30 April 2020

Money to clubs and international teams

In order to prevail this epidemic crisis without any financial difficulties (if possible), couple of football association have given money as a support to its international teams and clubs.
Five days ago the world affiliation began to deliver 463.049 euros to each 211 member nations. Together with the remains of 2019 and 2020 totally it is giving 1.39 million euros as help against the virus.
A 'Hattrick' is a fund from the European football organization which released 236.5 million euros little earlier than expected. Every 55 members two days ago got 4.3 million, where the meaning of this programme are the ongoing costs together with football developing at special areas.
When clubs are concerned, 676 of them throughout Europe received nearly 70 million euros last Wednesday. These are flown to those teams whose footballers were called on international duties in qualifying events.

29 April 2020

Impossible to play under new rule

When the Prime Minister of Netherlands Mark Rutte last Tuesday extended and banned all social gatherings and various manifestations throughout the country until 01 September, it was indication that the championship could not continue. This scenario was only confirmed three days later where the league has officially been suspended. Such decision means that Eredivisie will not have a winner after 75 years, while no club is going to be relegated nor promoted in the league this season.
As the European football organization is preparing sanctions for those nations who will not complete their championships, it is unknown which teams are going to play at the European Cups competitions next year. Current standings are highly likely in this situation, but who knows if the clubs can get a green light to compete.

28 April 2020

Accused of match-fixing

Couple of rivals from the Greek Super league are in very serious trouble.
After their duel on 04 February 2015 Olympiacos and Atromitos have been accused that they knew the result beforehand. This is the same case which was investigated that year when the federation decided to close it, but three days ago local media has reported that now it is re-opened and are revisiting other games as well.
If are found guilty, both clubs are facing relegation to second division, while the club owners Evangelos Marinakis and Giorgos Spanos, former coach Ricardo sa Pinto, three presidents, six former referees plus three officials are indicted for manipulation and corruption. The ethical committee wants heavy punishments: from up to three million euros to a complete removal of individuals from this sport.

27 April 2020

Barbecue punishment

The Standard Liege striker Obbi Oulare was enjoying a grill with four other people in his house backyard. However, 13 days ago, all five of them were penalized by the Belgian police with 250 euros because they broke the rules of social distancing. According to the 24-year-old, this was not a party, but just were having a nice meal outside.

Virtual game for salvaging a club

As everyone are having financial difficulties nowadays, most teams are thinking how to attract their spectators to watch them again, and most ideas are going into digital style.
Last Monday was announced the numbers of how a fourth-division club in Germany is raising donation to cover their expenses, as football activities are stopped throughout the country due to the well known epidemic. Lokomotive Leipzig is preparing to play a virtual duel against an invisible opponent (probably computer) where it sold 125.011 tickets. The entry paper costs one euro and everyone who is interested to buy can do so until the day of the game - 08 May.

26 April 2020

Different views from two leagues

Nowadays with the virus problem, football league leaders from two continents are showing generosity in favor of its clubs.
Last Thursday the Austrian association has decided to annul all competitions except the first 2 leagues, together with the Cup final. This means that games below the second league will not be played at the youth, amateur and all events in women tournaments.
Going further in North America, no club from the first and second league will be relegated nor promoted at the next five years in Mexico. At the beginning of the week it was determined that all teams are taken into protection as the federation helps them who are financially hit because of the epidemic. The second league is completely canceled, so this season there is not going to be any winner, while the first is still awaiting confirmation to start from health officials.

25 April 2020

Watching football from distance

Nowadays there is an enormous problem with the well known virus where it is strongly advised that people should stay distant from each other. In order this sport to survive one team has thought among others of a perfect solution.
As drive-in cinema already exists the drive-in football will simply copy it. Five days ago Midtjylland has announced that is planning to offer spectators a way to watch them from their car. The Danish club will provide 2.000 parking places in front of their MCH arena and if this number is multiplied by maximum number of people in the vehicle, this means that in the space can gather up to 10.000 spectators. Now many clubs are thinking to follow this excellent example.
It is true that the feeling is not going to be the same, but at least football will be back on the big screens.

24 April 2020

Stadium that looks like a lotus flower

At December 2022 People's Republic of China is going to have a beautiful football venue. It is going to be located at Guangdong province in its capital Guangzhou and will belong to the biggest club in the city - Guangzhou evergrande taobao. Seven days ago it began the construction of the arena worth 12 billion yuan (1.55 billion euros), who was projected by the Shanghai architect Hasan Syed. On the spectacular view from above / near side, it looks exactly like a lotus flower from the exterior view, while on the inside the game result will be visible into the walls. When the stadium will be completed, it is going to become the biggest in the world with 100.000 seats, until Barcelona stadium Camp nou extends its capacity to 105.000.
On the beginning of the week the Evergrande group announced on social media that are planning to build two more stadia. With arenas of 80.000 seats both are going to be constructed within the country, without revealing any further details where. Just they asked help from spectators to pick their designs out of six proposals.

