitions until the end of the year. First he applauded his decision and then he furiously pushed the Croatian aside as was given second yellow and automatically red card. On that night, two other Turkish players were sent off and one of them, Alper Potuk, receive a three match ban. Besides that the club is fined 15.000 euros for improper conduct.
Finished second in the Turkish league behind Besiktas, Fenerbahce will enter Champions league from the third qualifying round.

New CAS's case

Today Serbian FA (FSS) officially lodged a complaint in the Court of Arbitration for Sport over Kosovo's admittance in UEFA at the beginning of the month. For this purpose FSS hired Vienna based advocate office Lanski, Gancger i partner (Lanski, Gancger and partner) who will be heading this complaint. Gabrijel Lanski, who is a lawyer in the company, is expecting to win the case as UEFA accepted this 'country' without being UN member and broke its own statute. As much as this decision is indeed illegal, it will be too late to overturn it by just knowing that week later FIFA has done the same thing with Kosovo.

New Guinness world record

A game in Chile has broken the Giunness world record for most participants in one match which ended on Sunday night. At a Bicentenary stadium in La Florida, a district of Santiago, a total of 2.357 players kicked the ball for more than 120 hours of play. The score was a close one, as it ended 505:504. Most of the players were amateurs while at the end some professionals were included as well. One of them was goalkeeper Gabriel Castellon who plays at Santiago Wanderers in the Chilean Primera Division which said he was thrilled to be a part of such record.

Jubilant party in Sevilla

They won the trophy almost a week ago but the club had to postpone the mass celebration because of duties. On Sunday night the Spanish team came again onto the pitch for the last game of the season - Copa del Rey. And despite the loss in the cup final, the Andalusian team felt obliged to continue with the fiesta, this time into their own city.
The winners of the Europa league Sevilla were welcomed into their own town as heroes. More than thousands of people greeted the champions on Monday night. In the warm evening in the south of Spain the whole city was painted in the club's colours - red and white. Many children were invited to touch and pose with the trophy. Players paraded in a red open bus on who was written Pentacampeones (five time champions (of the Europa league)). The trophy was seen at the Puerta Jerez square, Avenida de Constitucion to the city's famous cathedral, city hall only to reach the ultimate goal - fully packed Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan stadium.

24 May 2016

First French city to ban alcohol

British supporters are considering to be among the worst in Europe. And those fanatical and trouble makers will face new 'law' just before the European championship in France. That is why Lens is becoming the first city to completely ban the alcohol before England - Wales game who is scheduled to be played on Thursday, 16 June at 15.00 CET. Amid fears of hooliganism, alcohol will be prohibited on 16 June from 06.00 CET and will terminate on 17 June at 06.00 CET. Controls will be harsh as police will check all supporters coming in while those without tickets are urged to stay away. Those fans with tickets will be told that they can consume alcohol in the fan zones.
At three other games playing in this north French city authorities will also restrict alcohol: group games Albania - Switzerland (11 June) and Czech Republic - Turkey (21 June) as well as a round 16 game (25 June). There are also concerns about England - Russia (11 June) in Marseille but there are no warnings yet for this game.

Heavy fines for Premier league clubs

From today UEFA will be 'rich' for a total of 115.000 euros from just two Premier league teams. Liverpool and Manchester United have met in the Europa league last 16 match and its supporters were 'guilty' of various charges. As always clubs are those who have to pay the price and both teams are being punished for 40.000 euros each with half of the sum being suspended for probational time of two years. Because Manchester United's hooligans were blocking stairways, throwing objects onto the pitch and causing disturbances in the stands they are costing the club additional 18.000 euros while their rival counterparts are accused of fighting, setting fireworks, throwing objects and a late start which their team has to pay 17.000 euros more. 
Moreover, Liverpool has to contact its opponent Manchester United within 1 month in order to agree for damages caused by their fans at Old Trafford. So it is more likely that the club will be exposed to more expenses.

