31 January 2018

Disciplined clubs

After both Serbian teams are fined in the first week of January, and not counting the six players from the youth Malta national team, this is continuation of punishing couple of more clubs. Last week and two weeks ago the European football organization penalized another two teams (or in order third and fourth fined in 2018) from Champions and Europa league.
In the 'strong' competition now there is only an announcement, and later will surely come the punishment. In the fifth round of the group stages in November played Anderlecht and Bayern Munich. However, home club did 'surprised' visiting supporters by increasing their tickets on 100 euros. German champions financially supported their travelling expenses so that tickets can cost 70 euros, and many Bavarian fans did not travel to this match. That is why an angry group of fans developed a poster saying 'Is your greed now finally satisfied? 100 euros?' Due to this violation this investigation was opened seven days ago, the ethics committee will further discuss this matter on 02 May, but the fine is going to be issued this Friday.
At the Europa league Zenit Saint Petersburg supporters 'seriously' damaged Real Sociedad stadium in their game played in December. On 17 January UEFA has decided that the club has to pay Spanish side for damages in 30 days time and plus financially is penalized with 30.000 euros. Beside that offence, their fans also threw fireworks and objects on the pitch.

30 January 2018

False alarm

Unusual and very rare situation of this kind happened in Buenos Aires yesterday. Two hours before the start of Huracan and River Plate at Tomas Adolfo Duco inside park Patricios there was anonymous telephone call that a bomb was placed in the stadium. Strong police forces temporarily emptied the venue, and the conducted search by firefighting squad for approximately 60 minutes did not find such device. ‘Surely this was a bad joke for someone who does not like Huracan’, said Luis Sasso vice president of the home club.
This match was played couple of hours later from the original kick-off or in the evening local time.

29 January 2018

True holiday while working

It is known before that if you want to combine holiday and work you have to choose a good destination. However, for players this luxury is unacceptable. One footballer though seemed to like this first option more than the second one.
After he was the most expensive player for a year, last week Carlos Tevez have returned to Boca Juniors where he began his professional career. The 33 year old has signed a two year contract with Shanghai Shenhua, but returned to his homeland after only one. In this 'Chinese adventure' everybody was criticizing him for not advancing, pleading enough for the team which later the player all admitted by himself. For those 365 days, it is unbelievable how the Argentine have earned 37 million euros, or 762.000 weekly. Plus, every goal has been also paid - 9.2 million euros, and he gave 4 from 20 appearances.

28 January 2018

All are united for giving needed help

In life it is very nice to see someone who collects money for a certain health reason. Toby Nye is a 5 year old boy that has neuroblastoma. His family do not have enough financial means for treating this rare cancer disease, so one English football club jumps in to help them. Nine days ago players and officials from Leeds have donated their salary for that day and together with their fans collected 200.000 British pounds (225.718 euros) needing for the treatment. Very nice gesture from the club!

27 January 2018

Scandalous referee

Seeing if a player deliberately or accidentally trip up his opponent is an easy thing. However, if the footballer is doing this from behind on match referee, then he is in big trouble. In this case, though it was not done intentionally, the merciless 'man in blue' showed one of the bizarre red cards ever seen in history.
Last Monday Nantes and PSG played their final game from the twentieth round of the local championship. In the last minute Diego Carlos returning to his half, accidentally tripped down the referee. Whilst Tony Chapron was on the ground, even decided to kick the Brazilian, but he missed. Getting up, the arbiter was resolute to send off the defender showing him second yellow. After this 'unsuccessful revenge' the 45 year old official was immediately suspended.

26 January 2018

'Very good' example from a team leader

Italian anti-doping agency announced eight days ago that one official and one player have been suspended from this sport. These two are from the same Serie A club and are 'forced to retire' 5 years in total.
Benevento defender Fabio Lucioni received 12 months ban because he used anabolic steroid clostebol. Also, an captain of the team, the 30 year old has been tested positive last September against Torino.
After admitting possessing the drug Walter Giorgione, the team physician, is punished for 4 years. This doctor itself gave him in a form of spray to cure the injury.
Now both 'wise men' are planning an appeal.

