31 August 2020

Introducing second edition of a team event

From next month edition number two will start of an European version of the Nations league. The whole event is going to be done in two stages: where all rounds will be played from the four leagues present until November plus the relegation and final games (where everything is going to finish as far as March 2022.

In week number one of the following month the first round of games are going to be completed while from the weekend we will see partly duels from the second round. Again there will be three kick off times throughout the continent, and up to 10 matches are going to be played in one night. What is more sad, is that each one of the following pairs will be staged behind closed doors.

Thursday, 03 September at 18.00 CET: Latvia - Andorra.

Thursday, 03 September at 20.45 CET: Bulgaria - Republic of Ireland.

Thursday, 03 September at 20.45 CET: Faroe islands - Malta.

Thursday, 03 September at 20.45 CET: Finland - Wales.

Thursday, 03 September at 20.45 CET: Germany - Spain.

Thursday, 03 September at 20.45 CET: Moldova - Kosovo.

Thursday, 03 September at 20.45 CET: Russia - Serbia.

Thursday, 03 September at 20.45 CET: Slovenia - Greece.

Thursday, 03 September at 20.45 CET: Turkey - Hungary.

Thursday, 03 September at 20.45 CET: Ukraine - Switzerland.

Friday, 04 September at 18.00 CET: Lithuania - Kazakhstan.

Friday, 04 September at 20.45 CET: Belarus - Albania.

Friday, 04 September at 20.45 CET: Italy - Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Friday, 04 September at 20.45 CET: Netherlands - Poland.

Friday, 04 September at 20.45 CET: Norway - Austria.

Friday, 04 September at 20.45 CET: Romania - Northern Ireland.

Friday, 04 September at 20.45 CET: Scotland - Israel.

Friday, 04 September at 20.45 CET: Slovakia - Czech Republic.

Saturday, 05 September at 15.00 CET: Gibraltar - San Marino.

Saturday, 05 September at 15.00 CET: North Macedonia - Armenia.

Saturday, 05 September at 18.00 CET: Azerbaijan - Luxembourg.

Saturday, 05 September at 18.00 CET: Cyprus - Montenegro.

Saturday, 05 September at 18.00 CET: Estonia - Georgia.

Saturday, 05 September at 18.00 CET: Iceland - England.

Saturday, 05 September at 20.45 CET: Denmark - Belgium.

Saturday, 05 September at 20.45 CET: Portugal - Croatia.

Saturday, 05 September at 20.45 CET: Sweden - France.

Sunday, 06 September at 15.00 CET: Andorra - Faroe islands.

Sunday, 06 September at 15.00 CET: Wales - Bulgaria.

Sunday, 06 September at 18.00 CET: Hungary - Russia.

Sunday, 06 September at 18.00 CET: Republic of Ireland - Finland.

Sunday, 06 September at 18.00 CET: Slovenia - Moldova.

Sunday, 06 September at 20.45 CET: Kosovo - Greece.

Sunday, 06 September at 20.45 CET: Malta - Latvia.

Sunday, 06 September at 20.45 CET: Serbia - Turkey.

Sunday, 06 September at 20.45 CET: Spain - Ukraine.

Sunday, 06 September at 20.45 CET: Switzerland - Germany.

30 August 2020

Summer vacation turned ugly

Summer is the time where each one of us wants to have a good holiday: some are enjoying swimming, some walking and relaxing on the beach, while there are also people who likes to fight.
On 21 August, in wanting to prove his boxing abilities, the Manchester united captain Harry Maguire was involved in an incident where even police was also attacked on the Greek island of Syros, near the popular tourist place Mykonos. He, together with his brother and a friend participated in a struggle with a group of English vacationers at a night club. The deserved punishment came four days later, when the court decided to hand the 27 year-old footballer 21 months probation prison sentence, and was pronounced guilty to four charges: inflicting body injuries, attempted bribery, assault and insulting the officers.

29 August 2020

Disaster took place near a football pitch

Terrible tragedy happened today in Uganda, where 10 children have died when a thunderstorm hit them at the north-western city of Arua. Before the incident occurred, they were playing football when heavy rain started and decided to take shelter in a house with a grass thatched roof. An lighting struck the hut where nine have died on the spot while one passed away on the way to hospital. Reports are also saying that four others were injured, and all of them were between 9 and 16 years old.

28 August 2020

Longest roulette happened tonight

Europa league, first qualifying round, elimination duels, night 3 of 3:

Ordabasy - Botosani 1:2

Scorers: 0:1 25 Marcel Holzmann

               1:1 31 May Mahlangu

               1:2 33 Marko Dugandzic

- On 12 Abdoulaye Diakhate (Ordabasy) missed an 11 metre punishment.

Kairat - Noah 4:1

Scorers: 0:1 08 Kirill Bor

               1:1 11 Gulzhigit Alykulov

               2:1 34 Vagner Love

               3:1 69 Vagner Love

               4:1 90+4 Aderinsola Habib Eseola

Ventspils - Dinamo-Auto 2:1

Scorers: 0:1 14 Dumitru Rogac

               1:1 22 Lucas Villela

               2:175-pen Yevgeni Kozlov

- Guga Palavandishvili (Ventspils) was quicker than the final whistle and got himself a direct red card at 90+3.

Teuta - Beitar Jerusalem 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 05 (05.02) Blerim Krasniqi

               2:0 86 (86.11) Rubin Hebaj

Borac Banja Luka - Sutjeska 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 34 Stojan Vranjes

Nomme Kalju - Mura SUSPENDED (no one was positive on the virus, but this game was called off due to precaution).

Dinamo Minsk - Piast 0:2

Scorers: 0:1 09 (09.07) Patryk Lipski

               0:2 56 (55.32) Jakub Swierczok

Lincoln red imps - Union titus Petange 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 36 Lee Casciaro

               2:0 90+4 Mustapha Yahaya

- On 58 Anthony Hernandez (Lincoln red imps) missed an 11 metre penalty. 

Bodo/Glimt - Kauno Zalgiris 6:1

Scorers: 1:0 28 Philip Zinckernagel

               2:0 35 Philip Zinckernagel

               3:0 52 Jens Petter Hauge

               4:0 59-pen Jens Petter Hauge

               4:1 78 Philipas Otele

               5:1 79 Viktor Okoh Boniface

               6:1 80 Sebastian Tounekti

Apollon - Saburtalo 5:1

Scorers: 1:0 03 Bagaily Dabo

               2:0 32 Bagaily Dabo

               3:0 59 Nicolas Diguiny

               3:1 69 Giorgi Guliashvili

               4:1 75 Bagaily Dabo

               5:1 85 Giannis Giannotas

- Saburtalo finished this match with 10 players as Anri Chichinadze at 80 received a direct red card.

Olimpija Ljubljana - Vikingur 1:1, 2:1 after extra time

Scorers: 0:1 27 Ottar Magnus Karlsson

               1:1 88 Matic Fink

               2:1 106 Radivoj Bosic

- Nasty foul did Solvi Geir Ottesen Jonsson (Vikingur) at 04 for a direct red card.