Uruguay is still hoping

Already one major star was out from the tournament (Neymar Jr.) and yesterday night his teammate feared all that he will be missing as well. Yesterday's win for Barcelona in the Spanish cup was marred by the La Liga's first scorer. However all is not lost for as the doctors will do everything in their power to make Luis Suarez fit for participating in next month's Copa America Centenario. Almost two weeks before the start the striker gave all a scare when he injured himself in the fifty-seventh minute at the Copa del Rey final against Sevilla. After a full stretching as he was trying to control the ball, Suarez suffered a hamstring injury. 'The medical tests carried out this morning have confirmed that Luis Suarez has an injury in the semimembranosus of his right leg' Barcelona statement said today.
The 29 year old was in tears after the win as it was first feared that he will be in doubt for Uruguay's first game with Mexico on 06 June (CET). We wish him a speedy recovery as it would be a real shame if the Pichici winner is not taking part in this anniversary competition.

FIFA continues with the firing

World football organization keeps firing the old people who were under Sepp Blatter rule. The latest is Markus Kattner who stayed without a job. The 45 year old was deputy secretary general replacing disgraced Jerome Valcke who was suspended for long time - 12 years from the sport. Problem with the fired the Swiss was that he uncovered financial irregularities throughout an internal investigation. He joined FIFA in 2003 as financial director while four years later he became deputy secretary general.
That means that the spot is now empty for only couple of weeks because FIFA earlier this month already 'booked' the position with 54 year old UN official Fatma Samoura from Senegal.

23 May 2016

Violence emerged before the Italian cup final

Yesterday night Juventus played a domestic cup final against Milan, but two of their fans were not able to see the game in the stadium. Around noon in Rome, while sitting in a bar the duo was ambushed and attacked by three buses of Milan fans. A 29 and 40 year old man, who sustained knife injuries, were taken to hospital with not life threatening while police arrested a 19 year old Rossoneri supporter. Several other incidents were reported yesterday in the Italian capital.

Champions league curse continues

When UEFA changed its name from European cup to Champions league they did not know that they changed history for the competition as no winner has ever defend its title. And this coming Saturday Europe will have new winner as well as two Madrid teams will fight for the trophy. Real and Atletico will 'continue' its La Liga battle, and this time will be transferred into the Champions league final in Milan from 20.45 CET. But at least one thing will be for sure: whoever wins this game, Spain as country will give us the hat-trick winner as their teams started this run from 2013/14 season.

OFC resumes its quaifiers towards Russia

When qualifiers for Russia 2018 began on 12 March 2015 only one continent so far joined the campaign with the AFC Asian Cup qualifiers for UAE 2019 - Asia. From Saturday, 28 May, another joint campaign will be with the Oceania region - the official start for the OFC Nations Cup. This will cover all the games which will last until 11 June. The Nations Cup winner will gain birth to the 2017 Confederation Cup in Russia. As for the World Cup qualifying is concerned this will be the second round for Oceania.
This tournament will be played completely in Papua New Guinea. There are two groups with four teams each as the group winners will qualify for semi finals which will be played on 08 June while the final will be on 11 June.

- Saturday, 28 May at 08.00 CET: New Zealand - Fiji => Group B.
- Saturday, 28 May at 11.00 CETVanuatu - Solomon Islands => Group B.

- Sunday, 29 May at 08.00 CETPapua New Guinea - New Caledonia => Group A.
- Sunday, 29 May at 11.00 CETTahiti - Samoa => Group A.

Exciting competitive games ahead

Plenty of international football matches will start from this Saturday 28 May and will last until 10 July. For that time in exactly 35 days (some breaks we will have mostly from the European championship) we will have, all in all, 7 competitions - 3 qualifying tournament, 3 official tournaments and 1 jointly qualifying and official competition in the following order (for all dates are CET):

1) World Cup qualifiers from Oceania region for Russia 2018 join together with the OFC Nations Cup 2016 (28 May - 11 June).
2) Champions league final for 2015/16 season (28 May).
3) Caribbean Cup qualifiers 2016 (01, 04, 07 June).
4) AFC Asian Cup preliminary qualifiers for UAE 2019 (02, 06, 07 June).
5) African Cup of Nation qualifiers for Gabon 2017 (03, 04, 05 June).
6) Copa America Centenario 2016 from USA (03 - 26 June).
7) UEFA EURO 2016 from France (10 June - 10 July).

22 May 2016

English club sold to German consortium

German investors Edin Rahic and Stefan Rupp purchased the English League one team Bradford City AFC. Current owners are expected to step aside when German duo will complete the takeover. More details about the takeover will be known this coming Tuesday. 