25 January 2018

First draw for a debut tournament

Europe will temporarily say bye-bye to meaningless friendlies as from this autumn all member countries of the continent will be occupied with the Nations league. Exactly at midday today in Lausanne, Switzerland, the European football organization conducted the first ever draw for the new competition that will start from September, while finals are going to be played in June 2019. Schedule of groups are the following:

                                                 Nations league A
Group 1                       Group 2                         Group 3                   Group 4
Netherlands                 Iceland                            Poland                     Croatia
France                         Switzerland                     Italy                        England
Germany                      Belgium                          Portugal                   Spain

                                                 Nations league B
Group 1                      Group 2                 Group 3                             Group 4
Czech Republic            Turkey                    Northern Ireland                 Denmark
Ukraine                       Sweden                  Bosnia and Herzegovina       Republic of Ireland
Slovakia                      Russia                     Austria                               Wales

                                                 Nations league C
Group 1                       Group 2                         Group 3                     Group 4
Israel                           Estonia                          Cyprus                       Lithuania
Albania                        Finland                          Bulgaria                     Montenegro
Scotland                      Greece                           Norway                      Serbia
                                   Hungary                         Slovenia                     Romania

                                                 Nations league D
Group 1                       Group 2                         Group 3                     Group 4
Andorra                       San Marino                      Kosovo                       Gibraltar
Kazakhstan                  Moldova                          Malta                         Liechtenstein
Latvia                          Luxembourg                    Faroe Islands              Armenia
Georgia                        Belarus                           Azerbaijan                 FYR Macedonia

The first Nations league winner for 2018/19 season will be contested between four group winners from the A league: with semifinal games, third place match and a final.
Four group winners will be automatically promoted to higher league place (D to C, C to B and B to A). In vice versa scenario, those teams who will finish bottom in their groups are going to be relegated into lower leagues (A to B, B to C and C to D).
Apart from two regular kick-off times a third is going to be introduced as optional - 15.00CET.
This new tournament can be also used as a backdoor for the European championship in 2020. Winners from each groups, those who did not qualified through the regular process, will have their last chance to be at the complicated EURO event in two years time. Depending on how many teams there will be, play off games against each other is going to be at the end of March 2020.
Nations league is going to be played in every two year cycle.

24 January 2018

Twenty fifth president of Liberia

It was supposed to happen on the fifteenth of this month, but the inauguration of the new president of Liberia was postponed seven days later. Finally, yesterday an former legendary footballer George Weah have sworn in as the leader at the capital Monrovia. The ceremony was held at the Samuel Kanyon Doe sports complex before an estimated 35.000 jubilant people. Among them were presidents from other African countries as well: Gabon, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Sierra Leone and beside friends lots of football stars were also on the spot to greet the new leader. 'I have spent many years of my life in stadiums, but today is a feeling like no other', said former Ballon d'Or winner on Monday, while 24 hours later the 51 year old appointed his first cabinet.

23 January 2018

Ex-winning defender has passed away

Jimmy Armfield, winner of 1966 World Cup edition in his own country has died today from cancer. The former English defender spent his whole life working in his native land: was faithful as a player for 17 years at Blackpool, later he coached Bolton and Leeds, and after retirement got a job as an advisor for more than 35 years. In some occasions was posing as captain of the national team. He was 82 years old.

22 January 2018

Different votes combined into one team

Ten days ago the European football organization website has round-up nearly 8.8 million votes (8.779.639) of the survey from visitors who chose their 11 for previous year. Majority are coming from the continental champions plus one more footballer is playing at LaLiga, which makes that this league gave most players at the end. Fans submitted their teams into 4-4-2 formation, selecting it 459.797 times, thus the best club for 2017 will be in this playing system: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus) - Dani Alves (PSG), Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus), Marcelo Vieira (Real Madrid), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) - Eden Hazard (Chelsea), Kevin de Bruyne (Manchester City), Luka Modric (Real Madrid), Toni Kroos (Real Madrid) - Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Lionel Messi (Barcelona).
In total, midfielder Sergio Ramos collected plenty of trust from all - 558.495 votes or 73.7 percent.

