31 January 2018

Disciplined clubs

After both Serbian teams are fined in the first week of January, and not counting the six players from the youth Malta national team, this is continuation of punishing couple of more clubs. Last week and two weeks ago the European football organization penalized another two teams (or in order third and fourth fined in 2018) from Champions and Europa league.
In the 'strong' competition now there is only an announcement, and later will surely come the punishment. In the fifth round of the group stages in November played Anderlecht and Bayern Munich. However, home club did 'surprised' visiting supporters by increasing their tickets on 100 euros. German champions financially supported their travelling expenses so that tickets can cost 70 euros, and many Bavarian fans did not travel to this match. That is why an angry group of fans developed a poster saying 'Is your greed now finally satisfied? 100 euros?' Due to this violation this investigation was opened seven days ago, the ethics committee will further discuss this matter on 02 May, but the fine is going to be issued this Friday.
At the Europa league Zenit Saint Petersburg supporters 'seriously' damaged Real Sociedad stadium in their game played in December. On 17 January UEFA has decided that the club has to pay Spanish side for damages in 30 days time and plus financially is penalized with 30.000 euros. Beside that offence, their fans also threw fireworks and objects on the pitch.


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