04 August 2020

Introduced new way of World Cup qualifiers for one confederation

Seven days ago the North American and Caribbean association has revealed new format of qualifiers for the World Cup Qatar 2022. Instead of the popular Hexagonal event two more teams will be included, thus at the end we will have an Octagonal tournament and this will be the only and main difference.
There are going to be three rounds played. For the first and last rounds teams will be divided in group stages, while the middle one is going to be played on elimination process. Of how the teams in the continent will commence this journey, it depends from the world football rankings from 16 July. Everything has to start at October 2020, while March 2022 is determined as the final month for this saga. In the finish of this (small) introduction each one of us is expecting to see and experience very exciting matches ahead.
Per better view and understanding of how this actually works you can watch the video where everything is explained in details.


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