Fehervar - Bohemians 1:1, on penalties 4-2

Scorers: 0:1 21 (21.06) Keith Ward

               1:1 37-pen (36.51) Nemanja Nikolics

Aarhus - Honka 5:2

Scorers: 1:0 21 Frederik Tingager

               2:0 29 Patrick Mortensen

               2:1 35 Borjas Martin Gonzalez

               3:1 45+1-pen Patrick Mortensen

               3:2 64 Lucas Kaufmann

               4:2 90+1 Patrick Olsen

               5:2 90+2 Soren Tenstedt

Hammarby - Puskas akademia 3:0

Scorers: 1:0 13 (13.18) Abdulrahman Khalili

               2:0 31 (30.47) Darijan Bojanic

               3:0 84 (83.44) Paulo Jose de Oliveira (also known as Paulinho Guerreiro)

Vaduz - Hibernians 0:2

Scorers: 0:1 34 Jurgen Degabriele

               0:2 55 Jurgen Degabriele

- Bjorn Kristensen (Hibernians) was sent off with a direct red card at 64.

CSKA Sofia - Sirens 2:1

Scorers: 0:1 69 Maxuell Samurai

               1:1 74 Ahmed Ahmedov

               2:1 90 Ali Sowe

- On 48 Maxuell Samurai (Sirens) missed a penalty shot.

Zalgiris - Paide 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 09 Andrija Kaludjerovic

               2:0 32 Liviu Antal

Rosenborg - Breidablik 4:2

Scorers: 1:0 04 Torgeir Borven

               2:0 17 Tore Reginiussen

               3:0 24 Even Hovland

               4:0 29 Torgeir Borven

               4:1 59 Viktor Karl Einarsson

               4:2 90-pen Thomas Mikkelsen

Gjilani - APOEL 0:0, 0:2 after extra time

Scorers: 0:1 102 Georgios Efrem

               0:2 115 Dieumerci Ngondala

- The visitors had a penalty in normal time, but Musa al-Taamari did not convert it on 78.

Kesla - Laci 0:0, on penalties 4-5

- Couple of players were sent off for two yellow cards: first to depart was Lucas Ramos de Oliveira (Laci) at 78 and Shahriyar Aliyev (Kesla) followed him on 112.

Locomotive Tbilisi - Universitatea 2:1

Scorers: 1:0 56 (56.01) Irakli Sikharulidze

               2:0 61 (60.55) Imrad Oulad Omar

               2:1 90+3 (93.16) Stefan Baiaram

Malmo - Cracovia 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 22 seconds Jo Inge Berget

               2:0 44 (43.47) Soren Rieks

Maccabi Haifa - Zeljeznicar POSTPONED (due to 11 infected players from the visiting team: six footballers were positive before the departure in Israel plus five was shown that also had the virus in Haifa).

FH - Dunajska Streda 0:2

Scorers: 0:1 22 Andrija Balic

               0:2 75 Eric Ramirez

Shakhtyor Salihorsk - Sfintul 0:0, after penalties 1-4

- From 28 Shakhtyor Salihorsk played with 10 men because Darko Bodul got a direct red, while Maxim Railean of Sfintul got his second yellow at 120.

The new saints - Zilina 1:1, 3:1 after extra time

Scorers: 1:0 56 Louis Robles

               1:1 77-pen Patrik Myslovic

               2:1 100 Leo Smith

               3:1 108-pen Adrian Cieslewicz

- Second yellow card received Branislav Sluka (Zilina) at 108.

Hapoel Be'er Sheva - Dinamo Batumi 3:0

Scorers: 1:0 09 Josue Pesqueira

               2:0 21-own goal Mamuka Kobakhidze

               3:0 61 Josue Pesqueira

Petrocub - Backa Topola 0:2

Scorers: 0:1 16 Sasa Tomanovic

               0:2 55-pen Nenad Lukic

- On 32 Boris Varga (Backa Topola) got a direct red and Artiom Rozgoniuc at 54 was sent off for two yellow cards from Petrocub.

Kukesi - Slavia Sofia 2:1

Scorers: 1:0 56-pen Patrick Friday Eze

               1:1 81 Kaloyan Krastev

               2:1 85 Godberg Cooper

Valletta - Bala town 0:1 

Scorer: 0:1 38 Chris Venables

- Mario Fontanella missed a chance to equalize for the guests from the penalty spot on 62.

Iskra - Lokomotiv Plovdiv 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 75-pen Dimitar Iliev

Zrinjski - Deifferdeng 03 3:0

Scorers: 1:0 37 Nemanja Bilbija

               2:0 39 Milos Filipovic

               3:0 79 Jostp Ivancic

B36 - Levadia 2:2, 4:3 after additional 30 minutes

Scorers: 0:1 52 Karl Rudolf Oigus

               1:1 72 Sebastian Pingel

               2:1 75 Sebastian Pingel

               2:2 79 Trevor Elhi

               2:3 101 Fabrice Elysee Kouadio Kouakou (known as Manucho)

               3:3 106 Ragnar Samuelsen

               4:3 112 Hannes Agnarsson

- Markus Jurgenson (Levadia) missed a penalty at 22.

Servette - Ruzomberok 3:0

Scorers: 1:0 54 Miroslav Stevanovic

               2:0 77 Arial Mendy

               3:0 86 Alexis Antunes Gomez

FcsB - Shirak 3:0

Scorers: 1:0 34 Darius Olaru

               2:0 64-pen Florin Tanase

               3:0 83 Alexandru Buziuc

Maribor - Coleraine 1:1, on penalties 4-5

Scorers: 0:1 62 James McLaughlin

               1:1 65 Rudi Pozeg

- The home team had a punishment in additional time, but Amir Dervisevic failed to convert it at 105.

Aberdeen - NSI 6:0

Scorers: 1:0 37 Lewis Ferguson

               2:0 43 Curtis Main

               3:0 49 Ryan Hedges

               4:0 59 Ryan Hedges

               5:0 63 Ronny Hayes

               6:0 87-pen Ryan Hedges

Motherwell - Glentoran 5:1

Scorers: 1:0 58 Callum Lang

               2:0 72 Stephen O'Donnell

               3:0 75 Liam Polworth

               4:0 77 Tony Watt

               5:0 87 Christopher Long

               5:1 90-pen Robbie McDaid

- Glentoran finished this duel with 10 men due to the second yellow card of Seanan Clucas on 51.

Partizan - Rigas futbola skola 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 52-pen Bibras Natcho

Honved - Inter Turku 1:1, 2:1 after extra time

Scorers: 1:0 90 (89.25) Boubacar Traore

               1:1 90+1 (90.38) Elinton Antonio Costa Morais (or just Liliu)

               2:1 104-own goal (104.01) Juuso Hamalainen

Shamrock rovers - Ilves 2:2, on penalties 12-11

Scorers: 0:1 09-pen Lauri ala-Myllymaki

               1:1 14 Graham Burke

               1:2 62 Joona Veteli

               2:2 77 Roberto Lopes

- At 88 Liam Scales (Shamrock rovers) received his second yellow card.

Lech - Valmiera 3:0

Scorers: 1:0 58 (58.07) Mikael Ishak

               2:0 78 (77.53) Mikael Ishak

               3:0 88 (87.37) Filip Szymczak

Additional information: the losing teams are going to rest further more for this season, while the winners will compete again in the next qualifying round.

