17 April 2020

Parties most important than health

In reality footballers have to be role models for everyone, but out of reality there are those who are showing their true characters. Another double-faced person plus footballer (that 'urgently' needed to go back to his country) has emerged last week who think that organizing fun is most important in these pandemic times.
'Please stay home in order not to get infected with the virus': these words or similar one have said Kyle Walker, which had very naughty fun with two prostitutes together with his friend. Following the wild entertainment on social media he wrote sweet sentences (and gave lectures) of social distancing. Of course, no one knew about this until one of the girls have told the media everything they did, after she find out how the 29-year-old is comforting everyone to be safe, who in that way remained disgusted by his hypocrisy. Like it or not the accused admitted each thing, while now awaits (maybe) 'severe' punishment from Manchester city for violating the quarantine measures where the club have learned for this story from newspapers eleven days ago.
His colleague from Celta Vigo had another story. Just last Monday it was reported that Fyodor Smolov had to go to Russia for personal reasons. It was added that the 30-year-old striker attended the birthday party of his fiancee.


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