21 January 2018

Unsuccessful murder attempt

A German player of an Turkey-Kurdish origin has escaped a serious accident. The incident happened last Monday morning when the assailants attacked Deniz Naki on the A4 motorway near Duren in North Rhine-Westphalia state. While he was driving, the attackers fired two times: 'one bullet struck a window and the other one hit near a tyre', said in an interview for newspaper Die Welt. Police have confirmed that this case is investigated as a murder attempt.
The midfielder plays for Amed SK, which competes in TFF 2 Lig equivalent to third division in Turkey. Past April he received a suspended prison sentence of 18 months due to 'spreading terrorist propaganda for the PKK (Kurdistan party)'. The 28 year old often criticize current president of the country Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

20 January 2018

Not giving up from football

A legendary player is still active in this professional sport. Eight days ago Yokohama who competes at the second division in Japan known as J2 league, has extended contract with Kazuyoshi Miura which is entering into season number 33 in his career. Playing for the club last season the striker became the oldest goalscorer at the age of 50, while later he even improved that record by scoring one more goal.

19 January 2018

Incident before quarter final match

Atletico Madrid and Sevilla played first 90 minutes of their quarter final game from Copa del Rey yesterday, but one incident before the start spoiled the beautiful evening (for the guests). A young supporter was stabbed at Las Musas metro station in Avenida de Niza near Wanda Metropolitano stadium. He is a member of the main and biggest group for the home team called 'Frente Atletico'. In a brawl between supporters, the 22 year old sustained serious injuries threatening for his life. 'The male got three stabbed wounds in the thigh, arm and back and lost a lot of blood', announced from La Paz hospital.

18 January 2018

'Stick to what you are good at'

Changing new sports is never a good sign as participant can harm himself that might happen in this new adventure. With not enough expertise in the new field it is exactly what the next story is all about.
Competing for the first time, Andre Villas-Boas decided to take a break from football and try in motorsport. But (in a not so dangerous sport at all) this became a little tricky for him. Dakar rally is among first sports (after tennis tournaments) that starts in the beginning of every year. Until the end of the fortieth edition there are three more days/nights left which is ongoing in South America. However, last Wednesday the 40 year old suffered an accident in Peru at fourth stage. Driving for team Overdrive his Toyota Hilux car hit a sand dune. The outcome: Portuguese coach was taken to hospital with a back injury. Thus he was forced to retire from this race together with co-driver Ruben Faria the same day.

17 January 2018

Banned six youth footballers

We all know that every confederation has a strict rule of match fixing. Exactly one week ago, the European football organization suspended six players from Malta in suspicion of knowing couple of results upfront.
In youth 21 qualifying games for the European championship 2017 versus Montenegro on 23 March 2016 and Czech Republic six days later, Emanuel Briffa and Kyle Cesare are banned for life from this sport. Also are punished those who knew this greedy business is happening, but did not report to UEFA: Samir Arab got two year suspension, Ryan Camenzuli received 18 months while both Llywelyn Cremona and Luke Montebello 'forcefully' have to abandon football on one year.

16 January 2018

Do not want to attend matches on Monday

At the end of every weekend always comes a new day. For some, this day bring fresh start of the week with a big smile, while for others (probably most people) this is one of the very hatred day after two days rest that we had earlier. In football terms a group of spectators from one German club joins in this story at the second category.
On the south tribune at Signal Iduna park are gathering the most fierce fans from Borussia Dortmund. Spectators from this section, commonly known as 'yellow wall', have announced that they will boycott the game against Augsburg scheduled on 26 February or in short: on Monday night. Five days ago, and among others, in a letter addressed to public and officials at the association, this group is expressing disbelief, anger and are not accepting their team to play on this day. As they are unhappy about this decision the group will be absent from further games (who will be played on Mondays only) and that this action do not refer to the management of their beloved club.
Main guilt for these turmoil are, of course, the EuroCups (European leagues). So far, games from the local championships were played on weekends, but in the second half of the season Bundesliga bosses have decided 5 matches to be played on Monday. Explanation is that those teams that are playing European competitions week earlier have one extra day of rest.