27 August 2020

Hundred twenty minutes was needed in couple of games

Champions league, second qualifying round, knockout games, night 2 of 2:

AZ - Viktoria 1:1, 3:1 after extra time

Scorers: 0:1 77 (77.08) David Limbersky

               1:1 90+5-pen (94.35) Teun Koopmeiners

               2:1 97 (97.04) Albert Gudmundsson

               3:1 118 (117.32) Albert Gudmundsson

Qarabag - Sheriff 2:1

Scorers: 1:0 22-pen (21.46) Uros Matic

               2:0 63 (62.28) Mahir Emreli

               2:1 77 (77.07) Frank Castaneda

- For a nasty foul, Anatole Bertrand Abang (Sheriff) received a direct red card at 37 (36.42).

Suduva - Maccabi Tel Aviv 0:3

Scorers: 0:1 29 (29.08) Avi Rikan

               0:2 72 (72.18) Nick Blackman

               0:3 90+2 Ofir Davidzada

Celje - Molde 1:2

Scorers: 1:0 37 (37.13) Mitja Lotric

               1:1 56 (56.12) Etzaz Hussain

               1:2 74 (73.35) Leke James

Lokomotiva Zagreb - Rapid Vienna 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 31 (31.02) Ercan Kara

Ludogorets - Midtjylland 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 78 (77.25) Jose Francisco dos Santos junior (also known as Junior Brumado)

Dynamo Brest - Sarajevo 2:1

Scorers: 1:0 03 (02.37) Mikhail Gordeichuk

               1:1 34 (33.37) Andrej Dokanovic

               2:1 49 (48.50) Abdoulaye Diallo

Legia - Omonia 0:0, 0:2 after additional minutes

Scorers: 0:1 92-pen (92.00) Jordi Gomez

               0:2 106 (106.00) Thiago Ferreira dos Santos

- The home team finished this game with 10 players, because at 56 (55.44) Igor Lewczuk received his second yellow card.

Young boys Bern - KI 3:1

Scorers: 1:0 50 (50.04) Jean-Pierre Nsame

               2:0 57 (56.43) Miralem Sulejmani

               2:1 79 (78.41) Jonn Johannesen

               3:1 81 (81.16) Nicolas Moumi Ngamaleu

Celtic - Ferencvaros 1:2

Scorers: 0:1 07 (06.49) David Siger

               1:1 53 (52.54) Ryan Christie

               1:2 74 (74.02) Tokmac Chol Nguen

Additional information: AZ, Qarabag, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Molde, Rapid Vienna, Midtjylland, Dynamo Brest, Omonia Young boys Bern and Ferencvaros are going to play at the penultimate qualifying round, while their rivals (losers) will compete at Europa league.

Europa league, first qualifying round, elimination duel, night 2 of 3:

Progres - Zeta 3:0

Scorers: 1:0 10 Kempes Waldemar Tekiela

               2:0 54-pen Kempes Waldemar Tekiela

               3:0 90+1 Sebastien Thill

Additional information: the Luxembourg representative is the only direct traveler into the next phase.

26 August 2020

Ten goals scored from three matches

Europa league, first qualifying round, elimination duel, night 1 of 3:

Riteriai - Derry city 2:2, 3:2 after extra time

Scorers: 0:1 17 (17.12) Joe Thomson
               1:1 38 (38.08) Gytis Paulauskas
               2:1 48 (48.09) Gytis Paulauskas
               2:2 63 (62.23) Eoin Toal
               3:2 91 (90.22) Donatas Kazlauskas

Additional information: after an exciting match Riteriai passed into the second qualifying round.

Champions league, second qualifying round, knockout games, night 1 of 2:

PAOK - Besiktas 3:1

Scorers: 1:0 07 (06.50) Christos Tzolis
               2:0 24 (23.25) Christos Tzolis
               3:0 29 (29.07) (Dimitris Pelkas
               3:1 36 (36.01) Cyle Larin

- Chuba Akpom (PAOK) shot a poor strike from 11 metres as it was perfectly saved on 41 (40.25).

Tirana - Crvena zvezda 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 61 (61.54) Antonio Manuel Fernandes Mendes (or just Tomane)

Additional information: PAOK and Crvena zvezda will play at the penultimate qualifying round. In the Europa league are going two clubs as well: Besiktas who goes into the play-off round and Tirana will play in the third qualifying round.

25 August 2020

World Cup qualifying groups revealed per first round

On 27 July the North American and Caribbean confederation announced a new format of qualifiers for the World Cup 2022 event. As the altered structure was explained, there will be three rounds played: the first and last will be comprised of group stages, while the middle is going to be an elimination phase.
Then came 19 August when the real fun started (still off the pitch though): by finding the teams places in the groups. World ranking from 16 July was the base of how each team is going to appear in these qualifiers...and that is how the real journey began. Lowest member nations of the region (from places 06 to 35) were divided in five pots out of which six groups were formed with five teams in it, with the following result:

Group A: El Salvador, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Montserrat, United States Virgin islands.
Group B: Canada, Suriname, Bermuda, Cayman islands, Aruba.
Group C: Curacao, Guatemala, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Cuba, British Virgin islands.
Group D: Panama, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Dominica, Anguilla.
Group E: Haiti, Nicaragua, Belize, Saint Lucia, Turks and Caicos islands.
Group F: Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Guyana, Puerto Rico, Bahamas.

Home and away games from this phase are going to be played in October and November 2020.
Going further more, only the six group winners will go through to the next phase (second qualifying round) where they are going to form three pairs looking like this:

Winner of group A - winner of group F.
Winner of group B - winner of group E.
Winner of group C - winner of group D.

Matches from this phase are scheduled for March 2021.
In June, September, October and November 2021 plus January and March 2022 is going to commence the and last round where the above three winners together with the best quintet from the region (Honduras, United States of America, Costa Rica, Mexico and Jamaica) will battle it out for three secure spots in the finals, while the fourth placed team is going to have to play an additional game.
Meanwhile on 12 August it was announced that, unfortunately, duels in October and November throughout Asia are not going to be played due to the virus increased cases throughout the continent. These duels for this tournament, who are also the Asian Cup qualifiers, will be rescheduled for 2021.

24 August 2020

Eliminatory schedule for next week

From the second night of next week and until the fourth, 56 duels are going to be played at both European league competitions. In total there will be 14 different kick-offs, on 2 various rounds, while each pair is going to introduce us in only 90 minutes of play.

And all of those different times belong to the Europa league where we came to the first qualifying round of the event. There will be 3 consecutive nights where, of course, most games are going to start on the last. In the end 43 clubs are going to be known that will participate on the next stage.

Tuesday, 25 August at 18.00 CET: Riteriai - Derry city.

Wednesday, 26 August at 18.30 CET: Progres - Zeta.

Thursday, 27 August at 16.00 CET: Kairat - Noah.

Thursday, 27 August at 16.00 CET: Ordabasy - Botosani.

Thursday, 27 August at 16.00 CET: Ventspils - Dinamo-Auto.

Thursday, 27 August at 16.30 CET: Borac Banja Luka - Sutjeska.

Thursday, 27 August at 16.30 CET: Nomme Kalju - Mura.

Thursday, 27 August at 16.30 CET: Teuta - Beitar Jerusalem.

