10 August 2020

Adjourned events ready to return in the following years

As the ongoing virus case is still circulating and causing plenty of harm in the world, many of the football tournaments are postponed. Therefore new dates had to be found and one confederation did exactly that, for its two competitions.

On the last Monday in July, the North American and Caribbean association have slightly changed the dates (brought forward) for the major one - the Gold Cup. Instead from 02 until 25 July 2021, now the event number 16 is going to commence on 10 July and will last until 01 August of the same year. Qualifiers (or two duels) who were postponed because of the above problem and had to be played on March and June 2020, now those will start prior the group stages of the Gold Cup (10 July).

Likewise, it was disclosed that the second edition of the 2022-23 CONCACAF Nations league is going to commence on June 2022 who will last through March 2023. Whereas for the finals of the first edition who were not played and because dates for June 2020 was missed, new ones are March 2021 on a yet to be named host place.


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