All players present at next month's event

Exactly 14 days (by CET) until the competition starts, 16 national team coaches finalized their list of 368 players who will take part (not all) in the oldest event of the world - Copa America Centenario.

Group A:
01. United States of America (USA)
Goalkeepers: Brad Guzan (Aston Villa, England), Ethan Horvath (Molde, Norway), Tim 
Howard (Everton, England).
Defenders: Matt Besler (Sporting Kansas City, USA), Steve Birnbaum (DC United, USA), 
John Brooks (Hertha, Germany), Geoff Cameron (Stoke City, England), Timmy Chandler 
(Eintracht Frankfurt, Germany), Fabian Johnson (Borussia Moenchengladbach, Germany),  Michael Orozco (Club Tijuana, Mexico), de Andre Yedlin (Sunderland, England).
Midfielders: Kyle Beckerman (Real Salt Lake, USA), Alejandro Bedoya (Nantes, France), 
Michael Bradley (Toronto FC, Canada), Jermaine Jones (Colorado Rapids, USA), Perry 
Kitchen (Hearts, Scotland), Darlington Nagbe (Portland Timbers, USA), Graham Zusi 
(Sporting Kansas City, USA)Christian Pulisic (Borussia Dortmund, Germany).
Forwards: Clint Demsey (Seattle Sounders, USA), Chris Wondolowski (San Jose 
Earthquakes, USA), Bobby Wood (Union Berlin, Germany), Gyasi Zardes (LA Galaxy, USA).
02. Colombia
Goalkeepers: Cristian Bonilla (Atletico Nacional, Colombia), David Ospina (Arsenal, 
England, Robinson Zapata (Santa Fe, Colombia).
Defenders: Felipe Aguilar (Atletico Nacional, Colombia), Santiago Arias (PSV Eindhoven, 
Netherlands), Farid Diaz (Atletico Nacional, Colombia), Frank Fabra (Boca Juniors, 
Argentina), Stefan Medina (Pachuca, Mexico), Jeison Murillo (Inter Milan, Italy), Oscar 
Murillo (Pachuca, Mexico), Cristian Zapata (Milan, Italy).
Midfielders: Edwin Cardona (Monterrey, Mexico), Guillermo Celis (Junior, Colombia), 
Juan Guillermo Cuadrado (Juventus, Italy), Sebastian Perez (Atletico Nacional, Colombia),
Andres Felipe Roa (Deportivo Cali, Colombia), James Rodriguez (Real Madrid, Spain), 
Carlos Sanchez (Aston Villa, England), Daniel Torres (Independiente Medelin, Colombia).