Thursday, 27 August at 17.00 CET: Dinamo Minsk - Piast.

Thursday, 27 August at 18.00 CET: Apollon - Saburtalo.

Thursday, 27 August at 18.00 CET: Bodo/Glimt - Kauno Zalgiris.

Thursday, 27 August at 18.30 CET: Fehervar - Bohemians.

Thursday, 27 August at 18.30 CET: Olimpija Ljubljana - Vikingur.

Thursday, 27 August at 19.00 CET: Aarhus - Honka.

Thursday, 27 August at 19.00 CET: CSKA Sofia - Sirens.

Thursday, 27 August at 19.00 CET: Gjilani - APOEL.

Thursday, 27 August at 19.00 CET: Hammarby - Puskas akademia.

Thursday, 27 August at 19.00 CET: Kesla - Laci.

Thursday, 27 August at 19.00 CET: Locomotive Tbilisi - Universitatea.

Thursday, 27 August at 19.00 CET: Maccabi Haifa - Zeljeznicar.

Thursday, 27 August at 19.00 CET: Malmo - Cracovia.

Thursday, 27 August at 19.00 CET: Rosenborg - Breidablik.

Thursday, 27 August at 19.00 CET: Vaduz - Hibernians.

Thursday, 27 August at 19.00 CET: Zalgiris - Paide.

Thursday, 27 August at 19.15 CET: FH - Dunajska Streda.

Thursday, 27 August at 19.30 CET: Shakhtyor Salihorsk - Sfintul.

Thursday, 27 August at 19.30 CET: The new saints - Zilina.

Thursday, 27 August at 19.45 CET: Hapoel Be'er Sheva - Dinamo Batumi.

Thursday, 27 August at 20.00 CET: B36 - Levadia.

Thursday, 27 August at 20.00 CET: Iskra - Lokomotiv Plovdiv.

Thursday, 27 August at 20.00 CET: Kukesi - Slavia Sofia.

Thursday, 27 August at 20.00 CET: Petrocub - Backa Topola.

Thursday, 27 August at 20.00 CET: Valletta - Bala town.

Thursday, 27 August at 20.00 CET: Zrinjski - Deifferdeng 03.

Thursday, 27 August at 20.15 CET: Servette - Ruzomberok.

Thursday, 27 August at 20.30 CET: FcsB - Shirak.

Thursday, 27 August at 20.45 CET: Aberdeen - NSI.

Thursday, 27 August at 20.45 CET: Maribor - Coleraine.

Thursday, 27 August at 20.45 CET: Motherwell - Glentoran.

Thursday, 27 August at 21.00 CET: Honved - Inter Turku.

Thursday, 27 August at 21.00 CET: Lech - Valmiera.

Thursday, 27 August at 21.00 CET: Partizan - Rigas futbola skola.

Thursday, 27 August at 21.00 CET: Shamrock rovers - Ilves.

Twenty six clubs are participating in the second elimination phase of the Champions league tournament. Here two consecutive nights are present with seven different kick-offs.

Tuesday, 25 August at 20.00 CET: PAOK - Besiktas.

Tuesday, 25 August at 20.00 CET: Tirana - Crvena zvezda.

Wednesday, 26 August at 16.30 CET: AZ - Viktoria.

Wednesday, 26 August at 18.00 CET: Celje - Molde.

Wednesday, 26 August at 18.00 CET: Qarabag - Sheriff.

Wednesday, 26 August at 18.00 CET: Suduva - Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Wednesday, 26 August at 19.00 CET: Lokomotiva Zagreb - Rapid Vienna.

Wednesday, 26 August at 19.30 CET: Ludogorets - Midtjylland.

Wednesday, 26 August at 20.00 CET: Cluj - Dinamo Zagreb.

Wednesday, 26 August at 20.00 CET: Dynamo Brest - Sarajevo.

Wednesday, 26 August at 20.00 CET: Legia - Omonia.

Wednesday, 26 August at 20.15 CET: Young boys Bern - KI or Slovan Bratislava (the winner of this pair will be determined by the association in the next days).

Wednesday, 26 August at 20.45 CET: Celtic - Ferencvaros.

23 August 2020

Chaos continues in the early stages of European club competitions

Europa league, preliminary round, elimination duel, extra night:

Lincoln red imps - Prishtina SUSPENDED (for the second time)

Additional information: as time is short now it is unknown which team will go into the first qualifying round. The visitors are blaming Gibraltar authorities of blowing up this game.

22 August 2020

King do not give up his reign that easily: hundred percent achievement for the Spanish club

Champions league, first qualifying round, knockout game, supplemental night for 2020-21 season:

KI - Slovan Bratislava CALLED OFF (for the second time)

Additional information: as the second team of Slovan Bratislava have arrived on place, one player tested positive on the virus in Faroe islands. Because there is practically no free time anymore it is more likely that KI will enter into the second qualifying round.

Europa league, preliminary round, elimination duel, extra night for 2020-21 season:

Tre penne - Gjilani 1:3

Scorers: 1:0 15 (15.05) Nicola Gai

               1:1 24 (23.50) Darko Nikac

               1:2 64 (63.36) Fiton Hajdari

               1:3 68 (67.35) Ardit Hila

- For not being careful enough Luca Sorrentino (Tre penne) got his second yellow card on 43.

Additional information: The visiting club entered into the first qualifying round of the event.

Europa league, final for 2019-20 season:

Sevilla - Inter 3:2

Scorers: 0:1 05-pen (04.28) Romelu Lukaku

               1:1 12 (11.26) Luuk de Jong

               2:1 33 (32.44) Luuk de Jong

               2:2 35 (34.58) Diego Godin

               3:2 74-own goal (73.38) Romelu Lukaku

Additional information: with an outstanding performance throughout the whole match and after the turnaround, Sevilla is the new champion of Europa league for the record sixth time out of six appearances in the finals. This result means that the team has automatically qualified into the group stages of the Champions league for 2020-21 season.

21 August 2020

Virus caused another suspension

Europa league, preliminary round, elimination duels, night 2 of 2:

Saint Joseph's - B36 1:2

Scorers: 0:1 28 (27.28) Michal Brzybylski

               1:1 30 (29.38) Salvador Manuel Alegre Delgado

               1:2 43-pen (42.42) Alex Mellemgaard

NSI - Barry town 5:1

Scorers: 1:0 52 Klaemint Olsen

               2:0 63 Klaemint Olsen

               3:0 67 Aron Knudsen

               4:0 74 Klaemint Olsen

               5:0 83 Steffan Lokin

               5:1 87 Kayne McLaggon

Santa coloma - Iskra 0:0, 3-4 after penalties

Glentoran - HB 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 41 (41.13) Robbie McDaid

Coleraine - La fiorita 1:0

Scorer: 1:0 88 (88.20) James McLaughlin

Tre penne - Gjilani POSTPONED (because of one positive player with the virus from the visiting team. New date is agreed to be on Friday, 21 August.)

Additional information: for the first qualifying round entered the following clubs: B36, NSI, Iskra, Glentoran and Coleraine.

