31 May 2024

Various cities named who will host games for the next three years

On 22 May it was decided which 5 towns in Europe are going to host the last matches from the 3 international club competitions.

Conference league.
- The final in 2026 will be played in the Red bull arena at Leipzig.
- Istanbul is scheduled to be the host of the last two clubs, and their game would be in Beshiktash stadium for 2027.

Europa league.
- But first one year earlier at Beshiktash arena in Istanbul will meet the finalists of this tournament.
- Deutsche bank park ground in Frankfurt at 2027 is going to be host for the last pair of the season.

Champions league.
- Puskas arena would be the destination for the final of this event in Budapest in 2026.
- Until September will be delayed the decision of the last game for 2027 because plans are still awaiting for redevelopment of the San siro stadium in Milan as the only candidate.

30 May 2024

Green partnership

Taking from its first initial letters of the words "Build your dreams", this multinational conglomerate manufacturing firm has become the latest sponsor of the Copa America competition that commences next month. Creating new products for the automotive industry the Byd logo is going to be seen on every stadia who at the same time would raise awareness to all spectators that ecological mobility is the future for this planet. With this deal, that was signed seven days ago, each team shall be transferred with electric cars and busses from the company only to preserve the environment.

29 May 2024

Ten people have released "Fire"

Next month on the European continent is starting the major championship on a team level. And because music is indispensable part with this sport an official song was released that will be heard throughout Germany and beyond for 30 days and nights.
This melody is a mix of electronic dance beats together with pop rock. Simply named "Fire" it was recorded by the electronic dance trio Meduza, the pop rock sextet group Onerepublic together with songwriter and singer Leonie Burger (widely known as Leony). Ryan Tedder, who is the leading vocalist of the sextet band, is an author of this song while all together they join forces to create a beautiful entertaining piece.
Since its introduction on 10 May, this track is available at all social media streaming platforms. To motivate its fans with the tune for the upcoming holiday, the European football organization began a campaign by offering a chance of winning tickets for the competition that commences on 14 June.

28 May 2024

Schedule is now familiar

Edition number 4 from the youngest tournament of the North, Central America and Caribbean region is set to begin this fall. The draw for the Nations league 2024-25 season was conducted on 06 May, while 17 days later the whole layout was revealed.
In months 4 months awaits us 102 games. Divided each of the 41 teams would play like this:

- 37 duels will be played between 04 to 10 September.
- Also this number is expected to be staged from 09 until 15 October.
- Between 14 and 19 November 24 pairs are on schedule.
- Only 4 duels are on 20 together with 23 March 2025.

Here are included all league phase duels, quarter finals and final matches. Stadia and kick-off times for every play is going to be announced later on, while the whole schedule can be seen on the website of the confederation.

27 May 2024

Conclusion of the current season, second (and final) part

At a formation of 2 - 3 - 1 (by significance of tournaments) the European continent slowly is going to close the current 2023-24 season. In an identical kick-offs and unusual nights for finals the last two pairs would be played next week, and on both of them would celebrate new winners.

Opap arena in Athens, Greece is going to be the terrain where the next 2 clubs are scheduled to fight for the title of the Conference league. The lifter of the trophy of the youngest event from all 3 and also with edition number 3 would go 1 step higher.

Wednesday, 29 May at 21.00 CEtOlympiacos - Fiorentina.

In a very good marketing move or gaining an increase of a television viewership, the Champions league final is staged to be held on a weekend. Here the champion can not have the possibility to go one competition higher, but instead will enjoy its place as champion for the next football year. Everything is going to be decided in London at Wembley stadium.

Saturday, 01 June at 21.00 CEtBorussia Dortmund - Real Madrid.

26 May 2024

Qualified clubs for last event that has a new name

So far the last club competition around the globe was called Club World Cup (which now is going to be completely destroyed) while from this year this would be known as Intercontinental Cup (as there are two tournaments that are pronounced the same, this one is not to be confused with the other). The structure is not changed at all so it stays exactly identical: the Champions league winners from the six continents would compete here. And today we have received the first 3 clubs that are going to participate at this debut event.
First one to have qualified this morning was the representative from Oceania - Auckland city while in the evening it was followed by Al Ain and Al Ahly (from Asian and African continent). As far as the strength is concerned, in total the trio of clubs from New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and Egypt have set an impressive result: gave 10 goals whilst in return they allowed their opponents to score (only) 1. Representatives from Europe together with the North, Central America and Caribbean confederation are going to be known next, and both of them will be familiar exactly one week later (on 01 June).
In December (as always) this fresh tournament would be staged and finalized on neutral place (which is yet to be determined).