15 January 2018

Flying table

It was so windy in England this Friday that unusual stuff were up in the sky and flying around like crazy. Thankfully there were no injuries reported in this story, but one vehicle was severely damaged.
Many cars were parked at the Cobham training centre. On the regular training session Antonio Conte was teaching to the players when suddenly strange noise happened. His Nissan Juke got smashed from a flying glass table that somehow got separated from the terrace roof of the administrative building. In the time of this accident the object narrowly missed the communications director Steve Atkins, however the poor car was very broken and costs were about thousands of euros. Now the Chelsea manager is driving his replacement Toyota Yaris.

Lionel Messi can go free, if...

Unusual article wrote Spanish daily newspaper 'El Mundo'. It is about one of the best footballers nowadays and a northeast region in the country that (more than anything) wants to be independent.
Everyone knows that the word 'if' can exist in every contract, but if this is INDEED a valid story then Barcelona might loose their main star. Ten days ago one of the largest newspaper on the Iberian peninsula wrote that Lionel Messi will be a free player if Catalonia is going to be an independent state. With this 'little matter' in the contract the Argentine wizard can choose to stay or play for any other club. Currently he is receiving 27 million euros per season, just for his recent signature (25.11.2017) the striker got a bonus of 90 million, while buyout clause is 700 million euros.
Thus this have to be accepted as reserve news as we can not see the final deal. Whether the above report is true or not, it can only be confirmed from the signee himself.

14 January 2018

Historic night for women

Yesterday was a historic night for women in Saudi Arabia. As part of reforms in the country this Friday, happy and smiling females attended their first ever football match as spectators. For the first time in the city port on the Red sea at Jeddah stadium, the gentle gender were witnessing the game from local championship between Al-Ahli and Al-Batin. Some were very proud and pretty much excited that were present at this debut appearance.

Eleven world footballers from a daily newspaper

As days slowly goes by in January, football magazines and daily newspapers are still presenting their ideal 11 players from previous year. After announcing French players from the local championship, L'Equipe did it as well for the world 11 for 2017, just couple of days in the new year. This lineup is more offensive as they include four attackers and once again substitute players are missing. In a 4-2-4 formation here is the list: Gianluigi Buffon - Dani Alves, Mats Hummels, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo (Vieira) - N'Golo Kante, Luka Modric - Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Edinson Cavani.

13 January 2018

Professional kebab shop

More and more players are opening stores which sell different things and on the way are becoming good businessmen. One of them is Lukas Podolski who cleverly invest in a new job. Besides having a clothing store and an ice cream parlour, the German star opened up a kebab shop in Cologne. On social media posted lots of pictures about his new work, and among them was how he sliced the meat. 'Mangal Doner' started last Saturday at Chlodwigplatz district. We wish the 32 year old striker best of luck with his new job!

12 January 2018

Most prestigious footballers crowned from Africa

Exactly seven days ago Africa announced its best footballers for 2017. We may say that, in the capital of Ghana, Accra, one northeast country at the continent took the main awards. The following players / club / national team have been crowned.
Spectators left their vote for best 11 on the facebook page of the confederation. Here is the lineup in a 3-4-3 formation: Aymen Mathlouthi (Tunisia) - Ahmed Fathi (Egypt), Eric Bailly (Ivory Coast), Ali Maaloul (Tunisia) -  Mohamed Ounajem (Morocco), Junior Ajayi (Nigeria), Achraf Bencharki (Morocco), Karim el Ahmadi (Morocco) - Khalid Boutaib (Morocco), Taha Yassine Khenissi (Tunisia), Mohamed Salah (Egypt). Two countries presidents, one current and the other to be, collected platinum awards: Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo (leader of Ghana) and the football icon George Weah (is going to be leader of Liberia in 4 days time). Title for an outstanding coach belonged to Hector Cuper from Egypt. Morocco side Wydad Casablanca has been named best club, while national team for 2017 is Egypt. Patson Daka (Zambia) is honored as youth player from the previous year. For the main prize: with 311 points Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Gabon was left further alone in third place, Senegal striker Sadio Mane collected 507 points, while 625 points and almost 89 percent of votes on the website gathered Egypt player Mohamed Salah who was crowned best African player of 2017.