20 August 2020

Additional time in couple of matches played

Champions league, first qualifying round, knockout games, night 2 of 2:

Ararat-Armenia - Omonia 0:0, 0:1 after extra time

Scorer: 0:1 94 (93.27) Thiago Ferreira dos Santos

- David Humanes Munoz (also known as David Bollo, Ararat-Armenia) left the pitch early as he received his second yellow card at 97 (96.48).

Molde - KuPS 5:0

Scorers: 1:0 26 (25.49) Eirik Hestad

               2:0 37 (36.41) Magnus Eikrem

               3:0 68 (68.07) Ohi Omoijuanfo

               4:0 90+1 (90.31) Marcus Pedersen

               5:0 90+3 (92.32) Eirling Knudtzon

Flora - Suduva 1:1, 2-4 after penalties

Scorers: 1:0 48 (48.01) Rauno Sappinen

               1:1 78-pen (77.42) Mihret Topcagic

Ferencvaros - Djurgardens 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 33 (32.46) Tokmac Chol Nguen

               2:0 62 (61.23) Tokmac Chol Nguen

Celje - Dundalk 3:0

Scorers: 1:0 42 (42.11) Luka Kerin

               2:0 89 (88.43) Dario Vizinger

               3:0 90+5 (94.43) Filip Dangubic

Dinamo Tbilisi - Tirana 0:2

Scorers: 0:1 45+4 (48.40) Agustin Torassa

               0:2 85 (85.10) Marsel Ismailgeci

Maccabi Tel Aviv- Riga 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 58-pen Nick Blackman

               2:0 88-pen Nick Blackman

Connah's Quay nomads - Sarajevo 0:2

Scorers: 0:1 15 Benjamin Tatar

               0:2 64 Benjamin Tatar

Buducnost - Ludogorets 1:3

Scorers: 0:1 11 (11.07) Higinio Marin Escavy

               0:2 25 (24.49) Mavis Tchibota

               1:2 31 (30.21) Igor Cukovic

               1:3 90+3 (92.27) Cauly Oliveira-Souza

KI - Slovan Bratislava SUSPENDED (due to positive test on the virus in the Slovan Bratislava team (the physio staff). Understanding is reached between the three sides (the European football organization plus the two clubs), thus new date now for this play is Friday, 21 August).

Sheriff - Fola Esch 2:0

Scorers: 1:0 36 (35.56) Anatole Bertrand Abang

               2:0 80 (79.52) Andrej Lukic

Floriana - Cluj 0:2

Scorers: 0:1 53 Mike Cestor

               0:2 90+5 Catalin Golofca

Additional information: All the winners qualified for second elimination round of the tournament, while their opponents (losers) are going 'one step below' - at the Europa league.

19 August 2020

Nine goals in qualifiers

Europa league, preliminary round, elimination duels, night 1 of 2:

Lincoln red imps - Prishtina POSTPONED (because eight players from the Kosovo club were infected with the virus. It is not yet clear whether it will be played again, but it is more likely that the home team is going to pass through according to the new regulation.)

Engordany - Zeta 1:3

Scorers: 0:1 45 Ivan Vukcevic

               0:2 54 Mijat Lambulic

               0:3 63 Lazar Lambulic

               1:3 90+3-pen Sebastian Gomez

Additional information: Zeta is into the next preliminary phase of the competition.

Champions league, first qualifying round, knockout games, night 1 of 2:

Legia - Linfield 1:0

Scorers: 1:0 81 (81.03) Jose Kante

- For not being careful enough Kirk Millar (Linfield) received his second yellow card at 75 (74.31).

Dynamo Brest - Astana 6:3

Scorers: 1:0 15 (14.58) Mikhail Gordeichuk

               2:0 17 (16.37) Kirill Pechenin

               3:0 21 (21.09) Mikhail Gordeichuk

               4:0 36 (36.04) Pavel Sedko

               4:1 45 (44.53) Marin Tomasov

               4:2 52 (51.48) Dorin Rotariu

               5:2 55 (54.43) Abdoulaye Diallo

               5:3 87 (86.46) Abzal Beisebekov

               6:3 90 (89.22) Abdoulaye Diallo

Celtic - KR 6:0

Scorers: 1:0 05 (05.05) Mohamed Elyounoussi

               2:0 17-own goal (16.31) Arnor Sveinn Adalsteinsson

               3:0 31 (30.32) Christopher Jullien

               4:0 46 (45.52) Greg Taylor

               5:0 71 (71.15) Odsonne Edouard

               6:0 90+1 (90.21) Mohamed Elyounoussi

Crvena zvezda - Europa 5:0

Scorers: 1:0 34 El Fardou Mohamed Ben Nabouhane

               2:0 44 El Fardou Mohamed Ben Nabouhane

               3:0 52 El Fardou Mohamed Ben Nabouhane

               4:0 78 Mirko Ivanic

               5:0 87 Mirko Ivanic

Additional information: The four home teams qualified into the second qualifying round of the event, while their rivals (visitors) will have the second (and last) chance continuing at the Europa league.

18 August 2020

Game completed with only one club visible on the field

Europa league, last 4 (semifinal), elimination duel, night 2 of 2:

Inter - Shakhtar Donetsk 5:0

Scorers: 1:0 18 (18.13) Lautaro Martinez

               2:0 64 (63.39) Danilo D'Ambrosio

               3:0 73 (73.10) Lautaro Martinez

               4:0 78 (77.36) Romelu Lukaku

               5:0 83 (83.00) Romelu Lukaku

Additional information: what a final this will be on Friday night - Sevilla and Inter are going to battle each other in the last duel of the tournament for 2019-20 season.

17 August 2020

Last duels without spectators

While there is a complete new start of the football season next week, games from the old one is going to draw to a close. In the following five nights we are going to experience a real mixture of both European league events as well. And what is more sad (because of the new adaptive situation), each of the following duels will be played without spectators present on stadia plus only one game is going to count.

First is the Europa league where only two nights remains until the end (of the old 2019-20). Both pairs will have the same kick off, while the first finalist was decided tonight. And speaking of that last match, it is going to be played in Cologne (as the whole tournament from the round of 8 is in Germany).

Second semifinal:

Monday, 17 August at 21.00 CET: Inter - Shakhtar Donetsk.


Friday, 21 August at 21.00 CET: Sevilla - Inter or Shakhtar Donetsk.

Jumping into the future now (or one season more) the preliminary phase will start over two nights from the same competition. In total the next 8 pairs will begin with 7 different times.

Tuesday, 18 August at 18.00 CETLincoln red imps - Prishtina.

Tuesday, 18 August at 20.00 CETEngordany - Zeta.

Thursday, 20 August at 17.30 CETSaint Joseph's - B36.

Thursday, 20 August at 19.00 CETNSI - Barry town.

Thursday, 20 August at 19.30 CETSanta coloma - Iskra.

Thursday, 20 August at 20.00 CETGlentoran - HB.
Thursday, 20 August at 20.30 CETColeraine - La fiorita.

Thursday, 20 August at 21.00 CETTre penne - Gjilani.

On couple of consecutive nights is going to be played the Champions league as well. After the preliminary round, next on schedule is the first qualifying round of 2020-21 season. Here as well will be 7 various kick offs, but from 16 duels.

Tuesday, 18 August at 19.00 CET: Legia - Linfield.