Forwards: Carlos Bacca (Milan, Italy), Roger Martinez (Racing Club, Argentina), Marlos 
Moreno (Atletico Nacional, Colombia), Dayro Moreno (Club Tijuana, Mexico).
03. Costa Rica
Goalkeepers: Esteban Alvarado (Trabzonspor, Turkey), Keylor Navas (Real Madrid, Spain),
Patrick Pemberton (Alajuelense, Costa Rica).
Defenders: Johnny Acosta (Alajuelense, Costa Rica), Francisco Calvo (Saprissa, Costa 
Rica), Oscar Duarte (Espanyol, Spain), Cristian Gamboa (West Bromwich Albion, England),
Ronald Matarrita (New York City FC, USA), Bryan Oviedo (Everton, England), Jose 
Salvatierra (Alajuelense, Costa Rica), Michael Umana (Persepolis, IR Iran), Kendall Waston
(Vancouver Whitecaps, Canada).
Midfielders: Randall Azofeifa (Herediano, Costa Rica), Christian Bolanos (Vancouver 
Whitecaps FC, Canada), Joel Campbell (Arsenal, England), Celso Borges (Deportivo la 
Coruna, Spain), Esteban Granados (Herediano, Costa Rica), Bryan Ruiz (Sporting, 
Portugal), Yeltsin Tejeda (Evian Thonon Gaillard, France), Johan Venegas (Montreal 
Impact, Canada).
Forwards: Ariel Rodriguez (Bangkok Glass, Thailand), Alvaro Saborio (D.C. United, USA),
Marco Urena (Midtjylland, Denmark).
04. Paraguay
Goalkeepers: Diego Barreto (Olimpia, Paraguay), Antony Silva (Cerro Porteno, 
Paraguay), Justo Villar (Colo Colo, Chile).
Defenders: Pablo Aguilar (Club America, Mexico), Fabian Balbuena (Corinthians, Brazil), Paulo da Silva (Toluca, Mexico), Gustavo Gomez (Lanus, Argentina), Miguel Samudio (Club 
America, Mexico), Bruno Valdez (Cerro Porteno, Paraguay)Blas Riveros (Olimpia
Midfielders: Nestor Ortigoza (San Lorenzo, Argentina), Celso Ortiz (AZ Alkmaar, 
Netherlands), Robert Piris da Motta (Olimpia, Paraguay), Rodrigo Rojas (Cerro Porteno, 
Paraguay), Oscar Romero (Racing Club, Argentina), Miguel Almiron (Lanus, Argentina).
Forwards: Edgar Benitez (Queretaro, Mexico), Jorge Benitez (Cruz Azul, Mexico), Derlis Gonzalez (Dynamo Kiev, Ukraine), Juan Iturbe (Bornemouth, England), Dario Lezcano (Ingolstadt, Germany), Roque Santa Cruz (Malaga, Spain), Nelson Valdez (Seattle Sounders, USA).