23 April 2020

Trouble with celebrations

On 27 February Celtic and Kobenhavn played their second leg game from the Europa league first knockout stage. During the encounter there was a funny incident which was characterized as offence by the European football organization.
After the penultimate goal for the guests and seconds later with the celebration, Michael Santos was accused how he 'assaulted another person' by colliding with police officer who wanted to avert the 27-year-old to get to the visiting fans. Because of that seven days ago the Uruguayan striker was barred to play in the competition with three games without an actual cause.

22 April 2020

Used the situation and now he owns a club

If anyone of you (the readers) is super extremely rich, now is the time to buy yourself a club and become a big owner under favorably conditions.
As the price value in this sport continue to drop (where the big 'gratitude' to this goes to the virus), the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia used this crisis by purchasing a team. Six days ago it was confirmed that Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud is going to become the biggest owner of Newcastle united with 80 percent of the shares. The previous proprietor Mike Ashley sold it for 343 million euros, although his initial offer was 390 million.
PCP group and Reuben brothers will be the other small bosses with 10 percent each.

21 April 2020

Rare country who play football nowadays

When football all over the world is suspended because of the virus, there are only four nations who have no fear and play their championships freely.
One of them is Turkmenistan. The Yokary liga was interrupted without an explanation on 24 March after three stages, while yesterday it resumed with the games from the fourth round. As no single case is reported with the deadly disease, at this Central Asian country the life is normal and everything is working properly thanks to the early closing of its borders on 05 February. Because there is no restrictions on its soil, the championship is playing with spectators on each stadia. Another country where fans are present to watch games in the stands is Belarus.
However, there are nations whereat spectators are not allowed to enter venues: Nicaragua and Tajikistan.

20 April 2020

First seasonal pass for next season

In a quarantine measures and for better protection from the virus, everyone is ordered to stay home. However, one lucky spectator wanted to check until where is the work of the new stadium of his favorite club and therefore he was punished. The word 'lucky' is deliberately written here, as this case becomes more interesting of what comes next.
One fanatical AEK fan, who lives near the newly building venue, eight days ago have broken the rules of going out thus the Greek police fined him with 150 euros because the 60-year-old did not had a permit for being in the open. Luckily for him, the club officials saw the incident, paid the penalty, had a free tour at the stadium and received the first yearly ticket for the next football season.

19 April 2020

Complaining against corruption

Last Friday six board members resigned from the position in Barcelona. At a joint letter toward the current president Josep Maria Bartomeu the sextet wants an earliest presidential elections in 2021. They are not pleased how the team is treating the players in the pandemic times mainly because of the reduced salaries, as like that, corruption is growing inside. Thus from 19, the administrative members in the club are now reduced to 13.

18 April 2020

Gift for holiday

After Christmas Easter is considered to be the second (or first) most significant holiday in Europe. For the first time this year, most people could not celebrate this vacation with their loved ones.
Nine days ago all medical teams has received special eggs for their dedication of saving lives, while risking their own. Those were distributed right on time before the big Easter break who happened in Italy last Sunday under new circumstances. Each year the players and working staff of Napoli are getting giant eggs of 3.5 kilograms, where this month the club has decided unselfishly to divide them to hospitals by saying big thanks to all doctors and nurses that treats virus patients every day and night.

17 April 2020

Parties most important than health

In reality footballers have to be role models for everyone, but out of reality there are those who are showing their true characters. Another double-faced person plus footballer (that 'urgently' needed to go back to his country) has emerged last week who think that organizing fun is most important in these pandemic times.
'Please stay home in order not to get infected with the virus': these words or similar one have said Kyle Walker, which had very naughty fun with two prostitutes together with his friend. Following the wild entertainment on social media he wrote sweet sentences (and gave lectures) of social distancing. Of course, no one knew about this until one of the girls have told the media everything they did, after she find out how the 29-year-old is comforting everyone to be safe, who in that way remained disgusted by his hypocrisy. Like it or not the accused admitted each thing, while now awaits (maybe) 'severe' punishment from Manchester city for violating the quarantine measures where the club have learned for this story from newspapers eleven days ago.
His colleague from Celta Vigo had another story. Just last Monday it was reported that Fyodor Smolov had to go to Russia for personal reasons. It was added that the 30-year-old striker attended the birthday party of his fiancee.

