21 January 2018

Unsuccessful murder attempt

A German player of an Turkey-Kurdish origin has escaped a serious accident. The incident happened last Monday morning when the assailants attacked Deniz Naki on the A4 motorway near Duren in North Rhine-Westphalia state. While he was driving, the attackers fired two times: 'one bullet struck a window and the other one hit near a tyre', said in an interview for newspaper Die Welt. Police have confirmed that this case is investigated as a murder attempt.
The midfielder plays for Amed SK, which competes in TFF 2 Lig equivalent to third division in Turkey. Past April he received a suspended prison sentence of 18 months due to 'spreading terrorist propaganda for the PKK (Kurdistan party)'. The 28 year old often criticize current president of the country Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


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