25 May 2024

Jeopardizing its first ever appearance

Officially Girona has finished in third place of the Spanish championship, and the reward for that is a direct participation in the main phase of the Champions league 2024-25 season. However, its debut performance at the tournament for the next football year may be in danger, only if...
Currently the above club and Manchester city are the only who have qualified for the mentioned competition. These two are owned by "City group football" from Abu Dhabi, who have shares of 47 percent in the first and 100 percent at the second club. Now, the basic rule is perfectly clear: because it is forbidden for one consortium to have two clubs in the same event one of them has to be sacrificed, and the unlikely pick falls to Girona.
The current owners have a deadline until 03 June to dispose the shares to an independent third party to (just) 10 percent or to sell them to a blind trust fund which will appoint the European football organization. If this is not done by the given date, then the club will be automatically transferred to the second competition by significance (Europa league).
Fifteen days later is the draw for the first elimination round so by then we are going to find out in which tournament would compete.

24 May 2024

Directives about players and officials

On the Congress that was held in the Thailand capital Bangkok from 16 May the South American football organization have set rules about a team tournament that commences next month:
Coaches of the 16 participants at Copa America 2024 may pronounce 3 players more instead of 23. The raise of 26 footballers is allowed on the list, but before each game the number has to be (again) 23. Maximum of substitute players on bench is 15, while minimum number for replacing players on the bench is 7. Every team can count in total of up to 50 people (footballers and officials of the delegation).
The deadline of 26 playing names have to be announced until 12 June at 18.00 local (Paraguay) time, and the competition itself starts 8 nights later.

23 May 2024

Music star on stage before an important game

On the very first night of next month at the European continent will be crowned the new club champion. Commencing from 21.00 CEt Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid would conclude the current 2023-24 season of the Champions league tournament. And six days ago it was revealed which performer will light up the entertaining atmosphere just before the big final.
Iconic singer and songwriter Leonard Kravitz is going to warm-up the crowd with a live performance prior to the match at Wembley arena in the English capital London.

22 May 2024

Lost a case against a vanishing spray

When a foul is being made, referees immediately is drawing a small line or a dot on the ground of that from where it will be taken and a big straight line where the wall of opposing players would be stand of defending its goal. These drawings on terrain was the subject of a lost case from a big affiliation against its inventor.
Seven days ago the Superior court of justice in Rio de Janeiro has given a verdict in favour of the Brazilian creator Heine Allemagne and its company Spuni comercio de produtos esportivos who won a compensation against the unauthorized use of the vanishing spray from the world football organization. It was not specified of how much they will pay, but the damaging side wanted 37 million euros for the patent.
This spray has debuted on stadia throughout the South American continent from 2009, while on the global level the world football organization first used it on the World Cup at 2014.

21 May 2024

Ball that on one continent will be played club tournaments has been given a name

On 18 May was introduced a playing tool on which it will be used for future international club competitions throughout Africa.
Its debut was made on Esperance sportive de Tunis and Al Ahly when the clubs have entertained themselves with a new ball in the first match of the Champions league event. Simply named "Ola" this is the cooperation between Puma and the football organization where the design is characterized with various colours and traditions of the continent. Every fan can have it in its own collection and purchase it from the online store.

20 May 2024

Unusual night for final, part one

Bit by bit, we came to the last three club tournaments of the current 2023-24 season. Until the end of this month two finals awaits us, and first the honour to open will have the second tournament by significance.
Whoever wins the following match from the Europa league that club would participate one step higher in the next football year. The capital of Republic of Ireland Dublin is going to be the host to the finalists, and the champion would be crowned at Aviva stadium. Considering that is playing only one duel, there is always a possibility that it would be extended deep into the night.

Wednesday, 22 May at 21.00 CEt: Atalanta - Bayer.

