30 April 2020

Money to clubs and international teams

In order to prevail this epidemic crisis without any financial difficulties (if possible), couple of football association have given money as a support to its international teams and clubs.
Five days ago the world affiliation began to deliver 463.049 euros to each 211 member nations. Together with the remains of 2019 and 2020 totally it is giving 1.39 million euros as help against the virus.
A 'Hattrick' is a fund from the European football organization which released 236.5 million euros little earlier than expected. Every 55 members two days ago got 4.3 million, where the meaning of this programme are the ongoing costs together with football developing at special areas.
When clubs are concerned, 676 of them throughout Europe received nearly 70 million euros last Wednesday. These are flown to those teams whose footballers were called on international duties in qualifying events.


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