Tuesday, 18 August at 20.00 CET: Dynamo Brest - Astana.

Tuesday, 18 August at 20.45 CET: Celtic - KR.

Tuesday, 18 August at 21.00 CET: Crvena zvezda - Europa.

Wednesday, 19 August at 17.00 CET: Ararat-Armenia - Omonia.

Wednesday, 19 August at 18.00 CET: Molde - KuPS.

Wednesday, 19 August at 18.30 CET: Flora - Suduva.

Wednesday, 19 August at 19.00 CET: Celje - Dundalk.

Wednesday, 19 August at 19.00 CET: Dinamo Tbilisi - Tirana.

Wednesday, 19 August at 19.00 CET: Maccabi Tel Aviv- Riga.

Wednesday, 19 August at 20.00 CET: Buducnost - Ludogorets.

Wednesday, 19 August at 20.00 CET: Connah's Quay nomads - Sarajevo.

Wednesday, 19 August at 20.00 CET: Ferencvaros - Djurgardens.

Wednesday, 19 August at 20.00 CET: KI - Slovan Bratislava.

Wednesday, 19 August at 20.00 CET: Sheriff - Fola Esch.

Wednesday, 19 August at 21.00 CET: Floriana - Cluj.

And if we are seeing the time of play this section is going to be the last. To the completion of 2019-20 season there are only 3 pairs remaining, and by looking out the matches only two scenarios will come to mind: either in the last duel we are going to have (another) German-French encounter (like the semifinals) or two clubs from the same countries would be rivals in the final. All of them are commencing at the same time, while the winner will be known next weekend at Estadio da luz (stadium of light) in the Portuguese capital Lisbon.


Tuesday, 18 August at 21.00 CET: Rasenballsport Leipzig - PSG.

Wednesday, 19 August at 21.00 CET: Olympique Lyonnais - Bayern Munich.


Sunday, 23 August at 21.00 CET: winner of semifinal pair 1 - winner of semifinal pair 2.

First club that goes into final match

Europa league, last 4 (semifinal), elimination duel, night 1 of 2:

Sevilla - Manchester united 2:1

Scorers: 0:1 08-pen (08.05) Bruno Fernandes

               1:1 25 (25.02) Jesus Joaquin Fernandez Saenz de la Torre (or just Suso)

               2:1 78 (77.38) Luuk de Jong

Additional information: the 'visitors' started (and completed) this game in the same manner like the previous round, but there is always a club who wants to achieve more - on a real merit, five nights from now, Sevilla qualified for the final of the tournament for the record sixth time.

16 August 2020

Television operator bought rights to five neighboring countries

Quintet of Central Asian nations who are connected with each other through its borders will have the privilege to watch major football competitions from its own continent in club and international level. Viewers in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan can watch top content from 2021 to 2024 thanks to Saran media international who became exclusive partner of the confederation. During the 3-years period it will show: Asian Champions league and AFC Cup beginning from 2021, youth 23 finals at 2022 and 2024, Asian qualifiers final round for World Cup Qatar 2022 and Asian Cup 2023. This agreement was signed through the promotive company Football marketing Asia (formerly known as DDMC Fortis) 10 days ago.

Comeback has been disclosed for one club tournament

One of the last confederation have announced when their international club tournament will return. Sadly, the virus is still present on the North American and Caribbean region, thus so far it is known when Scotiabank Concacaf league is going to resume: instead of 28 July (who was supposed to begin), now officially the new date is 20 October and the final game of this tournament is going to be played on 28 January 2021. The preliminary round and round of 16 will count as 90 minutes only ; while quarterfinals, semifinals and final(s) are going to be over two legs.
All other competitions are awaiting confirmation, and their comeback will be revealed at the end of this month.

15 August 2020

Derby of the event ended with a humiliating result for one and a very much deserved win for others

Champions league, last 8, knockout game:

Barcelona - Bayern Munich 2:8

Scorers: 0:1 03 (03.04) Thomas Muller

               1:1 07-own goal (06.34) David Alaba

               1:2 21 (20.57) Ivan Perisic

               1:3 27 (26.55) Serge Gnabry

               1:4 31 (30.25) Thomas Muller

               2:4 57 (56.36) Luis Suarez

               2:5 62 (62.12) Joshua Kimmich

               2:6 81 (81.20) Robert Lewandowski

               2:7 85 (84.50) Philippe Coutinho

               2:8 88 (88.13) Philippe Coutinho

Additional information: without any mistake and a perfect game from Bayern Munich, earned the right to be among four best clubs of the competition.

14 August 2020

Ownership change at Italian club

In the night when the team played the only game for entering the last 8 at Europa league Roma got themselves a new owner. Last Wednesday evening the American billionaire Daniel Friedkin officially purchased the team for 590.8 million euros, and the whole business is believed to be finalized until 17 August. The previous proprietor (James Pallotta) decided to sell the club because he was unpopular among the fans while his project from 2012 of building a new stadium in south of the city (Rome) was never accomplished.

Prize for semifinal was determined two minutes before normal time

Champions league, last 8, knockout game:

Rasenballsport Leipzig - Atletico Madrid 2:1

Scorers: 1:0 50 (49.56) Daniel Olmo

               1:1 70-pen (70.17) Joao Felix

               2:1 88 (87.24) Tyler Adams

Additional informationRasenballsport Leipzig deservedly qualified into the semi finals of the event.

13 August 2020

Violent scene on a humanitarian game

Yesterday a former Russian player brutally assaulted a referee at a humanitarian match, organized in the capital Moscow.
On a ugly act at the Celebrity Cup participated Roman Shirokov who out of the blue attacked Nikita Danchenkov for not awarding him a penalty. At one point things were calm, but few seconds later the 39-year-old (that were shown red card) first punched, and then kicked the helpless referee which ended up in a hospital. In a totally disgusting behavior now the ex footballer faces criminal charges by the police for causing body harm and physical offence.

12 August 2020

Ball rolled behind the goal-line after 98 seconds

Champions league, preliminary round - final for 2020-21 season:

Drita - Linfield POSTPONED (because of two players from the Kosovo club tested positive on the virus, therefore this game awaits new date).

Europa league, last 8, elimination duels for 2019-20 season:

Shakhtar Donetsk - Basel 4:1

Scorers: 1:0 02 (01.38) Junior Moraes

               2:0 21 (21.07) Taison Barcellos Freda

               3:0 75-pen (74.34) Alan Patrick

               4:0 88 (87.30) Domilson Cordeiro dos Santos (known as Dodo)

               4:1 90+1 (91.15) Ricky van Wolfswinkel

Wolverhampton - Sevilla 0:1

Scorer: 0:1 87 (87.14) Lucas Ocampos

- On 12 (12.03) Raul Jimenez (Wolverhampton) missed the opportunity to score from 11 metres, as his shot was perfectly saved.

Additional information: with these two games completed tonight, the semi final line-up is now known. This Sunday Sevilla will play Manchester united, while 24 hours later Inter meets Shakhtar Donetsk. Both duels are going to have the same kick-off (21.00 CET).

11 August 2020

Extra time penalty winner

Europa league, last 8, elimination duel:

Manchester united - Kobenhavn 0:0, 1:0 after additional 30 minutes

Scorer: 1:0 95-pen (94.25) Bruno Fernandes

Additional information: the English team has qualified into the next phase, where this Sunday awaits either Wolverhampton or Sevilla for a place in the final.