16 April 2020

Released from one prison - put in another

Seven days ago the Brazilian Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (better known as Ronaldinho) together with his brother were freed from jail and have been put in (this time similar) house arrest. Under police surveillance, the duo are now staying in hotel at Asuncion, where prior to their release had to pay bail of 1.6 million dollars (1.47 million euros).
The brothers were imprisoned on 04 March for using fake passports who tried to enter into Paraguay, although between these two neighboring countries those are not needed for border crossing.

15 April 2020

Young footballer killed

An awful tragedy was caused by brainless people in Ecuador who have done a mistake four days ago by killing a young player replacing him with someone else. Last Saturday with multiple bullets in front of his home was murdered Edwin Espinoza at the Isla Trinitaria, in the south Guayaquil. The midfielder who represented the local club Guayaquil city was only 20.

14 April 2020

Original trophy delivery

On 17 March Russian football officials suspended all football activities in the country. During that period it was enough to be announced the monthly winner of the best player for that month where Malcom Filipe Silva de Oliveira from Zenit Saint Petersburg was picked with 30 percent of the votes. But because moving in the city is very restricted, the club has thought of another way to deliver his prize: two days ago the 23-year-old striker collected the trophy from a (cute) little drone which entered his room.

13 April 2020

Military obligation in terse time

One of the best players from South Korea Son Heung-Min is going to join the military which will be in it at the shortest time than expected, according to local media. Because football games are currently suspended on the European continent, last Sunday he returned home, and from 20 April is going to enter into the compulsory armed forces at the marine camp on the Jeju island. From 21 months that is obligatory, the 27-year-old will perform his duties of only three weeks plus 500 hours work for the common good.
This Korean Peninsula country approves Asian plus Olympic winners together with renowned artists to be excepted from the army. Since the striker won the gold medal at the Asian games 2018 in Indonesia and achieved many other honors, he totally deserves to serve brief time than usual.

12 April 2020

Value of prices in general drops

Last Monday an observatory research for the International centre for sports studies showed that numbers indicate losses at every sphere of this sport.
From 32.7 billion, an valuation of the 'strongest' five leagues in Europe now worth 23.4 billion euros which is a reduce of 28 percent. Players have also being affected with this problem where Paul Pogba has the biggest fall on the market: out of 65 million now the price for the 27-year-old is 'only' 35 million euros. As clubs are concerned, plenty of money do not receive Barcelona 366 million euros, followed by Real Madrid who is losing 350 million, while 302 million euros is short PSG rounding up the top three.
Of course, all the above troubles is causing the virus which terrorizes each and every one of us.

11 April 2020

Stars who are no longer with us

Sadly in the next lines are going to be mentioned precious people which have passed away.
Atletico Madrid have lost one player and one famous former coach in a space of nine days. On 28 March has died a member of the youth academy Christian Minchola. He was only 14-years-old. At the beginning of the week the famous coach Radomir Antic also left us. The 71-year-old Serbian manager who left a deep trace in the club, led Barcelona and Real Madrid too, have died from cancer. Ghana also have lost two former legends: on 29 March striker Opoku Afriyie died at 65, while one day later the country has lost its best striker who scored most goals for the national team from 1969 to 1976 - 36 from 40 appearances: Kwasi Owusu have passed away aged 74. Last Saturday, the former president of Gambian association Alhagi Ousman Basi Conateh departed us on 83. Eight days ago Gregorio Benito Rubio, who most of the playing career spent at Real Madrid, and the Spanish former national defender, passed away from illness at 73.
The terrible pandemic disease took the lives of the following people: at 68 in Senegal last Wednesday has died the ex president of Olympique de Marseille Pape Diouf, journalist in his home country and football agent. On 24 March has died the former Somalia player Abdulkadir Mohamed Farah at aged 59. The Reims doctor Bernard Gonzalez have committed suicide five days ago. Before he did this awful act, in the last letter that he wrote the 61-year-old revealed that he got infected with the virus. In the beginning of the week the mother of famous coach Josep Guardiola have passed away. Dolors Sala Carrio was 82.

10 April 2020

Enquiry for best Asian player from each World Cups

Football is now missing from everywhere on media, and until is back, nearly all confederations are reminding us of the best moments from the past. But one has gone even further in the review, so their move happens to be more interesting and exciting.
In the recapitulation of the past World Cups, the Asian organization is asking all lovers of this sport to vote on their website for the best representative of the continent. Of five nominees who are presented all are true legends in their own countries, where four of them are former plus one who is still active, and they are coming from three different positions: there is one goalkeeper and two each midfielders and strikers. The polling process has started on 02 and is ending 15 April.