11 January 2018

Just five days old in 2018, cash box of UEFA filled only from Serbian clubs

On a club level, the European football organization is going to start this year very positively from only couple of teams playing at Europa league. UEFA was needed just 5 days in 2018 to punish two Serbian clubs which will bring in total 80.000 euros of (sweet) money.
Despite being the most watched club from three games in group stages at the competition with 143.000 spectators, Crvena Zvezda (Red Star) will play its next match on an empty stadium. In the last game of the second phase against BATE Borisov in Belgrade home supporters 'glorify' ex-general of Republika Srpska Ratko Mladic, who were chanting his name and spreading banners. Due to this 'propaganda' plus fireworks, field invasions, racist behavior and blocking stairways the club also has to say goodbye to 50.000 euros. As for the next match where it has been sold more than 28.000 tickets, the management is considering to appeal this decision. In a not related news, ten days before the new year, Crvena Zvezda has launched a Russian language version on its website. Coincidence or not, that next game in third stage (first knockout round), the team is playing against CSKA Moscow.
The 'big boss' has also decided to penalize its second Serbian club on the same day. Versus Young Boys Bern, Partizan fans were 'guilty' of: racist and inappropriate behavior, fireworks, filed invasions and blocking stairways. Thus the champions of the country received a 'Christmas greeting card' of 30.000 euros financial fine.

10 January 2018

Biggest earnings on television rights

Last Thursday LaLiga announced television rights figures for the past fiscal year. All 20 teams in Primera division in 2017 gathered revenues of 1.25 billion euros or 10 million more than 2016. In terms of single clubs: Barcelona have the highest income of 146.2 million euros, followed by Real Madrid with 140 million, Atletico Madrid is third collecting 99, Athletic Bilbao is next with 71 million euros...

09 January 2018

Meet the slogan for the next big tournament in Asia

With 365 days to go, the Asian confederation has revealed slogan of the most awaited event at the continent. Three days ago at the headquarters in the capital of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur, the executive committee of the Asian Cup 2019 has chosen 'Bringing Asia together', a motto which in United Arab Emirates from 05 January will appear on every stadium, tickets and also is going to be in media. This idea was proposed from two football fans: Jalal Nakhaie from IR Iran and Scott Sommerville from Northern Ireland. These two are going to receive plenty of presents and souvenirs from the event plus they will attend the first ever match in the competition.
After all teams are going to be known on 27 March, next big date is going to be the final draw for this event which will be conducted one month later (27 April).

Veteran collapsed during play

Last weekend, on a veterans futsal match in the German capital between Glasgow Rangers and Hertha, Nacho Novo collapsed during play. First reports was that the 38 year old suffered heart attack, but later it was changed into chest pains. After the surgery performed on him by the cardiologists on Saturday, the Spanish striker will spend in Berlin hospital seven to ten days. He is slowly recovering now, but lately the 38 year old is often complaining to chest pains.

08 January 2018

Replacements on two main various organizing positions

Just couple of days after he temporarily stepped down from presidency of the Russian FA (RFU), last Wednesday Vitaly Mutko also gave up the chairman seat at the World Cup organizing committee. The international Olympic committee suspends him for life accusing of participation for doping scandals of Russian sportsmen/women. Media are stating that the 59 year old was under pressure from the world football organization who had to quit his position due to that accusations.
For the next six months RFU will going to lead Aleksander Alaev and the World Cup organizing committee president now is Aleksey Sorokin.