19 May 2024

Reward that would go on auction

Last Tuesday Aguttes has revealed that one award that was won in World Cup at 1986 (in an attempt "to fetch millions due to its uniqueness") will go on auction next month.
In that year the Golden ball belonged to Diego Armando Maradona, and who also scored the greatest goal in the history of these events, and which was later published by the organizers. The auction house has declared that the deposit is going to be 150,000 euros when on 06 June the trophy would be destined for sale.
Hearing this, relatives of the player are claiming that this award was stolen (which was indeed vanished after it was received), the current owner has no right to sell it, while their lawyer will demand confiscation with filing a report for theft.

18 May 2024

Kickoffs are confirmed

From next month at the North, Central American and Caribbean region will start the second round of eliminations for the World Cup 2026. Because of this purpose seven days ago the confederations has validated the dates, starting times and stadia for the first 2 play nights, and all of them can be seen on its website.
In it 30 teams are entertaining each other who are divided into six groups of five. Starting the round 2: on 5 days and nights, 30 pairs are written to be staged from 05 until 11 June.

17 May 2024

Signature with a travel agency

The latest partner with the oldest team tournament in the world has become an agency which has experience in this field.
Absolut sport is a tourism company where together with customers will take them to  a journey throughout Copa America 2024. Last Wednesday it became the official carrier of the whole tournament that begins next month. With its exclusive packages this business company gained the rights to sell tickets for all 32 matches to spectators.
This firm is already an official sponsor of the finals for the two major club competitions from the South American football organization (Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana).

16 May 2024

Three matches were formed

For the Asian Cup 2027 event currently we are in the second elimination round and until the end there is one and a half more phases to go. That half part, which is also called the play-off stage, consist of only three games.
Six teams would have to additionally torture themselves over two matches, and on 09 May they were all connected in the draw ceremony where the results are:

Sri Lanka - Cambodia.

Timor-Leste - Mongolia.

Brunei - Macau.

On 05 and 06 September are scheduled to play the first duels while everything have to be decided on 10 September. The winners of the pairs will be privileged to compete into the third (and final) qualifying round for the major tournament of the continent.

15 May 2024

Groups are familiar from the fourth edition

Eight nights ago the North, Central American and Caribbean confederation in the ceremony has performed the draw of its youngest competition. The Nations league event will appear for the fourth time which is divided on two parts: is going to begin with the league part on 02 September and close with the finals which are scheduled for 23 March of next year (classification match for third or fourth place together with the last duel). From this fall 37 countries are going to be dispersed into three leagues and nine groups that would look like the following:

League A
Group A: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Suriname, Guyana.
Group B: Jamaica, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Nicaragua, French Guiana.

League B
Group A: El Salvador, Montserrat, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Bonaire.
Group B: Curacao, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Saint Martin.
Group C: Haiti, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Sint Maarten.
Group D: Dominican Republic, Bermuda, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica.

League C
Group A: Barbados, Bahamas, United states Virgin islands.
Group B: Belize, Turks and Caicos islands, Anguilla.
Group C: Saint Kitts and Nevis, Cayman islands, British Virgin islands.

Beginning from the quarter final phase, the rest 4 highest teams will join the fun. All of them are going to compete to secure places at the biggest and main tournament of the region (Gold Cup 2025).

14 May 2024

Officials have been revealed

From today every referee name was announced of who will do their final job for this season. Each team of officials have the last task to judge the last three club games of the 2023-24 football calendar year: Europa league on 22 May, seven nights later the Conference league together with 01 June for the Champions league competitions. All 'men in blue' can be read on the website of the European football organization.

13 May 2024

Club tournaments with a similar name debuts on two confederations

Starting from this season and for the first time two top club events for women kicks off at two various parts of the world.
Debuting from 25 August as preliminary phase while the last game have to be played by 24 May next year: this is the schedule for the Champions league competition that is going to be staged on the Asian continent. This year also will be the group stage duels, and the knockout rounds are beginning from 2025 with the quarter final, semi final and final.
Champions Cup is the name that are going to compete clubs from the North, Central America and Caribbean region. Everything is identical which was written above (August 2024 - May 2025, no dates are available yet), except for the knockout phase which in here begins from semi finals, the novelty is a third place game and final.
Full details of how clubs will enter at the above tournaments can be viewed on the continental websites.

12 May 2024

Awards who are new and would be established

Last Friday the Technical committee of the Asian football organization have launched new rewards who are fully dedicated to women category. In a rise of female football the International player of the year award would be introduced. As the name itself says, those candidates who likes to be in this section have to take part at the league of other confederations and have remarkable accomplishments for its country or club.
With the first ever Champions league event for women, that commences from this season, a Goalkeeper of the tournament award is also going to be initiated.