09 April 2020

Adamant that every league must be finished this season

At the moment in the old continent only Belarus is not fearing the pandemic as football games are up and running, but because this country plays in a different season than the rest of Europe, all clubs are known (except the Cup winner) for the two international Cups competitions. One country has already annulled its championship by ending its earlier than expected, while others are at the merciless wait of the possible continuation due to the virus.
The only nation which is being realistic at the moment is Belgium, who on 02 April estimated that is no longer possible and useful to play matches under the current conditions, so the league is over for this season. Until 15 April this decision has to be confirmed by the 24 clubs (who have a right to vote), where 17 of them have already decided that the season should be stopped and that (as it stands) Club Brugge is the new champion of the country. Following this scenario thinks their neighbors Netherlands as well where three of the leading clubs like also to cancel the season, however in every story there is always a bad mother somewhere, whereat health is (probably) not a priority for her.
Just a day later (when the new Belgian winner was announced) the European football organization have said clearly that every member nation has to finish its leagues based on competing only. Clubs from those countries who will cancel or annul the current season will not be admitted to participate at the two international club tournaments (Champions and Europa league). Now for the upper problem (who is nowhere to be found) the affiliation has announced that it developed a plan which was not yet revealed.
So far officials (as fortune tellers) from each association are saying to the public various stories and only raising the time frame of the possible resumption of their championships on two weeks, then another two or even a month(s), but no one knows for sure when or if they will resume with playing activities.

08 April 2020

Initial final will have to wait for better times

With great excitement everyone was waiting for the Nations league final to be played at the North American continent, but due to 'high force' the first ever edition of the tournament was delayed. Currently the conditions in United States of America are worsening every minute, thus the region will be abridged for matches who were scheduled to be at the country on 04 and 07 June. In a statement out of 03 April the confederation have stated that the last four duels of the competition are going to be staged when the health situation improves.

07 April 2020

Prolongation in searching of a host for big event

Currently 2027 seems to be very far away, but one continent want to secure itself that its major championship is going to be one of the best ever organized in the future by asking the member associations to be a proud host for the nineteenth time.
Whoever wants to see competing the best 24 teams on its soil, in seven years from now, the Asian football organization is calling on all interested parties to participate in its bidding for the event known as an Asian Cup. Due to the pandemic that is terrorizing the whole world at the moment, on 02 April the affiliation has extended the tender process for (now less than) 90 days: from 31 March the new closing date is 30 June.
As of today India officially has become the first country to show interest to stage the event where the final winner will be known early of 2021.

06 April 2020

Costly trip back home

At times of the pandemic nowadays most clubs are telling the foreign players to stay where they are (with an exception of some) and not to move anywhere until the crisis is over, but not everyone are listening.
Without permission the number one footballer of PSG Keylor Navas left France and with his family flew in his native Costa Rica. Because of the 'forced free days everyone are having', eight days ago it was reported that the 33-year-old hired a private jet and all expenses were 200.000 euros. It is now known that minimum stay of the goalkeeper in home will be at least two weeks.

05 April 2020

Quartet of wealthiest clubs helping the lower ones

On the last Thursday of March, four big teams in Germany have solidarize again by creating a fund just to help the smaller ones, at the lower leagues, to easily cope with the financial crisis in the following months. Each of the following quartet Rasenballsport Leipzig, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund have paid 20 million euros, where all are renouncing the gain on selling from media rights (12.5 million euros) plus 7.5 million are giving from their own cashbox. Now it is up to the football association to distribute this money and to evaluate those who need it the most.