Unfamiliar pairs drawn at first and second qualifying stages

Because yesterday was the first part, today the European football association just concluded the draws for its both qualifying tournaments. Many duels are unknown, as again it was performed for various elimination phases for the new 2020-21 season. All matches will be decided just on 90 minutes (or more).

Twenty four hours before was the first, and now came the second qualifying round for Champions league. Only 3 pairs are completely familiar, while the other 10 are yet to be decided. Dates for this phase are 25 and 26 August.

Champions path:

Floriana or Cluj - Dinamo Zagreb.

Yong boys Bern - KI or Slovan Bratislava.

Celtic or KR - Ferencvaros or Djurgardens.

Flora or Suduva - Maccabi Tel Aviv or Riga.

Legia or preliminary round winner - Ararat-Armenia or Omonia.

Celje or Dundalk - Molde or KuPS.

Buducnost or Ludogorets - Midtjylland.

Dynamo Brest or Astana - Connah's Quay nomads or Sarajevo.

Qarabag or Sileks - Sheriff or Fola Esch.

Dinamo Tbilisi or Tirana - Crvena zvezda or Europa.

League path:

AZ - Viktoria Plzen.

PAOK - Besiktas.

Lokomotiva Zagreb - Rapid Wien.

For the Europa league tournament remained only the first qualifying round to be drawn. Over here eight clubs have yet to qualify for this stage. Each of the following 47 pairs are going to be played on the last Thursday of this month (27 August).

Maribor - Coleraine or La fiorita.

Olimpija - Vikingur.

Saint Joseph's or B36 - Levadia.

Riteriai - Derry city.

Zalgiris - Paide Linnameeskond.

Honved - Inter Turku.

Zrinjski - Differdange 03.

Valletta - Bala town.

Lincoln red imps or Prishtina - Union titus Petange.

Rosenborg - Breidablik.

Aberdeen - NSI or Barry town.

Motherwell - Glentoran or HB.

Hammarby - Puskas akademia.

Malmo - Cracovia.

Kukesi - Slavia Sofia.

Ventspils - Dinamo-auto.

Shakhtyor Soligorsk - Sfantul Gheorghe.

Dinamo Minsk - Piast.

Aarhus - Honka.

Shamrock rovers - Ilves.

FH - Dunajska streda.

The new saints - Zilina.

Vaduz - Hibernians.

Servette - Ruzomberok.

Neftci - Shkupi.

Kesla - Laci.

Hapoel Be'er Sheva - Dinamo Batumi.

Nomme Kalju - Mura.

Bodo/Glimt - Kauno.

Fehervar - Bohemians.

Apollon Limassol - Saburtalo.

Maccabi Haifa - Zeljeznicar.

Alashkert - Renova.

Partizan - Rigas futbola skola.

Lech - Valmiera.

Ordabasy - Botosani.

Fcsb - Shirak.

Progres - Engordany or Zeta.

CSKA Sofia - Sirens.

Petrocub - Backa Topola.

Sumqayit - Shkendija.

Kairat - Noah.

Locomotive Tbilisi - Universitatea.

Teuta - Beitar.

Borac - Sutjeska.

Santa coloma or Iskra - Lokomotiv Plovdiv.

Tre penne or Gjilani - APOEL.

10 August 2020

Sixteen clubs equally divided in two countries for 'final 8' plus one 'strayed' duel

The European international club competitions have reached the quarterfinal time. In the next seven nights couple of countries are going to be presented as hosts to eight clubs where it will also end the events on their soil. Unfortunately, in all plays only 90 minutes (or more) is going to count and there will be one kick-off, well... except for one duel who is going to deviate from both cases.

Germany will pose as a hospitality country for the most entertained (Europa league) tournament where it is going to be played on four stadia. Equally couple of games are going to kick-off on two consecutive nights. Towards the end of the weekend the first finalist will be known.

Monday, 10 August at 21.00 CET: Inter - Bayer Leverkusen.

Monday, 10 August at 21.00 CET: Manchester united - Kobenhavn.

Tuesday, 11 August at 21.00 CET: Shakhtar Donetsk - Basel.

Tuesday, 11 August at 21.00 CET: Wolverhampton - Sevilla.

Sunday, 16 August at 21.00 CET: winner of pair 1 - winner of pair 3.

An only 'strayed' match here is number three of the new 2020-21 season for the Champions league. The preliminary round of the tournament has reached the final where it will kick-off at neutral place: Colovray stadium at Nyon, Switzerland. Winner of the following game will advance to the first qualifying stage, while the losing club is going to enter the Europa league second qualifying round.

Tuesday, 11 August at 18.00 CET: Linfield - Drita.

Quickly returning to the old one, the rest of the competition will finish at Portugal. Each of the eight clubs are going to be situated in the capital (Lisbon), and couple of stadia will be in use. Starting on the working midweek and in the next four consecutive nights, one duel is going to begin.

Wednesday, 12 August at 21.00 CET: Atalanta - PSG.

Thursday, 13 August at 21.00 CET: Rasenballsport Leipzig - Atletico Madrid.

Friday, 14 August at 21.00 CET: Barcelona - Bayern Munich.

Saturday, 15 August at 21.00 CET: Manchester city - Olympique Lyonnais.

Adjourned events ready to return in the following years

As the ongoing virus case is still circulating and causing plenty of harm in the world, many of the football tournaments are postponed. Therefore new dates had to be found and one confederation did exactly that, for its two competitions.

On the last Monday in July, the North American and Caribbean association have slightly changed the dates (brought forward) for the major one - the Gold Cup. Instead from 02 until 25 July 2021, now the event number 16 is going to commence on 10 July and will last until 01 August of the same year. Qualifiers (or two duels) who were postponed because of the above problem and had to be played on March and June 2020, now those will start prior the group stages of the Gold Cup (10 July).

Likewise, it was disclosed that the second edition of the 2022-23 CONCACAF Nations league is going to commence on June 2022 who will last through March 2023. Whereas for the finals of the first edition who were not played and because dates for June 2020 was missed, new ones are March 2021 on a yet to be named host place.

Matches revealed for different rounds

On an unusual day, the European football association performed couple of draws for the international club tournaments. The new 2020-21 season has already begun, thus today it was disclosed 17 pairs from the first plus 8 from the second, for various rounds where only one match is going to count.

After the preliminaries, comes the first qualifying round of the Champions league. Until now just one question remained and when that is solved all duels will be known. This stage will kick-off on 18 and 19 August where the winners are going to advance to the next stage, while the losers will compete at the other event.

Ferencvaros - Djurgardens.

Celtic - KR.

Legia - preliminary round winner.

Sheriff - Fola Esch.

Connah's Quay nomads - Sarajevo.

Crvena zvezda - Europa.

Buducnost - Ludogorets.

Ararat-Armenia - Omonia.

Floriana - Cluj.

Maccabi Tel Aviv - Riga.

Qarabag - Sileks.

Dinamo Tbilisi - Tirana.

Dynamo Brest - Astana.

Molde - KuPS.

Flora - Suduva.