07 January 2018

Homeless professional footballer was just saved

From divorce with Aurelie his life goes downwards. She took everything from him: his money, apartment and even their three kids which forbids them to see their father. From 8 million euros that this star earned at Galatasaray, she took 7, at the bank he signed everything and never asked her what he signed. In his possession only remained the house, but soon it will lose that too. Because he has no money he is hiding from bailiffs and often thought of committing suicide. From hunger was saved by his footballing friend Lomana LuaLua, and frequently at friends he sleep on the floor. This calamity never comes by itself as he lost two important persons in life: his grandfather which raised him and recently his brother in a car accident who was closely related, plus the world football organization suspends him on 12 months due to accusations from his former agent of an unpaid debt. At the end, because of health, he quits his playing career. As nothing goes in his way, he was hoping that one of his former clubs could help him and will accept to work anything.
In short, this is the story of former Ivorian defender Emmanuel Eboue, which for 14 years played in Europe and made good friends. One of them is Fatih Terim, who, after hearing this sad life tale, last Monday saved the 34 year old from dark thoughts. The Turkish manager offered him a job as being assistant coach on kids of the youngest age categories in Galatasaray. With this quick thinking and very good gesture, the 64 year old trainer thrilled the world footballing public.

06 January 2018

Gabonese ex-international passed away

At the beginning of this week Gabon has lost an former international striker. On 01 January, after a brief illness in the capital Libreville died Regis Manon at the age of 52. He was in the team when his country has qualified for the first time at 1994 Africa Cup of Nations in Tunisia, as well as two years later at the same event in South Africa.

05 January 2018

One club collected hat trick of prizes

Just 3 days before the New year at the Dubai international sport conference was presented the Globe football awards on the final day. Titles were given out in 13 categories, but the main ones has gone on one Spanish team and current champions of the country - Real Madrid.
Its star striker Cristiano Ronaldo was named player of the year, Zinedine Zidane is the best manager and the team got the honors of best club for 2017. Spanish LaLiga was announced as the best football league for previous year. From the Arab point of view, the best national team is Saudi Arabia, while Egypt manager Hector Cuper collected best coach award for 2017. On that night there was also prizes for player and coach career awards, master coach special title, best referee, best agent...

04 January 2018

Ideal team from France

Couple of days before entering 2018 journalists from L'Equipe daily newspaper announced their best 11 choice. Footballers for this team consist from 'only' 2 clubs: Monaco gave 6, while PSG supplement the rest. In the meantime, 2 players from the club with the highest number have switched their footballing environment: one of them 'got away' over the sea in England, whilst the other has transferred to the opposite side. In a 4-3-3 formation best players from Ligue 1 championship for 2017 are: Danijel Subasic - Benjamin Mendy, Marquinhos, Kamil Glik, Djibril Sidibe - Adrien Rabiot, Fabinho, Thomas Lemar - Neymar, Edinson Cavani, Kylian Mbappe.

03 January 2018

Former Uruguay international for Guinness

Four days before entering 2018 another record fell, this time for Guinness book. Last Wednesday the ex-Uruguayan international player Sebastian Abreu signed for club number 26 in his career. This 41 year old striker has put his signature for Audax Italiano who compete in Chilean Primera division and thus surpassed Lutz Pfannenstiel a German goalkeeper who was a member in 25 teams.
Now the world record breaker has played for 11 different countries in 4 various continents.

02 January 2018

A true legend becomes president of his country

Exactly 14 days from now Liberia will have a new president. Last Wednesday with 61.5 percent of votes in the second round, George Weah beat his opponent Joseph Bokai. This, second round was twice canceled due to accusation of irregularities. Given the fact that 60 percent of the population are younger than 30 years of age, the ex football striker and Ballon d'Or winner has collected all votes from that generation and at the end conquer 12 out of the 15 counties, while his opposed candidate has won in 2 counties. The 51 year old succeed the first woman being as a head of state in some Africa state and Nobel prize winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who he lost in 2005 elections. One of the best footballer Liberia has ever had promised to eradicate corruption and recover his devastated country, where he was also born in such conditions.