04 April 2020

All are united for sending donations, part two

In these difficult times donations continue to arrive from best managers, players, clubs (and even two stadia), which is equivalently measuring like gold.
Jose Mourinho was spotted last Tuesday how he delivers food to the old and helpless people at the Enfield community (England). It was done in secrecy as no body from the media was informed and invited to record this good solidarity, but this was revealed after pictures emerged online from volunteers when they photographed with the 57-year-old. His colleague Josep Guardiola gave one million euros for purchasing medical equipment in the city of Barcelona.
The captain of the football club Barcelona Lionel Messi also donated one million euros where the sum was divided for the hospitals in the town and for his native Argentina. Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo prepared a big donation in terms of medical equipment in Lisbon and Porto, whilst Luka Modric gave away 100.000 euros to the medical facility at Zadar (Croatia).
Clubs are also giving plenty of finances and medical equipment. Through the global funding campaign from Inter the Italian team gathered 658.000 euros that went at Luigi Sacco hospital in Milan. French champions PSG last Thursday created 'Tous unis' (All united) campaign where each of 1.500 jerseys are selling for 175 euros, and in it is the logo of the Paris hospital. Day earlier the club gave 100.000 euros to one local humanitarian organization. Real Madrid has not revealed how much money provided for the Spanish capital last Tuesday, but it is now known that it is a big donation in sanitation material thanks to the both basketball and football players. Couple of days later Valencia (who had 35 percent of its staff and team infected with the virus, but from 01 April all are feeling well and cured) gave away 50.000 protective masks and 300 thermometers for the local health workers. Also, the Singaporean owner of the club and businessman Peter Lim cede its two hotels in Manchester (England) for the battle against the disease. Six days ago Barcelona as well donated 30.000 masks which was delivered by its regional sponsor, China Taiping insurance group. Most of them were intended for the elderly people at nursing homes.
From last Thursday, the Real Madrid stadium (Santiago Bernabeu) has started to be used as a storage for medical material. All of that will be delivered to the health workers in an efficient way. Today it was announced that Borussia Dortmund is offering its venue for help against the pandemic. Signal Iduna park is going to be in operation from this Saturday and it will be intended only for people that are suspected for showing symptoms where / or cannot be processed the tests in hospitals. In an humanitarian four hour program 'LaLigasantander fest' gathered 1.1 million euros. Last Sunday night the show has been transmitted in 182 countries where from television and social media was watched by nearly 50 million people. This charity will is going to be used for buying medical equipment.

03 April 2020

First team that has gone insolvent due to virus, part two

Because of the current situation nowadays, more and more clubs have agreed with their players to receive less salaries in the following months, while one professional team has  been shown up to be disappearing from this sport.
Starting in Belgium, Anderlecht have asked from its footballers to give up part of their wages, some of them did not agree to do that, but couple of days ago the player and manager Vincent Kompany came into the rescue when he offered to pay for those colleagues who are in difficult financial situation. Apart from those with financial difficulties, players in three German clubs are continuing to show solidarity between each other. Without any problem footballers at Union Berlin (from last week) plus Werder Bremen and Wolfsburg (officially from today) are receiving less wages through mutual and respectful understanding. Really nice gesture comes from the Italian champions Juventus. Five days ago its footballers have disavowed of their wages until June, thus with this move the club will save nearly 90 million euros. Going to Spain, four teams have been confirmed to pay less salaries while one think that it will bear it until the end. Espanyol and Barcelona has revealed last Thursday that has reached through friendly agreement with each player of 70 percent cut in salaries. Alaves and Atletico Madrid did the same with an unknown decreased percentage. However, their rival Real Madrid is not touching anything. The club is estimating that they have enough finance to bear up with all numbers for the football and basketball players until this virus crisis is over (and beyond).
The following story may sound like a joke, but unfortunately it is not. Separately from all the upper cases, in this sport has appeared the first 'victim'. At Slovakia, as all players were not happy to receive less payments, they drove their club into bankruptcy. On 01 April all became free on the market, whilst Zilina has formally declared its liquidation.

02 April 2020

Immature leader

A person who commands the whole team have to be responsible for its players on the pitch, but outside of the stadium it has to be taking care of himself too or maybe not. You can connect the following story of having double standards, 'excellent' manners possible, just being dumb, pretend nothing serious have happened...
The captain of Aston Villa Jack Grealish behaved really immature after he was present at a car accident scene by ignoring the lockdown last Sunday, while days earlier in a video message the 24-year-old told everyone to stay at home. Hours later (just to get out quickly of the situation he explained his 'good behavior') on social media the footballer wrote 'I just want to say how deeply embarrassed I am by what is happened this weekend. I just got a call from my friend to go around to his and I stupidly agreed to do so'.
Now the club said that it will punish the player after this 'heroic escape'.

01 April 2020

World campaigns for learning on how to protect ourselves

People all over the world are united in only one purpose: to eradicate the deadly virus. Therefore some confederations and individuals have launched campaigns over social media just to bring closer the awareness of what to do against and how to beat this invisible enemy.
Five days ago 13 African players have started 'safehands' and 'nohandshake' to participate in the combat against the disease. Among them is one female footballer, while all are addressing to their native dialects.
'Breakthechain' campaign was launched by the Asian football confederation on the same date. There are lots of videos from the football stars of the continent that encourages everyone to join in and follow the rules.
Speaking in the video on 13 languages, 28 (current and former) players are spreading the meaning from two collaborating affiliations: world health and football organization. They are introducing five key steps where can be seen at 'pass the message to kick out coronavirus' which became available from 23 March.