11 May 2024

Problems on stadium

Seven nights ago at the Regionalliga duel between Dynamo Berlin and Energie Cottbus there was major incidents on the stands. Hundred and fifty five police officers were injured in big fighting with fans. Because the police itself used tear gas most of them were wounded from that, while other causes were from the pyrotechnics thrown from the spectators together with assaults. Also, police dogs were released where many hooligans were bitten. In the end 62 criminal charges were raised for disturbing peace, attacks on law enforcement officers, insults...so that 74 spectators were detained and later released.
The whole trouble began in the twentieth minute when the home fans burned the symbols of the visiting club, and in anger fighting has erupted on the tribunes and then the above outcome has happened.

10 May 2024

Number of footballers have been raised

Some of the 24 trainers have began this initiative at the beginning of last month, so that they have more options for selection when the important continental event starts this summer. Over the days this was thoroughly reviewed, and at the end on 04 May the Executive committee just accept it as an official one: this request is not obliged for every team, but the coaches at the European championship will have the opportunity to increase the number of players and in the list put 26 of them instead of the current 23.
All names have to be known by 07 June, so that 7 nights later the competition kicks off.

09 May 2024

Everything was over in just 164 seconds

Conference league 2023-24 season, knockout round 4 - last 4, leg 2, (night 1 out of 2):

Club Brugge - Fiorentina 1:1

Scorers: 1:0 20 (19.56) Hans Vanaken
               1:1 84-pen (84.07) Lucas Beltran

Additional information: the first finalist of this tournament is Fiorentina.

Champions league 2023-24 season, knockout round 3 - last 4, leg 2 (night 2 of 2):

Real Madrid - Bayern 2:1

Scorers: 0:1 68 (67.26) Alphonso Davies
               1:1 87 (87.19) Jose Luis Mato
               2:1 90 (90.03) Jose Luis Mato

Supplemental information: in this dramatic finish Real Madrid has qualified for the last game.

08 May 2024

Insurance firm have become partner of a competition

Beginning from this month and until December 2026 the biggest insurance company in Latin America would publicize itself at Copa Libertadores. Mapfre has signed a deal with the South American organization and its name is going to be visible throughout the 10 countries where the tournament is taking place. According to the agreement its sign will decorate and advertise itself on the press conference, mix zones, stadia, interview section...

07 May 2024

Racist behaviour punished

Atletico Madrid and Athletic club have entertained each other from the LaLiga championship on 27 April when on minute 36 this duel was interrupted. Four days later, the Spanish football federation have sanctioned the home club due to this briefly delay.
The visiting attacker Nicholas Williams was racially insulted by the opposing supporters, and for this purpose all the weight for the punishment falls on the Madrid club. For the last 2 games of this season (12 and 19 May), the south stand of Estadio Metropolitano have to be closed and in it have to be spread messages of fair-play. Also 20,000 euros were lessened from their cashbox.

06 May 2024

Two competitions on two consecutive nights: one of them ends, while the other one begins

For the following 12 clubs there is 1 hurdle away from entering into the finals of the 2023-24 season. Concerning that second leg will be played and depending on the results from this week, there is always a possibility that some matches would last longer than others. Schedule of the pairs looks like this:

Champions league...
Tuesday, 07 May at 21.00 CEt: PSG - Borussia Dortmund.

Wednesday, 08 May at 21.00 CEt: Real Madrid - Bayern.

... Conference league...
Wednesday, 08 May at 18.45 CEt: Club Brugge - Fiorentina.

Thursday, 09 May at 21.00 CEtOlympiacos - Aston villa.

... and Europa league.
Thursday, 09 May at 21.00 CEt: Atalanta - Olympique de Marseille.
Thursday, 09 May at 21.00 CEt: Bayer - Roma.

05 May 2024

Men in blue have been revealed

This summer on the European continent the main championship on a team level is going to be played and for this purpose the organizers have announced all officials.
In total 89 of them were disclosed, and those are divided in referees, assistant referees, video officials and support officials. Among them there is a trio from another confederation while each name on the list can be seen or even downloaded from 23 April.