Celje - Dundalk.

KI - Slovan Bratislava.

Europa league is starting with the preliminary round. Here each pair are going to be played on one night - 20 August.

Tre penne - Gjilani.

Lincoln red imps - Prishtina.

Santa coloma - Iskra.

Engordany - Zeta.

Glentoran - HB.

Saint Joseph's - B36.

Coleraine - La fiorita.

NSI - Barry town.

09 August 2020

List of all participants for European club competitions for 2020-21

Because today officially started the new season with the preliminary round (that was little bit delayed due to the well known situation), in the following lines you can read which clubs are going to take part at both European international club tournaments. On 03 August was the deadline for which the confederation have set for the 55 member nations to finish their championships, where each of the teams had to obtain a permit to compete. This list was made based upon coefficient on the country rankings from 2019.

01. Spain
Champions league: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla.
Europa league: Villarreal, Real Sociedad, Granada.

02. England
Champions league: Liverpool, Manchester city, Manchester united, Chelsea.
Europa league: Arsenal, Leicester, Tottenham.

03. Italy
Champions league: Juventus, Inter, Atalanta, Lazio.
Europa league: Napoli, Roma, Milan.

04. Germany
Champions league: Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Rasenballsport Leipzig, Borussia Monchengladbach.
Europa league: Bayer Leverkusen, Hoffenheim, Wolfsburg.

05. France
Champions league: PSG, Olympique Marseille, Rennes.
Europa league: Lille, Nice, Reims.

06. Russia
Champions league: Zenit Saint Peteresburg, Lokomotiv Moscow, Krasnodar.
Europa league: CSKA Moscow, Rostov, Dynamo Moscow.

07. Portugal
Champions league: Porto, Benfica.
Europa league: Braga, Sporting, Rio Ave.

08. Belgium
Champions league: Club Brugge, Gent.
Europa league: Atwerp, Charleroi, Standard Liege. 

09. Ukraine
Champions league: Shakhtar Donetsk, Dynamo Kyiv.
Europa league: Zorya, Desna, Kolos. 

10. Turkey
Champions league: Basaksehir, Besiktas.
Europa league: Sivasspor, Alanyaspor, Galatasaray.

11. Netherlands
Champions league: Ajax, AZ.
Europa league: Feyenoord, PSV, Willem II.

12. Austria
Champions league: Red bull Salzburg, Rapid Wien.
Europa league: Wolfsberger, LASK, Hartberg.

13. Czech Republic
Champions league: Slavia Praha, Viktoria Plzen.
Europa league: Sparta Praha, Jablonec, Slovan.

14. Greece
Champions league: Olympiacos, PAOK.
Europa league: AEK, Aris, OFI.

15. Croatia
Champions league: Dinamo Zagreb, Lokomotiva Zagreb.
Europa league: Rijeka, Osijek, Hajduk.

16. Denmark
Champions league: Midtjylland.
Europa league: SonderjyskE, Kobenhavn, Aarhus.

17. Switzerland
Champions league: Young boys Bern.
Europa league: Sankt Gallen, Basel, Servette.

18. Cyprus
Champions league: Omonia.
Europa league: Anorthosis, APOEL, Apollon.

19. Serbia
Champions league: Crvena zvezda.
Europa league: Vojvodina, Partizan, Backa Topola.

20. Scotland
Champions league: Celtic.
Europa league: Glasgow rangers, Motherwell, Aberdeen.

21. Belarus
Champions league: Dynamo Brest.
Europa league: BATE, Shakhtyor, Dinamo Minsk.

22. Sweden
Champions league: Djurgardens.
Europa league: Goteborg, Malmo, Hammarby.

23. Norway
Champions league: Molde.
Europa league: Viking, Bodo/Glimt, Rosenborg.

24. Kazakhstan
Champions league: Astana.
Europa league: Kaysar, Kairat, Ordabasy.

25. Poland
Champions league: Legia.
Europa league: Cracovia, Lech, Piast.

26. Azerbaijan
Champions league: Qarabag.
Europa league: Neftchi, Kesla, Sumqayit.

27. Israel
Champions league: Maccabi Tel Aviv.
Europa league: Hapoel Beer Sheva, Maccabi Haifa, Beitar.

28. Bulgaria
Champions league: Ludogorets.
Europa league: Lokomotiv Plovdiv, CSKA Sofia, Slavia.

29. Romania
Champions league: Cluj.
Europa league: Steaua (new name FcsB), Universitatea, Botosani.

30. Slovakia
Champions league: Slovan.
Europa league: Zilina, Dunajska streda, Ruzomberok.

31. Slovenia
Champions league: Celje.
Europa league: Mura, Maribor, Olimpija.

32. Liechtenstein
Europa league: Vaduz.

33. Hungary
Champions league: Ferencvaros.
Europa league: Honved, Videoton (new name Fehervar), Puskas akademia.

34. North Macedonia
Champions league: Sileks.
Europa league: Shkendija, Renova, Shkupi.

35. Moldova
Champions league: Sheriff.
Europa league: Petrocub, Sfantul, Dinamo-auto.

36. Albania
Champions league: Tirana.
Europa league: Teuta, Kukesi, Laci.

37. Republic of Ireland
Champions league: Dundalk.
Europa league: Shamrock rovers, Bohemians, Derry city.

38. Finland
Champions league: KuPS.
Europa league: Ilves, Inter Turku, Honka.

39. Iceland
Champions league: KR.
Europa league: Vikingur, Breidablik, FH.

40. Bosnia and Herzegovina
Champions league: Sarajevo.
Europa league: Zeljeznicar, Zrinjski, Borac Banja Luka.

41. Lithuania
Champions league: Suduva.
Europa league: Zalgiris, Riteriai, Kauno.

42. Latvia
Champions league: Riga.
Europa league: Rfs (Rigas futbola skola), Ventspils, Valmiera.

43. Luxembourg
Champions league: Fola Esch.
Europa league: Progres, Deifferdeng (Differdange) 03, Union titus Petange.

44. Armenia
Champions league: Ararat-Armenia.
Europa league: Noah, Alashkert, Shirak.

45. Malta
Champions league: Floriana.
Europa league: Valletta, Hibernians, Sirens.

46. Estonia
Champions league: Flora.
Europa league: Levadia, Nomme, Paide Linnameeskond.

47. Georgia
Champions league: Dinamo Tbilisi.
Europa league: Saburtalo, Dinamo Batumi, Lokomotivi Tbilisi.

48. Wales
Champions league: Connah's Quay.
Europa league: The new saints, Bala town, Barry town.

49. Montenegro
Champions league: Buducnost.
Europa league: Sutjeska, Iskra, Zeta.

50. Faroe islands
Champions league: KI.
Europa league: HB, B36, NSI.

51. Gibraltar
Champions league: Europa.
Europa league: Saint Joseph's, Lincoln red imps.

52. Northern Ireland
Champions league: Linfield.
Europa league: Glentoran, Coleraine.

53. Kosovo
Champions league: Drita.
Europa league: Prishtina, Gjilani.

54. Andorra
Champions league: Inter club d'Escaldes.
Europa league: Santa coloma, Engordany.

55. San Marino
Champions league: Tre fiori.
Europa league: Tre penne, La Fiorita.