Group B:
05. Brazil
Goalkeepers: Alisson (Internacional, Brazil), Diego Alves (Valencia, Spain), Ederson 
(Benfica, Portugal).
Defenders: Daniel Alves (Barcelona, Spain), Rodrigo Caio (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Fabinho 
(Monaco, France), Gil (Shandong Luneng, PR China), Filipe Luis (Atletico Madrid, Spain), 
Marquinhos (PSG, France), Miranda (Inter, Italy), Douglas Santos (Atletico Mineiro, Brazil).
Midfielders: Renato Augusto (Beijing Guoan, PR China), Casemiro (Real Madrid, Spain), 
Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool, England), Elias (Corinthians, Brazil), Luiz Gustavo 
(Wolfsburg, Germany), Lucas Lima (Santos, Brazil), Rafinha (Barcelona, Spain), Willian 
(Chelsea, England).
ForwardsDouglas Costa (Bayern Munich, Germany), Gabriel (Santos, Brzail), Hulk (Zenit St. Petersburg, Russia), Ricardo Oliveira (Santos, Brazil).
06. Ecuador
Goalkeepers: Maximo Banguera (Barcelona SC, Ecuador), Alexander Dominguez (LDU de 
Quito, Ecuador), Esteban Dreer (Emelec, Ecuador).
Defenders: Gabriel Achilier (Emelec, Ecuador), Robert Arboleda (Universidad Catolica, 
Ecuador), Walter Ayovi (Monterrey, Mexico), Frickson Erazo (Atletico Mineiro, Brazil), 
Arturo Mina (Independiente del Valle, Ecuador), Juan Carlos Paredes (Watford, England),  
Cristian Ramirez (Ferencvaros, Hungary).
Midfielders: Michael Arroyo (Club America, Mexico), Fernando Gaibor (Emelec, Ecuador), CarlosGruezo (FC Dallas, USA), Pedro Larrea (El Nacional, Ecuador), Fidel Martinez 
(Pumas UNAM, Mexico), Angel Mena (Emelec, Ecuador), Jefferson Montero (Swansea City,
Wales), Christian Noboa (Rostov, Russia), Antonio Valencia (Manchester United, England).
Forwards: Jaime Ayovi (Godoy Cruz, Argentina), Miler Bolanos (Gremio, Brazil), Juan 
Cazares (Atletico Mineiro, Brazil), Enner Valencia (West Ham United, England).
07. Haiti
Goalkeepers: Steward Ceus (Minnesota United, USA), Luis Valendi Odelus (Aigle Noir, 
Haiti), Johny Placide (Reims, France).
Defenders: Jean Sony Alcenat (Voluntari, Romania), Judelin Aveska (Atletico Uruguay, 
Argentina), Alex Junior Christian (Boavista, Portugal), Romain Genevois (Nice, France), 
Reginal Goreux (Standard Liege, Belgium), Kim Jaggy (Aarau, Switzerland), Jerome 
Mechack (Jacksonville Armada,USA), Stephane Lambese (PSG, France).
Midfielders: Max Hilaire (Cholet, France), Kevin Lafrance (Chrobry Glogow, Poland), 
James Marcelin (Carolina RailHawks, USA), Pascal Millien (Jacksonville Armada, USA), 
Soni Mustivar (Sporting Kansas City, USA), Sony Norde (Mohun Bagan, India), Jean 
Alexandre (Fort Lauderdale Stikers, USA).
Forwards: Kervens Belfort (1461 Trabzon, Turkey), Jeff Louis (Caen, France), Jean-Eudes Maurice (Sai Gon, Vietnam), Duckens Nazon (Laval, France), Wilde Donald Guerrier (Wisla Krakow, Poland).
08. Peru
Goalkeepers: Carlos Caceda (Universitario, Peru), Pedro Gallese (Juan Aurich, Peru), 
Diego Penny (Sporting Cristal, Peru).
Defenders: Luis Abram (Sporting Cristal, Peru), Miguel Araujo (Alianza Lima, Peru), Jair 
Cespedes (Juan Aurich, Peru), Aldo Corzo (Deportivo Municipal, Peru), Christian Ramos 
(Juan Aurich, Peru), Alberto Rodriguez (Sporting Cristal, Peru), Miguel Trauco 
(Universitario, Peru)Yoshimar Yotun (Malmo, Sweden).
Midfielders: Armando Alfagme (Deportivo Municipal, Peru), Adan Balbin (Universitario, 
Peru), Cristian Benavente (Charleroi, Belgium), Christian Cueva (Toluca, Mexico), Luiz da 
Silva (PSV Eindhoven, Netherlands), Alejandro Hohberg (Universidad Cesar Vallejo, Peru)
Renato Tapia (Feyenoord, Netherlands), Oscar Vilchez (Alianza Lima, Peru).
Forwards: Edison Flores (Universitario, Peru), Paolo Guerrero (Flamengo, Brazil), Andy 
Polo (Universitario, Peru), Raul Ruidiaz (Universitario, Peru).