04 May 2024

Qualifying matches to be formed with additional purpose

In less than 3 years time the Asian Cup number 19 is going to be staged in Saudi Arabia, but before we jump to 2027 plenty of elimination games have to be played for this competition.
An ongoing one is taking place with another event, however, when it will be alone, some teams from now have to be connected. We are currently in the second qualifying round and when it finishes the separation from the joint competition (World Cup qualifiers) will get underway. An own elimination duels basically starts from the play-off phase, with six teams who have to torture themselves additionally in 180 minutes (or more). This sextet are the lowest ranked losing teams from round 1. Divided on 2 bowls it all look like this:

Pot 1: Cambodia, Macau, Mongolia.

Pot 2: Brunei, Timor-Leste, Sri Lanka.

Everything will be known at the draw ceremony on Thursday, 09 May from 15.00 local time or 09.00 CEt when 3 matches are going to appear. On 05 September is scheduled to be the first leg, while the decision is going to be known five nights later.
Whoever wins in these 3 pairs would have the privilege to compete together with Bhutan, Maldives and Laos (who are the 3 lucky losers that secured its participation from the mentioned phase 1) in the third (and last) qualifying round.

03 May 2024

Avoided humiliation in stoppage time

Conference league 2023-24 season, knockout round 4 - last 4, leg 1, single night:

Fiorentina - Club Brugge 3:2

Scorers: 1:0 04 (04.04) Riccardo Sottil
               1:1 16-pen (16.04) Hans Vanaken
               2:1 37 (36.38) Andrea Belotti
               2:2 63 (62.48) Igor Thiago
               3:2 90+1 (90.37) M'Bala Nzola

- In just 2 minutes visiting midfielder Raphael Onyedika received two yellow cards which meant automatically red on 60 (60.04).

02 May 2024

Prices formed for four future finals

From 16 April all prices are known for the last games of the next four club tournaments. Depending on the size of stadia where the final will be played a certain amount are going to be on sale where a lottery would decide the applicant while the remaining would distribute on member national associations, commercial partners, broadcasters and the European football organization. Tickets for spectators are going to be delivered through the Mobile tickets application. Persons with disabilities can also be present at the arenas who together with a companion tickets are offered with the Fans first category. In continuation, the prices for the last games of the four competitions (who are all beginning at 21.00 CEt) are:

Europa league. Republic of Ireland would welcome the last 2 clubs at Dublin arena (Aviva stadium) on Wednesday 22 May. For general public on sale is 36,000 tickets out of 48,000 in total, 12,000 are dedicated for each finalist, while every successful applicant can posses 4 tickets. Reserved tickets for spectators of teams is 40 euros, category 1 cost 150, 2 is 100 euros, while in category 3 can be purchased for 65 euros.

Conference league. Seven nights later it starts the final at AEK venue, Athens, Greece in this competition. Out of 27,100 tickets, for the wide public is available 21,000 for purchase. Nine thousand tickets have been assigned to each club, while every applicant who is picked can bought of up to 4 tickets. Fans first (who is reserved for fans of the clubs) cost 25 euros, category 1 is 125, second category is 85, price for category 3 is 45 euros.

Champions league. Wembley arena in London, England on Saturday, 01 June awaits the 2 finalists. General public can bought 60,000 out of total 86,600 tickets, and each club will receive 25,000 entry papers. Up to 2 tickets can get every victorious applicant. Fans first (reserved for spectators of the clubs) is valued at 60 pounds (70 euros), price for first category is 610 pounds (714 euros), tickets for category 2 cost 430 pounds (503 euros), whilst 3 is in sale of 160 pounds (187 euros).

Super Cup. On Wednesday, 14 August the winners between the second and third competition are going to meet each other at Pge narodowy stadium (National arena) in Warsaw, Poland to officially mark the start of 2024-25 season. Entry papers for this game are 48,000 out of the total 56,400 while every lucky contestant can get of up to 4 tickets. Category 3 tickets are at 30 euros, second category cost 80, and 1 is 130 euros.

01 May 2024

One half better than the other

Champions league 2023-24 season, knockout round 3 - last 4, leg 1 (night 1 of 2):

Bayern - Real Madrid 2:2

Scorers: 0:1 23 (23.05) Vinicius de Oliveira junior
               1:1 53 (52.33) Leroy Sane
               2:1 57-pen (56.36) Harry Kane
               2:2 83-pen (82.58) Vinicius de Oliveira junior