Group C:
09. Mexico
Goalkeepers: Jesus Corona (Cruz Azul, Mexico), Guillermo Ochoa (Malaga, Spain), 
Alfredo Talavera (Toluca, Mexico).
Defenders: Paul Aguilar (Club America, Mexico), Nestor Araujo (Santos Laguna, Mexico), Yasser Corona (Queretaro, Mexico), Hector Moreno (PSV Eindhoven, Netherlands), Miguel 
Layun (Porto, Portugal), Rafael Marquez (Atlas, Mexico), Jesus Molina (Santos Laguna, 
Mexico), Diego Reyes (Real Sociedad, Spain), Jorge Torres Nilo (Tigres UANL, Mexico).
MidfieldersJesus Manuel Corona (Porto), Hirving Lozano (Pachuca, Mexico), Jesus 
Duenas (Tigres UANL, Mexico), Andres Guardado (PSV Eindhoven, Netherlands), Hector 
Herrera (Porto, Portugal), Carlos Pena (Guadalajara, Mexico), Jurgen Damm (Tigres UANL, Mexico), Javier Aquino (Tugres UANL, Mexico).
Forwards: Javier Hernandez (Bayer Leverkusen, Germany), Raul Jimenez (Benfica, 
Portugal), Oribe Peralta (Club America, Mexico).
10. Uruguay
- Goalkeepers: Martin Campana (Independiente, Argentina), Fernando Muslera Galatasaray, Turkey), Martin Silva (Vasco da Gama, Brazil).
Defenders: Sebastian Coates (Sporting, Portugal), Jorge Fucile (Nacional, Uruguay), JoseGimenez (Atletico Madrid, Spain), Diego Godin, (Atletico Madrid, Spain), Alvaro Pereira 
(Getafe, Spain), Maximiliano Pereira (Porto, Portugal), Mauricio Victorino (Nacional, 
Midfielders: Matias Corujo (Universidad de Chile, Chile), Alvaro Gonzalez (Atlas, 
Mexico), Nicolas Lodeiro (Boca Juniors, Argentina), Gaston Ramírez (Middlesbrough, 
England), Egidio Arevalo Rios (Atlas, Mexico), Cristian Rodríguez (Independiente, 
Argentina), Carlos Sanchez (Monterrey, Mexico), Matias Vecino (Fiorentina, Italy).
Forwards: Edinson Cavani (PSG, France), Abel Hernandez (Hull City, England), Diego 
Rolan (Bordeaux, France), Cristhian Stuani (Middlesbrough, England), Luis Suarez 
(Barcelona, Spain).
11. Jamaica
Goalkeepers: Andre Blake (Philadelphia Union, USA), Duwayne Kerr (Stjarnan, Iceland)
Ryan Thompson (St. Louis, USA).
Defenders: Rosario Harriott (Harbour View, Jamaica), Michael Hector (Reading, 
England), Kemar Lawrence (New York Red Bulls, USA), Adrian Mariappa (Crystal Palace, 
England), Wes Morgan (Leicester City, England), Damano Solomon (Portmore United, 
Jamaica), Jermaine Taylor (Portland Timbers, USA).
Midfielders: Rodolph Austin (Brondby, Denmark), Michael Binns (Portmore United, 
Jamaica), Chevonne Marsh (Cavalier, Jamaica), Joel McAnuff (Leyton Orient, England), 
Garath McCleary (Reading, England)Andrew Vanzie (Humble Lions, Jamaica), Je-Vaughn Watson (New England Revolution, USA), Lee Williamson (Blackburn Rovers, England).
Forwards: Giles Barnes (Houston Dynamo, USA), Simon Dawkins (San Jose Earthquakes, 
USA), Clayton Donaldson (Birmingham City, England), Dever Orgill (Mariehamn, Finland), 
Allan Ottey (Montego Bay United, Jamaica).
12. Venezuela
Goalkeepers: Jose Contreras (Deportivo Tachira, Venezuela), Wuilker Farinez (Caracas, 
Venezuela), Dani Hernandez (Tenerife, Spain).
Defenders: Wilker Angel (Deportivo Tachira, Venezuela), Rolf Feltscher (MSV Duisburg, 
Germany), Alexander Gonzalez (Huesca, Spain), Roberto Rosales (Malaga, Spain), Jose 
Manuel Velazquez (Arouca, Portugal), Mikel Villanueva (Atletico Malagueno, Spain), 
Oswaldo Vizcarrondo (Nantes, France).
Midfielders: Juan Pablo Anor (Malaga, Spain), Arquimedes Figuera (La Guaira, 
Venezuela), Alejandro Guerra (Atletico Nacional, Colombia), Yangel Herrera (Atletico 
Venezuela, Venezuela), Romulo Otero (Huachipato, Chile), Adalberto Penaranda (Granada,
Spain), Tomas Rincon (Genoa, Italy), Luis Manuel Seijas (Santa Fe, Colombia), Carlos 
Suarez (Carabobo, Venezuela).
Forwards: Yonathan del Valle (Kasimpasa, Turkey), Josef Martinez (Torino, Italy), 
Salomon Rondon (West Bromwich Albion, England), Christian Santos (NEC Nijmegen, 

Group D:
13. Argentina
Goalkeepers: Mariano Andujar (Estudiantes la Plata, Argentina), Nahuel Guzman (Tigres
UANL, Mexico), Sergio Romero (Manchester United, England).
DefendersFacundo Roncaglia (Fiorentina, Italy), Victor Cuesta (Independiente
Argentina), Ramiro Funes Mori (Everton, England), Jonathan Maidana (River Plate, 
Argentina), Gabriel Mercado(River Plate, Argentina), Nicolas Otamendi (Manchester City, 
England), Marcos Rojo (Manchester United, England).
Midfielders: Ever Banega (Sevilla, Spain), Lucas Biglia (Lazio, Italy), Augusto Fernandez 
(Atletico Madrid, Spain), Matias Kranevitter (Atletico Madrid, Spain), Javier Mascherano 
(Barcelona, Spain), Erik Lamela (Tottenham, England), Javier Pastore (PSG, France).
Forwards: Lionel Messi (Barcelona, Spain)Sergio Aguero (Manchester City, England), 
Gonzalo Higuain (Napoli, Italy), Angel di Maria (PSG, France), Nicolas Gaitan (Benfica, 
Portugal), Ezequiel Lavezzi (Hebeir China Fortune, PR China).
14. Chile
Goalkeepers: Claudio Bravo (Barcelona, Spain), Johnny Herrera (Universidad de Chile, 
Chile), Christopher Toselli (Universidad Catolica, Chile).
Defenders: Jose Pedro Fuenzalida (Universidad Catolica, Chile), Mauricio Isla (Marseille,
France), Gonzalo Jara (Universidad de Chile, Chile), Gary Medel (Inter, Italy), Eugenio 
Mena (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Enzo Roco (Espanyol, Spain).
MidfieldersJean Beausejour (Colo Colo, Chile), Charles Aranguiz (Bayer Leverkusen, 
Germany), Marcelo Diaz (Celta de Vigo, Spain), Matias Fernandez (Fiorentina, Italy), Pedro
Pablo Hernandez (Celta de Vigo, Spain), Edson Puch (LDU Quito, Ecuador), Arturo Vidal 
(Bayern Munich, Germany), Erick Pulgar (Bologna, Italy), Francisco Silva (Chiapas, 
Forwards: Nicolas Castillo (Universidad Catolica, Chile), Fabian Orellana (Celta de Vigo,
Spain), Maurico Pinilla (Atalanta, Italy), Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal, England), Eduardo Vargas
(Hoffenheim, Germany).
15. Panama
Goalkeepers: Jose Calderon (Platense, Honduras), Jaime Penedo (Saprissa, Costa Rica), 
Alex Rodríguez (San Francisco, Panama).
Defenders: Felipe Baloy (Atlas, Mexico), Harold Cummings (Alajuelense, Costa Rica), 
Erick Davis (DAC 1904 Dunajska Streda, Slovakia), Fidel  Escobar (Sporting san Miguelito, 
Panama), Luis Henriquez (Tauro, Panama), Adolfo Machado (Saprissa, Costa Rica), Roderick Miller (San Francisco,Panama).
Midfielders: Ricardo Buitrago (Juan Aurich, Peru), Armando Cooper (Arabe Unido, 
Panama), Anibal Godoy (San Jose Earthquakes, USA), Gabriel Gomez (Cartagines, Costa 
Rica), Amilcar Henriquez (America de Cali, Colombia), Valentin Pimentel (La Equidad, 
Colombia), Alberto Quintero (San Jose Earthquakes, USA).
Forwards: Abdiel Arroyo (RNK Split, Croatia), Ismael Diaz (Porto B, Portugal), Roberto 
Nurse (Mineros de Zacatecas, Mexico), Blas Perez (Vancouver Whitecaps, Canada), Luis 
Tejada (Juan Aurich, Peru), Gabriel Torres (Zamora, Venezuela).
16. Bolivia
Goalkeepers: Carlos Lampe (Sport Boys, Bolivia), Romel Quinonez (Bolívar, Bolivia), 
Guillermo Viscarra (Oriente Petrolero, Bolivia).
Defenders: Diego Bejarano (The Strongest, Bolivia), Marvin Bejarano (Oriente Petrolero,
Bolivia), Nelson Cabrera (Bolivar, Bolivia), Ronald Eguino (Bolivar, Bolivia), Luis Gutierrez 
(Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona, Israel), Erwin Saavedra (Bolivar, Bolivia), Edward Zenteno 
(Wilstermann, Bolivia).
Midfielders: Pedro Azogue (Oriente Petrolero, Bolivia), Jhasmani Campos (Kazma, 
Kuwait), Raul Castro (The Strongest, Bolivia), Samuel Galindo (Petrolero, Bolivia), 
Cristhian Machado (Wilstermann, Bolivia), Alejandro Melean (Oriente Petrolero, Bolivia), 
Fernando Saucedo (Wilstermann, Bolivia), Martin Smedberg-Dalence (IFK Goteborg), Walter Veizaga (The Strongest, Bolivia).
Forwards: Juan Carlos Arce (Bolivar, Bolivia), Yasmani Duk (New York Cosmos, USA), 
Bruno Miranda (Universidad de Chile, Chile), Rodrigo Ramallo (The Strongest, Bolivia).